2020 SUPRA CARBON FIBER OVERLOAD! (Carbon Steering Wheel + more!)

Dec 18, 2020
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The 2020 GR Supra gets even MORE carbon fiber! Today we install the Eventuri carbon fiber engine cover and the Unleashed Customs carbon steering wheel. Let me know what you guys think, is it too much carbon or do you want to see more!?

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    illiminateilliminate2 months ago
    • Np

      Jensen hemmingsJensen hemmingsMonth ago
    • Not being rude but you copied Evan shanks a lil but lmao

      PRDX RainPRDX Rain2 months ago
    • yeah bro we got u! even if I cant join the giveaway fan form Philippines!!! always liking and watching even when I'm on online class LOL!

      Jester LoboJester Lobo2 months ago
    • Carbon fiber headliner next fool

      Corey GCorey G2 months ago
    • No problem randy but can u shout out super birdy he needs one to make more content

      Aiden NguyenAiden Nguyen2 months ago
  • haha, that dog sits in everything that you put her in.

    Dwarf -_-Dwarf -_-27 days ago
  • 14:10

    Tyler SmithTyler SmithMonth ago
  • Red toyota sticker like original cover

    Mclean ClercinMclean ClercinMonth ago
  • When's the deadline for the giveaway?

    Yeng Vang SouYeng Vang SouMonth ago
  • Check out the carbon upgrade I do to my Seat Leon FR on this link usworlds.info/slow/video/eI-Lf3uto4-Tin8

    Azarn PatelAzarn Patel2 months ago
  • Any kinda hot chips with sour cream/cream cheese is fuego

    AlexAlex2 months ago
  • I'm surprised Thomas doesn't have a girl friend... that foo HELLLLA!!! FUNNY!!!.. xD

    Abe LinkinAbe Linkin2 months ago
  • con queso crema

    not Axelnot Axel2 months ago
  • all my mexican boys will understand, mom in the kitchen, les va a dara chorro si comen lo que stan comindo,que setan comido chettos

    not Axelnot Axel2 months ago
  • 2 bad i cant enter the giveaway . europe gang here

    NicknameproductionsNicknameproductions2 months ago
  • Is that cabron fiber ese? 🇲🇽

    Deerrp DerpDeerrp Derp2 months ago
  • Thomas is doing it all wrong, you're supposed to get a jalapeno, de seed it, fill it with cream cheese and stuff the hot cheetos inside

    DoeBoy 407DoeBoy 4072 months ago
  • I need a Luke in my life to do all the hard stuff!!🐱‍🏍

    Street_driven_lifeStreet_driven_life2 months ago
  • yo where is christmas wrap?

    Nani ??!!Nani ??!!2 months ago
  • Do a manual trans swap on the supra

    A RodA Rod2 months ago
  • Randy really isn’t scared of copyright😂😂

    Bawsk3Bawsk32 months ago
  • Whats the song at the end when he was showcasing the car?

    david lorenzo sangalangdavid lorenzo sangalang2 months ago
  • Whats the deadline?

    Pollo GomezPollo Gomez2 months ago
  • You need to mix a little of garlic salt in the cream cheese in a bowl my man itll change the game with the hotcheetos

    Alan RuizAlan Ruiz2 months ago
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    James SchugJames Schug2 months ago
  • Randy got a finger tattoo ? 🤔

    DJ BOOBIEDJ BOOBIE2 months ago
  • I really wish I could enter this give away for my dream car but unfortunately I live in Canada.

    SmedzSmedz2 months ago
  • Love carbon fiber! Giving us some ideas to add carbon fiber to spice up our mkv supra

    The J MediaThe J Media2 months ago
  • Good thought !! Maybe give away the engine cover to someone that orders for the giveaway as a little side give away ! That would be cool !

    Jacob_ FrancisJacob_ Francis2 months ago
  • 180 already has front bumper scrapped , after new paint job

    MrMazda1986MrMazda19862 months ago
  • 11:05

    Butter ChickenButter Chicken2 months ago
  • Can I still win this car even though I'm 15 or do I need to be old enough to drive 🤔

    - CDogg84U -- CDogg84U -2 months ago
  • Christmas wrap!!!!

    Kevin TranKevin Tran2 months ago
  • So why is there no notification or pop up on your website saying you’ve entered in the giveaway kinda sus but I doubt ima win even if it’s 100% legit

    jesse fournierjesse fournier2 months ago
  • Where I get merch

    クワンクワン2 months ago

    Fareez AzmanFareez Azman2 months ago
  • datsun 240z where it at tho ?

    Nano_games 6021Nano_games 60212 months ago
  • I think you have a little supra on your carbon fibre

    Blake PattersonBlake Patterson2 months ago
  • yo you should put a twin turbo or a supercharger

    tj the gamer56tj the gamer562 months ago
  • 18:35 imagine if she started gnawing on the steering wheel

    RamonSazónRamonSazón2 months ago
  • Hot cheetos and cream cheese bagels!!😍

    Von HawkinsVon Hawkins2 months ago
  • Not a giveaway if it’s not free

    coreycorey2 months ago
  • That's all I ate in high school? No wonder why Randy's so small!

    Burn Rubber!Burn Rubber!2 months ago
  • That rb25 sounds soooo good 😭♥️

    Warren ManuelWarren Manuel2 months ago
  • ❤❤❤

    AZWAN azzAZWAN azz2 months ago
  • Anyone else jamming to the kid laroi in the back ground

    Nate IssertellNate Issertell2 months ago
  • fluffy cheetos is the one though

    claud rapozaclaud rapoza2 months ago

    Hikui MediaHikui Media2 months ago
  • Can you get what was Thomas watching trending

    Daniel SantillanDaniel Santillan2 months ago
  • Carbon fiber in a supra jezzz

    Mohammed RiazMohammed Riaz2 months ago
  • Looks hella fire dude!!!

    PhunamationPhunamation2 months ago
  • Eyy jujutsu kaisen

    Chino SabuetoChino Sabueto2 months ago
  • hey Randy just wanna ask, when are you going to start working on your s14?

    Luis LoraLuis Lora2 months ago
  • Bruh the fart at 14:10 . I thought that was me I’m watching this on the toilet

    v1 Martiniv1 Martini2 months ago
  • These cars are trash compared to TJ Hunt's cars.

    macal2onimacal2oni2 months ago
  • lmao no wonder why Thomas fat as hell, eating cream cheese and saturated fat chips for lunch will make anybody obese

    275torres275torres2 months ago
  • You should get a chrome oil cap for the supra

    Julian GarrisonJulian Garrison2 months ago
  • Peep the chief keef in the back

    Anime No kamiAnime No kami2 months ago
  • My mans drew Itadori Yuuji on crack

    Anime No kamiAnime No kami2 months ago
  • Just gotta ask it.... Why add the paddle shifters when your eventually gonna manual swap it?

    Bigz568Bigz5682 months ago
  • Yo Randy when u makin a update on the datsun??

    SuioyaSuioya2 months ago
  • How about Doritos ( Nacho ) & Lime !!!! That’s FIRE 🔥

    Jurvin DominguezJurvin Dominguez2 months ago
  • Tomas is turning into kakashi hatake

    Lemon is the bestLemon is the best2 months ago
  • wheres the supra in this video?

    0-Mr_ Holmes-00-Mr_ Holmes-02 months ago
  • Fam download bimmer codeee

    affaan khanaffaan khan2 months ago
  • Please add the Seibon carbon door garnishes on the supra

    Joker 420Joker 4202 months ago
  • I love how there the song take a step back from xxxtentacion in the background at 6:18

    Aaron SosaAaron Sosa2 months ago
  • I really want you guys to hit 1M subs, yall deserve it forreal. I started watching yall last year, i was working overnight. I decided i wanted to watch from the beginning of your channel; and seeing yall come from a small ass apartment to a crib and a warehouse is so lit. Hard work does pay off . Keep killin it ! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year !!

    IS 2FiddyIS 2Fiddy2 months ago
  • Hot Cheetos and fry sauce

    JuanJuan2 months ago
  • Damm that s13 look clean

    Music HistoryMusic History2 months ago
  • You think someone one out of Cali could win this🥲

    JuanJuan2 months ago
  • I thought you were planing to manual swap the supra do you still need the paddle shifter when you swap the transmission?

    MidnightLSMidnightLS2 months ago
  • They was listening to kid laroi 🔥

    Kaylee MolinaKaylee Molina2 months ago
  • Hes got the kid laroi blasting on the background ohhhhhhh randy you aint ganna get paid

    Gamer lz VlogerGamer lz Vloger2 months ago
  • Randy: *opens the hood “guess what we gona be swapping out todaaaaaay” Me: the engine?🤷🏽‍♂️

    Sioeli LavemaiSioeli Lavemai2 months ago
  • illuminate slaps laroi💯

    Eric GomezEric Gomez2 months ago
  • Giveaway a set of those wheels on the rbs😍

    Jed G.Jed G.2 months ago
  • U should get some under the hood art for the supra

    Ryan HilferRyan Hilfer2 months ago
  • Illiminate beanies 👀

    Chxrles 712Chxrles 7122 months ago
  • Lol randy was in sport mode

    John BobbyJohn Bobby2 months ago
  • The kid laroi in the background

    lz skabbalz skabba2 months ago
  • I love the fact that their playing the kid laroi in the background 😂

    Christopher FernandesChristopher Fernandes2 months ago
  • He gives more attention to his car than his dog😂😂😂jkjkjk

    Nathan RodriguezNathan Rodriguez2 months ago
  • Moral of the story: make ur whole car carbon fiber

    shah .Nshah .N2 months ago
  • I did what Tomas did with the cream cheese but with the jalapeño cheetos 😅😂😂😂

    itswowforu 4itswowforu 42 months ago
  • 6:05 me when she says shes a virgin and she tight affffffffffffffff

    Hated MediaHated Media2 months ago
  • Will Illiminate ever host their own meets?!

    BėnBėn2 months ago
  • Merry Christmas everyone, dammit I need to know the name of the beat they used for the 180sx at the end it's stuck in my head 😭

    Chae | KciigChae | Kciig2 months ago
  • You should get a Spirit-R kit on the RX-7

    Oscar ReynosoOscar Reynoso2 months ago
  • Eeeee :( bro im missing out bc there isnt a option to ship to canada

    Jack MuirJack Muir2 months ago
  • Bro Justin stfu!!

    Jsten 07Jsten 072 months ago
  • Can I please buy Thomas channel for 2,000

  • When did randy get married?

    Ricardo MarroquinRicardo Marroquin2 months ago
  • When is the r34 and sonny's s15 gonna come

    Jordan RoseJordan Rose2 months ago
  • Randy: Works on Supra Me: wow Randy: Works on Supra Me: Wow Randy: More work on Supra Me: *WOW*

    Jasper DrakeJasper Drake2 months ago
  • lol cant even install a engine cover by yourself let alone a steering wheel. sheeesh

    scarfacelol_scarfacelol_2 months ago
  • They talking shit about Luke's height and hair, but that's just jealousy cause they know he the cutest of the boys 😌

    Thomas NicolasThomas Nicolas2 months ago
  • Hot Cheeto cream cheese gang wyaaaa ?? 😂😂💀💀

    Alex LopezAlex Lopez2 months ago
  • Hope I win that s13 💜 #49600

    Abel Lucatero’sAbel Lucatero’s2 months ago
  • this car is sick

    FC clicksFC clicks2 months ago
  • that engine cover needs the red stripes the original one has. it looks to plain without them

    mike guffeimike guffei2 months ago
  • Luke is a nice guy

    Muney BeatsMuney Beats2 months ago
  • That drawing is Keisuke’s face after getting gapped by Takumi

    Chris AbadChris Abad2 months ago
  • 14:05 bruh I hear that love Sosa don’t lie to me (Chief Keef the realist rapper of all time no cap)

    I wish you get a beard one dayI wish you get a beard one day2 months ago