A90 Supra AutoZone Makeover!

Feb 27, 2021
202 091 Views

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The A90 StreetHunter Supra gets a complete makeover from AutoZone! Love it or hate it? Let us know! Help us hit 1 million subscribers by subscribing and turning on post notifications!
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  • its so funny to see this but also hurts so bad to see the car looking like that

    SillerSiller13 days ago
  • The supra looks super dope👌👌

    John mark Prietos jrJohn mark Prietos jr13 days ago
  • this poor car

    jaejae13 days ago
  • i wanna know when hes gonna manual swap it

    Ty SandersTy Sanders20 days ago
  • Randy: damn you're truck is so tall The truck: just a leveling kit

    Chase WashingtonChase Washington22 days ago
  • Flip the dragon so it can make it look like the dragon is burning the car up 🐉🐉🔥

    Eduardo AguilarEduardo Aguilar23 days ago
  • Part I seen it was 1:03 of video

    Eduardo AguilarEduardo Aguilar23 days ago
  • Damn when I seen the Supra pull in It reminded me of a shark because of the shape the wide body gives it

    Eduardo AguilarEduardo Aguilar23 days ago
  • Name the supra " Supr baddie"

    Oscar AdameOscar Adame24 days ago
  • name the supra "The B*tch Taker"

    Oscar AdameOscar Adame24 days ago
  • This Supra will make it to the fast and furious movie again..

  • Damn Randy 😂

    Roman GarzaRoman GarzaMonth ago
  • rasengan lmao

    Trave_RozTrave_RozMonth ago
  • You should take a picture of the shelves where the merch is, and out it on your website, and make it to where you can click on a shirt/hoodie and it’ll take to you the page where you can pick your size and purchase/add to cart

    ARIZEN GamingARIZEN GamingMonth ago
  • the dragon was the cherry on the on top "cheff kiss"

    Brandon GranbergBrandon GranbergMonth ago
  • U weird for this one

    SynSynMonth ago
  • Ok I didn't believed my friend when he told me this...Now plz don't do that to the R32 in the back lol. Thanks for the good laughs in theses harsh times. Cheers from Canada!!

    ByrneByrneMonth ago
  • whats with the casting couch

    CodeezyCodeezyMonth ago
  • 22:20 the dog on the pedals lol

    Lucki ecksLucki ecksMonth ago
  • Not the American flag on the window🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😂😂💀💀💀

    SessaDG2SessaDG2Month ago
  • It need balls hanging from the back haha

    UnsuccessesUnsuccessesMonth ago
  • With the 2 vents next to the logo yk it’s a bmw fasho😂😂

    Edgar RamirezEdgar RamirezMonth ago
  • RICER A90

  • hay cobra kai called he wants his supra back

    harvie pughharvie pughMonth ago
  • Is it mean or does randy remind you of Rob dyrdek in this video lol

    Sergioo_90sSergioo_90sMonth ago
  • i need randys outro songggg

    TokaaTokaaMonth ago
  • Hahaha the most funny Supra in the world... The supra owners in the worl will crying if he see this video... haha Nice dude! We like it, thumbs up from Autotune Indonesia...

    Autotune IndonesiaAutotune IndonesiaMonth ago
  • just bought a 2018 Mustang GT 5.0 and all my subie friend hate me :(

    Thay PrehtThay PrehtMonth ago
  • U needed a scoop facing backwards on the roof for while ur in reverse

    Lost PredatorLost PredatorMonth ago
  • Bro made a clean entry for the sponser

    Landen TidwellLanden TidwellMonth ago
  • U should check yo dog it’s limping I think

    Rudy DelarosaRudy DelarosaMonth ago
  • shit was so fire that it was able to light my blunt when I pressed the play button.

    N-JOIN-JOIMonth ago
  • vatozone

    deadloverboydeadloverboyMonth ago
  • Dudes going to bring the fast and furious car scene back lol

    osvaldonunezzosvaldonunezzMonth ago
  • Thomas is giving off major Rufio vibes from Hook

    bmanfitzbmanfitzMonth ago
  • Call it the yeet hunter supra instead of skeet hunter supra😂

    Dr.ShadowDr.ShadowMonth ago
  • Bring back the handle bar steering wheel

    Jazz SithavongJazz SithavongMonth ago
  • Andrew's laughter the whole video 🤣

    The J MediaThe J MediaMonth ago
  • This is how my cars used to look in Midnight Club lmao

    PanduhPanduhMonth ago
  • When you call out ricers in 2021 24:43

    Artesia.Artesia.Month ago
  • 7:41 he lookin like han

    Isaac GarciaIsaac GarciaMonth ago
  • 👍🏻

    Toycelica1Toycelica1Month ago
  • Should've got the 3 claw mark on the headlight 😂 let em know how dumb it looks

    Osvaldo JimenezOsvaldo JimenezMonth ago
  • Too....Funny.....

    Leigh HuntLeigh HuntMonth ago
  • I had to watch this 19 times today cause it was so funny🤣🤣

    KdenkunKdenkunMonth ago
  • almost 1M

    Joh vi UchihaJoh vi UchihaMonth ago
  • It looks 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Axel WallerströmAxel WallerströmMonth ago
  • You should of got hubcaps lol

    [Yogi] Black Mamba 96[Yogi] Black Mamba 96Month ago
  • Lol? Anyways. "Welcome driver 1" change it to welcome randy

    NashNashMonth ago
  • it's... HORENDOUS

    XPERTgaming 171XPERTgaming 171Month ago
  • chill foo that shit fire👀👀👀👀

    buenobuenoMonth ago
  • Car looks even better. Cant wait to see reactions

    Izaiah BorjaIzaiah BorjaMonth ago
  • Let your dad drive it

    Cristian FloresCristian FloresMonth ago
  • Go to a car meet lol

    Daemian AlvarezDaemian AlvarezMonth ago
  • Anyone else just rolling at all these scenes🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Rin MoriamaRin MoriamaMonth ago
  • shouldve added a ebay turbo whistle XD

    Ostin NightOstin NightMonth ago
  • 22:20 what is emmi doing down there

    3xManny3xMannyMonth ago
  • get a turbo whistler lol

    Teo MouaTeo MouaMonth ago
  • Why’d you take off the previous decal?

    Kenny ThaoKenny ThaoMonth ago
  • Can u get a Rx3 pls?

    Lucas GriffinLucas GriffinMonth ago
  • this will happen when you out of content ahahahaha

    Jaycee SalungaJaycee SalungaMonth ago
  • Funny ass channel goddamn

    Roger PerezRoger PerezMonth ago
  • It's like a 10 year old customixing their car on need for speed😂

    Mfc 1885Mfc 1885Month ago
  • Next time go to a Meet wtih the skithunter😂

    sebastian2007csebastian2007cMonth ago
  • Honestly I’m not mad at the dragons and flames 😂😂

    Javier Garza Jr.Javier Garza Jr.Month ago
  • For some reason a intro seems to be the missing piece to your vids

    J MzaJ MzaMonth ago
  • takes street-hunter kit and rices it, feel like TJ needs to do one of these builds!!

    Sam GardnerSam GardnerMonth ago
  • I haven’t laughed this hard on one of your vlogs since the Thomas days. I’m an OG fan. Ya’ll killed it, again. Lmfao. Had me rollin’.

    Blastd CorpseBlastd CorpseMonth ago
  • Supra Hotwheel version!!

    Neng XiongNeng XiongMonth ago
  • LOLOLOL!!! WTF I hate you guys! hahaha

    MarioLoco03MarioLoco03Month ago
  • Roy been hanging out with randy too much 😭😭😭

    bruh bruhbruh bruhMonth ago
  • Neon!

    H CH CMonth ago
  • Where’s them rollers

    Mr. VanroseMr. VanroseMonth ago
  • Randy looks hot with tattoos

    Brandon HaBrandon HaMonth ago
  • If u were gonna do a wrap to "get attention" u coulda kept the itasha instead of doing autozone shit you're gonna take off too

    ghostyghostyMonth ago
  • 22:20 Emmy is mood

    Adr ianAdr ianMonth ago
  • I couldn't stop laughing😂 you should of go pick sunny and Cruze around the mall

    El CandiaEl CandiaMonth ago
  • Rice 🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚

    Gmcsierra UST PAGmcsierra UST PAMonth ago
  • The transition to the ad was SO smooth! He’s improving on it video after video

    Cross VentionCross VentionMonth ago
  • love it

    Peter SalasPeter SalasMonth ago
  • Dam the stickers add 1mil horse power lol I’m kidding it don’t add shiit

    MadcarrpmMadcarrpmMonth ago
  • When you spend so much money to buy the car you can’t afford mods so you hit up AUTOZONE for the sponsorship

    sosa kingsosa kingMonth ago
  • Bring it to your local car meet.

    JOfranKetchupJOfranKetchupMonth ago
  • bro pls do a car collection tour please

    Adrian Ryan JagurnauthAdrian Ryan JagurnauthMonth ago
  • I’ve never cried and laughed so much at the same time.

    gabriel castellanosgabriel castellanosMonth ago
  • 22:20 there is a cute monster hiding

    Mr.PondMr.PondMonth ago
  • 12 years olds called it rice but the real ones call it nice 😂😂

    Newstate ShweeNewstate ShweeMonth ago
  • pls do a video on a bmw e46

    Szymon ItamiSzymon ItamiMonth ago
  • Reminds me of the old videos doing crazy stuff with the cars😂😂❤️

    El ChorizoEl ChorizoMonth ago
  • Reminds me of the content from back in the day

    acs71994acs71994Month ago
  • Wow I don't even know what to think about this you guys are crazy lobe your channel.

    Jose MuleroJose MuleroMonth ago
  • Lol I work at AutoZone. I could have got you that 20% discount

    Jesus JimenezJesus JimenezMonth ago
  • You definitely added like +50 bhp per vent and +200bhp for the flames

    Hadi NajjarHadi NajjarMonth ago
  • Boutta get 1000 hp from all those upgrades lmao

    Olger PenalozaOlger PenalozaMonth ago
  • Was wondering where Thomas be

    SNWxGamingSNWxGamingMonth ago
  • Lol this looks terrible ngl .

    Damian LambertDamian LambertMonth ago
  • Randy 2024

    ItzNaythenItzNaythenMonth ago

    ItzNaythenItzNaythenMonth ago
  • Bruh I fr thought they got sponsored by auto zone 😂

    ItzNaythenItzNaythenMonth ago
  • I think randy needs a cowboy hat and some boots to complete the look. Maybe a stache

    WorksProductionFilmsWorksProductionFilmsMonth ago