Bagging the R34 GT Type-R!

Feb 11, 2021
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Thanks to @Bag Riders we will be bagging the R34 GT Type R Skyline on Air Lift Suspension!!! Of course with the help of the PartShopMax struts and bags for an amazing ride! Check out the Bag Rider's builds here!
If you need anything air related check out Bag Riders here!
Use code "illiminate10" for 10% off your entire order!

  • 20”

    Krome PandaKrome Panda16 hours ago
  • 24:50 20s

    Chris GarcíaChris García20 hours ago
  • 19s would be baller

    Joey WillsJoey WillsDay ago
  • pls leave the rear like that lmao

    Joey WillsJoey WillsDay ago
  • Where’s the supra

    franz carranzafranz carranzaDay ago
  • My dad has 20s and there the bomb there so clean and nice

    Yadiel MendezYadiel Mendez2 days ago
  • 20’s

    nando 32nando 323 days ago
  • 20's

    Joelthaddy LuzonJoelthaddy Luzon3 days ago
  • I don’t have a car but I know for sure I will not be adjusting my suspension unless I can bag the car

    Max Bibby PKMax Bibby PK4 days ago
  • im so excited for this build i love it so much already

    HiltonHilton4 days ago
  • 20's they are what is on the r35

    ultra voodooultra voodoo4 days ago
  • You r the luckiest dude in the world! I'd give my left nut for a bagriders set up for my car !!!!

    Tom VTom V4 days ago
  • Car is going to be different... go 21s

  • why the baggs =(

    MS1 ProductionMS1 Production5 days ago
  • do a garage tour mate

    ivan christianivan christian5 days ago
  • Go with the 20’s you won’t do it 👀

    Amber ArellanoAmber Arellano6 days ago
  • buck lee//..

    The rc BanditThe rc Bandit6 days ago
  • wut the old spicee.///

    The rc BanditThe rc Bandit6 days ago
    • thercbandit

      The rc BanditThe rc Bandit6 days ago
  • Isn't the R34 going to be too heavy for the K engine?

    Matt MisanthropyMatt Misanthropy6 days ago
  • What you say about heavier cars with bags being bouncier is nonsense. Big body luxury cruisers (commonly used in VIP scene) came with bags standard. Luxury coupes such as the Soarer came with bags. All heavy cars, yet very smooth.

    Matt MisanthropyMatt Misanthropy6 days ago
  • The whole 'it's my car' and 'I can do what I want with it' argument is so fucking dumb and why so many 90's cars are now rare (and especially in good condition). A true car enthusiast understands that you are simply the custodian for future generations. I'm not talking about drilling a hole into it, or the K swap, just that attitude in general. It's fucking toxic to car culture. They're not infinite objects. There's a limited supply. Your job it to look after them. Obviously, mods that improve them is fine, but the people that don't give a shit and scrape the underbody until it's paper, or the people that purposely slap a wall are the problem.

    Matt MisanthropyMatt Misanthropy6 days ago
  • the 20s brooooo

    _besim.s *_besim.s *6 days ago
  • going to be sick. Can't wait to save back up so I can buy a R32 which is my dream car.

    Christopher BashamChristopher Basham6 days ago
  • Honda r34 with a computer nobody beating this Nigga😂😂

    KANZAKI 666KANZAKI 6667 days ago
  • 20s bro

    Samuel PerezSamuel Perez7 days ago
  • New video but yet everyone in the background still sitting in the same position as the last video 😂 didn’t know that actually happens.

    Sergio GodinezSergio Godinez7 days ago
  • Might as well make it automatic to piss off the internet even more

    Carlos J Carlos JCarlos J Carlos J7 days ago
  • How is using a type R badge any better than using a GTR badge on a GTT? A K24 isnt a type R motor.

    chrisnuggetschrisnuggets7 days ago
  • I thought you guys were going to start betting fingers

    michael plesniakmichael plesniak7 days ago
  • Put it on *20s*

    on20son20s7 days ago
  • Randy's thinks to highly of himself. Reenacting that the comments section is crying that Luke is drilling in an r34. LMAO. Yeah, right.

    VisualVisual7 days ago
  • Where has Thomas been

    YUNG SwaggerdikYUNG Swaggerdik7 days ago
  • chuc mung nam moi randy and the boys!

    ItsYeBoiPhamItsYeBoiPham7 days ago
  • i drive a bagged 335i and i love my bags. after having them i want to bag everything ahahahaha

    Alvin HaAlvin Ha7 days ago
  • Go 20's bruh.

    Sauaga TaiiSauaga Taii7 days ago
  • 20”s

    beta ASHbeta ASH7 days ago
  • lol

    Gianni CastanonGianni Castanon8 days ago
  • Put 20s on the rear

    Vito IzzoVito Izzo8 days ago
  • 20s

    Andres De Leon AndradeAndres De Leon Andrade8 days ago
  • Run them 20s son

    bobby maikabobby maika8 days ago
  • 20s!!

    Angel EspatzaAngel Espatza8 days ago
  • Get 20” looks like a midnight club car rn

    Genesis MedellinGenesis Medellin8 days ago
  • Randy hates more than ppl in the comments lol

    ghostyghosty8 days ago
  • build the rb also for a future project rb swaped subie?

    Michael RalphMichael Ralph8 days ago
  • Listen to Luke and go with 20", the mechanic is always right ;) Also, the tucking like that in the back looks disguisting imo. Good thing you wont ride it like that. :D

    Zeb KarlssonZeb Karlsson8 days ago
  • k swap on the r34 u cray cray, 19 inch looks dope

    Axel RiupassaAxel Riupassa8 days ago
  • Hey if anybody likes Pokémon come check me out !

    The Poke DepotThe Poke Depot8 days ago
  • Bạn làm thêm quả sub tiếng Việt :))

    Duy Nguyễn TiếnDuy Nguyễn Tiến8 days ago
  • Go all out with 20"

    Josh ShoresJosh Shores8 days ago
  • I love the contrast of this video vs the one of Kevin’s s2k getting bagged and how randy was calling him a lil bitch for it lmao

    VwiftVwift8 days ago
  • bags are for groceries

    brody walkerbrody walker8 days ago
  • Ayeeeee this random asf but can anyone tell me what spoiler was on the purple 86

    VwiftVwift8 days ago
  • Yeah if you got to put the GTR as a DTI you got to make it look like a GTR all the way DTR Grill no other kind of Grill and cool bro what are you going to put the grill put the grill or other kind of girl but just GTI and I basically bought it you know like you know make a Paul Walker tribute that's what we think for the community until broken Silvia to get a grill to GTR it deserves it

    Steve StephensSteve Stephens8 days ago
  • does he mean type s? GT-S?

    Kevin NguyenKevin Nguyen8 days ago
  • 20's for sure!!!

    Vz JAM1NVz JAM1N8 days ago
  • *Jimmy O,puts Nissan engine in a Honda* *Randy ,puts a Honda engine in a Nissan *

    Favian RiveraFavian Rivera8 days ago
  • Now a fan of the honda motors but glad to see your doing what you what makes you happy bro. Excited to see how the r34 Gt Type R build turns out. 😎 👍

    DeSean SenaDeSean Sena8 days ago
  • Randy be bashing his supporters a lil too much lately

    Edgar VillaEdgar Villa8 days ago
  • Randy when’s the next clothing drop!?Tryna cop some sweaters while I’m here at in Texas for Tech School 🥺

    Kris EsquivelKris Esquivel9 days ago
  • Damn Randy looked hella thick when he went on all four!🤤

    Mauricio MontesMauricio Montes9 days ago
  • Bagged ride good

    David PrumDavid Prum9 days ago
  • I have bagged rsx

    David PrumDavid Prum9 days ago
  • 20s 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20s would look so clean on the r34 I love what y'all do and I'm building a is300 just like homie Thomas keep up the great work hope to meet y'all one day!!!!!

    Zachary EchipareZachary Echipare9 days ago
  • K swap my integra!!!!

    Ramon AbundizRamon Abundiz9 days ago
  • I think you need 19 Inch wheels

    Cloudy BillCloudy Bill9 days ago
    • still looks fire tho

      Cloudy BillCloudy Bill9 days ago
  • 20’s!!!

    Dennys MelendezDennys Melendez9 days ago
  • I personally think staying 18” or 19” wheels would be clean

    elavityelavity9 days ago
  • Luke wants the number to HR

    Dj Ds1Dj Ds19 days ago
  • both 19/20's will look good

    Murda ManeMurda Mane9 days ago
  • can y’all pls donate all the wheels you bend to me 😔

    Jerry MartinezJerry Martinez9 days ago
  • 20’s! :D

    z0reuziz0reuzi9 days ago
  • Put some 30’s on it😂😂😂

    Isaias AscencionIsaias Ascencion9 days ago
  • Gotta go wit the 20” fasho

    Scott LyonsScott Lyons9 days ago
  • I think you or Luke should learn how to build your own engines it's definitely doable .........the s13 and gtr have been down for 2 years because of engines?.......I know your channel is not about that......but imagine all the driving you've missed out on.............I hope the R34 won't be down for 2 years too

    joseph A-rtjoseph A-rt9 days ago
  • too much car with bagged hehe damnn

    The DestroyerThe Destroyer9 days ago
  • lol man i havent played that shit in forever

    GengarGengar9 days ago
  • Bro I love the content❤️ such an influencer and such a positive vibe from you bro! You’re my inspiration 🥺❤️

    Cody PhyoCody Phyo9 days ago
  • They got the klah klok goin on😂

    HitmeoffdenHitmeoffden9 days ago
  • Holy shit the r34 is actually mint love it bro also engine swap is mad 😅👌💪

    Vincent vallisVincent vallis9 days ago
  • Mannnn if u really putting a k24 might as well build a eg hatch with a rb26 do it for the views ‼️

    wuilly pwuilly p9 days ago
  • Yes bag the r34 😍😍💪💪

    Vincent vallisVincent vallis9 days ago

    ZerosRebellionZerosRebellion9 days ago
  • are you ok you haven’t posted in 4 days

    joe ryanjoe ryan9 days ago
  • 20s would lool good on the gttyper

    Moises DavidMoises David9 days ago
  • 20 or 21 will look best

    wolfey wolfewolfey wolfe9 days ago
  • Randy was a static boy once upon a time but once he went bags, he's bagging every car he has!

    The J MediaThe J Media9 days ago
  • Do 20’s please

    YoitssDaniel YTYoitssDaniel YT9 days ago
  • 20s

    YoomgYoomg10 days ago
  • 20s no doubt

    Carlos SanchezCarlos Sanchez10 days ago
  • King von Unseen FIGHT video n my channel

    MR Mobb TIESMR Mobb TIES10 days ago
  • Love the k swap

    EvilidyEvilidy10 days ago
  • If he wraps the car, I’ll shit. It need a good paint job

    Jeffrey MontalbanJeffrey Montalban10 days ago
  • Ooooo,the fitmet

    Ching Yee SiauChing Yee Siau10 days ago
  • 20s for sure

    Anna FurtakAnna Furtak10 days ago
  • Static !!!

    Mobley HernandezMobley Hernandez10 days ago
  • Do 20’s broo🙏🔥

    Mark Gahol69Mark Gahol6910 days ago
  • Go 20 boys love your stuff

    Rubiks menRubiks men10 days ago
  • why would u vtec swap a r34 bro

    Samuel AssalySamuel Assaly10 days ago
  • If you do another give away you should do bags for second place winner

    05 Leo05 Leo10 days ago
  • Man you should run a fat 20 in the back you already have a Baller set up so throw the baller 20s on

    Jimmy RiveraJimmy Rivera10 days ago