Buying my Dream FD RX7!

Dec 16, 2020
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We are giving away this beautiful RB25 S13 to one lucky subscriber! Every $5 = 2x entries!
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Another dream car has been achieved! The FD RX7 is the newest member of the illiminate car collection. ARE YOU EXCITED FOR ROTARY CONTENT?!? Subscribe for RX7 content babyyyy!
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  • RIP FD if it's gonna turn out anything like those others

    Toby CorbinToby Corbin22 days ago
  • Damn man, randy is the GOAT but the amount of times he pulled out the money was getting hard too watch. I’m HAPPY he grinder for what he wanted, as EVERYONE should but man, that was just corny. No hate to randy tho, still the man!

    SuperVroSuperVroMonth ago
  • Bro finally holds an envelope full of 20’s and hundreds and doesn’t know how to act😐

    Nate HNate HMonth ago
  • 8:25 what the f*ck monster truck?

    HKHKMonth ago
  • We know you got money, stop flexing bro

    BMacBMacMonth ago
  • Whats tthat jacket with japanese writing? Loiks mad

    Deepinder SinghDeepinder SinghMonth ago
  • What car is that at 8:55

    Angel RuballosAngel RuballosMonth ago
  • I see why everyone is commenting about the money but y’all have to realize that he grew up poor. This is something cool and life changing for him.

    JT VlogsJT VlogsMonth ago
  • That FD is WAY too good for Randy. You know he'll fuck it up. "I know nothing about rotories", hahaha oh shit. RIP

    Matt MisanthropyMatt MisanthropyMonth ago
  • What was the gold & black car?

    CxnvøCxnvøMonth ago
  • mickey when you buy from wish 5:17

    Nathan DNathan DMonth ago
  • Put some bbs on that supra

    K3NG K3NGK3NG K3NGMonth ago
  • How much did the car at the start cost make

    Manny NguyenManny NguyenMonth ago
  • He was doing to much wit da money

    Love 000Love 000Month ago
  • Randy the type of dude to be waving money around joking then have a pole against his head and robbed then cries

    Andrew D'mitriAndrew D'mitriMonth ago
  • I wonder who won the car

    -NSR- SmokeZ-NSR- SmokeZ2 months ago
  • whats the model on that dirt bike?

    zumes gamingzumes gaming2 months ago
  • every time I watch these vids I see how many subs and its not enough for how much effort and such good content this is. such a sick channel been subbed for while but i was imagine illiminate with like 10 mil subs

    NWC MotorisedNWC Motorised2 months ago
  • Please do not ruin it like Sonnu did with adding air suspension. The rx7 is a great light wieght sportscar. It was engineered with good suspension geometry and a perfect 50/50 front to rear wieght balance. I would suggest any mods that might improve and not ruin it.

    Spinningtriangles brap brapSpinningtriangles brap brap2 months ago
  • Veilside 😱🙏🏽

    Hugo NavasHugo Navas2 months ago
  • Randy a cocky bitch 🤦🏻‍♂️

    MenoMeno2 months ago
  • The fuck yo I live like 3 blocks away from that car wash

    Gabriel PaniaguaGabriel Paniagua2 months ago
  • I really hope you put a VS kit on your new FD

    JahdenJahden2 months ago
  • me watching this video with a smile as if im buying the FD

    KingnabloKingnablo2 months ago
  • Mike myke brought me here

    SwaveyProSwaveyPro2 months ago
  • This fool calls everything his "dream". Next videos will be.. "Buying my dream Prius" "Buying my dream 8inch black dildo" "Buying my dream chevy aveo" "Buying my dildo its dream car"

    Christian GumucioChristian Gumucio2 months ago
  • Fuck it ima enter once I’ma take my chances

    FreekoochieFreekoochie2 months ago

    Rorydriftman 180sx r34 silvia WilkinsonRorydriftman 180sx r34 silvia Wilkinson2 months ago
  • and just like that illiminate has me watching there videos again

    Tyler BraithwaiteTyler Braithwaite2 months ago
  • what’s the discount code for your shop tho

    Gideon St. JohnGideon St. John2 months ago
  • i like how kota just says "why not everything's for sale"

    psylo shroompsylo shroom2 months ago
  • Nice Mazda !

    VanessaVanessa2 months ago
  • How maybe dreams does randy have

    Su BeSu Be2 months ago
  • 19:01 every static driver felt that

    Steven NgoSteven Ngo2 months ago
  • Now that’s Squad Goals

    Senpai AidanSenpai Aidan2 months ago
  • IllIminate the AMERICAN DDE

    TheEpicLLCTheEpicLLC2 months ago
  • Please Randy keep it classic and oldschool. And dont destroy it with a ugly Bodykit and wingless like Sonnys.

    QueensHazeQueensHaze2 months ago
  • Get a r35 gtr

    King HtooKing Htoo2 months ago
  • goddamn how many dream cars do you have lol

    chinochino2 months ago
  • Damn That MK4 Supra😯

    AYMAD KHANAYMAD KHAN2 months ago
  • why you flexing so damn hard you wouldn’t have that stack with out us.

    colbywtffcolbywtff2 months ago
    • U sensitive he was doing it as a joke

      Spandexdragon 5Spandexdragon 5Month ago
    • 19:46👍🏻

      Mahmud Alam PatowaryMahmud Alam Patowary2 months ago
  • wondering if the car would be exported outside america in case someone not american wins?

    mountlessmountless2 months ago
  • Bruh Thomas funny af 😂

    TrillWillyTrillWilly2 months ago
  • Damn yall remember when he only had a s2000 sheesh time does fly by

    YuYu2 months ago
  • Bro It was real irritating when kept Whippin out the bills like damn bro

    Pure_EqzzPure_Eqzz2 months ago
  • Man he flexing with da money🤪🤪

    Antoni KalbarczykAntoni Kalbarczyk2 months ago
  • Stop buying cars

    Andy AlcantarAndy Alcantar2 months ago
  • what car is that @8:56??

    Abrahan GutierrezAbrahan Gutierrez2 months ago
  • Man it’s crazy how much illuminate grown I started watching you guys from the beginning 🙏🙏

    Lucrative L.RLucrative L.R2 months ago
  • FIRE!!!!!!!!

    MandoEvoXMandoEvoX2 months ago
  • So no one was looking at that real Supra in the back!!

    Just The oneJust The one2 months ago
  • If I win would you fly me out or deliver y’all selves to me

    p thap tha2 months ago
  • Hahah yall funny

    Just The oneJust The one2 months ago
  • You should get a jdm truck and lift it for the fun of it

    Shakil ChowdhuryShakil Chowdhury2 months ago
  • He’s gonna build the rx7 like every car of his. A kit, wrap it, work wheels, and slam it. Same thing every time

    Ivan ovalleIvan ovalle2 months ago
    • I love the Illiminate crew and the cars, but I'm waiting to see a legit build too. We still haven't seen the R32 get revived yet

      BaevidgBaevidg2 months ago
  • Do a veilside kit on That fd IT would be a insane build

    chenier zachchenier zach2 months ago
  • Bro. I thought it said fc for a second I got so fucking happy

    AngelitoAngelito2 months ago
  • Randy gonna put a 326 wing on it

    Lulu 95Lulu 952 months ago
  • Mbn I’m tryna save up for a fc 🥺😔😔

    ALEXIS JaimesALEXIS Jaimes2 months ago
  • love this car..

    Rich LRich L2 months ago
  • Welcome to the FD fam! 💪🏽

    figueroapa1figueroapa12 months ago
  • We all know luke gonna work on it randy ass just gonna record 😂

    Atticus1217Atticus12172 months ago
  • interesting timing, gotta collab with Mike Myke!!!

    SkettiSketti2 months ago
  • Randy Have Everything . I wish I was like Randy 😊 Subscribe to my channel 🙏

    Josbaric TVJosbaric TV2 months ago
  • 5:30 almost dropped my phone n said “what the fuck” 😂😂😂

    Justice Denson-MooreJustice Denson-Moore2 months ago
  • Supra are not slow

    Johnson KanthanJohnson Kanthan2 months ago
  • The eought supra is kinda wack

    young - brokenyoung - broken2 months ago
  • Randy get the Honda Beat LMAO, let's see another honda on this channel

    raregookraregook2 months ago
  • uncle mikes like a young soul mickey from throtl lol

    Julio NeriJulio Neri2 months ago
  • Should bought another car then that bullshit u seen sonny how his shit got fucked too much problems

    Oscar RuizOscar Ruiz2 months ago
  • Showing off that money too much

    Oscar RuizOscar Ruiz2 months ago
  • Every car is your dream car

    Oscar RuizOscar Ruiz2 months ago
  • That Honda beat is super rad

    Chevy RChevy R2 months ago
  • Bro who gave this kid the money to hold 🤦🏽‍♂️ be humble ma G

    Chevy RChevy R2 months ago
  • Rx7 FD is my dream car

    Endrii Rx7Endrii Rx72 months ago
  • Randy showing his true colors. You should be more humble man instead of flossing your money and rubbing it in people's faces. Everyone should unsubscribe and stop buying merch. You guys think a person that acts like this really deserves all of this? Smh

    Alex cordovaAlex cordova2 months ago
    • Bro please shut the fuck up u sound like a loser

      Faizaan patelFaizaan patel2 months ago
  • we proud of you bro

    Hayhay TakahashiHayhay Takahashi2 months ago
  • Randy is such a kid when he buys wheels

    Hayhay TakahashiHayhay Takahashi2 months ago
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    EbenezerEbenezer2 months ago
  • Need them wheels :/

    Kevin MuchaKevin Mucha2 months ago
  • Bro you should make the Veilside version of the Rx7 just like the one in fast and furious it’s my dream car and I just wanna see it in action

    MousieMousie2 months ago
  • Randy: hey Koda can I buy all the cars

    Shakes TBHShakes TBH2 months ago
  • Don't get caught slippin flashing money

    Tyler KTyler K2 months ago
  • Yo just to help out you should shine up the the black on the side of the lights

    Chase JohnsonChase Johnson2 months ago
  • Seeing you get all the cars you ever wanted by all the hard work you have done keeps pushing me to work my hardest to get a car to get to and from work just to get by day by day seeing your videos ALWAYS day 💯

    rene cruzrene cruz2 months ago
  • Calling it now ! The kit is gonna be the one from Tokyo Drift !

  • Pray for me to get my own FD bro✌

    itss. adyitss. ady2 months ago
  • My dream car too...but it's a real dream cos I won't be able to afford one in my country!

    Yew B TangYew B Tang2 months ago
  • God damn randy spare some dream cars for us

    ShiroKamiShiroKami2 months ago
  • Congrats on buying another dream jdm car! Can't wait to see how you guys transform the rx7!

    The J MediaThe J Media2 months ago
  • Bro you literally own all my dream cars

    DevinDevin2 months ago
  • 16:00 God thanks he finally took the keys off BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEEP and I'm sorryRandy but the joke with the money I was SO over it

    Kevin Prud'hommeKevin Prud'homme2 months ago
  • Both of the giveaway cars have been purple on white wheels🤔🤔

    Felix 53oFelix 53o2 months ago
  • anyone knows Randy's black fur jacket?

    ANDYZLEANDYZLE2 months ago
  • Randy make loud pls😊

    Anthony caindoc jrAnthony caindoc jr2 months ago
    • It*

      Anthony caindoc jrAnthony caindoc jr2 months ago
  • I would do the same thing as tomas if i hear a kid screaming out of nowhere😂

    Razaele LemonadeRazaele Lemonade2 months ago
  • Has Kodah always been limping or am i trippin

    ALittleSaucyALittleSaucy2 months ago
  • This guys living the dream, buys a car whenever he feels like it

    AlohaMothafuckazAlohaMothafuckaz2 months ago
  • Bruh that house is secure!

    ɖɛǟɖʟʏ ɖʀǟɢօռɖɛǟɖʟʏ ɖʀǟɢօռ2 months ago
  • Kinda late, what’s the name of song in the intro? That beat 💯

    Miguel Reyes-CastilloMiguel Reyes-Castillo2 months ago