Crazy RB S13 Color Reveal!

Dec 7, 2020
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Revealing the NEW color for the RB S13! Let me know what you guys think down in the comments below!
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  • No the color is amazing. Great job

    ZavR- BoostVibesZavR- BoostVibesMonth ago
  • I made some cars on my Nfs Heat game!😍😂✔💯

    KarmaloczKarmaloczMonth ago
  • A little late but for primer it’s always a 4-1 ratio

    Ayson JonahAyson JonahMonth ago
  • What car is that name¿

    daniel carterdaniel carter2 months ago
  • Anyone else got that joke about Thomas 😂😂 @ 0:53

    RamensauseRamensause2 months ago
  • Where do u buy auto paint at?

    AB NAB N2 months ago
  • How do you win the car?

    Alex TongueAlex Tongue2 months ago
  • Filler primer shouldn’t be a glass look, you want your first coat for coverage coat when painting the colour and then next coat after the you want a more glass look

    drew saundersdrew saunders2 months ago
  • that purple is gorgeous

    Ur local JjUr local Jj2 months ago
  • yes it’s meant to spray like that your meant to spray it thick and sand it all back to perfect

    DoyleDoyle2 months ago
  • Lmk about those cobra wheels tho

    MustangMosesMustangMoses2 months ago
  • me encantaría saber que dice 😔

    xBlaDeXxxBlaDeXx2 months ago
  • Damn from roller paint jobs to this that's crazy its been such a journey. So proud of your progress, Much love from New Mex!

    Robert ChavezRobert Chavez2 months ago
  • Gotta love the wing d:

    Bryan MezaBryan Meza2 months ago
  • I’d love to own this car (:

    Bryan MezaBryan Meza2 months ago
  • You need a bigger needle nozzle combo i use a 1.8 for filler primer

    Ethan KarrickEthan Karrick2 months ago
  • Its supposed to spray flat if it sprays not flat its not reduced enough

    Eduardo RodriguezEduardo Rodriguez2 months ago
  • Lemme paint one of your cars

    og._.adrielog._.adriel2 months ago
  • Use some guide coat to get the spots you missed

    og._.adrielog._.adriel2 months ago
  • illiminate shirt idea: “Randys Reveals”. And its randy dealing car parts poker style

    LocalSupaStarLocalSupaStar2 months ago
  • Any one else use their Supra as a wallpaper

    Abc ZxcAbc Zxc2 months ago
  • Primerfiller is not supposed to come out like glass, its a filler so its made to come put thick so when you sand the primer you have thick coats of primer to sand

    Blake TurnhamBlake Turnham2 months ago
  • y alll too damn lucky , cuz for me as an african , the only time i can own a car like this is in video games ... like even if i was rich i still cant buy one over here :"'( fml

  • Randy i own a supra Kj we own a supra Me nice bmw

    Nen allochtoonNen allochtoon2 months ago
  • where can i find cheap cars like these that are like “upgradable” to look nice like what websites or places i live in florida

    aangelislameaangelislame2 months ago
  • I love it I hope that I have luck and win this car 💗

    kip_gamingkip_gaming2 months ago
    • This will be a special for me if I win this 🙏🙏💗

      kip_gamingkip_gaming2 months ago
  • What was the tittle of this outhrow music?

    Lupin OfficialLupin Official2 months ago
  • I do not approve of this. I want it a different color.

    MoTorBLocK2330MoTorBLocK23302 months ago
  • that purple look almost just like my ek hatch color

    Isaac LorIsaac Lor2 months ago
  • Tbh, I'm not old enough to drive yet but of I were to win a car from Randy, I would treat it like a old rare ferrari that is worth like 250 mil is like an old mustang fastback

    Just NonExistentJust NonExistent2 months ago
  • No filler primer is supposed to be smooth usually turn the pressure up or close the material needle down so not as much materials is shot out,

    Emilio MaldonadoEmilio Maldonado2 months ago
  • Roller paint jobs to blowup paint jobs

  • Looking Dope, brother had a s13, was Blue tho :O

    StazzaStazza2 months ago
  • Bro I need this car, It’s my favorite color, PURPLE

    Jeremy SotoJeremy Soto2 months ago
  • but fr the color mad tuff my dude

    Daniello ._.Daniello ._.2 months ago
  • The fucking color gonna b dope n crazyy! Bro wtf im bouta bust

    Daniello ._.Daniello ._.2 months ago
  • My dream car 😭😭bruhhh dammn cant even afford one rn fucking blows

    Daniello ._.Daniello ._.2 months ago
  • Hows ur day going guys. The car really lookking 👀 amazing broo

    Daniello ._.Daniello ._.2 months ago
  • Get a sun gun to see the imperfections on the paint job ( mimics the sun light)

    Kinx SoccerKinx Soccer2 months ago
  • The purple is sick can't wait to see the flake

    david quintanardavid quintanar2 months ago
  • commenting tell randy starts working on the r32

    KylerKyler2 months ago
  • bag the car and start the s14

    spodermanspoderman2 months ago
  • Hell yea bro you're getting saucier and saucier with yo cars 🚫🧢 GET IT

    Diego mirandaDiego miranda2 months ago
  • Purple looks good

    Jerome StevensJerome Stevens2 months ago
  • The paint looks like r34 gtr mid night purple

    Project EETFUKProject EETFUK2 months ago
  • love the build and the vids

    Samuel MartensSamuel Martens2 months ago
  • Bro it looks so good

    Aurron HernandezAurron Hernandez2 months ago
  • Illiminate autobody from roller paint job to these noice 🇵🇭😛👍👍👍👍👍

    Carzilla TVCarzilla TV2 months ago
  • How do u have a chance to win it

    LOGIC -MK2LOGIC -MK22 months ago
  • Randy mate grate choice of colour looking good

    jamon abeyjamon abey2 months ago
  • Hey randy can you send out orders instead of ur videos bro like why make us pay and ignore the orders stop waisting money one pays u for merchandise and send the merch brotha how you expect one to follow you subscribe and help you rise cmon man. Common curtisy

    paco GeOpRiZmpaco GeOpRiZm2 months ago
  • Knee pads 😂 Thomas can use these for later 😳0:53

    YTmartinezgangYTmartinezgang2 months ago
  • Painter here. If it's a high build primer or polyester it's gonna be rougher than if you sprayed with a surfacer primer.

    StyleHouseRhythmStyleHouseRhythm2 months ago
  • Amazing grace

    ThehundredsboiThehundredsboi2 months ago
  • How can you join the giveaway away 😭someone please tell me

    Kingfox 230Kingfox 2302 months ago
  • Looks trash

    ilya okunevilya okunev2 months ago
  • Hi im new subcriber😊😊😊

  • I am in love with this

    pogger manpogger man2 months ago
  • Are you guys wrapping your cars with Christmas paper this year 😂

    Cayden DuRallCayden DuRall2 months ago
  • Not supposed to spray like that lol

    LilHazardX24LilHazardX242 months ago
  • Where’s Vu??

    Brian RiveraBrian Rivera2 months ago
  • Let’s go I’m the winner

    Playboy RomeoPlayboy Romeo2 months ago
  • Matt is wearing mine and my friends brand! That is so cool!!!

    Gabriel EstevesGabriel Esteves2 months ago
  • This is a real question and don’t be offended. Are you gay?

    Jhereny QuintanaJhereny Quintana2 months ago
  • What happen to the sweaters and some of the apparel in the shop?

    Ramanpreet MannRamanpreet Mann2 months ago
  • I have a bad ass hang over and came and seen this video made me feel a little better🤦🏾‍♂️

    BounceBackTye 2900BounceBackTye 29002 months ago
  • Whenever you are spraying, i would recommend lighter coats than ur doing

    Max PeckMax Peck2 months ago

    Garage NationGarage Nation2 months ago
    • He's getting it restored for his dad i think

      精神消えた精神消えた2 months ago
  • Were you inspired by the rims on it that you went purple that flake gonna make this color pop

    Erik Aguilar ruelasErik Aguilar ruelas2 months ago
  • the things i would do for this car...

    Joseph McCartney _Joseph McCartney _2 months ago
  • Almost the same color I want on an r33.

    Dylan WardDylan Ward2 months ago
  • This is gonna look nice asf😳

    Roman HuntRoman Hunt2 months ago
  • Where could I buy a rx-7 at?

    roberto paulino jrroberto paulino jr2 months ago

      精神消えた精神消えた2 months ago
  • Can you bring back dum phuk installs

    Diego LopezDiego Lopez2 months ago
  • Stop being cheap with your give away cars

    Alex WilsonAlex Wilson2 months ago
  • this dude is the reason i got into cars, so thank you

    Jake FloraJake Flora2 months ago
  • Filler primer is supposed to come out kinda rough, sanding with 180-320 will take it down smooth . Seal and spray my man🤙

    Caleb CalvertCaleb Calvert2 months ago
  • Me working in a body shop n seeing randy throw that paint into the mixing cup.. hurt🤣

    ebkmerekebkmerek2 months ago
  • 24 hour Supra ok 🤙

    Hanzalah TararHanzalah Tarar2 months ago
  • Paint is crazy nice

    Adrian PerezAdrian Perez2 months ago
  • No door jams??

    Ja. BuiltJa. Built2 months ago
  • I was waitig for a wheelie break. F

    Thomas MoriartyThomas Moriarty2 months ago
  • Thats a sick color, adding some red/orange highlights ina few places will really bring out the angles and make it look sweet

    Thomas MoriartyThomas Moriarty2 months ago
  • do pov drives with ur cars you have so many good cars and never do POVS with them

    ViralingViraling2 months ago
  • My dad had been a painter for 20 years

    Bijan NoroozipourBijan Noroozipour2 months ago
  • M

    Bijan NoroozipourBijan Noroozipour2 months ago
  • The color is perfect ! I'm a sucker for purples !

    Thomas NicolasThomas Nicolas2 months ago
  • It’s the gun I had that gun you need a iwata paint gun the 3m gun isn’t the best

    Bijan NoroozipourBijan Noroozipour2 months ago
  • Are you guys potentially gonna make stickers to fit the whole top of the windshield. I plan on modding a lancer oz and I just feel like it would lick sick. Instead of the smaller ones

    Sean SurvauntSean Survaunt2 months ago
  • love the color looks so guuuddd

    DurzDurz2 months ago
  • Guy's im in school but i hope Randy finishes the s13 and hope it will come out nice when every thing is finished keep the good work Randy

    ddes desddes des2 months ago
  • It’s funny how he has done 3 cars and the r32 is still sitting there with no motor

    Madd_ MediaMadd_ Media2 months ago
  • I will appreciate it even if i don't win

    Marshall SaradinskiMarshall Saradinski2 months ago
  • can i have your supra wheels lol please and thank you !!!

    Andres SuritaAndres Surita2 months ago
  • I buy 50 doler clots en i win noting

    Mathias LeysMathias Leys2 months ago
  • i had a feeling it was going to be a 326

    JoriJori2 months ago
  • I want to see them putting the spray tent back in the box 👀!

    MTMMTM2 months ago
  • Any body else get to the end and feel like it was 30 seconds love y’all’s vids guys big fan

    Haydon SuarezHaydon Suarez2 months ago
  • 💚💚💚💚

    AZWAN azzAZWAN azz2 months ago
  • Bro I can’t express how bad I want this car 😟

    Very stinky boyVery stinky boy2 months ago