Cutting up a Beautiful R34 Skyline..

Jan 31, 2021
240 869 Views

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Today we are going to hurt some feelings. We cut a BEAUTIFUL/CLEAN R34 Skyline! The poor man's GTR is coming together nicely. Or should we say middle class man's GTR hahahaha! How do you guys like the GTR rear fenders? Looks aggressive doesn't it!
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  • Please come see my channel if you like😆

  • Randy just made Paul Walker shed a tear in heaven with that hammer.

    shad0wCh8sershad0wCh8ser11 days ago
  • Illiminate's own nakai

  • Magnets on the gas door? Bro thats shit work.... do it well.

    Kurt AndresKurt Andres13 days ago
  • Fits much better than the shity kit I got!

    rick sykesrick sykes15 days ago
  • Those magnets can make the chip of the card to stop working

    Daniel CornejoDaniel Cornejo17 days ago
  • hi man can u hook a homie out need rear fenders for my gtt also :`(

    Muhammed AlkazemiMuhammed Alkazemi19 days ago
  • but why is that gray shirt so wrinkled lmao

    kbICB11kbICB1119 days ago
  • Hi

    Danny GamesDanny Games20 days ago
  • It’s a r34 gtt lol

    Jaden KimJaden Kim20 days ago
  • Hey randy ik ur not gonna see this but I have a question I have a jdm tiktok and I wanna move on to USworlds and idk how to get myself out there

    Luis EnriquezLuis Enriquez20 days ago
  • Show the convertible s13

    Yağız AkgünYağız Akgün20 days ago

    Shenny HanniefShenny Hannief20 days ago
  • Can’t wait to see the work meisters on there !

    visionzwithnickvisionzwithnick20 days ago
  • my inner 14 year old is in shock not just one but multiple dream cars in ur garage!!

    Joe JitsukawaJoe Jitsukawa20 days ago
    • Yo.. Wassup Joe! I have this channel and JKNews open at the same time all the time. LOL. I never thought I'd see you pop up in the comments here.

      shad0wCh8sershad0wCh8ser11 days ago
  • You said you would never drive an automatic my first video that I watched I said not unless you get a Supra

    speedy Bob 1speedy Bob 120 days ago
  • i saw ur top 5 first cars and i really want a 240 sx but the cheapest one i can find is 15k

    ChrissGamingChrissGaming21 day ago
  • So did y’all fuck up the giveaway car or what? Bc it’s been 3 weeks, most people actually go through with their giveaways unlike some....

    woahixwoahix21 day ago
  • I wanna be friends with this dude so bad

    Wyatt HanlonWyatt Hanlon21 day ago
  • Please upload more often!!!

    Jesse PaulsenJesse Paulsen21 day ago
  • just like i have my dc6 made it into a type r

    RyukiadoRyukiado21 day ago

    johnfinfinjohnfinfin21 day ago
    • Not at all , this was the whole point to drop so that on the raise they won’t be able to afford the pay out. I got over 100x @ $85 it’ll be worth easily $700 a share at the end of this

      woahixwoahix21 day ago
  • It would of been so much cheaper to unpick and weld the genuine GTR quarters on like @brokensilvia did

  • Damm u owe him the Supra now 😂😂

    Caleb McNary MaiCaleb McNary Mai21 day ago
  • Tip for anyone trying the magnet trick, don’t use your credit card to open it because the magnets could wipe it.

    Luke StogdenLuke Stogden21 day ago
  • i could careless what engine u get just put a big ass wing lmao

    Angel MunozAngel Munoz21 day ago
  • Hi bro nice stuff 👋✌

    Russco AusRussco Aus21 day ago
  • New wheels gonna look dope 😍

    OG MANGOG MANG21 day ago
  • Why is there a white streak in his hair

    DEMONDEMON21 day ago
  • Those are ass cars

    Adrian Gonzalez-AvendanoAdrian Gonzalez-Avendano21 day ago
  • Be smart & sell your GME stocks Randy.

    illest350zillest350z21 day ago
  • When’s the giveaway ending? Why isn’t anyone asking the important questions

    woahixwoahix21 day ago
  • I used a cabinet hinge on my gas cap lol

    Lindy DilimLindy Dilim21 day ago
  • Another thing you can use besides a flimsy credit card is harbor freight pick with a hook for $3

    8r2nd0nS8r2nd0nS21 day ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣I was so high when Randy hit the r34 with a hammer and said (if you guys have any ideas on how to remove the dent comment down below) I was dead!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Tyrek CheesemanTyrek Cheeseman21 day ago
  • Does anyone know what kind of panel glue they used

    KultureKulture22 days ago
  • turns out this gtt is a giveaway car for your bestfriend hahaha

    muhammad zulhaikalmuhammad zulhaikal22 days ago
  • You need the gtr wing

    David Lm10David Lm1022 days ago
  • “After we’re done with this we’re gonna be driving Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s hot wheels style” 😂

    Kaysya SinKaysya Sin22 days ago
  • Please get a mark 4 Supra 🥺

    Le Slump GxdLe Slump Gxd22 days ago
  • Supra a90 (bmw)30k$ seriously

    wecker!wecker!22 days ago
  • Is This A Shitty Nissan Huh? Speak Up Dude! BTW This Is A Joke Randy I Love Your Videos!

    muhammad atifmuhammad atif22 days ago
  • You can call Simon the Nakai San of North America!

    The J MediaThe J Media22 days ago
  • I guess what everyone really wants to know why didn't you buy a GTR?

    The Lude 915The Lude 91522 days ago
  • When is the giveaway going to happen 😂

    Gerardo PadillaGerardo Padilla22 days ago
    • Never

      woahixwoahix21 day ago
  • Hello randy, hope you are doing well if you can do a global giveaway or just send me a nissan silvia or gtr lol please help me ride one of my dream cars much love bro 🔥🔥

    Mohammad Abu Al HijaMohammad Abu Al Hija22 days ago
  • Hey Randy plss recover quickly 😀

    Emery_ IzadEmery_ Izad22 days ago
  • F*** what they say put a gtr motor in it or maybe a NA rb26??? or stroked rb ???

    Red BeamRed Beam22 days ago
  • never came across a vid with so many ads

    Pyrioz XBLPyrioz XBL22 days ago
  • I would be laughing and confused if randy put a barra engine in the r34

    Aiden NguyenAiden Nguyen22 days ago
  • Why do all that to a gtr should of just cash out on the orginal 1 lmao

    Oscar RuizOscar Ruiz22 days ago
  • I bet u won’t reply randy

    I like SkylinesI like Skylines22 days ago
  • Randy uses Luke like a slave 🤣🤣 if he dont work on his shit they give the boot 🤣

    Oscar RuizOscar Ruiz22 days ago
  • Once you start buying Lamborghini's and ferraris is when ima unsubscribe to illimitable

    Gabriel RamírezGabriel Ramírez22 days ago
  • could cut a half crescent on the gas door to stick your finger into to pull it out

    Chris WhiteleyChris Whiteley22 days ago
  • “Fake it, until you make it” I be saying that lol I made a lancer look like evo lol until I got my evo x last year 🙏🏻

    Street DreamsStreet Dreams22 days ago
  • blitz on the 34?

    CharlieCharlie22 days ago
  • Ok that answers it no gtr motor😪😞

    Jayden tranJayden tran22 days ago
  • When Randy was gagging cause someone farted...I actually farted

    It's All About MaryIt's All About Mary22 days ago
  • 12:51 recaro party confetti seat

    Ceejay BondocCeejay Bondoc22 days ago
  • Another 32 minutes of you crying about some bull shit that happens that you signed up for.

    The ScoutThe Scout22 days ago
  • 12:30 what is this beat it sounds so fucking good

    Rob TaylerRob Tayler22 days ago
  • The boys: Part 1001

    放っておけEunos-Senpai放っておけEunos-Senpai22 days ago
  • Look at vue chilling with the dog 3:09

    Diego's Shoe CareDiego's Shoe Care22 days ago
  • Guess he made bread from GameStop

    Ray GarciaRay Garcia22 days ago
  • Randy get the gt drift wing for the r34 🖒

    axthxny6axthxny623 days ago
  • Man I can’t believe there’s 134 people hating on you like for what 🤨😂 weird

    Aaron DanielsAaron Daniels23 days ago
  • Welp that answers my question from that last video lol

    Sgt AeroSgt Aero23 days ago
  • I saw the tik tok first and it broke my heart it’s nice to now know it was a joke 😂😂

    Hazlad 1225Hazlad 122523 days ago
  • "Lets keep it like this few a week or two then we'll start" 4-5 days later: "Alright guys today we're finishing the gtr conversion" Whatd he sayyyyy

    999SHI999SHI23 days ago
  • Can you guys widebody my Wrx?

    WRX.401WRX.40123 days ago
  • hey!! Randy how about you fix the other cars before you start a new project!

    McGavyMcGavy23 days ago
  • Can you pleasee look at my instagram dm's!? I saw this amaaaaazinnngg collor combo for the r34!!!!! Its @tommyzitt

    Tom ZiTom Zi23 days ago
  • Sooo funny hitting that gtt lmao 😂

    WutOscaWutOsca23 days ago
  • Buy Dogecoin!

    david nicholsondavid nicholson23 days ago
  • cant wait to send this to my friend

    Diogo PereiraDiogo Pereira23 days ago
  • who also saw tha old spice ad when the guy turned into a racer that shi was weird 2:34 why if vue just standing up there lmao

    sparkysparky23 days ago
  • 12:46 dang Thomas lied to us about his package Lostboys sticker mane....

    SLP_ ReaperSLP_ Reaper23 days ago
  • I really miss R32 content🙏

    GashiGashi23 days ago
  • Yeah it's not worth as much anymore.

    Chris MendozaChris Mendoza23 days ago
  • randy when are you going to fix all your cars it a new year

    Xoqomz-Xoqomz-23 days ago
  • Please be TE37😭😭😭

    JiahJiah23 days ago
  • Wait what’s simeons channel

    BJT DiesssBJT Diesss23 days ago
  • What's the retail on one of those

    stormystormy23 days ago
  • Your telling me if I use square space I will turn into u ?

    ToXic MIGGYToXic MIGGY23 days ago
  • That shit is dislocated I’m pretty sure. Please see a Chiropractor 😭

    Damen McC_Damen McC_23 days ago
  • Sup randy!!!

    O DeviousO Devious23 days ago
  • The pain when he hit the car, oh well it's for the meme ig they cutting it anyways 🤣

    Ghost AgarioGhost Agario23 days ago
  • Randy: if you go beat one out youll be hulk Me: 100 days 900 to go

  • 7:00 casually watch car get molested

    luis castrejonluis castrejon23 days ago
  • about the dent fix it with ramen and superglue

    Simeon MarchevSimeon Marchev23 days ago
  • When is he announcing the giveaway winner 🧐🧐

    Oscar OrtizOscar Ortiz23 days ago
  • Noncetok is the aids

    Kris BucktonKris Buckton23 days ago
  • Nice intro

    Theodosis NtoumasTheodosis Ntoumas23 days ago
  • I though the 34 GTR’s are illegal

    Bob BobBob Bob23 days ago
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    Ye MyatYe Myat23 days ago
  • is that rwd or awd gtt

    MeiersevenMeierseven23 days ago
  • Wait when is he announcing the winner of the giveaway?

    Nadir FroukhNadir Froukh23 days ago
    • Someone plz let me know

      Nadir FroukhNadir Froukh23 days ago
  • Simon, I miss you already

    Jonathan ConnellyJonathan Connelly23 days ago
  • Derpy and Illiminate always good to see these guys work together and always killing the content they make

    Huan DamHuan Dam23 days ago