Mar 10, 2021
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Today we install the @cubespeedequipment short shifter for the R34 Skyline!
Check out their other short shifters here and use code "illiminate10" for 10% off your order!
We are giving away $20,000! Every $5 = 2x entries!
See official rules for details*

  • "you can buy a skyline" Germany: I dont think so

    LarsLars11 days ago
  • Dose this go for people in Australia 😝😝

    bobby maikabobby maika15 days ago
  • Is this your car or your friends

    Official_ DxreckOfficial_ Dxreck26 days ago
  • how did he make the r34 legal in cali?

    Tomas DouglasTomas Douglas28 days ago
  • Where the hell is Thomas????????

    BRYANJ30 ______BRYANJ30 ______Month ago
  • I always look forward to watching videos. I also want to customize my car's skyline to GT-R specifications, so videos are very helpful! I look forward to updating the video in the future😁

  • Song at the Beginning is Twist by Cushy YOUR WELCOME

    Dominicano_JayDominicano_JayMonth ago
  • If you install a short shifter and then a shift knob extender dont you just get a regular shifter?

    Brian ChiuBrian ChiuMonth ago
  • I do need a new flight tag I lost mines in the wreck somehow with my keys too

    JiahJiahMonth ago
  • 💪🏼💪🏼

  • I really like your videos

    Thiru Selvie Diane PadayatchiThiru Selvie Diane PadayatchiMonth ago
  • Hi

    Thiru Selvie Diane PadayatchiThiru Selvie Diane PadayatchiMonth ago
  • Dreams bro car is looking better every time i see it..love the grind brother..🤟🤟

    Rick StylaRick StylaMonth ago
  • You guys are throwing me under the bus. Damn, I was saying on another channel that I appreciated that you didn't use the GT-R emblems because although you had a Skyline, you didn't have a GT-R, there are so many differences between the Skyline and the GT-R besides the conversion you did, from the RB25 vs 26 to the chassis, etc., on and on. You don't have a GT-R you have a Skyline with a body kit. So based on this... I'm out. F those fake ass legit (Made in Japan) emblems. I had an SiR emblem back in the day, but I kept it in my bedroom. I didn't put it on my non-vtec Accord (which was badass by the way, with exception of performance). Don't be a poser. You have a gem, tell them what you got. Don't be rice. Ah, I'm out. Yuck.

    GoodballaGoodballaMonth ago
    • I need to include that I absolutely love this build, so don't get me wrong. I may sound like a hater, but I'm just a lover with an attitude.

      GoodballaGoodballaMonth ago
    • Okay, may have typed that comment too soon. I'm listening. You have peaked my interest after I hit play again. Continue...

      GoodballaGoodballaMonth ago
  • Randy you should start making illiminate shift knobs!!!!!

    flacidmemesflacidmemesMonth ago
  • Order Confirmed! Turned 21 today so 15k would be a great 21st birthday present! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

    flacidmemesflacidmemesMonth ago
  • literally every illiminate product has white lettering and there is no illiminate white sticker :((((((((

    flacidmemesflacidmemesMonth ago
  • When is he gonna paint that car

    Clayton WallaceClayton WallaceMonth ago
  • You are the person that I like besause when like like gtr

    Jordan BakerJordan BakerMonth ago
  • wrap it with bayside blue randy!!

    B PiB PiMonth ago
  • What’s the point if you don’t have a gtr

    Tanner RussellTanner RussellMonth ago
  • Those ashtrays go for around $180😢

    JuanJuanMonth ago
  • Midnight purple looks good on the R34

    mark villarinmark villarinMonth ago
  • Extended shifter too tall(. Stick with the short shifter look remove extender😆

    David BoyceDavid BoyceMonth ago
  • Randys r34 will look nice in blue just like Paul walkers r34

    Zanezander15Zanezander15Month ago
  • 21:52 the tool was synced with the shiting lol

    degziyaro!degziyaro!Month ago
  • “It came” 😳

    GenkiGenkiMonth ago
  • please dont do the gt type r

    MuddyGamerMuddyGamerMonth ago
  • Sick mods bro..

    Rick StylaRick StylaMonth ago
  • Hey im new to the channel and im getting a r34 soon and have fun with it

    Chris McbrideChris McbrideMonth ago
  • All 3 legends and all in white!!!! Respect cuhhh

    Mrjdm92 Mrjdm92Mrjdm92 Mrjdm92Month ago
  • Randys got money buh the dude that works on his car the most has to rock ebays no shade at luke i fw him heavy for being a humble dude he works hard for everything he got buh cmon randy

    Jason NeymarJason NeymarMonth ago
  • how about the NSX? any goodies for NSX soon?

    fuzzy latfuzzy latMonth ago
  • i fw the pop smoke playing in the back

    Prodigy BoyzProdigy BoyzMonth ago
  • Saw you at tisane last night with the skyline 🔥

    JRMZ7JRMZ7Month ago
  • 12:11siiiiick🤯🤯🤯

    Chris GarcíaChris GarcíaMonth ago
  • Am I the only one watching without a r34

    Joseph FigueroaJoseph FigueroaMonth ago
  • Where is the rhd 180sx?

    Abir AhmedAbir AhmedMonth ago
  • where did you get the sticker from

    YaboiiZaid ;]V2YaboiiZaid ;]V2Month ago
  • 2:28 when the compressor is louder than the car itself

    NøahNøahMonth ago
  • Installs short shifter......extends it!

    Ripstop PilotRipstop PilotMonth ago
  • its not a fucking GTR its A GTT

    TeragrintTeragrintMonth ago
  • bro randy’s like the tony stark of illiminate

    YRN EJYRN EJMonth ago
  • What’s the name of that song playin in the background at 19:17

    Dylan NguyenDylan NguyenMonth ago
  • If y’all don’t get randy to 1 million subscribers already.... sMh

    ColtonColtonMonth ago
  • Back at it again with the Legit Street Cars music

    pieandjoe1pieandjoe1Month ago
  • Hey illiminate I need help with a discount code to buy your merch please

    Olivia StefanksiOlivia StefanksiMonth ago
  • My question is what is happening with the bagged purple s13?

    Drifting ProductionsDrifting ProductionsMonth ago
  • Where you finding 240’s for 3k???

    J MJ MMonth ago
  • Did it they give away that purple vehicle

    Budda DogBudda DogMonth ago
  • Does anybody have the slightest feeling that Randy might give away the r34

    SessaDG2SessaDG2Month ago
  • randy check out the website "trust kikaku" they have GTR parts and they focus on GTRs

    Jacob ContrerasJacob ContrerasMonth ago

    RumblerRumblerMonth ago
  • I wish I had the money to order off your site any bit of that money is life-changing if anybody wants to order for me feel free God bless

    Nice guy TimNice guy TimMonth ago
    • If I won I would order for 10 people that couldn't afford it as well God bless

      Nice guy TimNice guy TimMonth ago
  • i can hear choppa down in the background

    JP Adrian FortalezaJP Adrian FortalezaMonth ago
  • 4-5 240’s with $15K?!?! In what world randy lmk

    Joe LeeJoe LeeMonth ago
    • I got all of my s chassis for under $5k 🙃

      illiminateilliminateMonth ago
  • Broo please dont put thoes honda motors in the 34 plz bro

    Ikayason DanielIkayason DanielMonth ago
  • The color is going to be “PEARL GRAY” lmao 😂

    Batman21Batman21Month ago
  • You should buy a b7 S4 and fully build it really rare cause of chain guides problem but would love to see the Illiminate build that

    OnTheVerge (zOTV)OnTheVerge (zOTV)Month ago
  • No hate but tht gt type r logo is ugly

    Toxic_SRTToxic_SRTMonth ago
  • Bro just put the GTR badges who gives a fuck

    Toxic_SRTToxic_SRTMonth ago
  • Randy: I’m not trying to make a fake gtr Also randy: buys fake gtr badge

    Vinny SalomonVinny SalomonMonth ago
  • Me watching with my shitbox Honda Del Sol

    AerilousAerilousMonth ago
  • you should paint the car type r yellow

    Keon NematollahiKeon NematollahiMonth ago
  • 1 10k. 2 5k 3,4,5 1750

    naelson rivasnaelson rivasMonth ago
  • Bro that would be crazy if i won i could start a project car at a young age🧍🏻‍♂️

    Scenes __Scenes __Month ago
  • Bro where did Thomas go

    Thomas ChristieThomas ChristieMonth ago
  • bride door card maybe ?

    long penis de mastercraftlong penis de mastercraftMonth ago
  • im not one of these fake comments or anything but ive been subbed since u tought ur little brother how to drive stick in the s2k and i just wanna say ive always loved the content keep iit up and i might cop the heart breakers hoodie cuz its heeeeaat and its also super crazy watching u guys grow to where u guys are now its inspiring

    XenvohXenvohMonth ago
  • 20:17 the little helper decided to take a break :)

    YaboymatrixYaboymatrixMonth ago
  • You got static merch even tho you a bag boi 😢😭💔

    JacobmfmJacobmfmMonth ago
  • Randy: i dont want to convert my poors man gtr to a fully gtr also randy: hey guys welcome back to my channel today were gonna open more gtr stuff for my poor mans gtr

    gabriel velasquezgabriel velasquezMonth ago
  • Your going to love the cube shifter. I have one on my jz swapped cressida, and i love that thing!! Supper stiff and short throw. Feeels awsome.

    luis_frayre21luis_frayre21Month ago
  • We won't see how the engine is being built?

    Bur-DBur-DMonth ago
  • All that Success and money and still opening packages of the ground LOL

    Adrian AlvarezAdrian AlvarezMonth ago
  • What’s up with the giveaway car is the owner ever gonna pick that shit up?

    Jesus CamposJesus CamposMonth ago
  • Plz skyline favourite car plus I don’t have Insta but I liked and I was already subbed

    yeetepete [•] [•]yeetepete [•] [•]Month ago
  • In Australia there a 100k but alright

    yeetepete [•] [•]yeetepete [•] [•]Month ago
  • 🥲 they made me delete my ig beacuse was try be a player 🤣 now need make secret one lol🤫🤫

    Josh killzJosh killzMonth ago
  • 0:28 he looks like Mirage from Apex Legends

    Michael DenizMichael DenizMonth ago
  • What you need is paint my guy. That or a wrap.

    T LT LMonth ago
  • Buys everything nismo but puts a honda motor in the gtr smh 😂

    Tony TTony TMonth ago
  • Hello, do you ship to Spain???

    Rango SofRango SofMonth ago
  • I thought randy gave the rb180 away why is it still there

    B a s i r ?B a s i r ?Month ago
  • NisMOPARts

    vlieg Tuigvlieg TuigMonth ago
  • I have a 1983 Toyota celica gt, i have to do hella shit to it 🥲🥲 and I’m 16 so it’s going to be hell hard for me to fix with no money , how I do enter the giveaway?😭

    Steven CarlosSteven CarlosMonth ago
  • At 16:40 when randy smashes his fingers with the mallet, that shit had me dying😂

    anthony godoyanthony godoyMonth ago
  • nice broo.. i am from melaysia

    Muhamad ZulhilmiMuhamad ZulhilmiMonth ago
  • what about worldwid shipping?

    Diogo FerrerDiogo FerrerMonth ago
  • 8:05 Emi: U got games on ur phone?

    Blockloft CityBlockloft CityMonth ago
  • kinda sus

    Preston_TG3Preston_TG3Month ago
  • Honestly I hope I win the giveaway I need money 😭

    noah marshallnoah marshallMonth ago
  • I want one GTR emblem 👀

    Sgt. RainSgt. RainMonth ago
  • Your a good man bro

    Angel MartinezAngel MartinezMonth ago
  • 、さはならまやあがわ、あかさたなはまきやわ、

    Kraug _Kraug _Month ago
  • 16:49 me and my meat at 2am

    RobbyAintShitRobbyAintShitMonth ago
  • Dopeeeeeeeee love the content pls don’t stop learning so much and laughing at the same time!

    Tyra STyra SMonth ago

    DeadEyeDeadEyeMonth ago
  • whats your shop playlist? bangers in the back all day

    VisualGamerMemberVisualGamerMemberMonth ago
  • 0:33 that smile 😍

    RobbyAintShitRobbyAintShitMonth ago