Extremely RARE Spirit R Wing for the FD RX7!

Dec 31, 2020
216 426 Views

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Perfecting the FD RX7 with the PERFECT OEM wing! This car is starting to look so good!! Coilovers and paint is coming up next. Subscribe and stay up to date with the RX7 build!

  • Im seeing a trend here... The 86 was Purple and white, the RB S13 is Purple and white and they are both Give away cars Damn Looks goo tho

    Tevinj WilliamsTevinj Williams19 days ago
  • Is that wing going to fit on Miata NB?

    PrismPrism25 days ago
  • Let your dad rate all your cars. I think that content is going to be lit.

    MrpotatoMrpotato28 days ago
  • Tj inspired?

    Shawn KromoShawn KromoMonth ago
  • The legend himself!!

    CloudyCloudyMonth ago
  • “Jus kill me”😂😂

    Marcy porrasMarcy porrasMonth ago
  • wait the rx7 beeps when you’re about to redline???

    Emmanuel ValenciaEmmanuel ValenciaMonth ago
  • Should get a mazdaspeed wing

    Marley CasasMarley CasasMonth ago
  • O crap i thought randy owned illiminate...now i know its not actually him alone and kj is part owner i will subscribe 🤣

    Timmy JeffTimmy JeffMonth ago

    GoldFish NinjaGoldFish NinjaMonth ago
  • Bro your dad is cute af maaan 6:06

    MoudiMoudiMonth ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    James SchugJames SchugMonth ago
  • Leave the front lip black. Personally, I think that would look better.

    Thomas GrauelThomas GrauelMonth ago
  • Could it be that 2021 is Randy’s year

    Jose HernandezJose HernandezMonth ago
  • veilside

    Gerard BerbosoGerard BerbosoMonth ago
  • why did sonny go through the door when the garage door was open? LOL

    Yechan YounYechan YounMonth ago
  • love your channel, but please stop selling your cars for money, instead give it free to your subscribers, do this, and you will hit 1 million subs!

    MjSanaMjSanaMonth ago
  • Randy’s dad deserves a car already!

    Jalen AfuJalen AfuMonth ago
  • Love the rx7 content! The wing definitely makes the rear end of the car look more aggressive

    The J MediaThe J MediaMonth ago
  • Can you guys start Daily Vlogs ... please?

    nick 19nick 19Month ago
  • This is the RX7colors 😂😂

    Jesue QuilesJesue QuilesMonth ago
  • I’m a no wing type of guy but looks good 🤙🏻

    ethan ditsworthethan ditsworthMonth ago
  • Personal Preference, I still like the FC better

    Claud GODClaud GODMonth ago
  • Damn Randy hasn't uploaded since last year :(

    BscllyBscllyMonth ago
  • “When you done, can I have it?” LMAO WHY DOES HE SOUND LIKE RANDY

    MaleenaMaleenaMonth ago
  • This guys always inspire me to do my own thing

    Banging gears MediaBanging gears MediaMonth ago
  • 3:48 nooooo not the rotary 😭

    The EqualizerThe EqualizerMonth ago
  • Who else loves Randy’s dad he’s sick!!😂

    joseph jjoseph jMonth ago
  • Why does Sunny have to do Randy like that that 😭 “ Damm bro i didn’t know your car came in three different colors”.

  • how long is the entries going until??

    Nico CarlsonNico CarlsonMonth ago
  • He should get a chaser and sell some car he does not use or like

    Toyota-chaserToyota-chaserMonth ago
  • In my opinion, the spirit r is one of the nicest cars

    Andrew AjAndrew AjMonth ago
  • Off to a nice start.

    No Bad Days ClubNo Bad Days ClubMonth ago
  • So if you show the car more than yourself, i would appreciate it.

    Pompiz zPompiz zMonth ago
  • you should've found that massive wing from the first stage of Initial D, the one that Keisuke had. I kinda doubt a wing like that even exists lmao.

    Eli HentaiEli HentaiMonth ago
  • Best rx7 wing!!! Didn’t realise how much better the oem rx7 white looks until u mentioned!!

    Manu TeokotaiManu TeokotaiMonth ago
  • Does anyone know why their merch can only be bought through paypal

    Rj MataRj MataMonth ago
  • z31 next car

    Travis MassingaleTravis MassingaleMonth ago
  • Just get a carbon fiber wing to get it a little lighter so it won’t drop down 😂

    Arturo Gonzalez Jr.Arturo Gonzalez Jr.Month ago
  • My prediction is he not gonna put bn kit on the rx7

    dafi bazlandafi bazlanMonth ago
  • Randy what are your thoughts on the ae86

    Ali AltwainiAli AltwainiMonth ago
  • Sorry Randy, noticed the color difference immediately, camera didn't help. I dig the new wing though.

    GoodballaGoodballaMonth ago
  • 18:13 randy did you crack your wing?

    SACEE_SACEE_Month ago
  • Dope ass videos man. Looking forward for the gtr motor to finally come in. Hope I win the give away.

    Jimmy NguyenJimmy NguyenMonth ago
  • Crack head bobby

    Jose DoñateJose DoñateMonth ago
  • Can you do a Honda S2000 build pls I think it will be so cool

    Edits 101Edits 101Month ago
  • Whole vid on a wing install come on randy .. talk about jank lol

    DatKineeDatKineeMonth ago
  • I just wanna know where the R34 at

    Benji GloBenji GloMonth ago
  • oh that's why you said you have to convince kj for another car cause kj is you're right hand man

    jonatan karijojonatan karijoMonth ago
  • Bring back an s2000 Build 🔥🙌🏼

    Wasp _2kWasp _2kMonth ago
  • Build a 240z with ur dads

  • I wish i had a cars like yours

    Renz Angelo S. JanorasRenz Angelo S. JanorasMonth ago
  • A randy can you please make a video update of the r34 please

    Victor AstorgaVictor AstorgaMonth ago
  • veilside would be great ;)

    khairul izzatkhairul izzatMonth ago
  • Randy please wash the gtr it makes me sad seeing it collecting dust

    underdevelopunderdevelopMonth ago
  • “The cute butt, on the RX7”😂😂😂

    Descendants EntertainmentDescendants EntertainmentMonth ago
  • Randy not feeling guilty that his lying to his dad about giving up the rx7

    s14 baes14 baeMonth ago
  • Ur gay

    ExnvyII2ExnvyII2Month ago
  • 15:30 lmfaooooo

    isnowyaznisnowyaznMonth ago
  • Kj needs to come out more in the blogs

    Statik RvmirxzStatik RvmirxzMonth ago
  • randy make it the same colour as keisuke’s 7

  • The way randy holds that wing in the thumbnail reminds me of when randy put the wing for his S14... What a throwback😭

    Edgar VilladaEdgar VilladaMonth ago
  • Please doin this car very rare. Not just like other car

    Ahlep SaroniAhlep SaroniMonth ago
  • What kind of tool is randy using to make those holes with for the wing?

    JnsbackyardJnsbackyardMonth ago
  • Same wing as TJHUNT, that wing it's so perfect for the car 😍🔥 Need to put the carbon center as well 👌

    RuiGonçalves78RuiGonçalves78Month ago
  • Pleweeeasssss DONT stance out the rx-7 ik it’s yours but I beg you

    GHOUL SkyeGHOUL SkyeMonth ago
  • what tool did he use at 12:05?

    Junior ArauzaJunior ArauzaMonth ago
  • time to make it slammed like austeezy’s rx7’s

    thelifeofomarthelifeofomarMonth ago
  • Our favorite Healthy crackheads back

    Northwest RoyaltyNorthwest RoyaltyMonth ago
  • 4:12 The same goes for the Supra

    Drumkid FelixDrumkid FelixMonth ago
  • I think you should keep the front splitter the same color

    Boss KermitBoss KermitMonth ago
  • For the love of rx7 fd3s. PLEASE DO NOT WIDE BODY THE FD.

    Jay Kris CariasoJay Kris CariasoMonth ago
  • Spirit R wing is fire

    Benjamin CostleyBenjamin CostleyMonth ago
  • Buy a mk4 supra

    Andrei's channelAndrei's channelMonth ago
  • When your dad said I got to go I thought he was gonna steal the rx7 because he was keep asking for the rx7😃😃😃😅😅😅

    Haesay PawHaesay PawMonth ago
  • Wing looks amazing brotha FD coming together really good 🔥🔥🔥

    Azn VinhAzn VinhMonth ago
  • Just get stronger lift supports. Liftsupports.com down here in No County San Diego

    sma013sma013Month ago
  • A

    HunnteHunnteMonth ago
  • it looks stock lol

    IdKIdKMonth ago
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  • You should buy your dad a car

    Shakil ChowdhuryShakil ChowdhuryMonth ago
  • Bro I remember watching you since you had 4k 🤧😭

    Imperal JoseImperal JoseMonth ago
  • Who else wants to see a nsx vs rx7 race?

    cardude_95cardude_95Month ago
  • who remember the last time Randy spilled oil all over the floor 😂😂😂 good times

    Zhawn LavienaZhawn LavienaMonth ago
  • ✨hell noo✨

    Halberth.23 ohHalberth.23 ohMonth ago
  • So Kevin is right hand! really??

    The RemoThe RemoMonth ago
  • The r32 just sadly sitting watching randy build his dream cars up back and running while the r32 is just sad and depressed cause his engine isn’t ready yet😭😭😭

    JiahJiahMonth ago
  • You can also use peanut butter, has a decent consistency and sticky enough effect. More Skids here on USworlds used it to install wings on a 240 and AE86

    RoninRoninMonth ago
  • Fire 🔥

    zido liwanagzido liwanagMonth ago
  • Seats don't go back anymore on that 7 or is kevin that short lol

    HiluxHiluxMonth ago
  • randy : if youre a good grandpa😏 his dad: ok i gotta go! 🚪🏃‍♂️💨

    hbk kevinhbk kevinMonth ago
  • I PRAYYYY you give your dad the 240z when its done. hook your pops up man! youve hooked everyone else up and they didnt even help to give you life lol... hook dad dukes up broskie!

    gate accessgate accessMonth ago
  • I saw you near eastridge yesterday, I saw your Supra and I knew 😂👍

    Allan GudinoAllan GudinoMonth ago
  • Coolest dad ever

    Doug MDoug MMonth ago
  • The wing ruined it😕

    Just A VRXJust A VRXMonth ago
  • Already looks better than sonny’s 😂 jk

    LZG DarkKnightLZG DarkKnightMonth ago
  • Damn bro you having a baby because I heard you say if your a good grandpa then maybe he can have car. If so congratulations bro if not all good.

    Virack HoupVirack HoupMonth ago
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    MurdaPeanut 9595MurdaPeanut 9595Month ago
  • Where to buy jdm cars???

    VeifuVeifuMonth ago