FD RX7 gets NEW Work Wheels + Super Rare Seats!

Jan 6, 2021
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We are giving away this beautiful RB25 S13 to one lucky subscriber! Every $5 = 2x entries!
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The FD RX7 gets some new Work Wheels and some super rare seats! Comment what you guys want to see next! LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE!

  • What are the sizes??

    onosapienonosapien4 days ago
  • Bro ur life is dope

    FF LorencFF Lorenc13 days ago
  • Sheesh isacs car looks good

    Darko RadulDarko Radul23 days ago
  • 8:55 😂 wHaT

    Andres De Leon AndradeAndres De Leon AndradeMonth ago
  • Those seats would have looked terrible in the 240Z anyway. Keep it period correct dude

    Matt MisanthropyMatt MisanthropyMonth ago
  • Might have died inside a little when randy said what’s saved by the bell

    SoySauce19SoySauce19Month ago
  • Monster truck

    Ryan_colless 122Ryan_colless 122Month ago
  • I miss the original beyblades

    Anime No kamiAnime No kamiMonth ago
  • Anybody got the @ from the hot dudes at the beginning???? Edit: No homo tho

    Jay 23Jay 23Month ago
  • 7:40 i know yall can hear the android ringtone right

  • 3:11 i like how Vu roasts Randy and just walks away like in npc's in gta sanandreas after responding CJ

    Ab_got_ 2007Ab_got_ 2007Month ago
  • i bought seats from the same guy randy!!!! i could tell kuz he wrapped n boxed mines the same

    SoJ1RoTVSoJ1RoTVMonth ago
  • Damn the new work wheels looks so dope! 🔥🔥🤤🤤

    Walter FJKWalter FJKMonth ago
  • Can’t wait till the rx7 is complete! It’s gonna look sick!!🔥

    SessaDG2SessaDG2Month ago
  • And this now it’s what is consider as a “car guy” whe are really fuck up

    rafael fernandezrafael fernandezMonth ago
  • Lmk I have a friend selling the same seats

    GoproGoproMonth ago
  • Does anybody know the music played in the background of the montage for the rb giveaway??? Kinda fire 🔥🔥🔥ngl

    Isaam SamiuddinIsaam SamiuddinMonth ago
  • Whats the device you use to clean the seats out?

    Acra ChangAcra ChangMonth ago
  • 2:50 emi was not fucking with that

    VwiftVwiftMonth ago
  • Me just thinking of jacks r32 seats

    Not_calmdogNot_calmdogMonth ago
  • Get metal fusion

    aquilaaquilaMonth ago
  • what size wheels do you have on your rx7

    magdelena Louismagdelena LouisMonth ago
  • saved by the bell one of the best 90s tv shows

    Simba RyanSimba RyanMonth ago
  • gotta let it warm up man you can’t just hop in a rotary start it an then take off

    Jacob DyerJacob DyerMonth ago
  • The confetti’s are 🤩

    SyznrSyznrMonth ago
  • Why does this look like TJ Hunt’s rx7

    Ivan DelgadoIvan DelgadoMonth ago
  • LMAOOOOOO 😂😂😂 that fit me to thooo

    Christian FernandezChristian FernandezMonth ago
  • it looks awesome

    CasperCasperMonth ago
  • Emi bouta beat your ass for that shortass car ride. Lmao.

    WandererWandererMonth ago
  • To whiten the recaro on the seats I recommend using a tide to go stick or any other stain remover/bleach pen.

    DudeCanYouSeeMeDudeCanYouSeeMeMonth ago
  • Those 🧢 go crazy 🔥

    King AdriKing AdriMonth ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    James SchugJames SchugMonth ago
  • I love my Vsxx’s best buy I ever did #artofwheel

    CanongangCanongangMonth ago
  • Looks like the wheels are gonna poke out too much

    Dany DelcidDany DelcidMonth ago
  • I wonder 🤔, is the fd going to be another giveaway 🤔 👀 😏 😅

  • Damn randy nice jordans

    pocholothex gangpocholothex gangMonth ago
  • Loving the transformation on the rx7! Love the recaro seats and vsxx wheels!

    The J MediaThe J MediaMonth ago
  • Recaro > Bride

    The J MediaThe J MediaMonth ago
  • Bruh I saw the NSX on the freeway a while back. I saw an NSX and got exited and then I realized it was Randy and Kevin’s NSX.

    Aiden HernandezAiden HernandezMonth ago
  • I regret selling my confetti sr3 with my last car. I got it like 5 years ago for $100 😭😭😭

    Mack KatzelMack KatzelMonth ago
  • wow randy dont know save by the bell, im go lay down and contemplate about life

    claud rapozaclaud rapozaMonth ago
  • Yoooo do you guys have any email for business inquiries and such?

    David CashDavid CashMonth ago
  • Dude no one said randy's building a monster truck

    B O TB O TMonth ago
  • You should do a skate park video with your homies

    Guapo MarkGuapo MarkMonth ago
  • Might I suggest some air cups to go on top of those coilovers to get you that aired out look on that static life.

    Johnathan CrummJohnathan CrummMonth ago

    Obrien LunaObrien LunaMonth ago
  • Homie just lost half his subscribers because he didn’t know what saved by the bell was 😞😂

    Toy Z33Toy Z33Month ago
  • Randy i have a question when do you go back to philipines

    Emmanuel Stanley C. ChioEmmanuel Stanley C. ChioMonth ago
  • Really wondering when you'll have some more illiminate license plate frames. Been waiting for a while now.

    Sir KamiSir KamiMonth ago
  • 7:41 That Samsung notification sound 🥵🥵🥵

    Aryan the car childAryan the car childMonth ago
  • The RX-7 brings in more views than any of his other videos 👀😍

    CHANDER 23CHANDER 23Month ago
  • you should put a livery on the s13 coupe

    rickky wit a blickkyrickky wit a blickkyMonth ago
  • Randys eye sack looks like cold ball sack.

    Matias kähköläMatias kähköläMonth ago
  • Gives me bus vibes

  • Why don’t you do collabs w lifestyle or w the other boys to help boost their brand and productivity

    Yes SirYes SirMonth ago
  • When he walks with the cam the mic makes noises like kalkbrenner sky & sand 😂

    MIMCK MediaMIMCK MediaMonth ago
  • Randy boutta be on his boo Johnson with those front 3 pops

    Nate LangoshNate LangoshMonth ago
  • You going to hit a million sub this year

    George GomezGeorge GomezMonth ago
  • Song name at the end of the video

    jearbear kkjearbear kkMonth ago
  • Aye randy you kno whats aye good idea you can do on the rx7 you can do hoon rx7 front end conversation from the movie Tokyo drift it be so nice 👍🏼 keep it your color jus do the front end conversation be clean

    SoEbk!SoEbk!Month ago
  • Who knows what vacuum he’s using to clean the seats!?

    Cristian Ramirez canalesCristian Ramirez canalesMonth ago
  • Cut the springs fuck it lmao

    Sergio GallegosSergio GallegosMonth ago
  • I'm curious to see the fitment of the sr3 confetti's in the FD and how you mount them up

    Chris GuzmanChris GuzmanMonth ago
  • the rx7 looks tribal rite now

    Laury DruryLaury DruryMonth ago
  • Should’ve got spirit r seats

    a Va VMonth ago
  • Randy: lemme go grab a knife *comes back with scissors*

    Nathan 66Nathan 66Month ago
  • What’s the 🔥 music called when they showing the clean merch?

    Timu DewanTimu DewanMonth ago
  • Nice monster truck homie😅😅

    jdv 86erjdv 86erMonth ago
  • so they're building a monster truck?

    SyncSyncMonth ago
  • Those wheels on the car looks beautiful I think you should make a funny skit driving it that would be funny Lmao😭

    Tim BisonoTim BisonoMonth ago
  • Loved da vid bro can’t wait for da next vid🔥

    Love 000Love 000Month ago
  • trying way to fuckin hard on the intro XD

    Cody MckelvieCody MckelvieMonth ago
  • Don’t catch me on the streets of San Jose with the rx-7 had me weak 😂

    prince kalkatprince kalkatMonth ago
  • Love the vids keep em coming but pleaseeeeee at least 8 mins of this didn't need to be in the vlog ☹️

    Keon ChaseKeon ChaseMonth ago
  • How to skip ads on mobile: just scroll back in forth in the video

    BboyAspectBboyAspectMonth ago
  • follow my Instagram at @Nataliegarciacano I drive a gc8 Subaru

    Natalies GC8Natalies GC8Month ago
  • Randy what happened to the r32 ?

    MandarinMandarinMonth ago
  • Lmaoooo the scream when Thomas was the seat😂😂

    Kyle BoaKyle BoaMonth ago
  • You should do some sort of truck project

    Ragan CochranRagan CochranMonth ago
  • you cleaned them seats well it was my last job but now I work at target cause it pays $7 an hour more, I don't have to burn my hands on pressure hoses, and run around 8 buildings for 3 hours each

    Conspiras CConspiras CMonth ago
  • Tony real G knowing Save by the Bell. 😂

    C_ PuppetC_ PuppetMonth ago
  • The OEM suede seats are better.

    Love Me Some AJLove Me Some AJMonth ago
  • When does the giveaway end? Gonna cop some merch soon!🔥

    HoodieKjHoodieKjMonth ago
  • Isaac looks smackedddd

    Joven ThaGreatJoven ThaGreatMonth ago
  • I was honestly expecting Spirit-R seats

    Oscar ReynosoOscar ReynosoMonth ago
  • What’s the specs on the wheels?

    Mitchel ThompsonMitchel ThompsonMonth ago
  • how do u not know saved by the bell....... lol

    Philli RamirezPhilli RamirezMonth ago
  • Randy u should put bags on that car mmm it will look clean

    itswowforu 4itswowforu 4Month ago
  • This new wheels looks way better than this ugly ass mx-7 wheels

    Sebastian KaczmarekSebastian KaczmarekMonth ago
  • Waiting for sonny to come yelling e-diot at 10:10

    ShlimothyShlimothyMonth ago
  • You should paint it Mazda competition yellow

    Sam ParisesuSam ParisesuMonth ago
  • @randy how much for the oem seats !!?

    Ulices MartinezUlices MartinezMonth ago
  • USworlds name colion noir they wunt to get are gun help out we can win still

    Orange blue green purpleOrange blue green purpleMonth ago
  • Nah randy that looks sick without bags

    Jasper DrakeJasper DrakeMonth ago
  • intro instrumental?

    ThatDudeEddieThatDudeEddieMonth ago
  • Got those same wheels except mine is black and chrome. Looks good dude

    KillKev236KillKev236Month ago
  • shoulda cleaned them twice at least imo

    Sammi SafiSammi SafiMonth ago
  • 4:44 vu know how to hide weed from his mom

    DrazztylDrazztylMonth ago
  • dem wheels go crazy dawg

    wolfkendrickwolfkendrickMonth ago
  • Anyone got an idea on how he be finding these seats and shit? Tryna find a good set of bucket seats for my car for the future and jus other nice rare parts

    Gio VelezGio VelezMonth ago