First Mod for the R33 GTR!

Apr 5, 2021
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The R33 Skyline GTR gets the first mod of many and a paint correction. Can't believe we got this car for such a good deal! Hope you guys enjoy today's video!
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  • It’s my dream what illuminate do have a garage full of cars work on then all day go to car meets and there whole life is just about cars that’s what I want

    Andrew OverfieldAndrew Overfield13 hours ago
  • 3:58 SUSSSS 💀

    BiG CheeseBiG CheeseDay ago
  • 12:50 thirty whut?

    James AbadillaJames Abadilla2 days ago
  • I fucking love KJ man!! I wish he was in more vids 😥

    Jonny PonceJonny Ponce6 days ago
  • My fav was always the 33 and i cant buy one because im only 15

    Aidan GuerreroAidan Guerrero6 days ago
  • I thought you were putting diesel in your car for a second then because in the UK the black petrol pumps are all for diesel engines only in the UK

    Kyle BraceKyle Brace6 days ago
  • That makes the interior looks so much better that old tacky stuff looks so horrible

    Kyle BraceKyle Brace6 days ago
  • That’s the best car in the Collection for sure

    Kyle BraceKyle Brace6 days ago
  • The r33 is so beautiful

    PANDASKILLZz 32PANDASKILLZz 327 days ago
  • Doing it big my bro's!!!!!

    bigben1986bigben19867 days ago
  • Yooo today was THE ABSALUTE worse day ever until I see Randy suckin on a shift knob

    Sri NoirSri Noir8 days ago
  • She’s nasty⚪️⚫️⚪️💨

    Måní MåníMåní Måní9 days ago
  • the headlights r not from a r32

    Mackenzie MuggeridgeMackenzie Muggeridge10 days ago
  • 15:16 noooooòoo

    Dujuan MclartyDujuan Mclarty11 days ago
  • Someone finally said it, R33 front end is better than the R32

    TessTess11 days ago
  • Only one left is the r35

    - Xeno -- Xeno -11 days ago
  • 12:06 I used to to use a tire shie shot on the trim it would stay black for months but now I used JAY LENO TIRE AND TRIM SHINE Works great

    Ismael mendozaIsmael mendoza11 days ago
  • paul walker stan

    Nathanael puncheonNathanael puncheon12 days ago
  • R33☝🏼

    ꝏnfnte⚔1ហ៚ꝏnfnte⚔1ហ៚12 days ago
  • man has working ac...why did i get 5 miatas

    Ion The protoIon The proto12 days ago
  • by far my #1 youtuber to watch hands down! 🙌🏼. always posting funny and entertaining content!

    ιтoхιcιғy-ιтoхιcιғy-13 days ago
  • 33 front end looks a lot like a Nissan Sentra SE-R front end from the 2003 model haha 😂

    Ricardo GarciaRicardo Garcia13 days ago
  • 12:49, he said 32 instead of 33😆

    Jonathan JimenezJonathan Jimenez13 days ago
  • R32?? 😂 just messing love you guys no homo y’all make amazing content

    Robert CombsRobert Combs13 days ago
  • Randy can you tell him to please make the front lip carbon fiber I think it’ll look super nice with it

    Jonathan VelezJonathan Velez13 days ago
  • Man I wish I had that momo steering wheel , just thru on sum momo Side mirror visors on my g ride and that would match up perfect wit what I got. Always good content keep it up bro

    SANT0S928SANT0S92813 days ago
  • Good vibes bro 🙏 great content and great choice of vehicles💯 love in the house from the Caribbean 💯

    Tezza King TaiiTezza King Taii13 days ago
  • Randy's kinna sus🤣

    Zachary Yul L. VeranoZachary Yul L. Verano13 days ago
  • Listen it looks amazing. But if it had the new rocket bunny/pandem kit on it it would just be the perfect car!!!!!

    Thomas DeeThomas Dee13 days ago
  • I don’t know if your gonna see this but I love your videos and you inspire me to make USworlds videos I have a 370z and ima do videos on it I also joined a car crew and hopefully we can be like y’all ❤️😏

    JaycJayc13 days ago
  • Tumbs up if you want hondas in the warehouse

  • I think its pretty dope to see KJ back in a couple of vlogs!

    AkōdoAkōdo13 days ago
  • Clean AF

    Dj_KaizeN GamesDj_KaizeN Games13 days ago
  • Just got my shorts delivered, yo they nice nice

    carlos martinezcarlos martinez13 days ago
  • The white steering wheel is nicer

    Samuel PerezSamuel Perez13 days ago
  • Looks amazing guys 👍🏻 love ur videos

    Angel MontalvoAngel Montalvo13 days ago
  • 12:49 33**** not 32

    Brandon NewmanBrandon Newman13 days ago
  • You can also use a heat gun on the faded black plastic and it'll darken it up, then add dressing to make it better.

    Mando TellezMando Tellez13 days ago
  • Sick.

  • N1 headlights for the R32 make an huge difference for the front end

    Simopics_Simopics_13 days ago
  • When’s the R35 gna join the fleet??

    Young NateYoung Nate13 days ago
  • R33 is my dream car just because it’s more unique and it’s got loads of space in back seat for a Japanese coupe and they look beautiful in a rainy city full of neon lights

    MaskedMasked13 days ago
  • Potato brain Biden is why your gas price keeps on going up

    Life’s WickedLife’s Wicked13 days ago
  • Sheeeesh

    HardcoreCactusHardcoreCactus14 days ago
  • “Mods”

    Julio TelloJulio Tello14 days ago
  • Swear if he gets one more car and starts building it and stops half way one more time 😐

    Sean EnschSean Ensch14 days ago
  • r33 is slept on, So glad you brought this baby home.

    II14 days ago
  • You're pretty messed up for making the tall dude sit in the back of the r33, I would have made you sit in the back, thats pretty messed up.

    Jason JaureguiJason Jauregui14 days ago
  • 9:15 "you wana go sideways, then up and down ok?" ohohohohohooo Randy, I'm familiar :d

    Tiger VuongTiger Vuong14 days ago
  • I’m from texas in my full gas of tank cost $25

    EdgarEdgar14 days ago
  • Where do y’all find car parts

    Daily pranks VlogsDaily pranks Vlogs14 days ago
  • You and kevin need to do a GTR road trip to Oregon when the R32 is back also you and Kevin needs to spend more time

    Good SamaritanGood Samaritan14 days ago
  • Randy, when are y’all doing the Illiminate X Vertex steering wheel collab?? I need one so it can push me to save up and get another project car //: can’t do shit with my Elantra

    Ferrnnzz !Ferrnnzz !14 days ago
  • Ayyyyyy my Civic does the same thing with the gas cap

    CrustyBunniesCrustyBunnies14 days ago
  • A k20 or k24?

    Marley CasasMarley Casas14 days ago
  • R33 looking clean already

    Felipe ValenzoFelipe Valenzo14 days ago
  • That car looks sick

    BC TrooperrBC Trooperr14 days ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    James SchugJames Schug14 days ago
  • You can also get a torch an heat up the lip and it will also fix the color issue with the lip

    Alex GAlex G14 days ago
  • Where can I buy that clear coat from ive look everywhere dont wanna order online

    Boosted240’sBoosted240’s14 days ago
  • The Titanium chrome goodies was actually dope in the car

    JonSolooJonSoloo14 days ago
  • Sand head lights (320), then clear coat... that’s what we do at the shop I work at! It’ll Last couple years.. when just buffing last weeks

    Ethic ApparelEthic Apparel14 days ago
  • Need to re seal the headlights with clear coat. Use 2k clear coat

    Zyu rangerZyu ranger14 days ago
  • I will take that steering wheel off your hands Randy

    Douglas HernandezDouglas Hernandez14 days ago
  • was is just a compound or with polisher in the end

    PantiesGoneWildPantiesGoneWild14 days ago
  • I fill up my Jeep with 55 wtf💀 not in Cali 🥰

    Bryan ZecenaBryan Zecena14 days ago
  • Me being a 13 year old and still dreaming about a r33:)

    CarlosФCarlosФ14 days ago
  • Can you guys bring back the podcast and more nsx content??!! Banger video 🔥

    Anthony SenaAnthony Sena14 days ago
  • jeez gas is expensive asf in california is only 30 buck for 15 gallons where i live

    OmegaFuzeOmegaFuze14 days ago
  • I am a detailer and you did good 👍🏻 Could ya hire me to detail all your guys cars and keep them clean and shiny 🤔

    Jaki PesonenJaki Pesonen14 days ago
  • you have to get a rocket bunny r32

    Kelly Bass BoostsKelly Bass Boosts14 days ago
  • Randy i think it’s time for a supra

    TropicalAquaTropicalAqua14 days ago
  • Static jumper and a few accessories have been ordered I’m stoked!!

    mevzomevzo14 days ago
  • he said put it on the 32😂

    Oscar MoralesOscar Morales14 days ago
  • Randy u really calls it 32 🥸😂😂

    ChickenChicken14 days ago
  • 12:48 he said put it back on the 32 😭😭

    Maddox KhamkeomanyMaddox Khamkeomany14 days ago
  • The website link is not working

    Vader A90Vader A9014 days ago
  • Just those nismo spoiler end caps are worth over $500😂

    Austin FeeserAustin Feeser14 days ago
  • Support comment from Guam 🇬🇺

    churchbochurchbo14 days ago
  • One of Tommy f yeahs Client is selling a little rusty r33 GTR for 16K

    Shane RobertsShane Roberts14 days ago
  • Yo bro send me that shifter and wheel please bro

    Alejandro Martinez-RiveraAlejandro Martinez-Rivera14 days ago
  • The Illiminate outro never gets old. 👍

    Anthony RomoAnthony Romo14 days ago
  • i got excited when he installed the shift knobs!

    Elai Jean RoseroElai Jean Rosero14 days ago
  • 12:48 "We'll put it back on the 32" SHEEEESH WHAAA?

    Kervin GuzmanKervin Guzman14 days ago
  • He said 32 🤣🤣🤣

    Deon GoolcharanDeon Goolcharan14 days ago
  • Yall got expensive ass gas 63 or something for 12 gallons 😐 I pay 30 for 13 gallons

    B1ue1ights BuildsB1ue1ights Builds14 days ago
  • First and probably last mood like the nsx lol

    Bryan AcostaBryan Acosta14 days ago
  • You say every car is ugly till you get it and you “fall in love with it” 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    Hosmar JaramilloHosmar Jaramillo14 days ago
  • 12:50 aye bro y’all bought a 32 with a 33 kit on it?

    Cadin SmithCadin Smith14 days ago
  • Randys good at putting shift nobs 😳

    Dylan MorenoDylan Moreno14 days ago
  • 4:00 sus

    MagicalszMagicalsz14 days ago
  • Can y’all please not ruin this one

    AffeMitSmileyAffeMitSmiley14 days ago
  • White definitely looks amazing 🤩

    chino_gt86chino_gt8614 days ago
  • We are going to let it dry for 24 hours and put it back on the R32 lmao 12:45

    xItsAsianxxItsAsianx14 days ago
  • The 33 looks better than 32 in my opinion

    B PiB Pi14 days ago
  • Looks bad ass

    Mario JimenezMario Jimenez14 days ago
  • Oh they go for 50k? Well now you made them go up to 60k. Swear people be taxing tf outta jdm cars

    XxDarkLordxX 03XxDarkLordxX 0314 days ago
  • Why you keep buying him large cars kids a dwarf needs a pulsar gtir or a booster cushion and some driving lessons

    Buck ShotBuck Shot14 days ago
  • Detailing secret- you can use a heat gun on faded gray plastic parts to make them black again. You can literally watch it change and when it does; back off with the heat.

    Apex AutoWerksApex AutoWerks14 days ago
  • Next time use a heatgun for the black parts on your car and go over it with trim restore it wil look like new.greets from the netherlands

    Elroy van der krukElroy van der kruk14 days ago