First Mod for the R34! (Do not use on public roads*)

Jan 20, 2021
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We are giving away this beautiful RB25 S13 to one lucky subscriber! Every $5 = 2x entries!
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The first official mod for the R34 Skyline! Can't wait to install the new Z tune GTR kit! Subscribe for more R34 content!

  • Good luck everyone I wish nothing but the best of lucks for y’all!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Saul RomeroSaul RomeroMonth ago
    • @Saul Romero damn ye i was waiting and was confused asf

      Nadir FroukhNadir Froukh16 days ago
    • @Nadir Froukh he didn’t he said that he was and I stay up all day and night and he didn’t so now idk man

      Saul RomeroSaul Romero16 days ago
    • @Saul Romero where did he announce it

      Nadir FroukhNadir Froukh16 days ago
    • @Nadir Froukh yes

      Saul RomeroSaul Romero17 days ago
    • @Saul Romero he’s announcing it today !?!?

      Nadir FroukhNadir Froukh17 days ago
  • Bro i know how he got in cali legally but imma keep my mouth shut 🤐

    Carguy 420Carguy 42019 hours ago
  • 20:13 ohh mate that sooong😍

    Chris GarcíaChris GarcíaDay ago
  • Where do you find these cars

    Jack StaddonJack Staddon10 days ago
  • This the dumbest shit I’ve seen

    Jr FreshhJr Freshh12 days ago
  • 1 jz

    Cryo SpreeCryo Spree16 days ago
  • "...not trying to pass it off as a GTR..." Has a GTR key to match his full GTR bodykit

    jamess6401jamess640120 days ago
  • yo did anyone peep the bike with the illiminate sticker at 15:40 yo shoutout to that guy

    Caleb Lcs FlashCaleb Lcs Flash20 days ago
    • lmao I didnt even know that was sonny lmao shoutout to sonny then XD

      Caleb Lcs FlashCaleb Lcs Flash20 days ago

    CloudyCloudy21 day ago
  • Where is the 180 right hand?

    Big OreoBig Oreo21 day ago
  • If this car get pull over it will be impound. This car is not legal to drive in US street. We all know their are only 3 ways to import a R34 llegally.

    Wa1riorWa1rior23 days ago
  • I got the same zr10 wheels

    K DawgK Dawg24 days ago
  • Randy it seems that you LOVE deep dish rims, from what I've seen you have a lot a cars with this type of rims which makes them look 👌

    Canary Yellow_ VL TurboCanary Yellow_ VL Turbo24 days ago
  • 2jz

    MikeyMikey24 days ago
  • Sheeeesh, looks fuego

    tommyytommyy25 days ago
  • It's definitely a rb26

    Gamer souls 34Gamer souls 3425 days ago
  • Can someone tell me what’s the difference of GTR and GTT ?

    TeptepTeptep25 days ago
  • love the song from fast and furious at 20:18

    DrillistDrillist26 days ago
  • K20/24 swap skyline? 😳😂

    KusariEkKusariEk27 days ago
  • After this video, I don’t find these videos funny or cool at all this dude bitching to everyone because of an illegal car here and making it so big

    Johann zamoraJohann zamora27 days ago
  • Randy is a sensitive ass dude for caring about what people say on his car straight up the most pussy dude on USworlds, didn’t have to do all of that addressing about the car

    Johann zamoraJohann zamora27 days ago
  • Under the new vehicle importation guidelines, all motor vehicles less than 25 years old must comply with FMVSS safety standards in order to be eligible for use in the United States. In other words, you can now technically import a Nissan Skyline R34 and make it road-legal in the USA.

    MaldiキャメロンMaldiキャメロン28 days ago
  • He’s prob got imported to the Virgin Islands than tagged it’s there than shipped it to himself from there and doesn’t wanna show the virgin island tag cause everyone will start doing that and cops will start cracking down on it or everyone’s gonna start to buy r34 and his content wouldn’t get as much views cause he won’t be the only one with the car. Or he could’ve did a show & display import. Donut media talked about this. He won’t show the plate cause you’ll search whatever state that is and the loophole on how to do it

    Notorious GamingNotorious Gaming28 days ago
  • I have a feeling your going to put a 2JZ in the R34, that will give it hate for sure

    Dany TouchDany Touch29 days ago
  • Ya the fact you wanna dodge questions is sus af bud😂😂

    Mooky's GarageMooky's Garage29 days ago
  • I see a 2j coming

    Jonas DelgadoJonas Delgado29 days ago
  • damnnn got some S2000 vibes back in 2017

    FetiFeti29 days ago
  • 19:18 Daniel would be so proud

    jose rojasjose rojas29 days ago
  • 2j r34 for sure

    Vincent VillafuerteVincent VillafuerteMonth ago
  • vq swapped r34? bet

    NoBlocsGioNoBlocsGioMonth ago
  • Ima just say the R34 was registered in Canada under Simon resident. Thats how its in the US legally!

    TwilightMyth GMSTwilightMyth GMSMonth ago
  • He probably registered it in Canada and then transferred the title from Canada to the US

    JasonSmallzJasonSmallzMonth ago
  • Are you dropping a 2jz in the r34. Lol

    Liam RileyLiam RileyMonth ago
  • Barra swap ahah

    Sam GriffithSam GriffithMonth ago
  • Did you guys peep the illiminate sticker on the motorcycle

    Nick LedesmaNick LedesmaMonth ago
  • "not for illegal activities" Wink wink*

    UN-EPICUN-EPICMonth ago
  • One day imma be able to mod my wrx hatchback just how ive always wanted. Big inspiration homie

    TonyTonyMonth ago
  • Corvette corvette

    brian greenbrian greenMonth ago
  • Changing the engine and revin the car

    World of FailsWorld of FailsMonth ago
  • LS

    Giang NguyenGiang NguyenMonth ago
  • I got a RB25de neo+T its got a AR .50 turbo ported polished head, rb26det forged pistons, 550cc injectors, 3 inch exhaust and 4inch tips

    Friscis JamFriscis JamMonth ago
  • Luke putting da peen on da car

    Hayhay TakahashiHayhay TakahashiMonth ago
  • 888k subscriber. So i will subscribe

    1 MILLIONs Subscriber1 MILLIONs SubscriberMonth ago
  • this is how heaven looks like

    Karim KheirKarim KheirMonth ago
  • Is this a gtr or gtt

    ZzW4VEYZzW4VEYMonth ago
  • fuegoo

    MeamiMeamiMonth ago
  • rb26

    chenny vilaychenny vilayMonth ago
  • I bet he go put a bullshit motor swap

    Oscar RuizOscar RuizMonth ago
  • U giving away skylines ??

    AerogenicAerogenicMonth ago
  • damn they are really gonna LS swap a Skyline?!?!

    Sappy JSappy JMonth ago
  • "i cant talk about/dont want to talk about how i got this" usually is what someone says when they got something illegally

    Samurai X000Samurai X000Month ago
  • Don’t Lie to us, if it was a legal car. You would have no problem showing the plate and tell us how you got it here. I have no problem with Sub-25 imports but don’t spin it as something it’s not.

    WilltheNISMOmanWilltheNISMOmanMonth ago
  • The R34 should have the same wheels, the nsx wheels are so so good

    Luis Antonio ArzónLuis Antonio ArzónMonth ago
  • Those NsX wheels 🥵🥵

    Luis Antonio ArzónLuis Antonio ArzónMonth ago
  • Ok I want a gtr so what Gtr are legal?

    Drock_ _isfreeDrock_ _isfreeMonth ago
  • get a japanese plate made and run that

    scarfacelol_scarfacelol_Month ago
  • Florida title?

    Brandon PadillaBrandon PadillaMonth ago
  • Excited for the build.. engine prediction is definitely a American engine of some kind feel like it would make a lot of people mad a build is a build though as long as you put passion in and receive enjoyment and fun it’s worth it yeah know! Keep it up guys!! 💪🏼🏁💯

    Apex Drivers ClubApex Drivers ClubMonth ago
  • It’s gonna be a 2jz

    ClutchClutchMonth ago
  • sounds random but imagine he puts in a v10 or v12

    Jaciel LiraJaciel LiraMonth ago
  • I honestly feel like your gunna ls3 swap it or something cause you keep saying that we are going to hate it🤣🤣

    204gamer 333204gamer 333Month ago
  • Sr swap lol

    Jacob VerkuylJacob VerkuylMonth ago
  • 15:28 the illiminate sticker lol

    UA6MAXUA6MAXMonth ago
  • Id love to see you race a stock 6mt g35 sedan compared to your GTT

    Carlin Leneker-frischCarlin Leneker-frischMonth ago
  • You should take your gtr to the fast and furious house 🏠

    SohcookieSohcookieMonth ago
  • lol they ignored the motorcycle with an illuminate sticker 15:27

    shyloez xdshyloez xdMonth ago
  • The plate flipper is so that they can hide that the car is really registered in another state that allows grey market cars. Probably Montana

    david nicholsondavid nicholsonMonth ago
  • 2j or 1j swap on the r34

    ひMarlonひMarlonMonth ago
  • Get one and build it

    vinb0vinb0Month ago
  • You guys should do a mk3 supra

    vinb0vinb0Month ago
  • LS swap R34🤔

    Rob ThompsonRob ThompsonMonth ago
  • His video’s use to be so good now he has a 20m random video then has the video we wanna see at the end!👎🏼....

  • So he puts the “plate flipper” to not show plate but ends up showing it.... 🤔

    juelz santanajuelz santanaMonth ago
    • It's the washington plate. Once he switches to the California plate he won't show it

      KoimitKoimit22 days ago
  • don’t ls swap it plzzz

    Joseph GutierrezJoseph GutierrezMonth ago
  • 8:20 im freaken dead 😂 im watching in class and burst out laughing 🤣

    Jose Luis NaranjoJose Luis NaranjoMonth ago
  • Goals 🙏💪

    eric rodriguez jreric rodriguez jrMonth ago
  • k swapped i bet

    Zack PachecoZack PachecoMonth ago
  • Great idea! Make the plate flippable so none of us on the internet can run the plate and see that its illegally registered as a 240sx 😁

    Osten HookerOsten HookerMonth ago
  • twin turbo vq would be badass ngl

    Tyler GrayfordTyler GrayfordMonth ago
  • 2J SWAP IT

    ItzBradyZItzBradyZMonth ago
  • am i the only one who sees the purple 240sx headlights wobbling in the beginning?

    Rihito KimuraRihito KimuraMonth ago
  • The song at 20:24 in the background is Bandolero lol

    ARARMonth ago
  • imagine he puts an LS in it😂

    xXSebaSavageXx ___xXSebaSavageXx ___Month ago
  • Damn someone is sensitive about how they got there car here like damn if u sucked someone off bro u can just say it u dont gotta get in ur feelings we still gon support u

    Joel RodriguezJoel RodriguezMonth ago
  • BXF2952 Washington State - @ICE lmfao

    2JZ2JZMonth ago
  • Either a k swap or ls hopefully not an ls just because they're played out

    Based MediaBased MediaMonth ago
  • Imagine a ls swapped skyline

    Bryton WoodsBryton WoodsMonth ago
  • 2jz

    Jose CastroJose CastroMonth ago
  • 13b Engine (rotary) 🤔

    Johannes MünchJohannes MünchMonth ago
  • It was nice when you put a 2jz

    Benny 1905Benny 1905Month ago
  • Yeup. Still sounds like a Supra to me :D

    Shinobi.Shinobi.Month ago
  • this dude loves beating round the bush

    James CunninghamJames CunninghamMonth ago
  • yow Randy I bet if u do a K swap on the skyline like your buddy Reggie did on his s15 gonna be lit

    Evan MathiasEvan MathiasMonth ago
  • Rotary swap!!!

    Basketball Beasts107Basketball Beasts107Month ago
  • Question is Issac gay?

    Antonio CharlesAntonio CharlesMonth ago
  • Lsx😂😂

  • i see 34s everyday

    illchay.illchay.Month ago
  • 2j

    Street_Z33Street_Z33Month ago
  • If one wanted to import an r34 for themself how can they do that, did you import it as a show and display? Or are you going to make it California legal.? I’ve got extra cash lying around, and am already planning on going to Japan in 3-4 months... If I can go and pick one up while I’m visiting that would be nice.

    William O'NeillWilliam O'NeillMonth ago
  • I feel like throwing some magnets on a vanity plate would have been easier and less janky... TBH that thing is stupid, i wont say it ruins the back end, but i wont say it doesnt either....

    ChopstikCharlieChopstikCharlieMonth ago