Goodbye RB S13.. (Emotional)

Apr 7, 2021
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Today's my last day with the RB25 S13.. It was fun building you on the channel, I hope you make the new owner happy. I'm going to miss you!! Congrats to the giveaway winner Johan Gavieres! I know the car is in good hands!
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    GenkiGenki2 hours ago
  • 13:46 that scream tho 💀

    BiG CheeseBiG CheeseDay ago
  • I know I’m late but I love this kind of content. To see the channel come so far is an awesome experience and I’m so glad to represent illiminate on my own car and to have been here for a long time. Keep it up 🤘

    Dylan GDylan GDay ago
  • Fuck it this gave me motivation to just grind and build my own 180sx Preciate it randy imma buy my own 240 and build it up step by step

    JiahJiah5 days ago
  • He spent 45 dollars, got a car, was featured in a video and spent the entire time with one of his favorite USworldsrs. That's a guy who cares about his fans and loves his job ❤️

    Jacob MonJacob Mon6 days ago
  • Goosebumps @ 10:21

    Kevin MuchaKevin Mucha6 days ago
  • Dude really gonna enjoy the car!!! Randy really said later son lmao 😂 😂 😂

    Steve NevarezSteve Nevarez6 days ago
  • I’ve got an amazing video idea in six months time you meet back up with the guy who won the car and you go drifting together or you both drift that car I’ll be is such a cool video to watch to see his own little touches on the car

    Kyle BraceKyle Brace6 days ago
  • You guys get me hyped to go out and vlog!!!! 🤟🏽🤟🏽

    Jonathan VegaJonathan Vega7 days ago
  • ngl, i kinda wanna start working for illiminate now

    Porcelain JesterPorcelain Jester7 days ago
  • Dope for having GOD in your life! You got my vote!

    Vuth SamVuth Sam7 days ago
  • PH drift club in the house!!

    Liezl MahinayLiezl Mahinay8 days ago

    Christian PringChristian Pring8 days ago
  • Can’t wait for car meet

    Javier AlmanzaJavier Almanza9 days ago
  • Randy I truly hope the best for you. You are one of the most positive USworldsrs out there I pray for more great things to come

    Hayhay TakahashiHayhay Takahashi9 days ago
  • Nice 300ZX tach lol

    Dominic MaliksiDominic Maliksi9 days ago
  • The energy and positive vibes you send thru your videos is amazing you can feel it just to watch you smiling and doing what you love. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Jonathan RivasJonathan Rivas9 days ago
  • smiled throughout this vid,so happy for him man🥺🥰

    Mandji MwelwaMandji Mwelwa9 days ago
  • Randy is a scam!! He knows that dude.

    Marco ZepedaMarco Zepeda10 days ago
  • Anyone else notice the chaser...?

    AndrwAndrw10 days ago
  • 8:00? 🤔🤔

    Syx7one RulzSyx7one Rulz10 days ago
  • that was dope of Johan to bring a lil something for the boys .

    illmatic Billmatic B10 days ago
  • Amazing 🙏

    Aj bautistaAj bautista10 days ago
  • Why does the background garage sound like Terminal

    RyngeRynge10 days ago
  • Travis Scott car

    AyashiiAyashii10 days ago
  • What kind of rims are those?

    Joshua AdamsJoshua Adams10 days ago
  • Sana oil ahahahah

    Erlinda TamayoErlinda Tamayo10 days ago
  • clean ya damn camera sensor lmao

    EvohFXEvohFX10 days ago
  • Yooo and he’s pinoy !!!!! Bless up bro!!

    Jim AnquillanoJim Anquillano10 days ago
  • This made my morning. And this is why I love you guys. Illiminate is like a big family and you guys are always making big moves. Happy for each and single one of y’all. Stay blessed and safe. Once I travel to my hometown I will try my best to meet you guys one day.

    Willis SantosWillis Santos10 days ago
  • 🇵🇭 Number 1 🔥🔥🔥

    Mharc EstrellaMharc Estrella10 days ago
  • He’s too big for the car lol

    Junior ReyesJunior Reyes10 days ago
  • Dope video! Love the message bro!

    stoked skastoked ska10 days ago
  • Luke is amazing 👏

    Ronin SamuraiRonin Samurai10 days ago
  • Is he from phillipines? Congrats bro.

    jfox-71 Añosjfox-71 Años11 days ago
  • this made me so happy!

    Caleb McLainCaleb McLain11 days ago
  • Only moments like this in life are what makes me feel happy, like REAL happy ❤️❤️

    Abdelrahman AnwarAbdelrahman Anwar11 days ago
  • Every viewer watching is smiling enough for him.

    AkyAky11 days ago
  • You guys are Angels!!!!

    AkyAky11 days ago
  • I cry too waa

    johnjohn11 days ago
  • I can relate to this guy , waiting for every notification 😂🔥💯 Congrats

    30pingcris /30pingcris /11 days ago
  • I love this car so much

    Tristan NijhofTristan Nijhof11 days ago
  • I remember when I first saw this car I adored it and now it’s my dream

    Spiro MotiveSpiro Motive11 days ago
  • I see u basacly every day cuz I live in ur city sj😫😫😫😫😫😫

    Denzel LeonDenzel Leon11 days ago
  • Man shheeeeeshh I love you randy haha

    Juan M AlvarezJuan M Alvarez11 days ago
  • randy looks so smol next to johan xD

    ItzGameBoyItzGameBoy11 days ago
  • happy for this guy man. he truly happy

    GreatestVersionGreatestVersion11 days ago
  • how about u can make the other s13 to make it that then it will be fair

    ivon photogivon photog11 days ago
  • A Jollibee boi winning the rbs13. His mask says it all! The pinoy boys love you guys 👍

    JC JonsonJC Jonson11 days ago
  • I love this dude

    Ethan HEthan H11 days ago
  • Remember the guy who got the BRZ? He had like 0 emotion lol. This guy seems wayyyyy more happier.

    MarioLoco03MarioLoco0311 days ago
  • He's too big for the car

    Edly LiEdly Li11 days ago
  • Thats a big Pinoy!

    MarioLoco03MarioLoco0311 days ago
  • Congrats to my guy, wish you could do one that us UK people can get involved with. However love seeing you making people happy.

    Corey Dos SantosCorey Dos Santos11 days ago
  • I have bad days everyday

    dummyboymikedummyboymike11 days ago
  • Dope, keep it up bro

    simple_n_ plainsimple_n_ plain11 days ago
  • Amen. That's all i gotta say.

    Novus GarageNovus Garage11 days ago
  • Let's go PH!!!! SOLID !!

    ChoCho11 days ago
  • Shout out Randy for giving all credit to God 🙏❤️

    Augustine DelatorreAugustine Delatorre11 days ago
  • I’m so happy for him congrats Yohane 💯

    WayzWayz11 days ago
  • Anyone else notice how Randy has given away two purple cars now

    UwU_sw20 _UwU_sw20 _12 days ago
  • Ayy rep the Filipino community!! He definitely loves and deserves the car! Good shit, Randy. And congrats.

    J C AJ C A12 days ago
  • Couldnt have gone to a better guy, Congrats to the man!!!!!

    ChickFilEdChickFilEd12 days ago
  • Congratulations brotha you deserve it man love ya energy made the vid way better 🔥🔥🔥

    SaintSaint12 days ago
  • Does anybody else find the "sheessh" annoying?

    Ethan KimEthan Kim12 days ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    James SchugJames Schug12 days ago
  • God bless, Randy!🙏

    Jitsu no JeffJitsu no Jeff12 days ago
  • You know dayum well that's one of there cousins or uncle.. fake af.. scamming all you idiots

    Daniel VDaniel V12 days ago
  • I was smiling throughout the whole video this is so sweet

    lemacadolemacado12 days ago
  • awwwwwe

    lemacadolemacado12 days ago
  • “I’m gonna baby this car!” Bangs off rev limiter haha cars guys!!!

    Costa Doin' BusinessCosta Doin' Business12 days ago
  • He loves it lol

    Benny IS 350Benny IS 35012 days ago
  • Randy is the man .. I remember when he used the s2000 hardtop as a skate ramp lol

    Jay 17Jay 1712 days ago
  • So happy this car went to someone who will truly enjoy it. Good on ya @illiminate

    UncleShrek SanchezUncleShrek Sanchez12 days ago
  • Every car he gives away is purple 😂

    Mohamed YacoobMohamed Yacoob12 days ago
  • Johan you deserve it fam! Can’t wait to visit and see this car in person. God is good!

    origin’s garage werksorigin’s garage werks12 days ago
  • Love it randy, keep it up

    9Daniel19 _9Daniel19 _12 days ago
  • So stoked for him, can’t wait to see the 10 minute progress of the rbs13 build recap

    EdwinEdwin12 days ago
  • This is amazing just to watch

    MustardMustard12 days ago
  • Your such a good person randy

    Chris MendozaChris Mendoza12 days ago
  • So happy for him!

    CC12 days ago
  • Work on some mini trucks

    Guest#09Guest#0912 days ago
  • Damn is he filipino or nah

    Lance YabutLance Yabut12 days ago
  • This homie is a jollibee boy👍👍🇵🇭

    Nay tan SantosNay tan Santos12 days ago
  • Bruh he kinda chill

    Noah CummingsNoah Cummings12 days ago
  • Not trying to be negative but do people only in cali win? Lol

    I Arsenal II Arsenal I12 days ago
  • Buu

    Ocho OytaOcho Oyta12 days ago
    • XD

      Ocho OytaOcho Oyta12 days ago
  • yooo 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

    Vince ManantanVince Manantan12 days ago
  • I recognized his wearing a philippine flag mask😅

    《team Dizzy》けん《team Dizzy》けん12 days ago
  • Dude cmon Brady I waiting u to give away that car

    X A X I E. SX A X I E. S12 days ago
  • Hey Randy, great build and i enjoy all your vlogs and keep enjoying your life.

    Malcolm HarperMalcolm Harper12 days ago
  • Love the reaction 👌 went to a good person

    WillyKDMWillyKDM12 days ago
  • Imagine me a 16 year old getting sponsored by this legend and getting my first car and making it a beast. Wouldn’t that be cool? Ayo anyways cool video as usual idk I’ve became addicted to the videos man, keep it up!❤️

    AvvsuAvvsu12 days ago

    Xadiel riveraXadiel rivera12 days ago
  • Yo randy I love the 350z content. You made me interested in what direction you are going to go with the car and I wanna see how it turns out

    Clout DemonClout Demon12 days ago
  • Congratulations on the winner

    Clout DemonClout Demon12 days ago

    IVAN_99IVAN_9912 days ago
  • I’m not mad my brother spent 200 dollars on merch and watch your vid when you had a 2 digit subscriber he sad but you cool still

    Angelito Uchiha10Angelito Uchiha1012 days ago
  • ahh a misfiring rb, gotta love it in its natural habitat x'D

    Us3rNaMeDUs3rNaMeD12 days ago
  • Imagine youhan just part it out

    mmn_jbanzz 206mmn_jbanzz 20612 days ago