Goodbye Zenki, Hello Kouki!

Mar 12, 2021
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Converting the S14 zenki to kouki! Phase 1 will be an OEM conversion using all real parts! I'm so excited to be working on the S14 again. I'm smiling as I typed this! Turn on notifications to see this thing transform!!!
We are giving away $20,000! Every $5 = 2x entries!​
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  • u should get a gtr hood for the 32 4d

    Dallas MooreDallas Moore23 days ago
  • i just wanna know what silver moss died.....:(

    ralph espinalralph espinal25 days ago
  • What is the car 1:22 on top left loft ? Nissan, Subaru XT ?

    Rpa_224Rpa_224Month ago
  • Pluck and play

    Maggie-Jane TimothyMaggie-Jane TimothyMonth ago
  • Roller paint job at Kevin’s house part 2

    Alvaro MarinAlvaro MarinMonth ago
  • Yessssirrrrr I’ve been here since the skating days , n the apartments, when you stole the Honda for the prank

    Jody CastilloJody CastilloMonth ago
  • You should paint it in the paint both so it’s like you’re not cheeping out like you did last time since you want to do everything better this time

    Aaron Michael RogersAaron Michael RogersMonth ago
  • Imagine phase 2 be a LS swap 😂

    Damian GuerraDamian GuerraMonth ago
  • No do a proper paint job xD

    John FedericoJohn FedericoMonth ago
  • Intro banging 🔥

    ShelbyV6ShelbyV6Month ago
  • Paint the kouki jade green metallic from the 05 Rsx ,

    Justbecause AlexJustbecause AlexMonth ago
  • Looks like cilica breath

    Pj TaylorPj TaylorMonth ago
  • Yes please but pink this time

    Cesar LuevanoCesar LuevanoMonth ago
  • Where in Oregon y’all going drifting at??

    Joe cruzJoe cruzMonth ago
  • Remember when you guys thought the reflection of the window was an imperfection in the roller paint on the rear window 🤣🤣🤣 man i miss those days

    Adrian HerreraAdrian HerreraMonth ago
  • imagine robbing this guy

    Manny RoseManny RoseMonth ago
  • looks dope like the hyperdrive s14

    Bruce_R3belBruce_R3belMonth ago
  • Where exactly in Oregon and are you bringing merch

    Daniel EspinozaDaniel EspinozaMonth ago
  • Roller paint job again hahah!

    andy ramirezandy ramirezMonth ago
  • Them wheels one the blue r32 look dummy clean and aggressive

    leonardo guzmanleonardo guzmanMonth ago
  • not itunes bih we got luketuns

    YRN EJYRN EJMonth ago
  • You should experiment with plasti dip cheap and easy it should be a fun project for the homies

    jonathan duranjonathan duranMonth ago
  • S14 Kouki 💪

    Risin9Risin9Month ago
  • stop it! Stop rebuilding zenki to kouki JUST STOP IT

    AndyDX__ no.uAndyDX__ no.uMonth ago
  • Noo not the Zenki!!

    UnMasqing TACOBOBUnMasqing TACOBOBMonth ago
  • damn so the og subs are real life zenki cuz we first gen & the new subs are kouki & now it’s a new era for the new subs so randy building a kouki

    Alan CastilloAlan CastilloMonth ago
  • i got 16 entries lets go

    StaticzStaticzMonth ago
  • koukis are over rated... yawwwn

    SunnySunnyMonth ago
  • Man it’s a different feeling when your an og. First started watching in 2017 and Randy man you’ve come so far. Much respect inspired me to start USworlds gonna post soon

    ADOT ChannelADOT ChannelMonth ago
  • Please dont roller paint itttt

    MrBoomPowMrBoomPowMonth ago
  • Need more zenkis!!!

    MrBoomPowMrBoomPowMonth ago
  • Better paint it candy apple red

    Dany DelcidDany DelcidMonth ago
  • Hello

    throtlthrotlMonth ago
    • Your real

      Omar ramOOmar ramOMonth ago
  • Hey is the merch shipping worldwide? Cuz the merch looks dope

    md akvxmd akvxMonth ago
  • Please no BN Sports kit 🤢🤮

    Matt MisanthropyMatt MisanthropyMonth ago
  • tbh, i love both zenki and kouki

    Yudistira Putra SubiantoYudistira Putra SubiantoMonth ago

    Al RamosAl RamosMonth ago
  • Yes roller paint it

    Alex VangAlex VangMonth ago
  • Make a video on the RPM ACT we must be heard!! Sign it at!!!!!!!

    SliccJaySliccJayMonth ago
  • Hey what's wrong with a nice zenki? Kouki's get all the love but imo the zenki looks much better

    KalebKalebMonth ago
  • Can I have the Zenki fabrics? My zenki is just about finish from ints full restoration would love to swap these in

    Andre GarciaAndre GarciaMonth ago
  • Bring back "I'm too fast for the paper" 😂😂😂

    Boss Garage - 200SX S13Boss Garage - 200SX S13Month ago
  • sausage lips from maplestory

    Jameson LyJameson LyMonth ago
  • clown lips

    Jameson LyJameson LyMonth ago
  • to fast for the paper!!!!!!!!

    _darkflag_ 187_darkflag_ 187Month ago
  • a lotta bit 😂😂😂

    itrpoweritrpowerMonth ago
  • do custom headliner like the old s14!!!

    Kunthoro AnindhitoKunthoro AnindhitoMonth ago
  • roller paint job with a professional clear coat on top

    Fethi AliFethi AliMonth ago
  • Is the Giveaway Worldwide???????

    CinemaTrailerHQCinemaTrailerHQMonth ago
  • is the Giveaway International??????

    CinemaTrailerHQCinemaTrailerHQMonth ago

    Steve DelgadilloSteve DelgadilloMonth ago
  • Support comment from Guam 🇬🇺

    churchbochurchboMonth ago
  • What’d he say about Oregon? I got all excited because I live in Oregon

    Gorilla the BarberGorilla the BarberMonth ago
  • I still remember that day when yall did the rollerpaint even thoe i dont have a car ik one day i will and i wish everyone that wants a nice car and can’t afford it guys we are going to make it even when the times are not looking to good one day❤️ wish everyone a good day

    stancemob 5stancemob 5Month ago
  • yess koukiiiiii

    stankstankMonth ago
  • Just a license plate frame? Gg

    Peter SalasPeter SalasMonth ago
  • bake in the car again

    SilentChuSilentChuMonth ago
  • Do a Macco paint job.

    Darren VangDarren VangMonth ago
  • roller paint job hell no randy has money now

    rubberburnsrubberburnsMonth ago
  • Id love to see luke n jimmy nerd out on a build together ⭐ itd b sick.

    LateNight RitualsLateNight RitualsMonth ago
  • roller paint that shit 😹

    Demolición crewDemolición crewMonth ago
  • Can you please promote the petition that sema made about what the epa is doing? You are a huge outlet for people like me and people need to sign it so people like us can enjoy our cars and modify them because for a lot of people cars have helped or even saved their lives

    Jack TaylorJack TaylorMonth ago

    Michael PerezMichael PerezMonth ago
  • Aerosol Can paint job !!!

    That One2vThat One2vMonth ago
  • Glad they started on this car it’s my top dream car as a kid was supposed to be my first car but uncle sold it for 500 dollars but one day ima have

    isaac garzaisaac garzaMonth ago
  • #savetheracecars

    Lucky RevLucky RevMonth ago
  • Look up the RPM act and sign the petition

    Lucky RevLucky RevMonth ago
  • imagine just throwing a fat fuckin 2j in the s14🔥

    fight mefight meMonth ago
  • 9:38 lowkey looks like a JZX90 with a BN

    N-JOIN-JOIMonth ago
  • S14 boss kit????

    Super_ SaiyanSuper_ SaiyanMonth ago
  • You guys should make a illiminate skateboard

    R33 Lover15R33 Lover15Month ago
  • First thing they gotta do is cook some eggs in that s14

    Super_ SaiyanSuper_ SaiyanMonth ago
  • Randy stop giving away money and cars making funny content is enough you keep it we love you guys

    Max ChangMax ChangMonth ago
  • brings back old memories. Put of the the bash bsr and pink noodle

    Orthej DominoOrthej DominoMonth ago
  • Randy you should do something custom with the door card fabric before installing it maybe have illuminate embroidered into it ??

    Slw Mk3Slw Mk3Month ago
  • F&f in the making dammittt man y’all need to do a good car movie 🍿 🎥

    Purple 89Purple 89Month ago
  • Randy i got an idea for the s14 paint job. select some of your loyal og fans through a contest or volunteer and come and re-create that roll on paint job moment to the car.

    sOnsOnMonth ago
  • Turbo can it

    Lil SquirtLil SquirtMonth ago
  • Does anybody remember where randy gets his floor mats?

    Bryn _Bryn _Month ago
  • Bro bring that to one of christian's car meet. For the OG fam

    keichi tsuchiyakeichi tsuchiyaMonth ago
  • What song was he singing at 12:48??

    GD_SUBIE04GD_SUBIE04Month ago
  • where kj at

    TeddTeddMonth ago
  • Roller paint job but with proper automotive paint not household paint

    Reuben SammichReuben SammichMonth ago
  • Please sell me those rpf1s if you get new rims 😭🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 i would love it on my G

    abada nkwantahabada nkwantahMonth ago
  • Jimmy needs the hood an fenders u just removed

    Jeffro froJeffro froMonth ago
  • do roller paint job with the stock stuff then get repaint when you get the body kit in

    HoutsHoutsMonth ago
  • Well I cought up with the s 14 build I hate being grounded. been waiting soo long for this

    Kevin FosterKevin FosterMonth ago
  • Daaammnnn Bro this makes me remember the S14 car build right outside your old apartment with Jude... i have been following you since 14K subs and it is nice to see how much your channel has grown over the years!! Keep it up!

    NathanDrakeNathanDrakeMonth ago
  • Idk im colorblind

    Ariel ChinAriel ChinMonth ago
  • “Luucky tunes”

    Chase HollidayChase HollidayMonth ago
  • its a sea of hearts in the comment section!! may i have one?

    Taylor MaggardTaylor MaggardMonth ago
  • This car reminds me of randy kicking in the bash bar 😂”ediot” good times

    YadycantrollYadycantrollMonth ago
  • The WallTap s14 is being reborn

    Just YugiJust YugiMonth ago
  • Another roller paint job

    Francisco SanchezFrancisco SanchezMonth ago
  • That oem color on the hood/fenders is so good !

    R6JeffR6JeffMonth ago
  • I’m glad the Zenki didn’t stay, honestly like the Kouki headlights more

    MatteMTZMatteMTZMonth ago
  • Where’s the nsx at having seen it In the back ground

    juan arguetajuan arguetaMonth ago
  • Do you ship to EU? Can’t find anything about it on the website

    Oliver WaltherOliver WaltherMonth ago
  • where our fluffy thomas at man i miss him,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Wali AfridiWali AfridiMonth ago
  • Randy you should have Thomas model the merch for us bigger guys 😫

    Chino Da MasterChino Da MasterMonth ago