He didn't expect this surprise!

Aug 1, 2020
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I don't think Sonny saw this coming lol! Also got some more work done on the S13 and we are one step closer to getting it started!!!
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  • They said when you're early u get a like from Randy ❤️

    Joshua ChandradatJoshua ChandradatMonth ago
    • Well shi I'm 2 weeks late 😂

      Tyrone sweeneyTyrone sweeneyMonth ago
    • My year

      Tyler McGivney (2020)Tyler McGivney (2020)Month ago
    • Lol my night

      Tyler McGivney (2020)Tyler McGivney (2020)Month ago
    • Randy is so freaking amazing

      spicy assspicy assMonth ago
    • crazy O.O

      Jeong-gukJeong-gukMonth ago
  • Randy doesn’t wanna hire him because he won’t have an excuse to let Luke do all the work

    Adrian Vasquez 5013Adrian Vasquez 501326 days ago
  • 5:27 SHOTS FIRED!!!

    Tyler BauerTyler Bauer26 days ago
  • 0:03 that's camber

    Thomas MalafarinaThomas Malafarina29 days ago
  • Bro keep Justin

    TTV_FrostyyTTV_FrostyyMonth ago
  • His reaction bro I'm dying

    chopponthetrackchopponthetrackMonth ago
  • From watching Thomas' new video, and finally seeing this one, I see Vu wrapped his new car. Definitely something different for a 240

    ProjectSWolfProjectSWolfMonth ago
  • Wheres sonny dream car

    Moses ChangMoses ChangMonth ago
  • Justin's doing amazing great quality content

    Gage DoomGage DoomMonth ago
  • Just a question, wont the sock get burned from that?

    VinzaneVinzaneMonth ago
  • “No Quema Cuhhh!” kelvin funny asf lmaoo

    ghxstfacetrilla 94kghxstfacetrilla 94kMonth ago
  • the owner of the 240sx in the thumbnail is a guy from québec and he’s the owner of a coilover brand named scale as well

    long penis de mastercraftlong penis de mastercraftMonth ago
  • keep justin bro, his personality is chill

    kriticolkriticolMonth ago
  • Justin is killing it

    Bruce SmithBruce SmithMonth ago
  • id cop a sunny shirt

    Dannny 29Dannny 29Month ago
  • Maybe some r32 content

  • Dude come to Louisiana and I'll show you real seafood and beigneits

    lild6362lild6362Month ago
  • HIRE HIM, like why not

    Franco FrancoFranco FrancoMonth ago
  • Bro car engines low key look like pc’s

    Asiel The champAsiel The champMonth ago
  • Justin doing a great job keep him fr I’m liking the vlogs

    MothMothMonth ago
  • ........You still dont see it.

    Gio PerezGio PerezMonth ago
  • Keep Justin it’ll help you out with content he’s really good btw

    Yovani SanchezYovani SanchezMonth ago
  • Dry ice sounded like the Supra. 😂😂😂

    Slick WRXSlick WRXMonth ago
  • how many fucking ads am i gonna get for 18 mins literally got 8 so far and i got 5 mins left

    Andrew FultanoAndrew FultanoMonth ago
  • Is sonny the new ceo of "noooo"

    rene juarezrene juarezMonth ago
  • Corona and Lemmon FTW 🙌

    Rick TuckRick TuckMonth ago
  • Isn't every episode sponsored by squarespace 😂😭

    Justin SamupindiJustin SamupindiMonth ago

    Adam khaldounAdam khaldounMonth ago
  • Randy I will buy that shirt

    Golden GarageGolden GarageMonth ago
  • i would buy sonny’s shirt

    EighthEighthMonth ago
  • Lmao si kema cuh!! But you need a truck foooo!! Lol 😆

    Javier teggyJavier teggyMonth ago
  • I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. The last couple videos you’ve had Justin edit/film have been much better and it’s more quality content. I feel like it just brings the videos to that next level. But what do I know 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Phat PatPhat PatMonth ago
  • Hey Randy u and Issac need to hit up Dustin Williams because he’s giving away a free pool table from his new house👍. I just watched his latest video and you’ll need issac truck. Oh your welcome ⚾️🤛

    David BoyceDavid BoyceMonth ago
  • when the pizza rolls are done 8:52

    Eric FerrerEric FerrerMonth ago
  • As nice as everything looks in the bay, it needs a wire tuck.

    A HoA HoMonth ago
  • we want that t-shirt sunny

    Malinga De SilvaMalinga De SilvaMonth ago
  • It should never be your goal to actually ruin your car when drifting. You dumb. The idea is to NOT fuck your car up

    Matt MisanthropyMatt MisanthropyMonth ago
  • Fire Justin he’s trash. Jk lol

    JoeyJoeyMonth ago
  • Ain't the same vibes without Christian

    Blacc hazeBlacc hazeMonth ago
  • The videos are amazing and the sound is better then before

    ThefatcatThefatcatMonth ago