He didn't expect this surprise!

Aug 1, 2020
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I don't think Sonny saw this coming lol! Also got some more work done on the S13 and we are one step closer to getting it started!!!
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  • They said when you're early u get a like from Randy ❤️

    Joshua ChandradatJoshua Chandradat6 months ago
    • Well shi I'm 2 weeks late 😂

      Tyrone sweeneyTyrone sweeney6 months ago
    • My year

      Tyler McGivney (2020)Tyler McGivney (2020)6 months ago
    • Lol my night

      Tyler McGivney (2020)Tyler McGivney (2020)6 months ago
    • Randy is so freaking amazing

      spicy assspicy ass6 months ago
    • crazy O.O

      NicolasNicolas6 months ago
  • What paint is on that 240sx looks awesome

    Semir MSemir MMonth ago
  • Fixie

    Lance NathanLance NathanMonth ago
  • Puts sock on the engine thinking it won’t get caught on fire

    Adrien ClarkAdrien Clark2 months ago
  • You should surprise Justin with a car

    Angel ArroyoAngel Arroyo3 months ago
  • The ending wtf jajajaja

    Lil HLil H4 months ago
  • Randy doesn’t wanna hire him because he won’t have an excuse to let Luke do all the work

    Adrian Vasquez 5013Adrian Vasquez 50135 months ago
  • 5:27 SHOTS FIRED!!!

    _Tyler B__Tyler B_5 months ago
  • 0:03 that's camber

    Thomas MalafarinaThomas Malafarina5 months ago
  • Bro keep Justin

    iFadieyiFadiey6 months ago
  • His reaction bro I'm dying

    7148gen7148gen6 months ago
  • Wheres sonny dream car

    Moses ChangMoses Chang6 months ago
  • Justin's doing amazing great quality content

    Gage DoomGage Doom6 months ago
  • Just a question, wont the sock get burned from that?

    Kevin WynneKevin Wynne6 months ago
  • “No Quema Cuhhh!” kelvin funny asf lmaoo

    ghxstfacetrilla 94kghxstfacetrilla 94k6 months ago
  • the owner of the 240sx in the thumbnail is a guy from québec and he’s the owner of a coilover brand named scale as well

    long penis de mastercraftlong penis de mastercraft6 months ago
  • keep justin bro, his personality is chill

    kriticolkriticol6 months ago
  • Justin is killing it

    Bruce SmithBruce Smith6 months ago
  • id cop a sunny shirt

    Dannny 29Dannny 296 months ago
  • Maybe some r32 content

    SHIZYYYSHIZYYY6 months ago
  • Dude come to Louisiana and I'll show you real seafood and beigneits

    lild6362lild63626 months ago
  • HIRE HIM, like why not

    Franco FrancoFranco Franco6 months ago
  • Bro car engines low key look like pc’s

    Asiel 700Asiel 7006 months ago
  • Justin doing a great job keep him fr I’m liking the vlogs

    MothMoth6 months ago
  • ........You still dont see it.

    Gio PerezGio Perez6 months ago
  • Keep Justin it’ll help you out with content he’s really good btw

    Yovani SanchezYovani Sanchez6 months ago
  • Dry ice sounded like the Supra. 😂😂😂

    xsliickxsliick6 months ago
  • how many fucking ads am i gonna get for 18 mins literally got 8 so far and i got 5 mins left

    Andrew FultanoAndrew Fultano6 months ago
  • Is sonny the new ceo of "noooo"

    rene juarezrene juarez6 months ago
  • Corona and Lemmon FTW 🙌

    Rick TuckRick Tuck6 months ago
  • Isn't every episode sponsored by squarespace 😂😭

    Justin SamupindiJustin Samupindi6 months ago

    AdamAdam6 months ago
  • Randy I will buy that shirt

    Julio CarrilloJulio Carrillo6 months ago
  • i would buy sonny’s shirt

    kirbykirby6 months ago
  • Lmao si kema cuh!! But you need a truck foooo!! Lol 😆

    Javier teggyJavier teggy6 months ago
  • I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. The last couple videos you’ve had Justin edit/film have been much better and it’s more quality content. I feel like it just brings the videos to that next level. But what do I know 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Phat PatPhat Pat6 months ago
  • Hey Randy u and Issac need to hit up Dustin Williams because he’s giving away a free pool table from his new house👍. I just watched his latest video and you’ll need issac truck. Oh your welcome ⚾️🤛

    David BoyceDavid Boyce6 months ago
  • when the pizza rolls are done 8:52

    Eric FerrerEric Ferrer6 months ago
  • As nice as everything looks in the bay, it needs a wire tuck.

    A HoA Ho6 months ago
  • we want that t-shirt sunny

    Malinga De SilvaMalinga De Silva6 months ago
  • It should never be your goal to actually ruin your car when drifting. You dumb. The idea is to NOT fuck your car up

    Matt MisanthropyMatt Misanthropy6 months ago
  • Fire Justin he’s trash. Jk lol

    Spaceinvader2.0Spaceinvader2.06 months ago
  • Ain't the same vibes without Christian

    Thomas MekishThomas Mekish6 months ago
  • The videos are amazing and the sound is better then before

    ThefatcatThefatcat6 months ago
  • Hey randy when r u guys going bring back the christmas gift paper wrap to your cars

    Jay_sr20detJay_sr20det6 months ago
  • Get some E FANS

    Jerry HernandezJerry Hernandez6 months ago
  • I'm new to your channel what brought me here was the cars. Your intro to this video was inspirational, you said basically just go for it its only fear. Very nice your someone I need to follow.

  • Best video yet 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    Suzette RodriguezSuzette Rodriguez6 months ago
  • You should do your fired prank

    Po’s CarsPo’s Cars6 months ago
  • R32 still my dreamcar 😍😍

    DutchMischaDutchMischa6 months ago
  • Its been 4 days 🥺

    Jay SantosJay Santos6 months ago
  • Is justin gunna get pay or no ???

    Oscar RuizOscar Ruiz6 months ago
  • Where is Tomas

    itz_JDVitz_JDV6 months ago
  • randy dont be shy and drop the skin care routine

    Nene MNene M6 months ago
  • Whats your haircut called?

    Sebi KuraySebi Kuray6 months ago
  • Randy, send this shirt to Brazil, please!

    João LucasJoão Lucas6 months ago
  • Nicest vid Ever

  • Just uploaded my first car video!! Thanks for the inspo

    TimelessTimeless6 months ago
  • What does the Japanese writing stand for in your merch?

    Steven van BrakelSteven van Brakel6 months ago
  • Wow, just finished watching 412 vlogs and lets just say it was the best decision ever!!

    Steven NgoSteven Ngo6 months ago
  • Jusy not too sure on the b roll music

    justin killianjustin killian6 months ago
  • Daily post?🥺👉👈

    Mike anchetaMike ancheta6 months ago
  • Any update on the datsun and when are u going to install ur street hunter kit

    Jayden TangaroaJayden Tangaroa6 months ago
  • What do u think of twinkies paint on ur s13 ?? Since mike mike tatted him out of his paint

    Jose AhumadaJose Ahumada6 months ago
  • anyone selling a clean s13 coupe not a hatch, thats running let me know i have cash cant find any listed

    EINENEINEN6 months ago
  • Web he said “Aye no quema Cuh” I lost it😂

    DexdEdwxn !!DexdEdwxn !!6 months ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/rJ2TpIDIhJhmfos

    Aditya BhaskarAditya Bhaskar6 months ago
  • UPDATE ON 240Z???

    Anthony SenaAnthony Sena6 months ago
  • Hire him his editing is good enough

    Eazy EEazy E6 months ago
  • What is your preferred turbo flutter? #1: SSSSSStututututututututu #2: Zuuuuuutututututututu #3: Fffffewwfewfewfewfewfew #4: SSSSSStututututututu(with crakles)

    ShortBoiJoshShortBoiJosh6 months ago
  • Keep that man as ya camera boy. He's already upped ur shots haha!

    Patrick SarmientoPatrick Sarmiento6 months ago
  • 5:27 shottts fired

    GamergodymxGamergodymx6 months ago
  • the day randy build 75 percent of his car ill say he built it

    Bandit DrakooBandit Drakoo6 months ago
  • Keep that boy Justin

    Anthony ArguetaAnthony Argueta6 months ago
  • I love the content but i fckn hate the constant clickbate

    Yahir CastroYahir Castro6 months ago
  • Y’all should get an sc3000/sc4000

    Jayden SayJayden Say6 months ago
  • I thought he said”ima get ma gun”

    SlySly6 months ago
  • Keep Justin. He’s been doing a great job.

    Th3kidjun3Th3kidjun36 months ago
  • Sonny was like "hell nahhhh"

    The J MediaThe J Media6 months ago
  • Oh shi he flew away cuh😳

    Cuban Da BallaCuban Da Balla6 months ago
  • Very dope video guys!!!

    BSworthoutBSworthout6 months ago
  • I need homies like this

    vincentvincent6 months ago
  • Justins coo

    Jeffry AJeffry A6 months ago
  • “That’s fucking disgusting “ I died bro 😂😂😂😂👌🏻

    1jzsam1jzsam6 months ago
  • Hire so we see more videos

    Har RunHar Run6 months ago
  • I want one

    Travis MassingaleTravis Massingale6 months ago
  • Sonny be trippin hahahahahaha i woulda bought one lol

    supbirdysupbirdy6 months ago
  • Just curious will u guys be doing the banner/decal still in like 5-6 years cuz I want one for my future car

  • Make a video with the nissan 180sx type x

    Eduxrdo GxrcixEduxrdo Gxrcix6 months ago
  • I’d say he’s a good filmer and editor but I’d recommend more explaining and walkthrough than cinematics

    3rdhardyboy _3rdhardyboy _6 months ago
  • 15:23 el mamlon si quema cuhh!

    Rafael RamosRafael Ramos6 months ago
  • I bought some stuff like 4 months ago never got my shit lmaooo

    EddyReactsEddyReacts6 months ago
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    Paul MclarenPaul Mclaren6 months ago
  • I’d buy a shirt with Sonny on it. No Bullshit

    Steven TylerSteven Tyler6 months ago
  • Honestly bro ur content is such a vibe

    Pythons DudesPythons Dudes6 months ago
  • kelvin low key reminds me of Han from Tokyo drift

    Allen RamirezAllen Ramirez6 months ago
  • Justin doing a pretty good job👌🏽 keep it up

    JesusWalkssJesusWalkss6 months ago
  • Randy said “I’m stuck step bro”😂

    Angel GarciaAngel Garcia6 months ago
  • I like to walk the cup in tig

    Papa DankuPapa Danku6 months ago
  • BLOWING up the dry ice was hella dope..

    Love Me Some AJLove Me Some AJ6 months ago