I Bought a NEW CAR and CRASHED it the SAME DAY!!!

Mar 27, 2021
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The R32 Skyline broke down in Oregon and I heard my buddy Matt wanted to sell his car.. Threw an offer at Matt and bought his drift car!! Thanks Matt! Go check out his channel @Omerta Garage! Hope you guys enjoy today's video!
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  • Chasis mounted wing 👀

    JEFF 21JEFF 218 days ago
  • I hope u you bought him a new bumper

    Oscar RuizOscar Ruiz9 days ago
  • you should get a drone

    MRbreadMRbread11 days ago
  • Whose car is at 11:56 sorry I’m new

    CallMeFrostiCallMeFrosti12 days ago
  • Damn I’m up in wa

    Leeland WildesLeeland Wildes14 days ago
  • Hahaha Tandem Bros forevrt lol

    SILVAN 170BGSILVAN 170BG14 days ago
  • I live in Roseburg I really wish I knew you guys were coming up to Medford

    ThaOneKid 1551ThaOneKid 155115 days ago
  • bro u should buy a 370z! i love mine so much

    lebron jameslebron james17 days ago
  • Day 1 of asking Randy to buy me a r33 gtst

    Kyle WilliamsKyle Williams17 days ago
  • I kinda get sad that they wanna be so close on tandems when they really dont have any controll yet

    RTzeexyRTzeexy18 days ago
  • Im probably the only one in here that knows about fixedandwelded youtube channel they dilmed his yellow e36

    RTzeexyRTzeexy18 days ago
  • We need more of this 🙅🏾‍♂️🧢

    trippie_ Todd_17trippie_ Todd_1718 days ago
  • Noticed the guy from the UK

    Pj TaylorPj Taylor18 days ago
  • Simple driver's car is the way to go. Less problem, more drive.

  • Randy I need a new right taillight hosing for my 92 Nissan 240. Do you have an extra one from your fleet of impressive cars?

    AkyAky19 days ago
  • came to see the car reveal but stayed for the track day

    Adrian AlcazarAdrian Alcazar19 days ago
  • Randy needs another warehouse now just to store his cars

    Mauricio MorenoMauricio Moreno20 days ago
  • DK's 350Z tokyo drift,i will wait for this content

    Arifin MangshumArifin Mangshum20 days ago
  • z contenttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    Wledan \وليد حيدرWledan \وليد حيدر20 days ago
  • Yesssss Z content!!!!!

    SessaDG2SessaDG220 days ago
  • Blows up a nissan transmission and gets another one lol i hope the Z lasts

    oldsouloldsoul20 days ago
  • If I crash this car in a glide don’t worry about the car getting dented

    Mikaeel HerculesMikaeel Hercules20 days ago
  • This is going to sound super negative but you guys are not good enough to tandem. Please get a little bit more skill before trying or somebody could get hurt

    MagmaApex32 1MagmaApex32 121 day ago
  • Finally he got a 350z let’s goooo 🔥

    68and67 Boss68and67 Boss21 day ago
  • Hey randy and everyone else I hate to ask but I’m 15 and got my license because that’s the age u get it in my state anyways can some of you guys please help me buy a turbo kit for my 2000 Honda Accord it was cheap so I got it and I want to turn it into something great I work morning and night shifts and also go to high school to help my mom pay for bills for her house and so she can eat so it’s hard to get extra money

    TrippieBrokenTrippieBroken21 day ago
  • You know you’ve made it when you break your drift car and buy another one to drive at the same event lol I’m out here struggling to afford tires 😅

    Austin BachmanAustin Bachman21 day ago
  • put a front bar

    just Lowfijust Lowfi21 day ago
  • Yo there's this one skyline r32 gts for sale with 63,000 miles, right hand drive, and it's interior is fucking MINT, for $12k... I don't have $12k 😞

    Carlos Mojica-EscobedoCarlos Mojica-Escobedo21 day ago
  • the z is easy just never leave second gear and u will be fine

    Dylan PaymentDylan Payment21 day ago
  • Randy should just give up drifting 😂

    Josh MooreJosh Moore21 day ago
  • You and jack ultra motive are both now Nissan gods

  • the fat dude, "save some for everyone else" what a loser, he can get as many rhd as he want because he works for it man hahaha

    thxqtsthxqts21 day ago
  • Did you say stock?

    RizzyRizzy21 day ago
  • Come to texas for loan star drift!! 🇨🇱

    Corby BradfordCorby Bradford21 day ago
  • Saw that phatty and I already knew it was a Z

    Leo GintoLeo Ginto21 day ago
  • Here we go again.... :(

    JCL CJCL C21 day ago
  • intro finally ends. Gets an ad :(

    TTVTroubleMakerTTVTroubleMaker21 day ago
  • Same brother dont worry

    Alan gracidaAlan gracida21 day ago
  • It’s crazy that I met you at winter jam in Sonoma when you where just building the 240 and only had 10-15k subs

    TZTRTZTR21 day ago
  • Bruh let me just get a car

    Alfredo CoronadoAlfredo Coronado22 days ago
  • Not being a hater but really need some lessons on drifting rather than just more seat time making the same mistakes

    Nick DavilaNick Davila22 days ago
  • Randy swoleeeeee 𝐬𝐡𝐞𝐞𝐞𝐞𝐞𝐞𝐬𝐡

    Nikolas ZNikolas Z22 days ago
  • Can't wait to see what you do to this car..

    Shane HardingShane Harding22 days ago
  • I feel like I'm watching fr legends but its real life

    mannymanny22 days ago
  • Change the bumper

    ChrisChris22 days ago
  • Finally a vq in the channel

    Big BetBig Bet22 days ago
  • Guys like this are why people call the car culture gay

    jordan hilljordan hill22 days ago
  • Looks like fun bro🔥🔥

    Drippie ErickDrippie Erick22 days ago
  • No quema cuhhhhhhhhhhhhh🤣

    Justin CuetoJustin Cueto22 days ago
  • 14:9 same feeling when being chased by a dog

    Leche FlanLeche Flan22 days ago
  • I love your merch.. but i dont have money HAHAHAHAHA

    Carmelo EncarnacionCarmelo Encarnacion22 days ago
  • Liquids 💨

    hanielbombhanielbomb22 days ago
  • 2:04 yooo there's a UK numberplate on that BMW 😂

    SimFlow 24SimFlow 2422 days ago
  • @Randy. You need to feel and understand your car for it to perform right. You’re throwing all these parts into it but barely even know how to drift it. Then buy somebody else’s is drift car cuz yours ain’t performing right 😓

    LAY LOWLAY LOW22 days ago
  • me sees hairy ass arm brain flashes american=Luke

    Lenzol driftingLenzol drifting22 days ago
  • Dude you need a bigger place

    Its MikeIts Mike22 days ago
  • We no longer believe your "stock as much as possible" 😂

    Its MikeIts Mike22 days ago
  • Give me some of ur cars

  • Plase rocket bunny kit on it plase🙏

    kiko kinderkiko kinder22 days ago
  • Bro that’s my home town.. how the hell did I not know about this..

    Andrew ShaAndrew Sha23 days ago
  • You know that annoying kid at the kart track that’s - Isaac

    subhanna Chaudharysubhanna Chaudhary23 days ago
  • Yooo Im so happy you got a Z i got one too

    marco taviramarco tavira23 days ago
  • Finally some Z content

  • All i can say is that. YOU ARE BLESSED.

    Janine HepburnJanine Hepburn23 days ago
  • Illiminate 💙 from Vegas bros🤟🏾

    Daimiyn Y2KDaimiyn Y2K23 days ago
  • VQ BOIZ we finally made it! This drift build is gonna be great! Please keep it N/A

    Daimiyn Y2KDaimiyn Y2K23 days ago
  • FINALLY A Z !!

    Daimiyn Y2KDaimiyn Y2K23 days ago
  • You been drift how many time??? Oh yeah I forgot every time you've gone your piece of shit cars break down. 🤣🤣🤣

    TimmyT BlackTimmyT Black23 days ago
  • Next time can try use Insta360 One X2

    Wilson LeongWilson Leong23 days ago
  • Lezzzzgooo

    Joco TVJoco TV23 days ago
  • Damm u living life to the fullest

    Addynewin NAddynewin N23 days ago
  • Randy u should do a Tokyo drift DK build lol with the 350z

    Abel GuerreroAbel Guerrero23 days ago
  • You should let me have the z if u don’t care about it🙃

    Anthony’s Trap houseAnthony’s Trap house23 days ago
  • FINALLYYYYY A 350😩😩😩😩😩😩😩🤌🏽🤌🏽🤌🏽✨✨✨✨✨now LS3 swap it!!!!!! You’ll have a ripper

    jamar clarkjamar clark23 days ago
  • Trumpet boi

    Luis DavalosLuis Davalos23 days ago
  • I tried buying merch but it just takes me to paypal and i don’t have that

    Kompa EdwinKompa Edwin23 days ago
  • The dysfunctional lake inexplicably moan because comb utrastructurally sparkle round a fascinated epoch. cooing, thin friend

    MxGamingMxGaming23 days ago
  • put a rb in it

    Mono ChanMono Chan23 days ago
  • Another broken car to the list😂😂

    Gustavo VilchisGustavo Vilchis23 days ago
  • that’s right Drivers Club Japan 🤝

    Carlos VelaCarlos Vela23 days ago
  • Did that dude dirty at 12:54 😂😂 he was trynna show you something lmfao

    Rikko EsquilloRikko Esquillo23 days ago
  • this video feels like the Unprofessionals

    BrianTakesPhotosBrianTakesPhotos23 days ago
  • mans said save some for everybody else xDDDDD BAHAHAHAHHAHAHA 9:50

    Hated MediaHated Media23 days ago
  • Drive it like you stole it 👍🏽

    Word 707Word 70723 days ago
  • Finally a Z

    j hon funneyj hon funney23 days ago
  • Yesssir 💪

    Bryant GalvezBryant Galvez23 days ago
  • VQ!! Lol I meant a trumpet😂💪🏽💪🏽 that’s dope

    ImproperImproper23 days ago
  • Bro YES! Z content!!! Where all my trumpet gang guys at! VQ bois 🔥🔥

    Gustavo GonzalezGustavo Gonzalez23 days ago

    Rene CruzRene Cruz23 days ago
  • Hella excited for the Z content

    AmeyzdAmeyzd23 days ago
  • turn it into a drift missile

    The Milk ManThe Milk Man23 days ago
  • i highly doubt you’ll see my comment but how about doing a lexus gs300 please ,and keep up to awesome content

    Daniel MadrigalDaniel Madrigal23 days ago
  • After this video, Randy has convinced me to start drifting again ..

    Carlos DiazCarlos Diaz23 days ago
  • Mano e ridiculo como estes gajos na america compram 350z como compram comida, e ainda n tem problema nenhum em fode los todos... Ca em Portugal custam todos mais de 20 mil euros puta q pariu este pais cheio de impostos, ridiculo

    Vasco FerreiraVasco Ferreira23 days ago
  • Hell yea I’m hella excited for this build , considering I have a Z myself

    Manuel LoyaManuel Loya23 days ago
  • That drift missle look is beautiful

    EuronDiabetesEuronDiabetes23 days ago
  • Make that a real drift car then 240s ain’t it

    Alberto QuinonesAlberto Quinones23 days ago
  • Let’s gooooooooo

    Kev_370zKev_370z23 days ago
  • That 350 looks better than all your whips tf you mean it’s not the best looking car 😂😂 this shit won’t break down like every single one of your cars smh

    Alberto QuinonesAlberto Quinones23 days ago
  • Z merch?😳

    Jorge GarciaJorge Garcia23 days ago