Illiminate's Best Moments of 2019 - What Dreams are made of

Mar 14, 2021
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2019 was the year of exponential growth for us! From working on the streets, to a massive warehouse. Thank you guys for everything. I had a lot of fun editing this one. Love you guys!
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  • Randy looking thicc @ 3:25

    fastbmo gamingfastbmo gaming11 days ago
  • So many memories. And BTW it looks so weird when the world was “normal” and nobody was wearing masks. Smh damn time flies 😫😫😭😭

    Art OrangeArt Orange24 days ago
  • Those wheels at 10:00 😍😍😍😍😍🔥

    Mike StokesMike Stokes26 days ago
  • Great memories watching this channel

    Ricardo SmithRicardo Smith27 days ago
  • Damn Randy 😂

    Roman GarzaRoman Garza28 days ago
  • So crazy seeing you guys grow over the years, one of the best channels on USworlds. 1M soon boys

    indoorindicaindoorindicaMonth ago
  • God damn its felt so fucking long you got here fast bro much love sent to you randy 😘😍🥰

    Jose Rocha23Jose Rocha23Month ago
  • Thank you for this I forgot about some of these videos had quite the laugh

    Monk JDMMonk JDMMonth ago
  • The good old days no covid

    Project EETFUKProject EETFUKMonth ago
  • Subscriber since 2017

    Project EETFUKProject EETFUKMonth ago
  • you guys inspire me🙂🙂🙂

    Fermin’s WorldFermin’s WorldMonth ago
  • That’s my dreaming Nissan R32 GTR 😍🤤

    AgentVAgentVMonth ago
  • Did he really marry sony

    Rxxky ._.Rxxky ._.Month ago
  • Lol I just remembered when I first subscribed is when you guys tried to paint the 240 with brushes and rollers I was like these guys are hilarious I’m in. It’s crazy how far you guys came up working out of your dads garage. Good job guys and keep on keeping on. god bless.

    FabiWasabiFabiWasabiMonth ago
  • Randy really got all his friends to dress nice for a skit😂

    Luck DuckLuck DuckMonth ago
  • i miss binh

    dank memedank memeMonth ago
  • idk the whole story with the open-window car wash but they better not have done that "just because", seems like such a waste of a good car

    MrSamoilaMrSamoilaMonth ago
  • Why aren’t you talking about the rpm act

    ParmBreadParmBreadMonth ago
  • Love how no one changed and everyone still cool with each other

    Raja HustlerRaja HustlerMonth ago
  • Just seeing Thomas as the priest got a like 👍🏽💯❤️

    Saige GarageSaige GarageMonth ago
  • When is Sony gonna get his S15😒

    Moises ZermenoMoises ZermenoMonth ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    James SchugJames SchugMonth ago
  • 7:52 he already knew he had covid

    Beer DeliveryBeer DeliveryMonth ago
  • When is the 20k giveaway ending?

    Fidel JrFidel JrMonth ago
  • only the real ogs remember when he woke up early and rolled christians car down the lot at the apartment complex

    Samuel ValerianoSamuel ValerianoMonth ago
  • I'm late but "No silver spoons, we had plastic utensils" - lil baby y'all a ture definition of that!

  • sonny a baddie 🥵😩😩

    Chaco RChaco RMonth ago
  • Where is the merch link

    Phantom GodPhantom GodMonth ago
  • Sorry I’m late but how can you ever dislike any illiminate that comes out

    RobeazyRobeazyMonth ago
  • Im not claiming og, but i remember when the cops tried to tow the s2000 on blocks while you painted the wheels. Lol

    Sam uriSam uriMonth ago
  • You guys have come such a long way. It's amazing. All your dreams have come true literally. Congrats 💥🤘❤

    Mary's ChannelMary's ChannelMonth ago

    Godly DaichiGodly DaichiMonth ago
  • 2019 blogs were a vibe 🤌💯you guys are the reason I got into wanting to mod cars

    Jaye TamatoaJaye TamatoaMonth ago
  • Lol I swear I heard randy say he got a gf on robbys vlog. Someone say I’m 🧢’n

    teufel dmteufel dmMonth ago
  • I found you guys because I started to get into cars and I happen to come across the junkyard skyline in 15 mins video, I’m so glad I found you guys because you guys are by far my favorite youtubers! It’s crazy how much you guys have grown and I inspire to be like you guys one day🙌🏽 much love, you guys are killing the game rn!🤍

    MarvinEspinoMarvinEspinoMonth ago
  • Wow I can’t believe I’ve been subscribed and watching for over 2 years I’m like shit can’t believe this was all 2 years ago I remember these like it was yesterday 😂❤️

    xavier gomezxavier gomezMonth ago
  • Wtf happened to the E30?!?

    Bigdre FromthebayBigdre FromthebayMonth ago
  • Crazy to think I’ve really been watching you guys since the day the s2k got into a minor accident wayyyy before you gave it to your brother

    Jonathan TavarezJonathan TavarezMonth ago
  • pause at 16;53

    scumlord2004scumlord2004Month ago
  • Sonny falling off the grom is engraved onto my memory

    Kynan ShawKynan ShawMonth ago
  • next video, full tutorial on how to drive manual ?

    stickstickMonth ago
  • All i can im glad i found this channel in search of how to wrap a roof lol best channel imo🖖🏼🖖🏼🖖🏼🖖🏼

  • Just noticed wtf is kevin

  • James charles who 😂😂😂😂

    Marco CoronaMarco CoronaMonth ago
  • Lmaooo

    Marco CoronaMarco CoronaMonth ago
  • Who else watching this to see what TJ's build is gonna look like...😂 😂 😂

  • Good ass memories😂 feels like i grew w yall

    YadycantrollYadycantrollMonth ago
  • My inspiration broo💯 keep up the fantastic work someday I’ll be like you❤️

    GNJA_JaZohhhGNJA_JaZohhhMonth ago
  • I fucking love randys dad😂😂🤣

    StevenHasAGoogleAccStevenHasAGoogleAccMonth ago
  • EPA TRYING TO BAN OUR RACE CARS!!!! Get them to notice this n help spread the word we need to save our cars!!!!

    1Tap1TapMonth ago
  • Illimiskate

    Diamond322 GamingDiamond322 GamingMonth ago
  • crazy how Illiminate celebrated 100k with skydiving and now they are coming close to 1 million. What do you have planned Randy 🤔

    christianshimchristianshimMonth ago
  • Yo I was watching the Japan vlogs the other day and that shit looked so dope I wish I started watching earlier.

    YardogyuhYardogyuhMonth ago
  • Sign RPM ACT

    Mjm635876Mjm635876Month ago
  • Who else remembers these clips like if they were yesterday🥲

    Edgar VilladaEdgar VilladaMonth ago
  • i remember the R32 GTS-T manual swap video..... i dunt remember the date but i watched all the vlog of you guys since then...!

    kyawzin htetkyawzin htetMonth ago
  • I died the entire car wash part LOL

    RobbyAintShitRobbyAintShitMonth ago
  • Damn I haven’t seen this, why does sonny look so fine as a woman 😂🔥

    kunstfvrmkunstfvrmMonth ago

    Denz GamingDenz GamingMonth ago
  • There’s so much moaning haha

    Chieftain MichaelChieftain MichaelMonth ago
  • 2019 when we can still hangout outside till midnight without any worries of catching the freaking virus.

    Its MikeIts MikeMonth ago
  • jetlagged best of 2019

    Colin QueenanColin QueenanMonth ago
  • This is why I love Illiminate

    Sheshan KroneSheshan KroneMonth ago
  • What’s the song @ 7:38 🤔

    ElPinche97ElPinche97Month ago
  • Sunny is the coolest one

    haedyn_ _duboishaedyn_ _duboisMonth ago
  • Be grateful for what you have ❤️

    Adrian SalmeronAdrian SalmeronMonth ago
  • this video was amazing.

    iLLusiveXiLLusiveXMonth ago
  • Nobody Absolutely nobody My teacher: what are you working on?? me:1:32

    ShinkaShinkaMonth ago
  • LMFAO YA CRAAAZYYY!!! gotta love the humor

    Action P.Action P.Month ago
  • Is it weird that I cried

    Ethan MorrowEthan MorrowMonth ago
  • This made my whole mood 100xs better!💯

    Lozano252Lozano252Month ago
  • the video went to fast 💔

    Bajoloche DavidBajoloche DavidMonth ago
  • Emi was so wittleeeee🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    SessaDG2SessaDG2Month ago
  • IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS one day there’s gonna be one where all the cars run at one point

    Bajoloche DavidBajoloche DavidMonth ago
  • that gojo painting in the office is sick 🔥

    LostTeggyLostTeggyMonth ago
  • The wedding was the best🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    SessaDG2SessaDG2Month ago
  • This is crazy I remember watchin all this like it was yesterday 😭time flies thank you guys for all the years of dope content

    Jeremiah SorensenJeremiah SorensenMonth ago
  • it’s been the best watching y’all grow cause you make the subscribers feel like we are apart of the crew as well ❤️🥺

    NebulaNebulaMonth ago
  • Randy has the best dad

    LouisPlayzLouisPlayzMonth ago
  • Damn we really almost at a million, I like the motivation you put into everything that you have worked for, Stay blessed✅

    Chris CruzChris CruzMonth ago
  • Ur brand and Jacks brand and call it the UltraMotive X illiminate

    eze._ 240eze._ 240Month ago
  • When it was about fun and no all skyline builds lol

    Jay 17Jay 17Month ago
  • When Christian Ngo was with illuminate!! Randy please tell him to come back

    Raed AbdullaRaed AbdullaMonth ago
  • What does the wing say

    Alejandro HernandezAlejandro HernandezMonth ago
  • well gatdamn!! been 2years

    Shaquelle OnealShaquelle OnealMonth ago
  • Broooo that was not 2019. That shit was yesterday

    MakexOutxHillMakexOutxHillMonth ago
  • This nigga fell off

    Miguel RodriguezMiguel RodriguezMonth ago

    On PointOn PointMonth ago
  • So beautiful 🥺❤️

    Sam HSam HMonth ago
  • The blitz 03 look was my fave on the r32

    CoffeBlackCoffeBlackMonth ago
  • Aight tbh, this channel made me get into cars and this channel inspired me to do so much. Thanks Illiminate

    Lyrical HubLyrical HubMonth ago
  • I miss the old illiminate much funnier and everyone was in a video

    Michael MungarayMichael MungarayMonth ago
  • RPM ACT !!!

    Eduardo RodarteEduardo RodarteMonth ago
  • Damn, this brings back so many memories... I remember also when the S13 was built in the home driveway at the illiminate house, good times🍻

    Simopics_Simopics_Month ago
  • Are they still married I don’t see them wearing the rings 😭

    Saul RomeroSaul RomeroMonth ago
  • Uh are you serious that's your wife

    revenuerevenueMonth ago
  • Your dad had me dying in the beginning. Dad of the year haha. Wish my dad was as cool as this 😅

    AkōdoAkōdoMonth ago
  • Feels so long ago. Be looking back on 2021 soon.

    Elyjah RawlingsElyjah RawlingsMonth ago
  • anyone else wanna see some miata content???

    Jonathan WyerJonathan WyerMonth ago
  • such a good video

    Cole ECole EMonth ago