Install ANY Wing PERFECTLY using Sriracha!

Dec 11, 2020
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Are you too scared to drill holes in your trunk to install your new wing?! Look no further! Today we use sriracha to help install ANY wing PERFECTLY! Like this video if we helped you out!
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  • I saw this video on tiktok and was looking at s2000 and I found your account lol

    R_Rock12R_Rock1216 days ago
  • Yo let me get them oem tail lights big homie

    ThugWaffleThugWaffleMonth ago
  • Instead of putting in the generic (and ugly) kouki tail lights, you could have used the base of the old tail lights you stupidly smashed and went with custom frosted tail lights. Would have looks so much better.

    Matt MisanthropyMatt MisanthropyMonth ago
  • I love that car man💪💪

    Horacio CruzHoracio Cruz2 months ago
  • So can I buy my car back now? 😂

    Mayrae WillMayrae Will2 months ago
  • 🐐

    KiyaKiya2 months ago
  • They’re living the dream 🙏

    Hadriel NitoHadriel Nito2 months ago
  • Saw the Sriracha thing on tik tok😂

    Team zyphon_pescadoTeam zyphon_pescado2 months ago
  • I wanna try and join but Ik I’ll never win cause I’m unlucky like that

    Team zyphon_pescadoTeam zyphon_pescado2 months ago
  • Dude, I just parked in the same spot yesterday 😂 Idk why it’s there between the sheds

    Gavin MateoGavin Mateo2 months ago
  • Auto body illuminate, nice job with the color.and it's so good, the flakes

    DeVon LeDeVon Le2 months ago
  • Something

    Morgan CisnerosMorgan Cisneros2 months ago
  • 9:45 mans listening to ramriddlz. I rate it stylll😂😂

    Thanoj JeganThanoj Jegan2 months ago
  • Every time I see this car with any colors it is an insane never seen before with wrap from paint and paint to wrap it will still keep the cars still clean for a give away..

    King V.I.P. Sauvage LegendKing V.I.P. Sauvage Legend2 months ago
  • So beautiful!😍

    Antonio VasquezAntonio Vasquez2 months ago
  • Hey can people from other countries win the car, like I'm from Canada could I win the car?

    Brad HunterBrad Hunter2 months ago
  • What’s song was Thomas playing in his IS300??

    Dean EstradaDean Estrada2 months ago
  • When is the last day to buy merch for the givaway?

    4UR1!4UR1!2 months ago

  • I’m gonna show you guys a little sneak peak *shows the entire thing*

    Retroboy LuiRetroboy Lui2 months ago
  • I would love to get this car i have no car

    Ruben HernandezRuben Hernandez2 months ago
  • "Out with the old, in with the new.... one"-Randy 2020

    August ChristhilfAugust Christhilf2 months ago
  • what rims you getting

    -_- Spread-_--_- Spread-_-2 months ago
  • I want to get some merch for Christmas but I can’t get in the website.

    JulianJulian2 months ago
  • Where the new upload at??

    Lance AgudaLance Aguda2 months ago
  • My boy still got dust in his hair 4 days later 💀

    JDGBJDGB2 months ago
  • Bro I’d love to get that s13🤣😊😊

    SpeedsterFTW GamingSpeedsterFTW Gaming2 months ago
  • an rb26 swapped 180sx is literally my dream rn. seeing an s13 like this is so sick.

    CrowCrow2 months ago
  • Its kinda opinion

    Supreme 1ChapSupreme 1Chap2 months ago
  • Super sweet brother!

    Troy keifferTroy keiffer2 months ago
  • its sonny's car lol

    W!LLYW!LLY2 months ago
  • Bro instead of being so active on your videos get on sending peoples orders out my boy i order3d November 23 and still nothing man like handle people who support your money throwing in cars like cmon my boy dont take advantage

    paco GeOpRiZmpaco GeOpRiZm2 months ago
  • and we got a........... high chew! 3:20

    Papa DankuPapa Danku2 months ago
  • I like to now how to get into the give away. The car came out amaizing

    Jose LeonJose Leon2 months ago
  • Subscribe so he can make more good videos please

    Lewis MillingtonLewis Millington2 months ago
  • Something

    Joan RiveraJoan Rivera2 months ago
  • That's nt jamaican music thomas

    Kashief GardnerKashief Gardner2 months ago
  • Thomas an the Jamaican music 🤣🤣

    DoobDoob2 months ago
  • Randy it’s a car I’ve wanted for a long time and then it’s another Nissan😂

    ElITESTRIKER16ElITESTRIKER162 months ago
  • So sexy

    Nick EanNick Ean2 months ago
  • Can people still win the car even if they live like across the country? Lmao

    that one kid kevthat one kid kev2 months ago
  • You should get a Chaser as your next car

    notyzenotyze2 months ago
  • are you getting eoughts rx7??!!!!

    Zachary CrawfordZachary Crawford2 months ago
  • I’m calling it now they’re getting an rx7 👀😂

    JosecrivelliJosecrivelli2 months ago
  • my boyfriend and I are OBSESSED with this color. We literally had to put our Netflix series on hold to watch the outcome of this beauty, thank you!

    Eleni ZourkosEleni Zourkos2 months ago
  • lovin the jumper brooo cant wait for the new car 🤙👌👍

    Lukas FrizellLukas Frizell2 months ago
  • How do I win this beautiful car

    Ben DoverBen Dover2 months ago
  • Someone watching this video is looking for a set of tail lights and just shed a tear lol

    ThatDallasThrifterThatDallasThrifter2 months ago
  • Looking really good randy! Sick 240 and that color though 👌🏼

    EJ PastorEJ Pastor2 months ago
  • Yo Randy. U know what would be sick is if u help me with getting my first car. I dm illiminate on insta. My @dominic.kingz

    Dominic KingDominic King2 months ago
  • Quite cringed about throwing those old tail lights😶

    Ghost Music ProductionsGhost Music Productions2 months ago
  • Trueno

    casey herringcasey herring2 months ago
  • His next car is a Toyota I’m calling it

    Mads SørensenMads Sørensen2 months ago
  • i wanna car so bad im turinning 16 and moving to tokyo to start my drifinting career and able to take my self to school so I shape I win

  • E36 er what

    dam0n36dam0n362 months ago
  • Dude you could sand and clear coat those rear tail lights, i know those are stock and not many might like them but still, they dont have to be thrashed

    M i x 1 8 0M i x 1 8 02 months ago
  • I can’t wait for the giveaway ❤️

    Sarah PowellSarah Powell2 months ago
  • Bro your hella raw

    HunnidHunnid2 months ago
  • Just imagine having this good of a job

    AuszilqxAuszilqx2 months ago
  • Are giveaways only in cali or you doing out of state too??

    StgibbyStgibby2 months ago
  • Another one !

    DragonplayzDragonplayz2 months ago
  • Does the age matter to enter the giveaway ?

    Dary.098Dary.0982 months ago
  • We just gonna ignore the fact that he drank siracha straight out the bottle 😳

    Kevin ElevenKevin Eleven2 months ago
  • Booty lookin hella nice

    Andrew StutzmanAndrew Stutzman2 months ago
  • So fye

    T¡FF T¡FFT¡FF T¡FF2 months ago
  • Lmao I watched this vid today and I was getting my perm shiiiiiii fire but I didn’t watch it all lol

    Call of duty boi I’m kinda proCall of duty boi I’m kinda pro2 months ago
  • Why is Randy Giving away a Car and the Color is "Purple".

    MrSycheMrSyche2 months ago
  • It Better be a Supercar.

    MrSycheMrSyche2 months ago
  • you got to move the exhaust, its going to destory the paint job and bumper

    Broken SocietyBroken Society2 months ago
  • Hmmmmm love the lzmfg hoodie

    2jzsupra-riki2jzsupra-riki2 months ago
  • if i get this car prolly gonna have to give randy a kiss

    AlphiousAlphious2 months ago
  • Deamm that asssss shishhhh hope that i win the sexy car

    kip_gamingkip_gaming2 months ago
  • I hope whoever wins that car really deserves it that car looks so sexy🔥🔥

    Rainy The GamerRainy The Gamer2 months ago
  • when u threw the tails i lost it tbh

    Robbie MartinRobbie Martin2 months ago
  • U could of gave them tail lights away to some1 in need..

    DatKineeDatKinee2 months ago
  • Im suprised randy and the illiminate crew not xmas wrapping there cars this year lol

    dt19830205dt198302052 months ago
  • No one Randy- is a car I wanted for a very long time

    Cesar ParedesCesar Paredes2 months ago
  • This s13 is beautiful i hope i win it

    // BlendsByAustin \\// BlendsByAustin \\2 months ago
  • Randy throwing away those tail lights: “no f given” People looking for those tail light: “why!!😣”

    Jose HernandezJose Hernandez2 months ago
  • I need that car nowwww it’s amazing🥰

    Chris TapiaChris Tapia2 months ago
  • YOOOO you got a mini ramp in there lets go haha

    PhilipPhilip2 months ago
  • Damnnnn, I guess I’m just gonna have to pull money out of savings to enter this giveaway😂 this is my favorite color and car like I can’t not enter

    I love to mall grabI love to mall grab2 months ago
  • not gonna lie all his cars he gives away are purple lol 🙌🏻🙋🏻‍♂️🤣

    Ilyaas MajietIlyaas Majiet2 months ago
  • He getting rx7 heard it here first

    Adrian RochaAdrian Rocha2 months ago
  • I've been wanting a Nissan 240sx Or 180sx for the longest of times I love and hate giveaways I love them because you get the see the progress that he makes and I hate them because you see al the progress and you try to get the car you love and you never see it again and you dont win it so you get sad or mad (WHOEVER SEES THIS COMMENT LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE TO ILLIMINATE)

    Totally_not Alex28Totally_not Alex282 months ago
  • I love how clean the interior. It’s turning out very well. Can’t wait for the wheels to show up! Definitely Hot Boiii

    Joseph MundyJoseph Mundy2 months ago
  • Josh gets a random text from randy, I think I want to move to so cal and build a house and a shop. Huh cool👍🏼

    Eli MooreEli Moore2 months ago
    • I think u should

      Eli MooreEli Moore2 months ago
  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭👎👎👎👎💀

    Levern OlivierLevern Olivier2 months ago
  • I would literally not know what I would do if my first car was from randy himself , livin that immortal Honda Fit life atm

    louielaflarelouielaflare2 months ago
  • So basically. randy lowkey is mocking sonny's car.he'll buy e_ought rx7. And its over. Hahaha.just kidding randy. Keep the content going fam🔥🔥🔥

    CALOY TVCALOY TV2 months ago
  • This makes me so depressed cause I know someone eles is gonna get my dream car but I’m not

    Alex LopezAlex Lopez2 months ago
  • Bro I saw you guys at the riverside canes today and you guys had the Supra coolest car

    Timothy BoshraTimothy Boshra2 months ago
  • new car has to be eoughts rx7 im calling it rn

    RepeatRepeat2 months ago
  • hey martin if you see this just know i still cry over you so much and lately ive been feeling like i cant do it without you

    Belen RodriguezBelen Rodriguez2 months ago
    • i know this is so dumb to say on here but idk my chest just hurts so fucking much and i cant stop sobbing about you even if ive been doing the best ive ever done in my life

      Belen RodriguezBelen Rodriguez2 months ago
  • i thought he said dollar store hardware at first

    Isaac DutcherIsaac Dutcher2 months ago
  • Self fucking tappers holding on tjs kit to a 2020 supra😂😂😂😂😂 Jesus Christ what else are y’all hiding from us🤣

  • this is my dream car which I really hope I will be able to own one day, Im going to enter the give away but my luck is slim so looks like Im going to have to work for it like the rest of the world.

    SmedzSmedz2 months ago
  • I saw the TikTok you made on how to install the 326 wing with Sriracha 🤟🏽😂🔥

    Diana Garcia - PelayoDiana Garcia - Pelayo2 months ago
  • Who ever wins the car... please take care of it

    Joseph MacedoJoseph Macedo2 months ago
  • YO RANDY I HAVE A GOOD CONTENT FOR U TO MAKE!!!.....”teaching my girlfriend how to drift” or manual

    CHEWCHEW HighghighCHEWCHEW Highghigh2 months ago