Junkyard Datsun 240z Color Reveal! Millennium Jade**

Feb 6, 2021
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The Segomo 4 Piece Escape Tool Set is a must for emergencies!
@fittedgarage started on the paint for the Datsun 240z! What do you guys think about Millennium Jade on the 240z?! Ohhhh man.. I can't wait to drive this car one day!

  • Damn it’s so sexy 😍🚗💨🔰

    Marlan PonceMarlan Ponce3 days ago
  • dad undftd bruh XDXD

    ArrCeeArrCee5 days ago
  • The shop is cleaner now

    Kennedy VangKennedy Vang7 days ago
  • Not sure if somebody’s said this but I’d mount a net if some sort on the back of the half pipe where the sim rig set up is so you don’t accidentally send a skateboard into it!😬

    Chris FieldChris Field7 days ago
  • Work equips on god

    Benjamin LucasBenjamin Lucas8 days ago
  • "2021 is going to be amazing"

    Dxpr3ssedDxpr3ssed11 days ago
  • Can u link were u got your sim setup at ?????

    Jose MartinezJose Martinez11 days ago
  • Song @15:55 is brand new cushy :)

    Deak NiKunniDeak NiKunni13 days ago
  • Yo u gotta slow down bruh sometimes I see u and u be to fast my g I can’t say hi 🙋‍♂️

    Oscar Ruiz huertaOscar Ruiz huerta13 days ago
  • The AE86s IG is @zenki_trueno

    Shawn Skeete fosterShawn Skeete foster13 days ago
  • your 4 door skyline is a even poorer mans GTR

    Kerian SandersKerian Sanders14 days ago
  • i miss the videos where the gang would party an get lit

    Johnny 2chainzJohnny 2chainz14 days ago
  • I know you will not this but dude i'm hella proud of you. Mostly with you getting 902k subscribers! That's a fuck ton of people if you think about can wait till you hit 1mil cuz im finna be there ( not really but i wish ).

    DoxDox14 days ago
  • A real life sell out

    ALPH4 OfficialALPH4 Official14 days ago
  • why jade lol

    Nathan KomsieNathan Komsie14 days ago
  • I am currently building a street drag car, I am going to get a pack of the Segomo Safety Hammer and have that next to the fire extinguisher in the car

    Krebs MediaKrebs Media14 days ago
  • is it messed up i don’t want you to give it to your dad too 😭😭😭 i’m teynna see a lot of content in that thing !

    soufsidesoufside14 days ago
  • I remember seeing the 16” vskf’s I believe they were🤔

    Keep BanginKeep Bangin14 days ago
  • 5:35 thats my car fuck you hahahahahaha

    Project EETFUKProject EETFUK14 days ago
  • Wow that looks killer ! I’m trying to catch up episodes lol Excellent color choice

    Don_jose562Don_jose56214 days ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    gervacio santosgervacio santos14 days ago
  • At Dutch Bros. You gotta get da... Ray of sunshine rebel

    Enots StarrEnots Starr14 days ago
  • The rims he going to put on the datsun are prob the first rims the supma had

    Jairo MarmolJairo Marmol15 days ago
  • Where can I get Randy's Mask? On the website? So to answer my own question it is not on the website

    Trey BernTrey Bern15 days ago
  • sickkk video bro!!

    Ibrahim SarverIbrahim Sarver15 days ago
  • Dad need to be more in the videos he funny bro 😂

    Miguel MendozaMiguel Mendoza15 days ago
  • Nah randy u gotta give that car to ur dad bro u got the r32 and r34 ur dad need a whip to hang with the crew

    Miguel MendozaMiguel Mendoza15 days ago
  • Soon randy is going to have to buy a bigger wearhouse looks like he is running out of space

    Miguel MendozaMiguel Mendoza15 days ago
  • If you flip the whiteboard and desk to the wall with the small couch then move the small couch to the other wall; the room would feel larger.

    Derrik HeldDerrik Held15 days ago
  • Get your dad his own z

    jdmgsrhatch1jdmgsrhatch115 days ago
  • Man I hate not being able to eat chicken that looks bomb

    James VessieJames Vessie15 days ago
  • not overfender or overfender install hmmmm

    송지수송지수15 days ago
  • Ayee Sacramento gang where yah at 📍👌🏾

    Love 000Love 00015 days ago
  • Randy’s dad is going to look gangster in this Datsun

    sOnsOn15 days ago
  • When tf did they get a 240Z??? Did I miss something???.

    CynicalCreatureCynicalCreature15 days ago
  • Congrats on 900k. Here since 10k

    MervMerv15 days ago
  • 900k sub video 😳 maybe...maybe not...

    lilteccawitdownsyndromelilteccawitdownsyndrome15 days ago
  • Anyone know what part of Oregon they coming to ?!

    Erik LopezErik Lopez15 days ago
  • Bro download google translate on your phone and use the live camera translate feature to figure out what the buttons say on the head unit! like so he sees this

    Rodrigo ZavalaRodrigo Zavala15 days ago
  • Watch randy on your birthday its better than birthday wishes

    Luciid-Luciid-15 days ago
  • balls

    Stefano Di PietroStefano Di Pietro15 days ago
  • balls

    Stefano Di PietroStefano Di Pietro15 days ago
  • balls

    Stefano Di PietroStefano Di Pietro15 days ago
  • balls

    Stefano Di PietroStefano Di Pietro15 days ago
  • im the one who kept spamming balls in the live

    Stefano Di PietroStefano Di Pietro15 days ago
  • should use the google translate app to translate the head unit by just putting the phone infront of it

    claud rapozaclaud rapoza16 days ago
  • i love the 240z

    that1_ sweatthat1_ sweat16 days ago
  • Bro I’m a Fedex guy. I go past by Kiki every day. I know that lot cause I deliver packages there lol

    C_ PuppetC_ Puppet16 days ago
  • Yo so I don’t know if you’ll see this but I was wondering what are some channels besides yours where I can learn more about cars, engines and all that?

    itsBlasianitsBlasian16 days ago
  • Randy will the Google translate app work for reading the radio

    Anthony BurAnthony Bur16 days ago
  • Put a L28 in Jarre fok die RB25😂

    Ethan GordonEthan Gordon16 days ago
  • Remake the spicy ramen video

  • That sticker is fire man wth when's the next drop already?

    Sacred KeysSacred Keys16 days ago
  • Jk all love

    Daniel SaldanaDaniel Saldana16 days ago
  • That Dutch bros hits, you gotta try a Caramel kicker 😅

    Alex PazAlex Paz16 days ago
  • were did he get that face mask???

    ETHAN. SETHAN. S16 days ago
  • What happened to Christian ??

    isaiah Morenoisaiah Moreno16 days ago
  • Lol I knew I saw Randy from afar🤣🤣. That place they went to has a dispensary in front of it.

    EddyYTEddyYT16 days ago
  • @_drivesideways has a r34 in that same color in dallas tx, y’all should set up a photo shoot 😃👍

    InstreInstre16 days ago
  • ik this is a stupid question but i need a ka24de for my coup do you have any that you have swapped from a 240

    Mason ChristensenMason Christensen16 days ago
  • 100k off to 1m! 💯

    Just BruceJust Bruce16 days ago
  • Don’t tell me you’re putting some vs kf on them

    KevinmillsKevinmills16 days ago
  • Get a Blue Raspberry, Pomegranate,Vanilla blended rebel

    Angel ZepedaAngel Zepeda16 days ago
  • FYI, not trying to be a hater. But that Dyson blower you got will actually just blow all the germs off your hands into the air. Lol we had them at my job and they were removed for that reason.

    roberto maldonadoroberto maldonado16 days ago
  • I have a 260z big plans I have to

    Guy With a s30Guy With a s3016 days ago
  • Hey, I really need some help. I am new to the JDM cars or cars in general. Is it legal to install parts in my 240sx in California? Are turbos illegal? Or ISR headers illegal. Cams? I see Illiminate and E_ought drive their cars on the streets of Cali. Please if anyone can help me.

    Calamansi CheetosCalamansi Cheetos16 days ago
  • The Datsun is lit and all but can we pleaseeeee get more Japan content? I’ve watched those vlogs like 20 times lol

    Savitar 999Savitar 99916 days ago
  • yessir kikis chicken place 10/10 would recommend

    Ricky RiosRicky Rios16 days ago
  • Congrats with the 900k!!!

    Insta: lautje070Insta: lautje07016 days ago
  • yoooooo you hit 900k and I'm the 1000th comment

    bread slicebread slice16 days ago
  • oof next time you stop for Dutch, get the Medium Iced Kicker. its a nice coffee that's not too sweet, but not like straight up coffee. You can get most drinks sugar free too

    RoninRonin16 days ago
  • im still curious how randy got a legal 34 in the states, I really want a 4 door 34

    Alex FoxAlex Fox16 days ago
  • I wanna drift with yall in Oregon

    RobbyAintShitRobbyAintShit16 days ago
  • 900k

    Joey ElleyJoey Elley16 days ago
  • When is the give winner going to be announced

    Delux LuxDelux Lux16 days ago
  • "Ill fuck you up" 😂

    Xavier RiestraXavier Riestra16 days ago
  • TE 37’s on the Datsun??

    Kyle PhilpKyle Philp16 days ago
  • What part of Oregon

    Christian RamírezChristian Ramírez16 days ago
  • Yes excited for Datsun content!! Can hardly wait! 😃

    Mary's ChannelMary's Channel16 days ago

    spaxswrldspaxswrld16 days ago
  • Congrats on 900k

    Ashbrook ExclusivesAshbrook Exclusives16 days ago
  • 900k let’s goooo guys!

    NOOB_GOD_007 PS4NOOB_GOD_007 PS416 days ago
  • Congrats Randy

    Krishan MohammedKrishan Mohammed16 days ago
  • As im watching this RANDY HIT 900K SUBS 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    Krishan MohammedKrishan Mohammed16 days ago
  • Yo 900k congrats 🎉🎊🍾

    otto honakotto honak16 days ago
  • 900k🎉🎉🎊🎊

    ThatJoshGuy _ThatJoshGuy _16 days ago
  • 18:17 , did someone call my name?

    Bhama UmbasBhama Umbas16 days ago
  • nearly died? you clipped the quarter on the back wall? tf you on about

    i dont even knowi dont even know16 days ago
  • Jave you ever slammed a R32

    sprixfysprixfy16 days ago
  • Happy 900K!!!!!

    Caleb PrchalCaleb Prchal16 days ago
  • This is a sick warehouse! I wish I were here!

    Caleb PrchalCaleb Prchal16 days ago
  • Almost 1 mill💪🏼💪🏼

    KdenkunKdenkun16 days ago

    Haziq Na'imHaziq Na'im16 days ago
  • Almost 1m bro!! Keep it up!!

    James Joshua Loremia PauyoJames Joshua Loremia Pauyo16 days ago
  • 900 000 :)

    Vincent HermanssonVincent Hermansson16 days ago
  • Next car you should get a Evo or Mitsubishi 👍

    Malachi CapuyanMalachi Capuyan16 days ago
  • I farted

    DanielDaniel16 days ago
  • When we al know he is going to put work wheels cuz it’s his sponsor

    ludrich Inocenteludrich Inocente16 days ago
  • When’s announcer of the car going to be revealed ?

    RTGaming28RTGaming2816 days ago
  • Happy 900k

    YungGhoul 2kYungGhoul 2k16 days ago