Kouki Interior Conversion/Restore! Amazing Results**

Mar 13, 2021
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Can't do a Kouki conversion if we don't do the interior! The old Kouki door cards were a little worn out so I thought it would be a good idea to switch the fabric over to my Zenki door cards. Didn't expect it to turn out so well but what do you guys think?!
We are giving away $20,000! Every $5 = 2x entries!
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  • Should have put suede on those door cards.

    Aaron BlackAaron Black21 day ago
  • The roof liner blog was the first video I watched and got me hooked! The S14 with a Boss kit is my dream car ❤️.

    Brohdi StubbsBrohdi Stubbs23 days ago
  • how old do you have to be to enter

    Sol FloresSol Flores24 days ago
  • It look's 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Axel WallerströmAxel WallerströmMonth ago
  • 11:40 thats what she said

    Battle DroidBattle DroidMonth ago
  • FML!!!!!!!!! I Was supposed to win 😢

  • Randy bro buy a mk4 supra please your channel will be the best

    Johnson KanthanJohnson KanthanMonth ago
  • Thank God he took out every thing from the supra

    Johnson KanthanJohnson KanthanMonth ago
  • Step your thumbnail game up.

    LethalModsLethalModsMonth ago
  • Randy do a BN kit on the s14 bro

    CKDfishing TVCKDfishing TVMonth ago
  • Yo why does home depot have the shities lighting

    Sergioo_90sSergioo_90sMonth ago
  • Please don’t smash this one into a wall :(

    Jose M Quiroz JrJose M Quiroz JrMonth ago
  • When you put the protective glasses on I instantly just thought of your dad idk why😭😂

    xavier gomezxavier gomezMonth ago
  • When’s the winner gonna pick up the 240?😂

    andy ramirezandy ramirezMonth ago
  • Av

    Alan The SharkAlan The SharkMonth ago
  • This video in 2 words SEND IT

    SabertechSabertechMonth ago
  • fitment is perfect!

    Blessed EngineBlessed EngineMonth ago
  • Bro I remember when you crashed your last cherry s14 and left it at the track

    youngfrontoyoungfrontoMonth ago
  • You gonna redo the og headliner video though 👀

    cannedsedancannedsedanMonth ago
  • Next time spray the doorcard and the fabric and let it dry for a few!

    Jeroen La FleurJeroen La FleurMonth ago
  • 9:37 who’s red Z is that 👌

    Jared FloresJared FloresMonth ago
  • Wouldn’t a heat gun work for the fabric?

    LeviNFNLeviNFNMonth ago
    • Nvm

      LeviNFNLeviNFNMonth ago
  • Pick n pull s14

    Angel PerezAngel PerezMonth ago
  • Why hasn’t he picked it up?

    Jesus CamposJesus CamposMonth ago
  • Its should be the “kouzi” lol

    Mikhail TubillaMikhail TubillaMonth ago
  • Is this guy dumb? You don't glue to old foam. It's just going to break down and the fabric is going to peel off. You literally could have kept both door card inserts. You just needed to get some foam, glue it on, then glued the fabric back on. You didn't even need to touch the other ones.

    Matt MisanthropyMatt MisanthropyMonth ago
    • You also need to wait until the glue tacks up. And you also need to apply it to both sides. Jesus dude - you're an influencer. Research before doing shit before other kids copy your mistakes.

      Matt MisanthropyMatt MisanthropyMonth ago
  • Headliner adhesive is supposed to be sprayed on the fabric and also what you’re gluing it to, let it dry or tack up, then stick them together.

    T ArtistT ArtistMonth ago
  • Is that a ring I see on Randy’s finger 🤔😏 did I miss a video or something lmao

    Alexander GilAlexander GilMonth ago
  • That pop tune on that bmw is crazy

    LateNight RitualsLateNight RitualsMonth ago
    • Supra*

      LateNight RitualsLateNight RitualsMonth ago
  • Door Panel*

    Bacsey KermBacsey KermMonth ago
  • Randy I’m missing my keychain and the carabiner only my hoodie shipped

    Benr.yBenr.yMonth ago
  • Man I love ur vids they are always Entertaining

    Chivas101 LoverChivas101 LoverMonth ago
  • Need to spray both surfaces wait a bit then put them together but good job anyway 👌🏼

    Xavier RiestraXavier RiestraMonth ago
  • That fabric job was fire!

    Eric CordovaEric CordovaMonth ago
  • we need a illiminate jsx build

    Trenton WardTrenton WardMonth ago
  • The kouki S14 is so good!!!!!

    Boss Garage - 200SX S13Boss Garage - 200SX S13Month ago
  • Can't call you jimmy oakes ... He actually works on his cars

    HP Mike ReedHP Mike ReedMonth ago
  • Where is the og s14 that u crashed? Junkyard?

    Nicholas PatrickNicholas PatrickMonth ago
  • the kouki front end looks more aggressive

    jonatan karijojonatan karijoMonth ago
  • I was expecting Randy to call it the kenki 🤣

    Chris AricoChris AricoMonth ago
  • U should address the epa and the rpm act

    Trippy demonTrippy demonMonth ago
  • OG’s will remember Illiminate Paint and Body Now we got Illiminate Upholstery

    DJ LawsonDJ LawsonMonth ago
  • I enjoy watching this channel when the entire video is not in the warehouse

    DaveDaveMonth ago
  • people who follow his Instagram know he's already got the front bumper

    Owais AliOwais AliMonth ago
  • Restock on the plate covers👀👀🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    Jonathan MejiaJonathan MejiaMonth ago
  • Bro just pulled protective eyewear out of his ass

    Christian ThresherChristian ThresherMonth ago
  • Bro pleaseeee tell me you saved the other fabric. Those are more rare than the ones you installed. Those are 97 Kouki confetti fabric

    r3ktfahdler3ktfahdleMonth ago
  • their really trying to sell merch

    Robert CeballosRobert CeballosMonth ago
  • fun fact, a year ago today i bought my onevia and it’s been sitting in my garage untouched cuz i can’t afford it 😐👍

    calabunga •_•calabunga •_•Month ago
  • POV driving with Randy?🤷🏾‍♂️🥺

    Tyrin PowellTyrin PowellMonth ago
  • The zenki door cards were way better....

    I Arsenal II Arsenal IMonth ago
  • randy you gotta say something about the RPM Act. please we need people with a voice. #saveourracecars

    LeRoyce sLeRoyce sMonth ago
  • Why not drill a hole in bracket. And let headlight fit in

    reverend rogerreverend rogerMonth ago
  • They look good now but let us know in a week or two if they start peeling back off

    Dj 1992Dj 1992Month ago
  • hey illiminate chanel, i love the content you make in this Chanel and i would hate to see it go away. :( please make a video about the EPA and the RPM solution to aware people about this we could lose this community we all love, thank you 🙏

    Emanuel GonzalezEmanuel GonzalezMonth ago
  • Love how far you’ve come since the S2K days. Much respect hope I can do the same one day

    ADOT ChannelADOT ChannelMonth ago
  • 7:19 full send beevis

  • Why haven’t you made a video about the EPA and the RPM Act...

    JoseT FitnessJoseT FitnessMonth ago
  • Im waiting for the cooking food in my s14

    Deiler MendezDeiler MendezMonth ago
  • Randy can you make a video on the rpm act and spread the word on what’s happening

    Dion PhillipsDion PhillipsMonth ago
  • What’s up

    Adrian FabianAdrian FabianMonth ago
  • Discount code 👀👀👀

    Green NationGreen NationMonth ago
  • I actually think the zenki door cards look better. The kouki ones looks like a bus xD

    Tingel-Tangel BobTingel-Tangel BobMonth ago
  • Why didn't you use heat on the back side of the door card?

    stopaskingformyfullnamegooglestopaskingformyfullnamegoogleMonth ago
  • back 2 back videos.. i love it

    Om MykoiOm MykoiMonth ago
  • save the zenki’s

    JermJermMonth ago
  • any1 knows whts that outro song called?

    shahul11p98shahul11p98Month ago
  • the motor is a 2jz no doubt!

    shahul11p98shahul11p98Month ago
  • I shall call ot the zenkookie

    Ima_n0obie !Ima_n0obie !Month ago
  • Get the street faction door cards

    Massatac 2009Massatac 2009Month ago
  • You should’ve done the odyvia conversion

    Massatac 2009Massatac 2009Month ago
  • God bless u randy en team Illiminate..❤🙏🏼

    Gilton RedjoGilton RedjoMonth ago
  • i remember when they’d pull up to the garage and do it at the house

    Morris Hess IVMorris Hess IVMonth ago
  • i love all of Randy's builds, I'm mostly excited about the S13 drifting again... Much love whole Illiminate gang!

    Luis LoraLuis LoraMonth ago
  • ohh my boy listening to juice wrld ( 10:28 ) :))

    Char’ ZingraffChar’ ZingraffMonth ago
  • you could have swapped the door cover with the one that was fine🤦‍♂️

    Ocho OytaOcho OytaMonth ago
  • Broooooo the song at 15:44 😭😭😭

    IdonthavevtecIdonthavevtecMonth ago
  • 🤙🏻🍕

    4C’s Garage4C’s GarageMonth ago
  • damn good times randy back then was the best

    5pb tv.5pb tv.Month ago
  • Hyy i,am form Indonesia broo

  • Zenki fabric was nicer

    Pogipyro_Pogipyro_Month ago
  • what body kit did you had on the old kouki

    JDM. s14JDM. s14Month ago
  • These "we're putting this on" & "now we're taking it off" videos are so fucking weak bro lol c'mon dawg I know you could make better videos than that

    HP Mike ReedHP Mike ReedMonth ago
    • You're letting that merch money make you lazy dawg

      HP Mike ReedHP Mike ReedMonth ago
  • Cheeeeeee 😂😂

    Money SinghMoney SinghMonth ago
  • why is there a shoe in the s14 =)

    Alexandru BocșeAlexandru BocșeMonth ago
  • yall peep that oppa stoppa playin in the background? tgey be vibing

  • 10:14 I felt that pull😳😳😂😂

    ateoheight bBateoheight bBMonth ago
  • Randy should do another car giveaway I’ll drop my whole bank account just to meet randy yet alone get a car

    vapidsvapidsMonth ago
  • Paint it millennium jade to match the z

    dotdotMonth ago
  • Paint it millennium jade to match the z

    dotdotMonth ago
  • OG subscribers know🥲feels good to know I’m apart of that 🤗

    Nathan BarillasNathan BarillasMonth ago
  • My bro randy I started seeing your video for 2 years I think it can be more or less I don't now I want to say that bro if you can give me half of your pricing mony actually I need more because for my dad bro he was admitted for covid and lung infection we spent all our money for my dad now my mom is arranging money but I know she cant so we need more $17000 to give to hospital we belong from a middle class family bro if you can please thank you

    Faisal SarwarFaisal SarwarMonth ago
  • Lowkey should paint it millennium jade or something similar

    Kyle SpeirsKyle SpeirsMonth ago
  • here in malaysia more than 5k in dollar .

    Shahrul IzzanShahrul IzzanMonth ago
  • @13:37 damn that hurt to watch

    Dante CieloDante CieloMonth ago
  • I'm so excited about this ,,

    Joshler dun josephJoshler dun josephMonth ago
  • “kOuKi” how many times you gone say it 🤦‍♂️ the last like 3 videos fuck🤕

    IsaacIsaacMonth ago
  • Og’s remember when randy was cooking in the 240 egg, hot pocket, s’mores, bacon, cookie and a Filipino guy aka Kevin

    That one Car kidThat one Car kidMonth ago
    • Damm yes I do

      It's obey kicksIt's obey kicks27 days ago
  • Dude ur Merch is so cool, make a illiminate shift knob!

    Tigerr :3Tigerr :3Month ago
  • Randy talk about the Rpm act to more people involved please man

    Puffy GPuffy GMonth ago