My R34 Skyline is here!

Jan 19, 2021
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The R34 Skyline GTT is finally here! Words can't explain how crazy it is to drive this car in America. It's been a year since we last drove it in Japan and it feels so good to have it back. Hope you guys are ready for the craziest build on this channel!!! Subscribe to R34 content!!!!

  • How do buy these cars?

    Cris Aguilar PartidaCris Aguilar Partida7 days ago
  • The GTR comes with the MFD, not infotainment.

    NORI aquaNORI aqua10 days ago
  • How did you buy the get?

    Nathan RodriguezNathan Rodriguez12 days ago
  • What ever happened to the 4 door skyline?

    FuegoFLFuegoFL12 days ago
  • “Pulling out the engine “? It better be a Engine rebuild

    Tmn48Tmn4816 days ago
  • damn bro rn im picking between a r34 gtt with gtr fenders and shit vs clean stock 40k miles r32 gtr

    Silver HvH NoobSilver HvH Noob16 days ago
  • my R34 GTT is making 620whp stock block stock head #neo power! (been over 500whp for 3 years no issues)

  • Isn't that thing illegal?

    MValasraMValasra19 days ago
  • aww no gtr still cool tho

    lil squarelil square19 days ago
  • 2jz engine 👀

    Keegan MoonsamyKeegan Moonsamy20 days ago
  • Where can I go buy a jdm car at any suggestions ?

    WoosakiWoosaki22 days ago
  • Anyone know who helps them find these cars

    kiba vfxkiba vfx22 days ago
  • THAT car was in Seattle?! I could’ve seen it if I went out more smh.

    Yessica FloresYessica Flores23 days ago
  • I saw yall drive thru. I work right in downtown portland and was leaving as you drove by.

    JustKaiJustKai24 days ago
  • Bro as the car was in the picture and the music in the background, gave me chills and im like damn thats a monster 😭🥵🥵

    Plain n SimplePlain n Simple26 days ago
  • Lil sneak diss to Sam Okok I see u I see u 🤣

  • Finally! So sick. Vu is so funny. He looks fucking homeless with his stache

    Trey BernTrey Bern26 days ago
  • Fuck a Lamborghini give me a r34 and I’ll be good nice bro 😎

    Benny BlancoBenny Blanco26 days ago
  • What about the purple r34 ?

    DannyPlayzDannyPlayz27 days ago
  • Randy is bringing japan to usa

    Andrew TieuAndrew Tieu27 days ago
  • Don't Jz it :(

    ar daar da27 days ago
  • 1million subs giveaway? a car!!!!

    Prototype GamingPrototype Gaming28 days ago
  • Can i get a shout out

    golden dragongolden dragon28 days ago
  • I thought it was pink??

    Atomiic- SlayZAtomiic- SlayZ29 days ago
  • that button is not for the diff, its for a valve in the exhaust bruh

    Qayim RahimiQayim Rahimi29 days ago
  • The only way im making through online school is through your videos❤️❤️🙌🏽

    Lin rfLin rf29 days ago
  • At i the only one wondering how he brought it into the states?

    Caleb SunCaleb Sun29 days ago
  • Ayeee is that snoqualmie falls in the beginning

    Paolo Ayala408Paolo Ayala40829 days ago
  • How much did i cost usd?

    Daniel GarciaDaniel GarciaMonth ago
  • He's going to put a 2jz in it. Simon gave it away.

    Conrad CoetzeeConrad CoetzeeMonth ago
  • legendary loot

    xRecklezHDxRecklezHDMonth ago
  • GTT :/

    Spaceinvader2.0Spaceinvader2.0Month ago
  • Not a GTR, thumbs down!

    Parker BParker BMonth ago
  • When randy said turn up your volume, I got ptsd lol. I was expecting a moan or some shit 😂

    Joel CsoJoel CsoMonth ago
  • Bro u making me cry

    Hayhay TakahashiHayhay TakahashiMonth ago
  • I'm interested to know how he imported this!

    Flame CorpzFlame CorpzMonth ago
  • Bro was in Seattle the day I left smh😂

    Baltazar LunaBaltazar LunaMonth ago
  • Only if it was a v spec 🥺

    Andrew Diaz ひAndrew Diaz ひMonth ago
  • Is that left hand drive?

    Aron?Aron?Month ago
  • fuck me boring zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Sick car but it’s a neo 😪

    lil viclil vicMonth ago
  • Everyone Liked That 👍

    SlimeSuspectSlimeSuspectMonth ago
  • Lol there putting a 2jz in it

    StipularSheepStipularSheepMonth ago
  • If you LS swap it I stg might as well buy a Miata too

    Seth GilmoreSeth GilmoreMonth ago
  • God Bless Yall

    Angel DiazAngel DiazMonth ago
  • I didn't think you could get these imported to the US. The 25 year rule . The exception being rare models for show and display.

    TommyGTR35TommyGTR35Month ago
  • Sr20 swap would be jokes

    Adnan RahmanAdnan RahmanMonth ago
  • That's not a skyline fkng click bait that's a impala

  • massive turbo b4 you pull the motor or even a straight pipe plzz

    Michael RalphMichael RalphMonth ago
  • Should drive highway 101 the entire way. You won’t regret it

    MitsuGarageMitsuGarageMonth ago
  • I live 2 hours south of Seattle. I could tell in the intro that you’re in Washington haha.

    MitsuGarageMitsuGarageMonth ago
  • idk how y’all managed to convince people this car is legal LMAO

    SpacedSpacedMonth ago
  • It’s gonna be a 2J swap

    NolanEntNolanEntMonth ago
  • lol the sammit reference

    astroluvastroluvMonth ago
  • I have feeling for LS swap

    Maximoi BranguMaximoi BranguMonth ago
  • homeland security should be arriving shortly...

    Richard JoyRichard JoyMonth ago
  • Girls be like: Ew hE dRiVeS aN oLd nIsSaN

    lyukh.slyukh.sMonth ago
  • Imagine seeing that on the freeway 👀

    Zack ThomasZack ThomasMonth ago
  • imported from japan to Canada I'm assuming? anyone got insight on this?

    SunnySunnyMonth ago
  • have been waiting for thissssss

    Cartier C lllCartier C lllMonth ago
  • They’re going to HR swap it

    Marco ZamoraMarco ZamoraMonth ago
  • Damn it’s finally here

    JohnJohnMonth ago
  • Glad you’re doing a GTR kit 🤩😂

    Psychic GamerPsychic GamerMonth ago
  • I would sell my right testicle to get a GTT like that

    hi hihi hiMonth ago
  • Simon where’s the s15 lol

    Peter SalasPeter SalasMonth ago
  • Pls finish your other projectsssss

    Peter SalasPeter SalasMonth ago
  • I’ve seen one in San Francisco same color, it was amazing to see one in person.

    Tortuga_T4R SlownsteadyTortuga_T4R SlownsteadyMonth ago
  • Ka t build ?

    Peter SalasPeter SalasMonth ago
  • ahhh the anniversary 350z wheels. they never get old 😌

    kangel 2001kangel 2001Month ago
  • This is actually such a good business model to use. 80Eighty does the exact same thing except their giveaway car is worth a lot more and they also include like 50K cash prize too.

    ChicaneChicaneMonth ago
  • Ls swap???

    Francisco MartinezFrancisco MartinezMonth ago
  • LS Swap!

    David GuillenDavid GuillenMonth ago
  • Damn my altezza doesnt have the light leveler neither did my gc8 sti

    OMGAuroraOMGAuroraMonth ago
  • Bruh is that is that Supra

    Rodolfo Jr TovarRodolfo Jr TovarMonth ago
  • Damn Randy!!!

    Roman GarzaRoman GarzaMonth ago
  • Hard work does pay

    Nhia YangNhia YangMonth ago
  • I always dream of owning one too. Much love respect

    Nhia YangNhia YangMonth ago
  • is justin cracked at fortnite my guy

    imcakesimcakesMonth ago
  • The high-pitched bangladesh endogenously need because value scully approve for a nimble persian. tearful, last height

    alan lualan luMonth ago
  • please for the love of god don't 2j swap it

    Griffin CoreyGriffin CoreyMonth ago
  • The car gonna be down for 2 years watch when he pulls the motor out 😂

    El_kompajojoEl_kompajojoMonth ago
  • His gonna put a v8 in it watch

    El rábanoEl rábanoMonth ago
  • that moment when you realize that randy was in your neighborhood

    KyotoKyotoMonth ago
    • TUFF

      enz0enz0Month ago
  • Randy did a great job by not telling anyone if he bought a gtt or gtr, it annoys me to think back on his japan vlog because he said "r34 and skyline" as the only terminology but I knew then and their he got a gtt... Me and hand full of other people called it

    PBJPBJMonth ago
  • Ngl i luv ur 180sx more

    ターボ〜Dターボ〜DMonth ago
  • We gonna be mad 😂😂😂 Ls swap ... or 2j 🤔

    Trench FootTrench FootMonth ago
  • If only I had a job to start saving up:(

    GEO GGEO GMonth ago
  • Skyline go stutututututut

    Unknown GamerUnknown GamerMonth ago
  • watch him put a 2j in it

    T_A_Z_E_RT_A_Z_E_RMonth ago
  • Good move putting the RB25 into your 240z. I don't get why Dustin Williams won't do something similar to his 280z...

    RR 10RR 10Month ago
  • GTR fan kids are mad bc it ain't a GTR but cant afford a GTT alone themselves

    RR 10RR 10Month ago
  • Oh for god sake

    amendamendMonth ago
  • I live next near that chevron you guys were at that’s tight ! 14:15

  • Randy bouta k swap that r34🤣🥲

    Gapo Racing TvGapo Racing TvMonth ago
  • where did u get your fleece jacket from?

    YattoYattoMonth ago
  • Where is pink one???

    Tazo AbramashviliTazo AbramashviliMonth ago
  • Choe fdm pulling up after seeing they swap it

    Slow ahh boySlow ahh boyMonth ago
  • GTT, come on bro its cool but if ur gonna ball out gotta get the gtr

    Javin JJavin JMonth ago
  • If anyone was wondering or wanted to know. You can replicate the “ETC Card” audio with iPhone automations and apple car play. Basically just make a automation, “when car play connects” -> “3-5 second pause” -> “speak text (anything you want in any language)”

    JA50NJA50NMonth ago

    Enthrall GarageEnthrall GarageMonth ago