NEW Body Kit for the FD RX7!

Dec 22, 2020
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We are giving away this beautiful RB25 S13 to one lucky subscriber! Every $5 = 2x entries!
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We install a new Mazda OEM kit for the FD RX7! This is just a temp bumper until the REAL CRAZY body kit comes in from Japan!!! Get ready to see this car transform. Subscribe for more RX7 content!

  • Luke: America's dumb

    StarboyStarboy23 days ago
  • Do a nissan Silva S15

    crazy sillycrazy sillyMonth ago
  • How big are the flighttags?

    Tim TaTim TaMonth ago
  • That bumper looks TERRIBLE 😂 Literally, the one you replaced looked better. Dude, do you even have any taste. As if the BN kit you threw on your Skyline was bad enough

    Matt MisanthropyMatt MisanthropyMonth ago
  • bro did you get the veilside kit

    fnyxsfnyxsMonth ago
  • Mamamia

    The UnknownThe UnknownMonth ago
  • 13:25 From who? Nissan?😂

    DinoDinoMonth ago
  • Wow first car this year without the Bn/M sports bumper huh?

    HangHangMonth ago
  • Thats a spirit R front bumper

    Samurai X000Samurai X000Month ago
  • Lowering the RX-7

    Thibeau HardingThibeau HardingMonth ago
  • Oem from nissan😂

  • 21:04 close ur eyes and listen till 21:20

    Emanuel MiguelEmanuel MiguelMonth ago
  • At 17:00 u will see a quick time lapse of my mans asscrack

  • Sound system

    Perese LauanoPerese LauanoMonth ago
  • bro i remember watching this guy when he has nothing bro legit just at the front of his house now look at him holy shit man u must be proud of yourself

    Kyle LloydKyle LloydMonth ago
  • 13:25 that’s what happens when most of the cars in your collection are Nissan’s 😂🤣

    Salvador HernandezSalvador HernandezMonth ago
  • 13:25 “OEM fOr NiSsAN” I never knew that Nissan was part of Mazda🤣

    Salvador HernandezSalvador HernandezMonth ago
  • Rims

    Kian WilsonKian WilsonMonth ago
  • Please make it like initial d Rx7 FD, it will look awesome!!!!!

    MTA ImranMTA ImranMonth ago
  • i cant wait till the one million sub video its gonna be so lit

    FirstOrder GamingFirstOrder GamingMonth ago
  • Fuck I want an rx7 so damn bad lol but fuck looks like a headache !!

    1GHOST1GHOSTMonth ago
  • The Rx-7 is gonna turn out so beautiful 😻

    DevinDevinMonth ago
  • I’m gonna shop on the site I’ve been a fan for a while and I just love the content

    VxrtWrldVxrtWrld2 months ago
  • Please release the bad luck hoodies I have my money waiting 😭

    VxrtWrldVxrtWrld2 months ago
  • whats with all the ads damn

    DirtyheelysDirtyheelys2 months ago
  • 17:14 randy hella sus man 🤣

    Rickett MediaRickett Media2 months ago
  • Please do the initial D fd rx7

    Ace DimayugaAce Dimayuga2 months ago
  • When does the giveaway end?

    Anthony CruzAnthony Cruz2 months ago
  • He need some gas bro☠️

    AbevlogsOfficialAbevlogsOfficial2 months ago
  • it’s about time randy started training for grassroots

    try me shawtytry me shawty2 months ago
  • When will the giveaway winner be announced

    Azo0oz Gamer24Azo0oz Gamer242 months ago
  • Paint it yellow like initial D✌🏽

    K9 SavageK9 Savage2 months ago
  • Oem Nissan rx7 bumper...

    SprungCookie81SprungCookie812 months ago
  • tint the windows pure black with yellow film on the headlights :))

    Mogens HovdeMogens Hovde2 months ago
  • Randy back with the shower mat jacket

    DavidP.DavidP.2 months ago
  • dont fucking slam this please

    NotMikasaNotMikasa2 months ago
  • Bruh I just got sum stuff this will help so much if I win I can go to work and not take an Uber

    Oscar Ruiz huertaOscar Ruiz huerta2 months ago
  • bro pleeeaaase do an ek civic side build even if its a mini series i would love to see your take on a civic build

    CUSTMZCUSTMZ2 months ago

    Andrik CarbajalAndrik Carbajal2 months ago
  • Loving the rx7 transformation! Can't wait to see what kit you ordered from Japan for it that is taking months.

    The J MediaThe J Media2 months ago
  • Randy you sus Lmaoo

    Delicious TacoDelicious Taco2 months ago
  • I’m sidekick why in all of you USworlds celebrities why nobody from New York are black wins no saying yah racist but even 80eighty giveaways I’m convinced yah all used the same company to picC names but your amazing don’t be like the rest

    Teddy hybridTeddy hybrid2 months ago
  • That shit look horrible

    Edgar VillaEdgar Villa2 months ago
  • I started cracking up when randy was like "I can't tell if he's being serious or not" 😂😂😂 thomas is the funniest guy ever

    Neez808gamingNeez808gaming2 months ago
  • Yooooooooooooooooooooooooooœ

    Random ShitpostsRandom Shitposts2 months ago
  • IMO sonnys rx7 tail lights look cooler IMO

    Bandit DrakooBandit Drakoo2 months ago
  • you got links to the lights and leds?

    Corey No pantsCorey No pants2 months ago
  • I’m waiting for you to wrap your guys cars in rapping paper

    Znn JdkdZnn Jdkd2 months ago
  • I wana see u put it in the trash 🗑 where it belongs hehe

    285 Soulja285 Soulja2 months ago
  • Did anyone else think the video picture was animated since the bumper and sides where grey

    Hershy LordHershy Lord2 months ago
  • 13:26 oem from nissan?

    FLiPGFrMSDFLiPGFrMSD2 months ago
    • I think he messed up lol

      BiG CheeseBiG Cheese2 months ago
  • hey so i saw you guys ls400 vip build i was wondering where i can get parts and shit like that its 91

    Uriel GaonaUriel Gaona2 months ago
  • Hello ı am new viewer of you. I have a questions for you .Do you chip tuning these cars? I will be happy if you answer.

    Berke TırakBerke Tırak2 months ago
  • Randy seriously. You need a new Warehouse!

    Cheese On WheelsCheese On Wheels2 months ago
    • Yeah, he really needs to expand...

      BiG CheeseBiG Cheese2 months ago
  • The RX-7 just looks like a grown version of the Miata 💀

    MagicianPullzMagicianPullz2 months ago
  • Thomas with white moustache sure have the resemblance of RE-Amemiya owner from watching old option videos and D1 japan 😂😂

    Audience003Audience0032 months ago
  • Damn randy merch is expensive

    Aaron MackeyAaron Mackey2 months ago
  • S14 CONTENT!!

    Connor McDougallConnor McDougall2 months ago
  • spoiler or buy a ae86 initial d style ;) Hehe

    mandalorian mandomandalorian mando2 months ago
  • That front bumper 🤔

    Kadeem ColemanKadeem Coleman2 months ago
  • @illiminate

    elder suluquielder suluqui2 months ago
  • I’m a big fan I have been watching ur videos from back then to and the awesome 😎😎

    elder suluquielder suluqui2 months ago
  • Pick me for the win plzz the money would be super helpful the car to plzzzzzz 🙏🙏🙏😊

    elder suluquielder suluqui2 months ago
  • 500 hp rx7?

    SLOWZ33SLOWZ332 months ago
  • Damn man would love to win that s13, but Australian :(

    StazzaStazza2 months ago
  • I miss the R32!

  • 6:09 soo good to see randy driving older cars again! A lil to much supra hahaha, cant wait for the gtr😍

    Patrick J.Patrick J.2 months ago
  • Wonder if it’s gonna be a Veilside rx7

    Leroy JenkinsLeroy Jenkins2 months ago
  • 6 months wait for the kit... that’s how long it took for some of my veilside stuff to arrive... could he be fortuning the 7!?

    Olivier BertrandOlivier Bertrand2 months ago
  • Randy where is your brother no see for so long

    saurabh gabhalesaurabh gabhale2 months ago
  • @Randy. U need the show light for the bed more to complete the set.

    Jonathan PerezJonathan Perez2 months ago
  • Dude fex the gtr

    Richan FloraRichan Flora2 months ago
  • Randy out here with the fleece top. I love how they feel outside of uniform.

    Assault the AsphaltAssault the Asphalt2 months ago
  • I feel like he’s gonna put a veilside kit on it 🤔

    Brandon SantanaBrandon Santana2 months ago
  • That sweater looks good on you bro 😎

    ReiRei2 months ago
  • LMFAOOO @15:18 Anybody else catch this 🤣🤣🤣 just pause it, look how Randy’s standing and where Tomas hands are

  • Lovin this OEM PLUS vibe

    Riyaadh UddinRiyaadh Uddin2 months ago
  • Opens bumper “ this is an oem part from Nissan “ lol my guy is so use to Nissan’s

    Son Of CyclesSon Of Cycles2 months ago
  • Hyped for the itasha wraps on the fd’s that sonny “leaked” in his vid. I wonder what hot-ass waifu it’s gonna be 😈😍

    diodio2 months ago
  • C-west bumper plus origin fenders on the on rx7 would be cleannnn

    Son Of CyclesSon Of Cycles2 months ago
  • lmao when randy couldn’t tell if Thomas was being Foreal or not😂😂😂

    SteezeNutzSteezeNutz2 months ago
  • That chick low key cute behind that mask. Lol

    C_ PuppetC_ Puppet2 months ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    James SchugJames Schug2 months ago
  • Vargas needs to build a bitching 3 rotor that spits 3ft flames for the fd

    Rich UngRich Ung2 months ago
  • im just waiting on the r32 gtr's comeback

    Peter SalasPeter Salas2 months ago
  • I want to see the RX7 with a turbo

    Achmad Zaki ArdiwijayaAchmad Zaki Ardiwijaya2 months ago
  • “We’ll just do a quick u-turn” proceeds to send it down the street😂love the vids❤️

    BrodieBrodie2 months ago
  • Drop a 4 rotor

    daunte sinclairdaunte sinclair2 months ago
  • Nice walmart haircut

    ReKn StudiosReKn Studios2 months ago
  • The license plate location looks horrible on that bumper

    OBS on24sOBS on24s2 months ago
  • I like your cut g

    Alex CruzAlex Cruz2 months ago
  • 18:50 whys Vu creeping like that 😂😂🤣

    rstezzarstezza2 months ago
  • man turned a rx7 into a pontiac sunfire

    Fruit SaladFruit Salad2 months ago
  • The first scene looks like my coke lab in gta

    EthanBoultEthanBoult2 months ago
  • One question where do you buy your cars?

    Alex MosenoAlex Moseno2 months ago
  • I know for a fact that Randy is getting an Origin Lab Kit

    Oscar ReynosoOscar Reynoso2 months ago
  • original mazdaspeed, classy. now paint it blue.

    potatochobitpotatochobit2 months ago
  • You need to cut that license plate bracket off and fiberglass it close

    Jason pizarroJason pizarro2 months ago
  • Tbh I like the zenki front end more then the kouki one

    Metro BobbertonMetro Bobberton2 months ago
  • VeilSide u wontttt😝😝

    AbsoledAbsoled2 months ago