NEW Illiminate Warehouse + NEW R34 Skyline Wheels Reveal!

Feb 4, 2021
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We transform both the R34 Skyline and the Illiminate warehouse in today's video! A week's worth of effort was soo worth it!!! What do you guys think? Do you like the new Work Wheels? How's the new and improved warehouse??? Thanks for subscribing and watching our videos. LOVE YOU GUYS!
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  • Make some illiminate shoes with like Nike or vans or something

    Clay KennedyClay Kennedy17 hours ago
  • I love the vlogs man

    Clout DemonClout Demon22 hours ago
  • Shit, I would have flown out there and scrubbed and waxed those bathroom floors. that or you guys need to put rubber mats in the bathrooms and office.

    bigben1986bigben1986Day ago
  • 6:13 Isaac be looking like Harry’s green goblin from Spider-Man 3

    Omar MarinOmar Marin3 days ago
  • Now the shop looks more legit and professional

    Kennedy VangKennedy Vang6 days ago
  • ive always wanted to work on cars like you guys, but i know nothing about cars, ive always wanted to have a cool JDM car but i have no money, and ive always wanted a family like that.

    Taki.KeyokeTaki.Keyoke7 days ago
  • It’s funny how randy looked all worried when the dude behind the camera started laughing about his “goals”💀

    Pedro ChavezPedro Chavez9 days ago
  • Need more tony content.. love his builds

    Bobby ThaoBobby Thao11 days ago
  • 12:53-13:15 I felt the vibe in my bone 🚶🏾‍♂️❄️❄️

    Cory BrownCory Brown11 days ago
  • I love this video , the speakers really make me feel the vibe , you should make some videos driving in the rain

    Cory BrownCory Brown11 days ago
  • what happen to Thomas? where is he now?

    deejaydelishdeejaydelish12 days ago
  • Wheels did not blow my skirt up....

    Paradox GParadox G14 days ago
  • I think Randy learned a new word today🤣

    SN_ LeonSN_ Leon14 days ago
  • Nice fitment and what engine does the truck have

    Joshua BoydJoshua Boyd14 days ago
  • 16:10 Randy's goal should be reaching to 1 million subscribers am I right guys?

    Golden Exotic Alex XGolden Exotic Alex X14 days ago
  • When are they gonna put a turbo or a supercharger on their cars bruh

    Justin kyle MagalingJustin kyle Magaling15 days ago
  • Warehouse turned out amazing sheeshhh

    Charlie MartinezCharlie Martinez15 days ago
  • What happened to randy's subs he was at a million now hes at 900k

    snowyy 7371snowyy 737115 days ago
  • #roadto1mil

    THE RafterTHE Rafter15 days ago
  • isaac gotta nice a$$ truck tho 💯

    Immortal DopieImmortal Dopie16 days ago
  • 20:00 You are welcome.

    Aniket KarvirAniket Karvir16 days ago
  • 🔥 🔥 warehouse looking very nice !

    JPQVLOGJPQVLOG16 days ago
  • For

    The Gaming HouseThe Gaming House16 days ago
  • Guys should stay in r34 foe 24 hours

    The Gaming HouseThe Gaming House16 days ago
  • Shop looks great. I liked the advice about writing down your goals as well, its a common quality among successful people.

    Josh RajuJosh Raju16 days ago
  • Sk8er boi uncle 😂

    Eddie CEddie C16 days ago
  • what you actually came here for 20:20

    R3dWoodR3dWood16 days ago
  • Thought the warehouse was a lease?

    Brim RipperBrim Ripper17 days ago
  • Randy you should buy a s14

    She in a comaShe in a coma17 days ago
  • if u guys are renting it why are u guys re modeling the warehouse? or did you guys bought it??

    Jenn BugJenn Bug17 days ago
  • Why does your uncle look younger than you 🤣

    David CashDavid Cash17 days ago
  • *writes down notes* *bank account goes 7 digits*

    anthony mendezanthony mendez17 days ago
  • Can’t wait to buy the new merchandise 😇😇🔥🔥

    Isaac OntiverosIsaac Ontiveros17 days ago
  • Hang your USworlds plates Dey would motivate you to b more successful den wat you was from d start

    David RodriguezDavid Rodriguez17 days ago
  • Goals asfff

    Anthony wrightAnthony wright17 days ago
  • "out and keep moving forward"

    Paul Rupert MortelPaul Rupert Mortel17 days ago
  • Bro your living the dream, in Australia JDM car prices have shot through the roof and are too expensive for me to afford lol keeping living the dream

    Lucas McShaneLucas McShane17 days ago
  • Where is thomas??

    Pavan TechPavan Tech17 days ago
  • Dude is a dream to work in that workshop 👀

    AdonnAdonn17 days ago
  • bro that was Jon the gangsta

    vntgzlvntgzl17 days ago
  • the grey you were looking for is a matte gray not some glossy shit lol

    ittotaqittotaq17 days ago
  • yooo, we remodeled our bathroom and we need that light, we need a light that bolts onto the wall on the left and the right goes to the right. can i buy that bathroom light?

    BrandonBrandon17 days ago
  • They literally full on went HGTV mode...

    Rafid AhmedRafid Ahmed17 days ago
  • I love the new upgrade on the shop!! 😎😍😍

    Adan CasasAdan Casas17 days ago
  • Todoroki under "Fire Extinguisher" LMAOOOOO

    Matthew ValentinMatthew Valentin17 days ago
  • I love these types of vids. It’s so nice to see the warehouse transform.

    BRŸ thèçrêatęrBRŸ thèçrêatęr17 days ago
  • You should build a second floor at the back do that whole wall back there From the stair to the right put old car parts and inventory up there

    Christian TerrazasChristian Terrazas17 days ago
  • Word of the day, Realistically

    Sir Yogi BeatsSir Yogi Beats18 days ago
  • Its either you get rich by screwing ur friends over to the side and make stupid videos like this just trying to fill in the gaps of the video to reveal something or then work for someone pay check by pay check and live with your friends and never have a house on your own with your family no wonder Christian left and is making his dreams come true

    on1 762on1 76218 days ago
    • you're a weirdo bro

      KGSKGS17 days ago
  • Niceeeew

    ZXZX18 days ago
  • small steps big movements

    DJ SINRGDJ SINRG18 days ago
  • Where my carpenters at

    AlexAlex18 days ago
  • I thought his uncle was stupid young

    Jose SandovalJose Sandoval18 days ago
  • I've have been waiting for this video so long idk why! I so happy!

    William DemenforsWilliam Demenfors18 days ago
  • Better make sure security is on point randy. Can’t have all that nice stuff in their with some weak security. Not saying you don’t but just reminding in case your security is slacking. Also uncle is a beast, putting that work in. 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

    Jon O.Jon O.18 days ago
  • Get a barndominium its so cool, the only thing you got to do is find land and a kit. Its cheaper, building process is quick, fully customizable, and its takes 4-5 months to build.

    GucciTsunami 3.0GucciTsunami 3.018 days ago
  • U Should of got bride stuff

    Official_Jay2345 JayOfficial_Jay2345 Jay18 days ago
  • yo randy you should add a net around the half pipe area like at those golf courses so that boards don't go flying at the cars or at the lounge area lol. And then maybe you could like hang banners/nobori flags on the nets or something.

    N-JOIN-JOI18 days ago
  • Looks awesome

    GhostDigitalGhostDigital18 days ago
  • Worst content

    Anthony GarciaAnthony Garcia18 days ago
    • CLOWN

      KGSKGS17 days ago
  • sooo underrated

    Henry XPHenry XP18 days ago
  • keep up the good work your content is sick

    Hjtb_2005Hjtb_200518 days ago
  • Skip to 20 mins if you wanna see the skyline

    Spencer KendallSpencer Kendall18 days ago
  • I miss the “stanced out cambered look” I still can’t believe randy said that he’s over the whole low as fuck cambered out look 😭 he should do a crazy cambered stanced out car just to go back to his roots for a little 😭😭

    jose lunajose luna18 days ago
  • @randy you should link up with @chuuuki... she has a style like you guys. You might be a good influence for her channel bro. She has the capacity to become great.

    Greg StewardGreg Steward18 days ago
  • Be cool if you had a front office where people could come buy your merch right from you

    Jason SJason S18 days ago
  • It’s so crazy to remember back when I found this channel , below 100k subs and then to now a whole ass warehouse 🙏🔥

    ToonzToonz18 days ago
  • Bro the works look so good on the skyline omg I’m in love 🥴🥴😍😍😍

    ToonzToonz18 days ago
  • 20 minute vlogs are the best

    Joshua WestermanJoshua Westerman18 days ago
  • Optimized work environment will lead to better quality videos and allow for more content. Everyone loves home improvement shows anyways, glad we got to see the Illiminate warehouse get an upgrade. Excited to see it all come together so you can push for that 1 mil subs!

    Sappy JSappy J18 days ago
  • Hey Randy, i have a car seat to drive a sim that’s nice right? Btw the warehouse looks good and the wheels daaaaammmn

    ThefatcatThefatcat18 days ago
  • I try to have you as my motivation I just can’t find the will to do what I Vision in my head 😔

    MambaXJunky xMambaXJunky x18 days ago
  • I think its too small make it a bit bigger

    Francis DCFrancis DC18 days ago
  • Amazing job on everything bro. Keep up with all the dope stuff. I love you randy(no homo)😂😘😘❤️❤️

  • I would approve but Tony don’t respond on ig so it’s aight

    GoproGopro18 days ago
  • His uncle is younger than him

    Lucas LaCombe RobloxLucas LaCombe Roblox18 days ago
  • I hope to join illiminate one Day! The bros are so cool!

    IKronixIKronix18 days ago
  • how the fuck your uncle is younger then you bro. LMAO

  • does anyone think illiminate should open JDM mechanic warehouse. comment below.

  • why is nissan skyline r34 price goes up dramatically.

  • Give JimmyO your old engine that would be perfect

    Pa1hPa1h18 days ago
  • I like your jacket bro, where did you get that? tell me

    Ivan CanlasIvan Canlas18 days ago
  • Dude you already have a r34, r32, Rx7, and a supra just need a Mitsubishi Evo to have many super JDM legends

    david omar tovar huertadavid omar tovar huerta18 days ago
  • Og bro remember old blogs at Kevin’s house

    Kevin JayKevin Jay18 days ago
  • Hey brotha I'm new to your channel and wanted to thank you for doing what you do for your family and your boys . There ain't many people like you out there and stay blessed

    707 SaV707 SaV18 days ago
  • yesssirrr

    Carlo GarciaCarlo Garcia18 days ago
  • You should put some anime posters

    MrN3mobg _ytMrN3mobg _yt18 days ago
  • Go fund me for issac windshield ...

    Tee LeelaTee Leela18 days ago
  • Imma need a link for that kakashi sticker

    MegaMM25MegaMM2518 days ago
  • do a video washing all the cars

    TFS CloudTFS Cloud18 days ago
  • All those shits you guys are missing some TVs in the crappers

    DeezyDeezy18 days ago
  • Yooooooooo get that smug off the whiteboard 💀💀💀

    BoLt blackBoLt black18 days ago
  • The warehouse looks fird man but you really need more scape .

    Christian OrtegaChristian Ortega18 days ago
  • Love the shop💯

    Kendall SaxtonKendall Saxton18 days ago
  • Proud of you randy for your accomplishments! Can’t wait to see what’s yet to come! 😈

    HELLBOIHELLBOI18 days ago
  • Gonna start writing in my journal more and start getting to these goals and dreams, thanks Randy !

    Damon ThorngDamon Thorng18 days ago
  • Love this

    Cris MontesCris Montes18 days ago
  • U went to the ikea in East Palo Alto didn’t u

    AngelAngel18 days ago
  • How did he get a r34

    Sargun LudSargun Lud18 days ago
  • Randy is a SMART man new and improved warehouse is so nice

    Sebastien GarciaSebastien Garcia18 days ago