NEW Motor Reveal for the R34 GT Type-R Skyline!!!

Feb 9, 2021
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We are going to K swap the R34 skyline! Huge thanks to JDM of California for hooking us up with the motor, if you guys need any motors or anything JDM related, hit them up! Get ready, and get HYPED for the R34 GT Type-R! THIS BUILD IS GOING TO BE SICK!!!!!
Check out their website here!
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  • im so blessed to win this car! thank you so much guys!

    IamjdmgearIamjdmgear14 days ago
    • @RUBY DA CHERRY 🙏🏼

      IamjdmgearIamjdmgear11 days ago
    • Congratulations bro

    • Dweeb

      DamieennnDamieennn11 days ago
    • So happy you won congrats bro

      SamBamSamBam11 days ago
    • you deserved this it was meant to be fr enjoy it

      Noah LackeyNoah Lackey11 days ago
  • Can't wait till the build is finish.... I have two k series myself so I'm totally hyped asf 🔥🔥🔥🔥👌🏾

    mykoo93mykoo93Hour ago
  • Different, something you guys never fail to surprise us with. Even more excited for this build and can’t wait to see it finished!

    Santi DominguezSanti Dominguez17 hours ago
  • He deserv it

    Chris GarcíaChris García19 hours ago
  • what’s the guy who won the cars youtube channel, loved his reaction 😂 @ me his channel and everyone sub to him

    Luke BeardLuke Beard21 hour ago
  • The barra would have been super crazy tho

    Eriberto CardenasEriberto Cardenas22 hours ago
  • Going to be your most reliable car now! 🤣

    CBRaaap DerekCBRaaap DerekDay ago
  • the jimmy o collab is siccckkk!!

    Joey WillsJoey WillsDay ago
  • As soon as you said that you're going to be doing something the Internet would hate and I knew it was gonna be a K series engine

    Jordan CarterJordan Carter3 days ago
  • I was honestly expecting a 1j

    Me LeafyMe Leafy3 days ago
  • Nissan R-24 GT Type R

    RyanBRecklessRyanBReckless5 days ago
  • Hey randy you want to buy bags for my 92 miata 😳😁😂🤘

    Carlos MadrigalCarlos Madrigal5 days ago
  • Bro I love the videos you have so many of my dream cars but however u make ur car I would support

    Jimmy DoanJimmy Doan5 days ago
  • Have Brent From PFI tune it

    FA5 KEVFA5 KEV5 days ago
  • This is so crazy but I respect randy so much going with the out side the box and just crazy shit like this

    Chase BerryChase Berry6 days ago

    Brian and the 240Brian and the 2406 days ago
  • I'm pissed, unsubscribed... ...sikes! No for real, this is unacceptable.

    Ram-G-maNRam-G-maN6 days ago

    K MoK Mo6 days ago
  • Sounds dope.... people have won awards for putting Honda engines in old school Toyota’s so why not

    Kennedy VangKennedy Vang6 days ago
  • Nope nope nope I'm unsubscribing

    ZiyaanZiyaan6 days ago
    • Cool

      Chris GarcíaChris García19 hours ago
  • Everyones dream drift built is a RB25 or 1,2 j one

  • SICK!🔥

    Chase DarlandChase Darland7 days ago
  • I actually like the idea lol it’s a nbd👍🏼💯

    Carlos HernandezCarlos Hernandez7 days ago
  • You can makr a v8 out of it

    Robbe VerpaeleRobbe Verpaele7 days ago
  • Oh hell naw! Smh

    Ed CarEd Car7 days ago
  • Do two lol

    Jaydium ThaoJaydium Thao8 days ago

    Rob AttyRob Atty8 days ago
  • was already typing up that I hate the duel engine idea lmao thankfully waited before I hit send

    Joseph CervantesJoseph Cervantes8 days ago
  • I’m curious to know where Randy bought his jacket. Lol

    Marcos PaucarMarcos Paucar8 days ago
  • Turbo build

    OldSkool BassOldSkool Bass8 days ago
  • Unsubscribe (Joking ofc) . Wouldnt never do it though..

    StavrosqqStavrosqq8 days ago
  • Are you selling the Rb25det Neo? If so how much?

    HellaDirtyGrindTvHellaDirtyGrindTv8 days ago
  • Just realised Luke looks like Jim halpert from the office

    Thistasteslike assThistasteslike ass8 days ago
  • Im lowkey pumped that the r34 is getting k swapped

    LL9 days ago
  • Taylor ray is doing it on a sefiero

    Ramon AbundizRamon Abundiz9 days ago
  • Sick!! Can’t wait to see it !

    Huy LeHuy Le9 days ago
  • Can you give me the other k20 engine for my honda civic ❤️🔥

    Josbaric TVJosbaric TV9 days ago
  • Hahahah🤣 You guys are insane I love it!!

    Easy ThreesEasy Threes9 days ago
  • Coming from a TSX driver with a k24 I’m about to turbo it and this just makes me wanna do it even more

    Shane Johnson23Shane Johnson239 days ago
  • When you can’t beat a Honda but wanna beat all the other gtr

    Fredys VillanuevaFredys Villanueva9 days ago
  • Nahhh...

    Catch Some ZzZCatch Some ZzZ9 days ago
  • What do I think? Views: 📈📈📈

    TCMTTCMT9 days ago
  • You should be ashamed of yourself

    The coop 48The coop 489 days ago
  • Wow, nice. Unsubbing

    __ ZEOS ____ ZEOS __9 days ago
  • Wow love it. I didn’t see this coming I thought you were gonna put some rb sr in it I’m a Honda guy what had originally brought me to the channel were the s2ks

    Mrqz 616Mrqz 6169 days ago
  • I was thinking sr20 lol

    Alex TavaresAlex Tavares9 days ago
  • God damn that's something crazy but something different and its exciting

    noni 09noni 099 days ago
  • k swap the world rannnnnnnndy

    Nicholas HernandezNicholas Hernandez9 days ago
  • #Kswaptheworld

    LSR JordanLSR Jordan9 days ago
  • Is a K swap even worth it in a heavier car? To me, this just seem stupid.

    Matt MisanthropyMatt Misanthropy9 days ago
  • The whole giveaway was rigged

    Alexis GarciaAlexis Garcia9 days ago
  • Datsun giveaway👀

    Christian PerezChristian Perez9 days ago

    PhajEJEK LyPhajEJEK Ly9 days ago
  • bro i love your chanal coz i like nissan skylines and subras and stuff like that keep up the good work 👍🏻

    Aussie_gamer69 YTAussie_gamer69 YT10 days ago
  • Can’t wait to see it finished 😁

    Shaquan BrownShaquan Brown10 days ago
  • Yes! Yes! It will be a fucking Frankenstein master piece I fucking love it😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Donovan PorterDonovan Porter10 days ago
  • Please see my channel if you like!!

  • Hell yeah do it

    illiminate illiminateilliminate illiminate10 days ago
  • so damn excited for the build, but if you’re gonna call it a type r, gotta be a type r motor

    Adrian BaltarAdrian Baltar10 days ago
  • I honestly thought it'd be 2jz. But im interested in seeing what you do with this k motor

    Ricardo SmithRicardo Smith10 days ago
  • Serious question, what’s the difference between an r34 GTR and a GT type R?

    PrimitxvePrimitxve10 days ago
  • Those k motors need to breath run a fat ass TB on it and 4 inch full pipe

    Matto -DesuMatto -Desu10 days ago
  • Fuck yeah baby Honda

    Matto -DesuMatto -Desu10 days ago
  • Bro fuck yeah!!! Thats gunna be a bad ass build 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    alejandro mirandaalejandro miranda10 days ago
  • Did u get the r34 from the Uk the steering wheel is on the right

    Vcv_johnVcv_john10 days ago

    Celina LopezCelina Lopez10 days ago
  • K swap the world!

    Crx DriveCrx Drive10 days ago
  • Ka would be the way to go 😂

  • this is crazy

    Xavy CenaXavy Cena11 days ago
  • 2j, ls, k20,k24🤬🤬🤬 In a gtt. For those new to the channel in gone now

    Marley CasasMarley Casas11 days ago
  • The rotary would have been a better build

    Pablo LsxPablo Lsx11 days ago
  • I fuckin love you cuz ✅✅✅✅

    OG UNRULYOG UNRULY11 days ago

    SiKameraman HaileySiKameraman Hailey11 days ago
  • Porsche flat 6? Call it a r34 gtrs? That would be pretty sick too

    Ethan FrantzEthan Frantz11 days ago
  • love the k swap

    matulatormatulator11 days ago
  • Illiminate To The The Next LEVEL!!!

    Correy YongCorrey Yong11 days ago
  • congrats to johan, i was so sad cuz i entered the giveaway and my name is johan too 🤣 out name being rare made it even worse. the car is going into good hands tho. feels weird having randy say my name lik

    z34.johanz34.johan11 days ago
  • Why not just get the crv drivetrain and go awd

    Alan DinhAlan Dinh11 days ago
  • i had an em1 with a k swap, could never get it rwd converted so i gave up in it, this just makes me wanna try it again

    YariniYarini11 days ago
  • You had me in the first half. Not gonna lie. With the twin k’s 🤣🤣

    CodFishStranglerCodFishStrangler11 days ago
  • What I think it's unic

    Samuel perreaultSamuel perreault11 days ago
  • This is gonna be sick

    Raul ZambranoRaul Zambrano11 days ago
  • all they need now is a civic with a rb25 motor in it and a laptop with nos

    Nottiger15Nottiger1511 days ago
  • that's was so sick man 😂...tak terpikir nak k swap kat r34😂😂

    Joker VeinsJoker Veins11 days ago

    Nottiger15Nottiger1511 days ago
  • shoulda done an rb26 then it would practially be a gtr

    Jack ReyengaJack Reyenga11 days ago
  • 🤘can't wait to see that!!!!

    r Mr M11 days ago
  • Dud if someone hits you in the back your screwed

    Omar CuevasOmar Cuevas11 days ago
  • I like the new idea

    Alexander ArvizuAlexander Arvizu11 days ago
  • swap it now i’m impatient

    Yung NalaYung Nala11 days ago
  • Dooooo it randy OMG BE THE 1ST

    dead boy760dead boy76011 days ago
  • Should of did a k20 bottom and k24 type S head , that Shit will smack cars

    Alex MAlex M11 days ago
  • As soon as you started taking about it in the video i knew you were putting a Honda motor

    Crispy VlogsCrispy Vlogs11 days ago
  • Should be dope man

    Michael SquiresMichael Squires11 days ago
  • dude i hate u now

    Untitled otheflash28Untitled otheflash2811 days ago
  • Ben from Gears and Gasoline likes this

    DarrylDarryl11 days ago
  • Fucking savage ! I can’t wait to see this shit , this is amazing

    Cory BrownCory Brown11 days ago
  • I fucken new it was a Honda motor he’s Asian

    Alan GonzalezAlan Gonzalez12 days ago
  • V TEC 🤢

    xD WarlordxD Warlord12 days ago
  • Fucking sick as shit

    IrregularIrregular12 days ago