NEW Supra VS OLD Supra!

Mar 8, 2021
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@JackUltraMotive came to town, of course we had to show him a good time! Unfortunately his car broke down so we had to let him drive the A90 Supra. Dean also brought his beautiful Mark 4 Supra out. Hope you guys enjoy today's video!

  • 8:13 can someone tell me the name of the car I been trying to remember but I cant

    Dacian JMZDacian JMZDay ago
  • the photoshoot location they were at in the last part of the video is tye parking lot at eastridge mall

    Jose HuescaJose Huesca22 days ago
  • The new Supra is a BMW

    Betta laoBetta lao28 days ago
  • Would be interesting to see Mk1 Celica Supra & Mk5 Supra

    alfredo cancholaalfredo cancholaMonth ago
  • Can someone help me identify what car is the light blue Silvia at 6:16

    SurfySurfyMonth ago
  • damm jack's car look more like a game in the nice shots to real XD

    damian ddamian dMonth ago
  • Damn WTF Randy

    Roman GarzaRoman GarzaMonth ago
  • 10 out of 10

    Johnson KanthanJohnson KanthanMonth ago
  • Mk4 supra is the best like dam my dream car Toyotas best car

    Johnson KanthanJohnson KanthanMonth ago

    Allied GamezAllied GamezMonth ago
  • this is the most unexpected collab ever. i've been subscribed to Jack's channel for almost 2 years now and I have just subscribed to Randy's channel for a couple of days. I love these two guy's contents.

    kairuchimarukairuchimaruMonth ago
  • I saw the 350 and was like “jack ?”

    VagUeParagon _VagUeParagon _Month ago
  • Sick car meet!! 🤘❤

    Mary's ChannelMary's ChannelMonth ago
  • 👍🏻

    Juan CarlosJuan CarlosMonth ago
  • dude luke looks like he wants to kill himself 24/7

    BlhuBlhuMonth ago
  • Jude coming in last wit the NSX was lit af haha

    illmatic Billmatic BMonth ago
  • Didn't expect the Forza z here.

    Hype VoidHype VoidMonth ago
  • I'm winning that emblem ;)

    Jesus CollasJesus CollasMonth ago
  • That Supra is 10; they’re rare as hell just like Luke is a 10 rare as hell; stays behind to install a clutch for a stranded fellow you tuber. Yep 2 stars shining:: that white Supra and Luke gettin it done son🤛🤛👌👌

    David BoyceDavid BoyceMonth ago
  • Ok kevin with the stock ride height😂😂

    Swish856Swish856Month ago
  • U might as well call it a bmw with a Supra body

    Chill MusicChill MusicMonth ago
  • Yous are living the dream rn

    VelohVelohMonth ago
  • Rollers were so fucking sick 🔥

    BasedGod EdgarBasedGod EdgarMonth ago
  • Was supposed to bring the Supra but accidentally brought the Skyline ... I wish I had these problems lol

    ChefJerfeyChefJerfeyMonth ago
  • that's goals 🥺❤️

    ιтoхιcιғy-ιтoхιcιғy-Month ago
  • Old supraaa

    Harama Hapeta-HeremaiaHarama Hapeta-HeremaiaMonth ago
  • Old supra slaps

    Kyle StoryKyle StoryMonth ago
  • new supra? i just see a bmw and a supra

    - Assie- AssieMonth ago
  • sooooo clean! best crew out there

    TrentelTrentelMonth ago
  • You mean new bmw

    Ian WilbanksIan WilbanksMonth ago
  • I really hope they get to 1 million

    Jose RomeroJose RomeroMonth ago
  • You mean new toyota vs supra?

    _FiLiPcZaK__FiLiPcZaK_Month ago
  • More like bmw vs toyota HAHAHAHAHA

    AmboyAmboyMonth ago
  • OK 12 year olds who say that this is a BMW stfu it ain't funny anymore and get your greasy sweaty hands out of this comment section

    steamed toaststeamed toastMonth ago
  • how tall is the person driving the new supra?

    acloudboy V.1acloudboy V.1Month ago
  • Well since no one is gonna say it I'll say it... *Yo is that a Supra*

    Dimitra The presonDimitra The presonMonth ago
  • that 300 is 🔥

    aka olaka olMonth ago
  • Are these soup-rah?

    Tripp2HeavenTripp2HeavenMonth ago
  • New *BMW Vs Old Supra

    NeoNeoMonth ago
  • Is it just me or is anyone else wondering we’re Tomas is at

    Tosh DayTosh DayMonth ago
  • Props to Jack making a live Forza theme 350z

    TougeRuzbayTougeRuzbayMonth ago
  • Road to 1 million!!!! Coming up

  • Damn! jackultramotive Illiminate collab!🔥🔥

    Walter FJKWalter FJKMonth ago
  • You guys have to check out the ninebot gokart youll love it!

    Jay CooksJay CooksMonth ago
  • do you guys get pulled over often because of the loud exhausts? i got pulled over twice over the weekend, first for driving with a loud spec d exhaust on my friends almost stock integra and second for a turbo air freshener hanging from my cars rearview mirror. cant have shit in cali

    Ryan VoRyan VoMonth ago
  • anyone know the spot at the end?

    Phil LeePhil LeeMonth ago
  • A mk4 Supra doesn’t match stance it’s ugly af imo

    MrMengo911MrMengo911Month ago
  • New BMW vs Old Toyota

    Frequent TravellerFrequent TravellerMonth ago
  • OLD

    Sick StuffSick StuffMonth ago
  • ngl the mk5 clean 🧼

    FrLegendsEditz _FrLegendsEditz _Month ago
  • What car is the yellow one 👀?

    Jose HernandezJose HernandezMonth ago
  • I think the old supra looks better in my opinion. Something about the modern supra bugs me.

    Mr SmartsMr SmartsMonth ago
  • I prefer the old super Because the other one is just a BMW with a Toyota badge

    Richard AstonRichard AstonMonth ago
  • Damn he fucking clickbaited me 🥺

    Daniel PerezDaniel PerezMonth ago
  • Ayye jackultras Z!

    Senna SabreSenna SabreMonth ago
  • I'm still laughing at last night. Hope Randy heals from his vicious finger cut.

    Calvin WCalvin WMonth ago
  • I like the older supra body style

    Slump BMXSlump BMXMonth ago
  • i watch jacks vlog and he says that he going to san Jose and im like hes going to see the illiminate crew

    LucuidbtwLucuidbtwMonth ago
  • Was more impressed by the fact the BMW had a working indicator light😂😂

    HelpJawsKilledMeHelpJawsKilledMeMonth ago
  • A new supra looking good and the old supra 😋👍👍

    Syafiie 0303Syafiie 0303Month ago
  • Are you going to do any meets bro🦾💯

    Evan JayEvan JayMonth ago
  • make a sticker or picture with all the white care lined up and KJs nsx in the middle please

    AYEE NITO 35AYEE NITO 35Month ago
  • That nsx needs to be slammed asap!

    RidgeAZ 520RidgeAZ 520Month ago
  • full support from NYC

    Evolve LifestyleEvolve LifestyleMonth ago
  • gosh this entire video is just a vibe all of your videos are but I love the group driving sessions nothing better than cruising with friends!

    ThoreThoreMonth ago
  • Ohh.. i mean bmw vs old supra 🤭

    Ash AshariAsh AshariMonth ago
    • Yooo u are so funny man got me dyin laughing...original joke too goddamn!!should maybe build a career on it!

      Capt MeowCapt MeowMonth ago
  • Mk4 *Iconic* 2020*cool kid*

    Team BanditTeam BanditMonth ago
  • Finally a z on the channel

    Beyond SavageBeyond SavageMonth ago
  • Buy old bro . Plz wide body it like the new tj hunt supra

    Randy LeRandy LeMonth ago
  • Dude what’s the name of that lofi it sounds 🔥🔥

    TrapanieseTrapanieseMonth ago
  • Name of song on cinematics

    Rogelio ArreguinRogelio ArreguinMonth ago
  • I'm obsessing over the A90 supra. Such a beautiful car 😍

    KSEKSEMonth ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    James SchugJames SchugMonth ago
  • Iconic video

    Japheth RandallJapheth RandallMonth ago
  • Why the camera man breathin so hard tho

    NoNoMonth ago
  • Eyyyy there's jack

    Kyle RamsumairKyle RamsumairMonth ago
  • almost at 1 mil subscribers baby!

    MuffeeMuffeeMonth ago
  • MK4 $upra ALL DAY EVERYDAY! All the cars looks great though lol

    Beastcoastmr2Beastcoastmr2Month ago
  • now i need to get my car and look for this man in San Jose, Luckily i live an hour away

    lime_droppalime_droppaMonth ago
  • Get sonny some color blind glasses so he can see the colors of the cars

    tongtongMonth ago
  • That’s @muddamedia bagged Supra on Instagram his Car is actually pretty sweet

    Hunter SouzaHunter SouzaMonth ago
  • Love the supra I had a question were did you get your GTR I'm interested in buying one

    Joshua ReynoldsJoshua ReynoldsMonth ago
  • all the cinematics were lit no cap 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    RICORICOMonth ago
  • Damn. Literally just saw jack on i5 north the other day

    8r2nd0nS8r2nd0nSMonth ago
  • Dean in the Mk4. Go check his cinematics @muddamedia !!! So sick seeing both Supras together.

    Wolfgang UnderbergWolfgang UnderbergMonth ago
  • Both of my favorite USworlds creatures finally meet

    p i s t o lp i s t o lMonth ago
  • Hi

    Optimistic TwistOptimistic TwistMonth ago
  • ayy look MuddaMedia

    Ivan LauIvan LauMonth ago
  • I’d give it a 9. from a dude with a 6 lol

    RobbyAintShitRobbyAintShitMonth ago
  • The collab we all needed and didn’t even know it😂😂👏🏽

    Hey YouHey YouMonth ago
  • Bro i love your content, just recently started watching. I have watched a lot from SAMMIT, if you ever go to japan for something car related, it would be sick if you did a collab dude.

    CaptainLoafyCaptainLoafyMonth ago
  • LMFAOOOO I was so confused when I clicked on the video because I saw Jack ultra motive’s 350z and this was illiminate’s video🤣🤣

    Hey YouHey YouMonth ago
  • 8:20 $$$$$$$$$

    Hippie MouvementHippie MouvementMonth ago
  • The new Supra is growing on me ngl

    zarktovenzarktovenMonth ago
  • Both of em are over fire Randy it blown my mind

    Abenzio PhawaAbenzio PhawaMonth ago
  • Sick

    Son Of CyclesSon Of CyclesMonth ago
  • The supra is so sick!!!

    Lukas HmmdliLukas HmmdliMonth ago
  • Your missing a lug nut on the nsx lmao

    JoJoFtwJoJoFtwMonth ago
  • 11:22 cinematic made me scream without the s😫😩🥴

    Golden tkachGolden tkachMonth ago
  • You and jack are meeting again

    Joshua AlasJoshua AlasMonth ago