Nismo R34 GTR Z-Tune Conversion Complete!

Jan 25, 2021
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We complete the R34 GTT to GTR conversion! Up next are the rear over fenders, but as for the body kit we are done! What do you guys think? Subscribe for more R34 Skyline content!
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  • Where u get the parts?

    Jonny MJonny M9 days ago
  • Очень много болтовни, бла бла бла

    Vitaha ZadyabinVitaha Zadyabin11 days ago
  • R34 25gt can be converted to gtr?

    Elvivillo 17Elvivillo 1717 days ago
  • he said big turbo its totally going to be a 2jz swap gave it away right there 😂

    chris garciachris garcia22 days ago
  • Genuine nismo fits on a GTT.... ?

    LiamLiam24 days ago
  • I subbed straight after the fart..

    Marc Murphy GuitarMarc Murphy Guitar25 days ago
  • Wish I had a friend like Simon

    ReapismReapism25 days ago
  • Why converting it in to a GT-R?isn't better than putting and Ferrari kit on a Pontiac Fiero😅,it's still gonna be a GTT even with 99% of GT-R parts on it... Papers talk.

    ToYoToYo25 days ago
  • What about the broken front lip what happened with that?

    Edgard De La CruzEdgard De La Cruz25 days ago
  • He’s prob putting a 2jz In it

  • What about the GTR wing bro?

    K4 JXYK4 JXY26 days ago
  • paint it black then red LEDs

    DrillistDrillist26 days ago
  • Or royal Blue

    Waiariki Pou-MatatahiWaiariki Pou-Matatahi26 days ago
  • Midnight purple

    Waiariki Pou-MatatahiWaiariki Pou-Matatahi26 days ago
  • Last time i was this late Randy owned a miata

    JinHit EntertainmentJinHit Entertainment27 days ago
  • Post up the video of the rear quarter panels already you lazy asses. JK. Tell your video editor he's lagging.

    Love Me Some AJLove Me Some AJ27 days ago
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    Ginger MarieGinger Marie27 days ago
  • his mf bumper costs as much as my fkin miata😫

    N-JOIN-JOI27 days ago
  • Where tf does this guy live so he can have a GT-R R34 Skyline

    Tyler 978Tyler 97827 days ago
    • It isn't a GT-R,is a GTT with gtr parts on it

      ToYoToYo25 days ago
  • 12:52 😂

    EC TVEC TV27 days ago
  • Stewie2k's brother? xd

    WraitherTVWraitherTV27 days ago
  • This ones vs DailyDrivenExotics that be dope video any word

    Lord Savage404Lord Savage40427 days ago
  • its clear as daylight you dont like girls lol nothing wrong with that but you need to be honest

    AlbertoAlberto27 days ago
  • 6:48 legends is playing in the background

    PhantomPhantom27 days ago
  • can't wait homie!!

    Cho_ EvoXCho_ EvoX27 days ago
  • Ouff LS swap?!

    DienamusDienamus27 days ago
  • Poser

    A SeeberA Seeber27 days ago
  • I bet he will put a 2jz in it

    Jordan PersaudJordan Persaud27 days ago
  • when are you going to do the Tire

  • you should teach Randy how to drift and have some sick brother tandems😭😭🤝🤝

    Samson MazwaiSamson Mazwai27 days ago
  • where the 240z at...

    Riaan ArmstrongRiaan Armstrong27 days ago
  • Put some wheels on it please it Hurts my eyes

    Xanderscotty199Xanderscotty19927 days ago
  • I don't know why but I think it'll be 2jz swap lol

    Gaming LifeGaming Life27 days ago
  • He’s going to throw a 2jz in there I’m calling it

    Eric SeguraEric Segura27 days ago
  • So who won the car ?

    Edgar ChiuEdgar Chiu27 days ago
  • Barra swap?🤔

    Swish856Swish85627 days ago
  • That rear bumper actually imo is badass, the section where it says skyline makes it look good

    Swish856Swish85627 days ago
  • 2jz conversation I’m calling it. 👀

    Blazing_Fire 420Blazing_Fire 42027 days ago
  • Ruined that car !!!

    Pablo emilio Escobar gaviriaPablo emilio Escobar gaviria27 days ago
  • Nice ass bro🔥🤤

    Hakim RizzHakim Rizz27 days ago
  • This guy farts so much I can smell it 😭

    Silva BeatsSilva Beats27 days ago
  • Damn got to see the S2000 again, the car that started it all!!!💪🏼👍🏼👊🏼💯KEEP KILLING THE VIDS RANDY

    arm hixarm hix27 days ago
  • I think he's gonna 2j swap it

    Simen GodliSimen Godli27 days ago
  • Hint hint buy a jzx100 hint hint

    Corin OharaCorin Ohara27 days ago
  • 12:52 sus asf

    CubeGearsCubeGears28 days ago
  • You forget the rx7 lol

    DylzayFukCopzDylzayFukCopz28 days ago
  • Bro Randy I want a S2000 but I'm 13 I'm not allowed to drive I'm sad 😢😭😭

    liljcgucci lliljcgucci l28 days ago
  • Don’t cut the overfenders , you can now buy oem rear quarters from Nissan

    _ DZRX_ DZRX28 days ago
  • **swaps it to a rb26tt** NOW ITS FUCKING REAL BABY

    Madara UchihaMadara Uchiha28 days ago
  • is this in san jose if so i really wish i can see the cars please

    BW FlixBW Flix28 days ago
  • Where is the 4 door skyline at

    Izuku YtIzuku Yt28 days ago
  • Y did I have to watch this late I live right by Tahoe

    J A scooteringJ A scootering28 days ago
  • Just please don’t put Gtr badges them. Really cringy when seeing those wannabes with their non-Gtr skylines pretending they drive a Gtr. 😅 Why they aren’t proud with their skyline Gtsts or Gtts, they deserve libe and respect too. Your Gtr BNR32 is still king. Hehe. Good luck on the r34!

    Zenki EvZenki Ev28 days ago
  • You sure its legal?

    Gaming With The ProsGaming With The Pros28 days ago
  • he went 0-100 real quick

    ilovejdms IGilovejdms IG28 days ago
  • Quick question, as i cant find it anywhere: what do you call those translucent mirror extensions they used on the red S14 and the R32 GTR (I think, not too sure)? Thank you!

    DanielDaniel28 days ago
  • Are you getting a genuine R34 wing?

    CChungCChung28 days ago
  • It looks so good, just needs the LS stat

    Benjamin CostleyBenjamin Costley28 days ago
  • Dont put chrome rims on it

    Sergio RodriguezSergio Rodriguez28 days ago
  • Please don’t put a 2jz in it😭

    Duop XDDuop XD28 days ago
  • Isn’t the GTR bumper sapposed to be wider to account for the wider quarter panels

    Adam SarkisianAdam Sarkisian28 days ago
  • Damn I was hoping you'd install a rear view camera

    Telmo AntunesTelmo Antunes28 days ago
  • Nobody: Literally nobody: Randy: puuuuurfect

    Ignorant BeatsIgnorant Beats28 days ago
  • FXCK! That HURT! I almost cried on that 1st cut.

  • if you guys are gonna put out videos so slooowww, let me help you edit :) i do it for a living

    KilozKiloz28 days ago
  • 3K bumper 2K mirrors... I'm just trying to buy a little Honda under 5K... lol

  • Watch Randy 2JZ swap this R34 😂

    DawinDawin28 days ago
  • Tesla swap or 2j calling it

    Ola FalefaOla Falefa28 days ago
  • Hi like this so he see this make this car light blue fly high Paul

    JustShotgun OnlyJustShotgun Only28 days ago
  • 2j swap or the new supra BMW engine

    Mando TellezMando Tellez28 days ago
  • Feel like a jz swap is coming🧐

    T FAAPOIT FAAPOI28 days ago
  • GT-R Spoiler.... doooo itttttt! 👊😎

    BoostAlmightyBoostAlmighty28 days ago
  • Yo randy you down to shoot me those 350z stocks?

    Candelario CalderaCandelario Caldera28 days ago
  • Midnight purple fits perfect for the ztune ❤️

    KiminsteKiminste28 days ago
  • somebody in nz destroyed a r34 gtr to try and convert it to R34.5 it looked so bad

    Untitled otheflash28Untitled otheflash2828 days ago
  • Just call the R34 a GTTR already lol

    brianmsobrianmso28 days ago
  • Fiberglass crap!!

    Matt MartinezMatt Martinez28 days ago
  • You guys should go for a cruise with the crew

    Royall filmsRoyall films28 days ago
  • Randy myy guy just wanna let ya know that there's gonna be a snowstorm for the next couple of days in Lake Tahoe. So have your chains ready and stay safe :)

    Chilly WillyChilly Willy28 days ago
  • LS3 swap!!!

    Caribbean MassiveCaribbean Massive28 days ago
  • Lit

    C GermC Germ28 days ago
  • I bet he’s gonna put a muscle car engine in the car since he said it’s gonna piss people off and then in F&F they put a gtr motor in a muscle car

    Martin CamposMartin Campos28 days ago
  • i would love to see this car in a burnt orange color

    Arlo KnightsArlo Knights28 days ago
  • Gotta be a 2jz

    saposapo28 days ago
  • Braap vlogs is calling u out with a 600hp subaru so u better come prepare

    legit Nelsonlegit Nelson28 days ago
  • where you get this body kit?

    Kelvin FugikataKelvin Fugikata28 days ago
  • should get infinity edge rear end lights

    MarkymagosMarkymagos28 days ago
  • Need a r33 gtst grr conversion

    xxargaetxx 13xxargaetxx 1328 days ago
  • You're putting a 2j in it. I'm calling it

    Christian BardChristian Bard28 days ago
    • you said something controversial lol

      Christian BardChristian Bard28 days ago
  • I don’t care if you spend 20,000 on a headlight bro you and Kevin worked hard to build a brand you guys deserve it cuz you know the struggle if other people don’t like how much your spending that’s on them for not grinding hard if you like mediocre your gonna get that but you can’t get mediocre and want expensive shit.

    Jsten 07Jsten 0728 days ago
  • RB26 DETT swap!

    Gabriel MatosGabriel Matos29 days ago
  • Needs a GT-R spoiler on the asap

    Andie PulseAndie Pulse29 days ago
  • Hey congrats on the car but whatever u do do not bag it you’ll thank me later-chow

    Matthew AvilaMatthew Avila29 days ago
  • Hey Randy. Can you link where you got the parts from? Thank you

    JCL CJCL C29 days ago
  • i swear it was illuminate wtff or was i trippin

    yeoxpyeoxp29 days ago
  • Use me as the “what engine you think randy is gonna swap the GTT with”

    KylerKyler29 days ago
    • I’ll go first. I think Randy is going to throw some 1J or k series In there. The 1J ain’t so bad, but imagine seeing a K series In a GTT definitely gonna piss some people off

      KylerKyler29 days ago
  • Why don’t you just put a dodge demon engine in it and be done with it 🤠

    Marco CardenasMarco Cardenas29 days ago

    Max LeeMax Lee29 days ago

    justinman yooljustinman yool29 days ago
  • next doing R35 bro ❤️