Nismo R34 GTR Z-Tune Conversion!

Jan 21, 2021
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It's only been 3 days since the R34 GTT Skyline has been here and we are already starting on the GTR conversion! If you can't afford the R34 GTR, this is the next best option! Let's call this the poor mans GTR. Except we will not being putting an RB26. Wait till we reveal the motor HAHA! Subscribe for more R34 content!!!

  • Red

    sa artsa art8 hours ago
  • Read

    sa artsa art8 hours ago
  • Hey guys. Love the videos. Any chance you can let me know where to get the rear bumper and rear over fenders

    Brad JonesBrad Jones10 days ago
  • You should paint it banana yellow

    Prod.Stranded -_-Prod.Stranded -_-11 days ago
  • Midnight purple or that classic r34 gt-r blue

    CJ OlsenCJ Olsen11 days ago
  • 🇹🇷 hello

  • is soo beutiful car can you get dish car done plis do bmw e30 plis plis i looking you all video is new is so cool plis do next car BMW e30 plis plis plis plis

    Sten SalumäeSten Salumäe11 days ago
  • Idk if it’s just me but watching ANY gtr videos satisfies me more then any other video. Randy this car looks so great. Like I was smiling the whole time during this video Bc I’m in love

    Damien CintronDamien Cintron12 days ago
  • who make the bodykit? company? i have bad experience with bad quality

    GtrDKGtrDK15 days ago
  • Do the GT-R black

    Mermiflower 428Mermiflower 42816 days ago
  • Midnight purple 😉

    Keegan MoonsamyKeegan Moonsamy17 days ago
  • paint that beauty YELLOW

    Josh dillenaJosh dillena17 days ago
  • Nardo grey

    Miguel GarciaMiguel Garcia18 days ago
  • Midnight purple

    Miguel GarciaMiguel Garcia18 days ago
  • Midori Green or Metallic Midnight Blue 😁🤙🏼

    jose aguonjose aguon18 days ago
  • Paint the GTR 34 Yellow :D

    Robin GjelstenRobin Gjelsten19 days ago
  • Randy you don’t have my size or any windbreaker or a hoodie

    Fat boii 724Fat boii 72419 days ago
  • how much does a full nismo z tune kit cost???

    Cole LePageCole LePage20 days ago
  • Paint it pearl white

    BLU EXOTCBLU EXOTC21 day ago

    310 blah blah310 blah blah22 days ago
  • Damn you got jizz on lmao

    K DawgK Dawg24 days ago
  • Bayside blue or a pearly blue

    beter do lo aruzbeter do lo aruz24 days ago
  • Whenever I buy a body kit for a car it always has to be another color than to the car so i know what pieces of the body kit I've put on and what I have left to put on. I guess everyone does it this way cause we always forget things 😁

    Canary Yellow_ VL TurboCanary Yellow_ VL Turbo24 days ago
  • Bayside blue or millinium jade will look 🔥

    Gamer souls 34Gamer souls 3425 days ago
  • Straight 🔥

    Jeffery DelaneyJeffery Delaney25 days ago
  • Or royal blue

    Miguel MendozaMiguel Mendoza25 days ago
  • Midnight purple

    Miguel MendozaMiguel Mendoza25 days ago
  • Why not Dark red with the rims with a slightly dark gold

    Crazy HokageCrazy Hokage26 days ago
  • Midnight blue

    Angela LoronaAngela Lorona26 days ago
  • Paint the car blue or rap it

    shaken dragoonshaken dragoon26 days ago
  • make it matte black then red led strips

    DrillistDrillist26 days ago
  • im late but emerald green

    JayJay26 days ago
  • Red

    carlos olmedocarlos olmedo26 days ago
  • Is that a Nero RB😳

    AN667RBAN667RB27 days ago
  • Paint the R34 in Midnight Purple

    Pedro NetoPedro Neto27 days ago
  • Red red red...

    DgBxngin _DgBxngin _27 days ago
  • Go an emerald kind of green, it’s different and would look good

    Isaac StopIsaac Stop27 days ago
  • title of the first mod on r34 said not to use on public roads. first rolling clip he’s using it on public roads lmfaoo gotta love it

    WaybachhWaybachh27 days ago
  • White metallic

    Isaac EspinozaIsaac Espinoza28 days ago
  • Blue

    saad muathsaad muath28 days ago
  • it would look dope in like a turquoise green

    Jgarcia524Jgarcia52428 days ago
  • I live slylines but man go do something about your engine and intercooler looks

    the NL skylinerthe NL skyliner28 days ago
  • Roll paint it randy with the homies

    Ventus HeartsVentus Hearts28 days ago
  • Pant it like Paul walker’s

    Gabriel MartinezGabriel Martinez28 days ago
  • Midnight purple

    Erick MartinezErick Martinez28 days ago
  • do it paul walker way it will be fun

    miki blagajnamiki blagajna28 days ago
  • White

    mujahied cassiemmujahied cassiem28 days ago
  • @illiminate should check out @brokensilvia

    Curtis BeersCurtis Beers28 days ago
  • at the end of the day it's still a GTT lmao

    mulliganmulligan28 days ago
  • Bright orange with flake!

    Lifestyle choicesLifestyle choices28 days ago

    Nick AndersenNick Andersen28 days ago
  • royal blue

    Dwayne abdallahDwayne abdallah29 days ago
  • Lime green

    Sean PattonSean Patton29 days ago
  • nardo grey would b class😍

    Sean Og LeonardSean Og Leonard29 days ago
  • midnight purple would b horny

    Sean Og LeonardSean Og Leonard29 days ago
  • 12:35 😂😂😂

    DworfDworf29 days ago
  • but its nice

    0_0clip _0_0clip _29 days ago
  • not a fan of the white and gray

    0_0clip _0_0clip _29 days ago
  • black with a nice blue ,dark blue ?

    jaasonnjaasonn29 days ago
  • black will look nice

    jaasonnjaasonn29 days ago
  • Lightning blue would look amazing on that

    Ronnie BillingtonRonnie Billington29 days ago
  • I don’t care what kind the car is it. I don’t care about how beautiful is it. I just care about how many HP you had. And on the way SPEED will tell who you are and where are you from :)) Beautiful car just stuck like a Bitch. So don’t try to make beautiful car look like the KIDS. 🖕

    Richard Mille RM 53-01 Manual Winding TourbillonRichard Mille RM 53-01 Manual Winding Tourbillon29 days ago
  • paint it red not a candy red but like a fire red that pops if u don't believe me go watch SAMMIT'S video with the skylines and look at the red GTR in that video trust me u wont regret it and if u decide to do carbon fiber bits that red would et it pop

    Demario BrownDemario Brown29 days ago
  • Bayside blue

    Toxic VoidToxic Void29 days ago
  • Blue lol

    juan ibarrajuan ibarra29 days ago
  • It's the Elegy Retro Custom LOL

    Flurry 351Flurry 35129 days ago
  • The R34 GTR Is my DREAM Car i cant wait own one at some point!

    ChantiqoChantiqo29 days ago
  • Red with carbon hood and aero always looks 🤤

    KotoKoto29 days ago
  • do the millennium jade

    Miles SlavinMiles Slavin29 days ago
  • Paint it 32 GTR bl0

    Shamus ilsleyShamus ilsley29 days ago
  • If you're amazed on something, just say "Sana all" or "Sanaol". Sana all means "Hope all". Edit: it's a Filipino catch phrase.

    Kiyoshi YamashidaKiyoshi Yamashida29 days ago
  • you should painted the oignal Bayside BLue like the r34 GTR

    Marcus FitzpatrickMarcus Fitzpatrick29 days ago
  • should do metallic orange just like the R34 from Need For Speed Underground

    JxrradMateJxrradMate29 days ago
  • you should paint it red or bayside blue

    Dovix.Dovix.29 days ago
  • Ztune silver

    Piotr GalantyPiotr Galanty29 days ago
  • You should make a fast and furious r34

    Luis ArellanoLuis Arellano29 days ago
  • me not watching the video focus on what luke is doing on the 240

    Caden WooddellCaden Wooddell29 days ago
  • Metallic blue

    nayres Phnayres Ph29 days ago
  • Midnight purple or battleship gray ♥️

    Its MikeIts Mike29 days ago
  • NEO...

    KeeganKeegan29 days ago
  • Bayside blue🔵

    Joel SavirimuthuJoel Savirimuthu29 days ago
  • I'm loving the white one

    Jesper LibiternosJesper Libiternos29 days ago
  • I think the factory blue the r34 comes in would be amazing

    Rushan MahmoodRushan Mahmood29 days ago
  • Millennium Jade 😳

    HearTheEchosHearTheEchos29 days ago
  • Blue

    Joshua GoldspinkJoshua Goldspink29 days ago
  • Silver laser rainbow chrome

    Hugo RodriguezHugo RodriguezMonth ago
  • Blue, red, black, or white.

    Adam DuhrAdam DuhrMonth ago
  • royal blue would look perfect

    Eddy FranciscoEddy FranciscoMonth ago
  • Red

    Giovanni MarquezGiovanni MarquezMonth ago
  • Ref

    Giovanni MarquezGiovanni MarquezMonth ago
  • Well the skyline is ganna stand out no matter what color you decide to paint it but if i think a Nice glossy black !

    Alex CruzAlex CruzMonth ago
  • Paint it midori

    Colin PlansColin PlansMonth ago
  • Do a turquoise and matte black ⚫ 😍

    ToteinSieToteinSieMonth ago
  • Im eating in front of my mom and randy moans 🤣🤦‍♂️

    Anthony 392Anthony 392Month ago
  • Go with Midnight purpule III, its gonna look super clean

  • Midnight purple

    Kindergrism 11Kindergrism 11Month ago
  • a burgundy with a purple pearlenssence ??

    Gabriel MichelGabriel MichelMonth ago
  • yall he hasnt posted in 3 days....

    Ricky RiosRicky RiosMonth ago
  • bayside blue or phoenix yellow (even though it’s a honda color)

    Colby TranColby TranMonth ago
  • midnight purple

    Clayton LewisClayton LewisMonth ago