Dec 29, 2020
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The mods for the FD RX7 just keeps coming! It's only been a little over a week and the car is already transforming. Are you guys ready?! Turn on notifications to get notified every time we upload! Big things are coming soon!

  • ɛ̃fini is pronounced Enfini (アンフィニ (Anfini, in Japanese)) En, as in the French pronunciation of En (if no one has commented about this lol)

    Ralph IlaganRalph Ilagan11 days ago
  • Twin turbo good drivability

    Maurine DisselsMaurine Dissels14 days ago
  • This is how many times he said "Nightrunner" 👇

    Humble SledderHumble Sledder18 days ago
  • You should make it to where the headlights are not blink lights I forgot what is called but it would be cool to see

    C LC L28 days ago
  • 2jz swapp it

    Taikay 21Taikay 21Month ago
  • Loving this build one of my dream cars as well

    SoySauce19SoySauce19Month ago
  • 1000th comment

    YaBoiMelon LmaoYaBoiMelon LmaoMonth ago
  • Randy turns rx7 for 2 seconds and the rest of the video is just💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨

    The UnknownThe UnknownMonth ago
  • Pleas keep the outside stock it looks really good stock but a wing would look good on it

    tomato_sauce_gamingtomato_sauce_gamingMonth ago
  • or a RB

    Nelson VazNelson VazMonth ago
  • can u do a LS swap

    Nelson VazNelson VazMonth ago
  • Twin turbo

    Favian RamirezFavian RamirezMonth ago
  • I used to bundle up a ball of socks and stuff it in my potato gun and shoot my friends with it. You should do it to sonny

    8r2nd0nS8r2nd0nSMonth ago
  • According to mask theory, your underwear should have blocked that fart.

    FLYBOY7898FLYBOY7898Month ago
  • Rotary turbo

    Esteban GaliciaEsteban GaliciaMonth ago
  • Who else remembers the roller pain days?? OG subscribers

    Shawn PascuaShawn PascuaMonth ago
  • I would buy stuff but you only take PayPal. 😔

    MR. FLUFFMR. FLUFFMonth ago
  • Single

    MR. FLUFFMR. FLUFFMonth ago
  • New Drinking Game, every time Randy says OEM take a shot 😂😂😂

    mateo fernandezmateo fernandezMonth ago

    Paris HallParis HallMonth ago
  • First Mazda in the group ? You mean your group of cars ? *cough* Sonny haha

    SensesSensesMonth ago
  • I feel randy gonna go wide body from what I’m seeing🙈 next drift car😈

    Arrebasando Con ChuyArrebasando Con ChuyMonth ago
  • It does not brap brap.............

    AketzaAketzaMonth ago
  • Get the engine build by Angel Motorsport

    BBMonth ago
  • Ur rx7 looks like a miata..... Jk

    FregazFregazMonth ago
  • Nice Miata 👌🏼😂

    Cuban Da BallaCuban Da BallaMonth ago
  • the beats called dizzy blue steel

    MyshoeporkMyshoeporkMonth ago
  • Y’all the best

    skuss skussskuss skussMonth ago
  • You lucky ass dude, I finally made a purchase because that deal was too good to pass up lol. Hope you have some happy holidays bro! Peace be to all!

    Clayton & carsClayton & carsMonth ago
  • I slept on the reflective shorts now they’re gone 🙃🤦

    Athena's_ Wolf_legionAthena's_ Wolf_legionMonth ago
  • can i ahve the stering weel

    Hamish HunterHamish HunterMonth ago
  • Y are you never at your house

    Jayden BlancoJayden BlancoMonth ago
  • do a 24 hour challenge in the rx7 or the supra plzzzzz. like if he should do it

    Carmeet BoyzzzCarmeet BoyzzzMonth ago
  • Well from the mods i see on the car i guess no veilside kit 😔😥

    Delarno ParisDelarno ParisMonth ago
  • I see Vu got that Ming Dynasty stache 🏯

    OblivionOblivionMonth ago
  • You gotta respect how honest Randy is, wish more youtubers were like you

    Nick DavilaNick DavilaMonth ago
  • I would kill for the rb s13 and it’s getting bagged?!?

    Nick DavilaNick DavilaMonth ago
  • Hi Randy,why not do a K-swap turbo in the RX7?

    robin terhovenrobin terhovenMonth ago
  • Vu looking like my uncle

    Samuel FelicianoSamuel FelicianoMonth ago
  • Time saving cars maybe rebuild first the engine then engine swap its challenge you for 24 that would be the best

    lorenz ivan causinglorenz ivan causingMonth ago
  • Can't wait to see the wheels you guys gonna fit

    Enrico LineeEnrico LineeMonth ago

    Chance LeeChance LeeMonth ago
  • i want right hand drive car

    Adli HaziqAdli HaziqMonth ago
  • yo cant wait for quad rotor fd by illiminate

    flopshoflopshoMonth ago
  • You must stance the RX7!!!

    stef 01stef 01Month ago
  • How bout an evo sooon?🤭

    Ivan SageIvan SageMonth ago
  • don t LS swap it

  • can’t wait for the new warehouse 🤫 it’s very much needed, you’ve outgrown that place and truly deserve a bigger one 😂☝🏽and I know EVERYONE can agree with me

    Kainalu Ah ChongKainalu Ah ChongMonth ago
  • Glad to see he’s keeping the rotary

    Nicholas ElliottNicholas ElliottMonth ago
  • Stay twin! Big singles are cool and all, but twins keep that power band nice and smooth and keep that FD fun to throw around haha

    Vision MediaVision MediaMonth ago
  • Tcp magic widebody? 👀

    LhexLhexMonth ago
  • Go big or go home pussy

    MarzistrashMarzistrashMonth ago
  • Is the radio forsale??

    1UglyObs1UglyObsMonth ago
  • Single big turbo😍😍

    2oh9 Ethan2oh9 EthanMonth ago
  • You Should do a video on how to install a quick release because I had trouble wit it with my s14🤦🏻‍♂️

    SSJ BrainiacSSJ BrainiacMonth ago
  • Rx7 should be called the Aye~fini.

    ali castroali castroMonth ago
  • Sid from ice age

    Chris KeyChris KeyMonth ago
  • You must go to tommyfyeah for nice fd parts

    Hunter ThompsonHunter ThompsonMonth ago
  • Yo fam been seening u around sj by the shops but always driving by each other good seeing everything goin good one day I I’ll meet u N b sum wat like u feel me

    A.J.J FamilyA.J.J FamilyMonth ago
    • Into cars just needa start to build one day

      A.J.J FamilyA.J.J FamilyMonth ago
  • With rotorys you have to let it run until operating temp because it’s bad for the motor to start and turn off they are very fragil motors bro

    Life of a JohnsonLife of a JohnsonMonth ago
  • I had the same radio in my Supra 😂

    Supra_MickeySupra_MickeyMonth ago
  • Confetti Recaros??????

    SACEE_SACEE_Month ago
  • Put a veilside kit on it

    Jacob RiveroJacob RiveroMonth ago
  • did yall change the exhaust🔥

    brxken nebsbrxken nebsMonth ago
  • When are you getting new rims?

    e30e30Month ago
  • CAN YOU PLEASEEEEEEEEE shave away the nasty front plate mount on the rx7.... it just ruins that front end. Would look so clean without it. Other than that it's looking good!!!

    Scott WebScott WebMonth ago
  • Go with the Vargas brothers Angels Motorsports for the motor builds on the RX 7 I don’t know if you ever heard of them check out their Instagram and check out their USworlds channel and see for yourself

    Broke Life Builds OriginalBroke Life Builds OriginalMonth ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    gervacio santosgervacio santosMonth ago
  • The Rb is way to nice to be given away but I mean maybe 🤔

    Miguel CruzMiguel CruzMonth ago

    Tom NguyenTom NguyenMonth ago
  • Congrats on all ur success fellas keep it up!!

  • Can u ship to nz

    Riley Cox-peratiakiRiley Cox-peratiakiMonth ago
  • Can you please start on the s14

    Danny PlaysDanny PlaysMonth ago
  • idk if i can trust reggie he prolly smokes bunk

    Quin SheppardQuin SheppardMonth ago
  • Thomas is a vibe 2:37

    XL_RomanXL_RomanMonth ago
  • i had a rotary key for my fc back then, i think it looked best.

    Kevin DuongKevin DuongMonth ago
  • Why can't randy just have a stock car for once????

    JMG PaintingJMG PaintingMonth ago
  • how thje fk do u have so much money wtf xD

    Ingemar LiliumIngemar LiliumMonth ago
  • Swap a 3rotor with a single turbo ❤️❤️❤️❤️👊🏾

    Stratos Patsoureas !Stratos Patsoureas !Month ago
  • DNA rebuild the motor

    Iam Gvd TwitchIam Gvd TwitchMonth ago
  • In 3 months there’s gonna be a tittle “the Rx7 broke down:(“ then 2 months later after that there’s gonna be a tittle “ I bought a new car for the collection”😂😭

    Brandon FloresBrandon FloresMonth ago
  • Take a shot every time Randy says "OEM"

    Daniel MartinezDaniel MartinezMonth ago
  • That rx7 is bout to be fire.

    Andrew HuynhAndrew HuynhMonth ago
  • Randy what’s ur job?

  • NA 3rotor would be nice.

    zer0__graviteazer0__graviteaMonth ago
  • can you make track car pls👏

    Benjamin HarringtonBenjamin HarringtonMonth ago
  • Randy that front bumper makes the rx-7 fd look like I Miata but every since you added the front lip it looks more aggressive

    Jalen AndersonJalen AndersonMonth ago
  • Go with twins 👯‍♂️

    Antonio S.N.45Antonio S.N.45Month ago
  • “Shitty Nissans” = broken 240sx, GTT, and GTS. Atleast get a GTR collection like Dustin.

    HadDunToldYallHadDunToldYallMonth ago
  • Randy when Thomas farts

    Jalen AndersonJalen AndersonMonth ago
  • If you wanna do the rebuild go to the rotary papi Vargas! Definitely will get it done

    javier garciajavier garciaMonth ago
  • Pleaseeee take that fromt bumper off

    Gta 5 ModsGta 5 ModsMonth ago
  • Go to angel motor sports and give them money

    Gelenvader3Gelenvader3Month ago
  • You know you wanna go Veilside Randy 😉😉

    BB6-SurburbiaBB6-SurburbiaMonth ago
  • Makes the steering wheel come so far out, how can he reach the pedals 😂

    MrDanMaclistonMrDanMaclistonMonth ago
  • Go twin!!! More power baby!!!

    Joey HernandezJoey HernandezMonth ago
  • The built in license plate holder makes the bumber look so bad

    Franco ArdayaFranco ArdayaMonth ago
  • Get a. 300zx

    Dancarlo BercianDancarlo BercianMonth ago
  • LS3 swap randy🔥

    Darien McgillDarien McgillMonth ago
  • So hyped to be part of the build getting the s13 on bags! Now we gotta bag the rx7 👀

    Bag RidersBag RidersMonth ago