R32 Skyline Makes CRAZY HP on Dyno!

Mar 17, 2021
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@Jimmy Oakes remote tunes our 4 door Skyline and the numbers exceeded our expectations! Thank you Link ECU for sponsoring the Illiminate channel! If you guys are in the market for an aftermarket ECU, find them here! shopjimmyo.com/
We are giving away $20,000! Every $5 = 2x entries!
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  • You should bring a ctsv to the channel

    Kendall SaxtonKendall Saxton2 days ago
  • 11:49 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Widebody

    Jose ReyesJose Reyes17 days ago
  • Yesssss America muscle

    Daddy KiraiDaddy Kirai19 days ago
  • 11:57 plz dont do muscle 😓

    exotic experimentsexotic experiments20 days ago
  • Yes!!! American Muscle !!! Get one!!! You'll definitely be way Happy!!!! 😊!!

    John SneenJohn Sneen20 days ago

    YoDelusionYoDelusion24 days ago
  • Get a z06 bro

    [SoulZ] PennyWise[SoulZ] PennyWise24 days ago
  • 1999 dodge

    aryan prasadaryan prasad25 days ago
  • Randy DO IT! GET THAT C8!

    Jason pJason p25 days ago
  • Yes need a little muscle in the group lol

    Shane HardingShane Harding25 days ago
  • Y’all Good?

    Digo’s WurldDigo’s Wurld25 days ago
  • So close to 1 Million 😍🔥

    DarrenDarren25 days ago
  • Where you at illiminate? We need your uploads! ❤

    Sykes TVSykes TV25 days ago
  • Randy if you're reading this paint the R34 bayside blue

    何?慣性ドリフト何?慣性ドリフト26 days ago
  • Where randy at?

    IlliminateX Rikka TakanashiIlliminateX Rikka Takanashi26 days ago
  • Wya bro

    AdrianAdrian26 days ago
  • Keep your head down when swing the golf club lol

    Roman GarzaRoman Garza26 days ago
  • You help me learn about cars. I don't know about shut about cars but I know lot about cars.

    Bosten JonesBosten Jones26 days ago
  • Isaac need to drop hitch 😭😭

    Wagon MafiaWagon Mafia26 days ago
  • It’s been a week since he posted :(

    thomas beglanthomas beglan26 days ago
  • heyy if ur gonna go american muscle get a 5.0 fox body

    zahir lewiszahir lewis26 days ago
  • Where's Illiminate? 1 week no upload?

    Louie Alain MayandocLouie Alain Mayandoc26 days ago
  • um its been a week , you good randy/team?

    IceJrIceJr27 days ago
  • It's been a week he haven't uploaded

    何?慣性ドリフト何?慣性ドリフト27 days ago
  • Get the vette plz

    Jessy R.Jessy R.27 days ago
  • Where Is new video

    valto Toivolavalto Toivola27 days ago
  • Do it 🤩

    Zillatribe MannyZillatribe Manny27 days ago
  • Ey it's been 6 days since a video... everything cool???

    gaugetunedXgaugetunedX27 days ago
  • It's been 6 days now, cmon Randy

    Lil ThangLil Thang28 days ago
  • Love how that dude who won the purple sx hasn't got his car yet 😂

    JTXPJTXP28 days ago
    • Might be the reason y he hasn't posted 🤷‍♂️

      MplusFishMplusFish26 days ago
  • We need 1000 hp in his life and we need to dyno emy the pompom

    Kanagaratnam saranKanagaratnam saran28 days ago
  • Hope you hit a million

    SK3TCHSK3TCH28 days ago
  • Enjoying watching your video

  • How think they must create illiminate skateboard like if you accept

    Shaffee RosinShaffee Rosin28 days ago
  • The machine gun is going wild and shoot out

    Henry CupidoHenry Cupido28 days ago
    • Corvette be a gun tho

      Henry CupidoHenry Cupido28 days ago
  • That’s is bad ass man for the homies who normally stand by to watch can now sit in this Beauty to get the experience of a lifetime😭🙏🏼💯

    Ismael OcampoIsmael Ocampo28 days ago
  • get a challenger

    ramy farahatramy farahat28 days ago
  • something doesn’t sit well with me about that rim size

    ŻÎBÚŻÎBÚ29 days ago
  • hell yea your channel will fs grow if u make corvette content

    Bryan NavarroBryan Navarro29 days ago
  • Get a vette!

    DirtmaguurtDirtmaguurt29 days ago
  • what kind of work wheel was on the skyline?

    TofuTofu29 days ago
  • were are you randyy

    Wledan \وليد حيدرWledan \وليد حيدر29 days ago
  • we miss you

    Wledan \وليد حيدرWledan \وليد حيدر29 days ago
  • When you realize how close illuminate is to 1 mil

    vapidsvapids29 days ago
  • M

    _ vvdca_ vvdca29 days ago
  • Saw randy ripping this thing at Drift evolution this weekend! Super awesome

    541 JDM541 JDM29 days ago
  • Yk he’s from tha bay

    Walter GodoyWalter Godoy29 days ago

    euan mckeowneuan mckeown29 days ago
  • Ok so I'm in my bath yea I get to the Corvette part of the vid not know its gunna be that loud my volume is all the way up at 3:37 in the morning mans revs the Corvette and my mum comes and tells at me bc it woke her up

    unicorn devil is pixieunicorn devil is pixie29 days ago
  • Grab a crowd killer 5.0

    4DOOR344DOOR3429 days ago
  • Drive a shelby too !! I'm all ford but a corvette would be fucking dope🔥

    sally the v6sally the v629 days ago
  • Please i dont want to be the filmer 🤣🤣

    sally the v6sally the v629 days ago
  • Btw that was a dope ass slide show you did😂😂

    Luis NevarezLuis NevarezMonth ago
  • I would love it as well as a lot of his other subscribers if you brought a muscle car into your content! 💪🏻 🚘

    Luis NevarezLuis NevarezMonth ago
  • No American muscles pls 🤧

    James JamesJames JamesMonth ago
  • Should put 4 bucket seats instead of a bench backseat

    Hi im TrippzHi im TrippzMonth ago
  • american muscle has to be the wave. i’d rather you buy a C7 then a C8 tho they just look better 😕

    MR. FLUFFMR. FLUFFMonth ago
  • Bro you ain’t down to get a z06

    Chris CamachoChris CamachoMonth ago
  • I started watching Jersey Shore Family vacation last week and they also brought up grenades 😂

    Ruly 2VRuly 2VMonth ago
  • Where in Oregon are you coming to? For sure want to make it there. Oh and when exactly? Been a fan since you skating over your hard top s2k, and you borrowing ya homegirls boots to clean a gutter in your apartment complex. 😁⛆☂

    Juan TalaveraJuan TalaveraMonth ago
  • yesss! Z06 is my dream car 😍

    vanessavanessaMonth ago
  • That c7 just shat on all the cars on Randy’s channel 😂

    Rafael MartinezRafael MartinezMonth ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    James SchugJames SchugMonth ago
  • Helll yes think you do need a corvette on the channel DOOOOO ITTT

    Felix OlivoFelix OlivoMonth ago
  • Congrats randy. Finally i appreciate you as a real car guy! Keep it up. Can't wait to see the r32 gtr dyno

    Shiva SinghShiva SinghMonth ago

    Daimiyn Y2KDaimiyn Y2KMonth ago
  • YESSSS 420 BABYY!!

    Daimiyn Y2KDaimiyn Y2KMonth ago
  • I’ll never get tired of the sounds the RB makes 😍😭 400hp at the end of the night !!

    Daimiyn Y2KDaimiyn Y2KMonth ago
  • Jimmy is such a legend. Always good vibes from that dude

    AudibleVisibleAudibleVisibleMonth ago
  • What wheels are those 5 stars in the background at 2:02 ?

    RACOON 898RACOON 898Month ago
  • 6th Gen Mustang

    jakob carrascojakob carrascoMonth ago
  • Why is the s2000 just stuck there now?

    jakob carrascojakob carrascoMonth ago
  • Get a zo6

    Angel AvilaAngel AvilaMonth ago
  • “Nothing too crazy” *lists everything I can’t afford

    ThebighalfbeanThebighalfbeanMonth ago
  • You had to follow the damn train CJ

    PanoulisPanoulisMonth ago
  • That's crazy hp? Hmmm

    RidgeAZ 520RidgeAZ 520Month ago
  • Bro finish 1 build first lol

    RidgeAZ 520RidgeAZ 520Month ago
  • Get a zl1

    Mustafa AlsaraiMustafa AlsaraiMonth ago
  • stanced c7 when

    Giac GGiac GMonth ago

    Andrik CarbajalAndrik CarbajalMonth ago
  • Its a RB25det?

    Sebastián Henríquez CrisóstomoSebastián Henríquez CrisóstomoMonth ago
  • Nice video can’t wait for the r34 new engine

    TaeJaioTaeJaioMonth ago
  • Hey anyone in the comments in America How much do r32 - r34 go for ?

    Bikelife67Bikelife67Month ago
  • Get a foxbody!

    Kevin CastellanosKevin CastellanosMonth ago
    • ooo that would be sickk

      IceJrIceJrMonth ago
  • When’s the drift event happening when you go to Oregon? And where?

    Yoon SaechaoYoon SaechaoMonth ago
  • felt in the back of my throat, thats some deep shit

    supbirdysupbirdyMonth ago
    • Yuck boi

      VisualVisual28 days ago
    • What happened

      Knight LovellKnight Lovell28 days ago
  • Why is the car wheels skipping when you are turning?

    Vee BVee BMonth ago
  • Randy I’ll give you a box or 2 of shining Fates ETBs if I can drop them of to y’all and chill for a day lol

    Ferrnnzz !Ferrnnzz !Month ago
  • Where in Oregon are you going to go drift because I live in Oregon and I’ll like to see you drift

    Eros VazquezEros VazquezMonth ago
  • Where is the K series GTR?

    ANDREW ValdiviesoANDREW ValdiviesoMonth ago
  • That shit sounds good af

    6av1d6av1dMonth ago
  • Yes

    Julian GonzalezJulian GonzalezMonth ago
  • That’s why he left the group

    JeremyP.JeremyP.Month ago
  • Are those 2.0t coil packs

    Robs_B5S4Robs_B5S4Month ago
  • Yessss get a vette

    EmillioEmillioMonth ago
  • Dude yes please get some American muscle on the channel ‼️‼️‼️

    ignacio mendezignacio mendezMonth ago
  • Can’t wait to see the car in action!

    Glenn GGlenn GMonth ago
  • What rear bumper do u have on the r32

    ArkGaming PS4/PCArkGaming PS4/PCMonth ago
  • You need a vett

    Elijah RuizElijah RuizMonth ago
  • Supra the Best car... And Best tuner

    Mahlok 82Mahlok 82Month ago