R34 GTR Z Tune Conversion Complete + New car!!!

Feb 25, 2021
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Completing the R34 GTR Z Tune conversion with the final piece! The OEM R34 GTR front lip!! This is the craziest lip I have ever seen on a car and I'm glad it's going on mine. We also picked up a new car!
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  • instead of his being concerned about his shoulder... he cares more about the tipped dog food bag lmaoo

    LxstSxulLxstSxul15 days ago
  • Can you drive the skyline legally? Like on the streets?

    BP RiceBP RiceMonth ago
  • Should make the nissan badge red like the Honda type R badges😳

    andres gaudu mirandaandres gaudu mirandaMonth ago
  • Keep the r34 series goinggggg! I think a new paint job will get us all hyped, keep up the good work broski I’m loving it!!!!

    Floppy CoconutFloppy CoconutMonth ago
  • Slammed cars for short people. Gotta wash that roof 😁

    Dan Does JunkDan Does JunkMonth ago
  • Even if it isn’t really a r34 fee can say they even got gtr

    David CincoDavid CincoMonth ago
  • Damn Randy

    Roman GarzaRoman GarzaMonth ago
  • Shits hugging the floor 🤯

    Paolo UrbiztondoPaolo UrbiztondoMonth ago
  • Hey Randy I could have sworn in one of your videos you said you were coming up to oregon or something? But I cant find it. Is it true or am I just imagining things?

    Ryan GreauxRyan GreauxMonth ago
  • Arbor skateboard randy xD

    Ken BautistaKen BautistaMonth ago
  • Red color for this gtt

    Jacob PinlacJacob PinlacMonth ago
  • That front 3shuv🔥

    xcessivemagicianxcessivemagicianMonth ago
  • Hi

    Derek EspinosaDerek EspinosaMonth ago
  • . ____________________________ . ______.../_________\...______ /⭕️ ⭕️\_________/⭕️ ⭕️\ _______....SKYLINE....________

    Erick FerriniErick FerriniMonth ago
  • So good. Where did you get that rear license plate? Thanks for a good video.👍🏾

    initialSpeedinitialSpeedMonth ago
  • Love your car bro i hope i can i it in real life sometime❤️

    Rasmus SmidhedaRasmus SmidhedaMonth ago
  • Stance a Corolla for no reason at all.

    Donovan RhoadsDonovan RhoadsMonth ago
  • Yall should do a series modifying some hooptys

    Donovan RhoadsDonovan RhoadsMonth ago
  • Randy When Is The Motor Coming On Because That Shit Is Going Sound FIREEE!!!! HEHE

    JDAJDAMonth ago
  • Please paint the car blue 💙 🙏

    350 luiZ350 luiZMonth ago
  • lmao the mindless work of everyone during the intro

    Nick CrokeNick CrokeMonth ago
  • How u gon call it complete when u dont got the nismo wing

    - Assie- AssieMonth ago
  • wheres the rsx??

    RusspremeRusspremeMonth ago
  • So randy gtr is not a r34 gtr

    DcDDcDMonth ago
  • at 1:00 i busted

    44 Bulldog44 BulldogMonth ago
  • If I had a nickel for every time I heard randy say nismo in the last two months, I’d own a r34😂

    andy ramirezandy ramirezMonth ago
  • liking the fake gtr...

    Daniel's Fish KeepingDaniel's Fish KeepingMonth ago
  • Since you’re doing a k series in the engine bay. might as well do everything spoon sports. lol really make people mad.

    Gaijin Eg9Gaijin Eg9Month ago
  • What about the gtr spoiler, Are you going to put one ?

    KingtehgodKingtehgodMonth ago
  • Be careful with your arm tho

    Jovanni HarewoodJovanni HarewoodMonth ago
  • #build a beast Randyyyyy . Nice content bro

    Jovanni HarewoodJovanni HarewoodMonth ago
  • Was there another plug there for the rear fog light or will it still function in reverse and not when the fog lights are on?

    Liam Jacob Clayton-JonesLiam Jacob Clayton-JonesMonth ago
  • Ayyy lmk if you need a filmmer or editor I got my 10 year old laptop that always needs to be connected in order to work 🤣

    Dc2_frankDc2_frankMonth ago
  • 15:56 why do I feel like that cut right before Randy tripped off the edge 😂

    Nathaniel PriceNathaniel PriceMonth ago
  • Where did Justin get that OK OK suction cup thing for his 86?

    Ethan TEthan TMonth ago
  • Randy you don’t have my size for the merch :( I’m a 3x

    Fat boii 724Fat boii 724Month ago
  • Anyone know the location where he took the pics?

    Alex hernandezAlex hernandezMonth ago
  • New car cool

    Emanzky BeneditoEmanzky BeneditoMonth ago
  • Dude I can’t wait to see what color is it gonna be😁🤩🤘🏾🍀

    Norma LeijaNorma LeijaMonth ago
  • The rear red fog light reflectors are for the cars that are based in snowy areas in Japan. Even GTT's came with them

    Blake VassalloBlake VassalloMonth ago
  • he made a hole on the bag and I made a hole in the wall skating inside of the house 😂😂😂

    Dary.098Dary.098Month ago
  • I'm shitting myself waiting to finally see the new motor[s]

    Black LabelBlack LabelMonth ago
  • When is The color reveal

    Hakan YıldırımHakan YıldırımMonth ago
  • You look like an Asian What nationnality are you?

    B INB INMonth ago

    Leninthe LemonLeninthe LemonMonth ago
  • Randy: *dies* Camera man: eheheheh

    TRIPLE6TRIPLE6Month ago
  • If you did put an GTR engine in there, wouldn't it still be......a GTR? jw

    Shinobi.Shinobi.Month ago
  • Your R34 is my dream car

    Uniqu3Uniqu3Month ago
  • Justin's car is almost as cracked as his edits

    Dancing TriangleDancing TriangleMonth ago
  • im guessing bagged 86 in an upcoming video lol

    SAmiitubehdSAmiitubehdMonth ago
  • i swear ive seen half this content on previous videos. are you that stuck for ideas lol

    VV_ AntaresVV_ AntaresMonth ago
  • I just got a car and I need help ...

    Zero ConsequenceZero ConsequenceMonth ago
  • Cars super cool

    WolfWolfMonth ago
  • no point adding all these nismo parts if your k-swapping it. its literally gonna be a honda with a r34 gtr shell

    Farhaan JussabFarhaan JussabMonth ago
  • yoooo these edits are coming out fireeeee props to Justin!!!!!

    Jose GuillenJose GuillenMonth ago
  • Does anyone know what's the outro music?

    Marble MiguelMarble MiguelMonth ago
  • 👁️---👄---👁️

    Projekt: RandomProjekt: RandomMonth ago
  • The way Isaac looks at randy at 9:11 is kinda SUS 😂

    omaromarMonth ago
  • Midnight purple would look sick on the R34

    Stickman JJ YTStickman JJ YTMonth ago
  • So now you can put the skyline motor in a Nissan truck like a hardbody or a Datsun

    Blake snowBlake snowMonth ago
  • Boy got steez!

    nicotine -nicotine -Month ago

    Stanced ImageStanced ImageMonth ago
  • The way it lowers to the floor tho🔥🥵

    Kyle yuan RojoKyle yuan RojoMonth ago
  • I only saw the silhouette of an 86 and clicked

    86Dreamy86DreamyMonth ago
  • That’s not a car on bags that’s just an expensive snack😍😍

    BUNNYBUNNYMonth ago
  • Next video do a kickflip off the mini ramp and s/o ziptietheworld when you land it😏

    ziptie the worldziptie the worldMonth ago
  • Put a 2jz in that or im unsubscribing

    DameDameMonth ago
  • Bro just sell the other 2 skylines to someone who will finish them 🤣

    ThatGuy OverThereThatGuy OverThereMonth ago
  • It’s all about that jizzmo parts bruhhh!!!!!

    George TorresGeorge TorresMonth ago
  • The car is never completed

    Ss RagmaSs RagmaMonth ago
  • Great build and the Honda swap is going to be interesting. But not totally sure about the wheels....🤔

    dhansentriplesixdhansentriplesixMonth ago
  • I like the R34 BUT I WANNA SEE MORE OF THE R32😩

    One2manyjasOne2manyjasMonth ago
  • Paint it bayside blue

    alan carreonalan carreonMonth ago
  • After this R34 can You pls do Supra MK4 pls

    daniel romerodaniel romeroMonth ago
  • Justin may take a little long with editing the videos but i will say, they are worth the wait 💯

  • Please Don't wrap this R34 🙏

    Francisco RomeroFrancisco RomeroMonth ago
  • “I think alot of people will hate the build” - i love it very much👍

    GamergodymxGamergodymxMonth ago
  • Nice fitment bro

    Zak AlgamalZak AlgamalMonth ago
  • Mbn owns hella clean whips and clean on the board 😩🤝

    emmanuel moiseemmanuel moiseMonth ago
  • shiiiii never liking my comment

    Abinesh RubakanthanAbinesh RubakanthanMonth ago
  • Love the R34 content 🔥

    Natalie NGCNatalie NGCMonth ago
  • You should but butterfly doors on the r34

    Ramiro RamirezRamiro RamirezMonth ago
  • My butt cheeks were clenched as Randy was spinning the GTR front lip. Afraid that he would drop it!

    The J MediaThe J MediaMonth ago
  • Love the R34 Gt- Type R❤️

    Ivan GuzmanIvan GuzmanMonth ago
  • Quit yelling at justing 🤣😂

    Xavier RiestraXavier RiestraMonth ago
  • randy i need a job, tryna buy my 370z

    JustAntoJustAntoMonth ago
  • Front 3 shuv steezy

    Ybb Fabian13Ybb Fabian13Month ago
  • With all the worthless cars you bought, you could’ve bought a real GTR R34

    Edgar VillaEdgar VillaMonth ago
  • Wire the red reverse light to your running light so it stays on at night randy!!!

    [Yogi] Black Mamba 96[Yogi] Black Mamba 96Month ago
  • You guys shouldn't stand under or walk under the lift it can fail on you guys

    [Yogi] Black Mamba 96[Yogi] Black Mamba 96Month ago
  • ILY randy and the illiminate Gang❤️🤙🏽

    JD & FamilyJD & FamilyMonth ago
  • randy never red heart my comments ❤️

    sOnsOnMonth ago
  • Bro randy, you need to find some R34 Clear tail lights! I got both 33 and 32 clears but no one in the US has 34 clears!

    Tony YuukiTony YuukiMonth ago
  • When you gonna put GT-R wing? Lol

    Ronjalu PontanosaRonjalu PontanosaMonth ago
  • Randy what do you think about prelude I’m about to get on

    Saucy SamuraiSaucy SamuraiMonth ago
  • yooo?? android LMAO 5:41

    ClueClueMonth ago
  • How did you get your gtt legal in Cali?

    Leonel MendozaLeonel MendozaMonth ago
  • Bags are for groceries. Remember when illiminate was all about that static fitment 😢miss it

    Micah DubeMicah DubeMonth ago
  • Imports a beautiful car. Does all this work. Puts anime sticker on window 💀🤦🏼‍♂️

    Wabbly PopWabbly PopMonth ago

    SqwashyySqwashyyMonth ago