Rare R34 GTR Carbon Fiber Duck Bill Trunk!

Mar 31, 2021
164 911 Views

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It took me over a year to find this trunk. What do you guys think?! It's super subtle but I LOVE IT! We are now ready to drop the R34 Skyline off for paint!
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  • Appreciate you guys liking and commenting every video 💕 I always try my best to like as many comments as possible! TY GUYS SO MUCH 🥰

    illiminateilliminate20 days ago
    • Your welcome thanks for showing me your daily blogs

    • what do you have to say about the EPA?

      luckyx se7enluckyx se7en18 days ago
    • Duck Tail**** You forgotten what end the bill goes on a duck? 😂

      Matt MisanthropyMatt Misanthropy19 days ago
    • You could've just bought weaker struts and be fine lmao

      srgt_rustinatorsrgt_rustinator19 days ago
    • Paint it the original bayside blue or a nice lighting yellow I think that would suit the car

      KriptixKriptix19 days ago
  • I love it. 🥰🥰

    jude griffithjude griffith3 days ago
  • Yall should put a wing!!

    Brayam. EBrayam. E7 days ago
  • Midnigth purple 3 and swap a ztune z2 rb26 engine

    Gehms Eliehshar CruzGehms Eliehshar Cruz7 days ago
  • Wings better

    YT_ HypozYT_ Hypoz9 days ago
  • Definitely should go wing!!!

    kboydkboyd11 days ago
  • Get a parachute

    Dk ecDk ec12 days ago
  • No wing it looks much better

    Ryan_colless 122Ryan_colless 12212 days ago
    • With out a wing

      Ryan_colless 122Ryan_colless 12212 days ago
  • They arent illegal in US?

    KosteaKostea12 days ago
  • im a little late but you could either a. get new struts or b. (idk if you can so dont quote me) it might be possibly to take it apart and make it softer

    Ty SandersTy Sanders13 days ago
  • Old trunk and spoiler is the move

    John BobbyJohn Bobby13 days ago
  • Your tripping hard. stock looks good as fuck compared to the ducktail trunk

    John BobbyJohn Bobby13 days ago
  • Aw hell naw took off the one of the best parts of an r34 🤦‍♂️

    John BobbyJohn Bobby13 days ago
  • give it a roof wing lol

    Gabriel JakabGabriel Jakab13 days ago
  • No wings

    TeddTedd14 days ago
  • Fire🔥 looks badass with that duck tail

    Ligma ballzLigma ballz14 days ago
  • Put louvres on the back windshield!😍

    Izz The FizzIzz The Fizz14 days ago
  • Roof spoiler?

    2jzsupra-riki2jzsupra-riki15 days ago
  • Run a wing on top of that

    Ek9 LuisEk9 Luis15 days ago
  • Wing big wing

    Nico SenecautNico Senecaut15 days ago
  • Keep it wingless🔥

    Brady DeryBrady Dery15 days ago
  • That fitment trash though

    Fairshake MediaFairshake Media15 days ago
  • The color from dustin Williams R35 would look 😷

    Jorge AnayaJorge Anaya15 days ago
  • Keep it wing less

    Mitchell FahyMitchell Fahy16 days ago
  • Keep it wingless with exposed carbon

    Mason RMason R16 days ago
  • What’s on the back of his head

    Tysxn_ 2770Tysxn_ 277016 days ago
  • wingless with roof spoiler!! try to do something different

    Kunthoro AnindhitoKunthoro Anindhito17 days ago
  • Run a wing cause it is missing something but no need for another wing cause you gotta make that car represent you hahahaha

    Senpai RogueeSenpai Roguee17 days ago
  • Wing less

  • yoooooo is that oppa stoppa in the background when he takes the trunk off 🤟

    puffy inavoidpuffy inavoid17 days ago
  • It’s not rare it’s just not common in the US, and you can make a carbon fiber boot for the r34 easily

    Centurion GuyCenturion Guy17 days ago
  • Like this looks fire but a roof wing would be fire af

    Edgar VillaEdgar Villa17 days ago
  • Song at @4:00 ???

    Edgar VillaEdgar Villa17 days ago
  • High leg gtr wing!!!!

    xxargaetxx 13xxargaetxx 1317 days ago
  • Wingless with a roof wing!

    Based MediaBased Media17 days ago
  • It looks like a Subaru trunk yooo 🤣🤭 but it still looks fire 🔥

    malditos somosmalditos somos17 days ago
  • Gotta do the high-rise GTR wing, my dude. That’s the look 👀

    Ryan ChamberlandRyan Chamberland17 days ago
  • R34 needs a wing forsure

    Drew SkiDrew Ski17 days ago
  • Roof wing forsure 🔥💯💯💯

    Vandals MilitiaVandals Militia17 days ago
  • R34 needs a wing.. takes away the r34 from been iconic the wing plays big part in the exterior

    Shikhar HirachundShikhar Hirachund17 days ago
  • That wing lip is so weak

    sk8seddonsk8seddon18 days ago
  • Put on a gtr wing

    Tyler SherryTyler Sherry18 days ago
  • People in 2015: "this is fresh as fuck" People in 2018: "this is fire asf" People in 2021 for some reason: "SHHHEEEEEEEEEEEESH"

    Evan EngelEvan Engel18 days ago
  • That trunk fits like dck

    The ScoutThe Scout18 days ago
  • I prefer the wing

    Esteban BarretoEsteban Barreto18 days ago
  • I dig this build

    DeVon LeDeVon Le18 days ago
  • Roof wing

    DeVon LeDeVon Le18 days ago
  • Needs a wing look wrong and not on top with the wing

    Alpha xSnowWolfAlpha xSnowWolf18 days ago
  • That demon trunk, definitely badass!!!

    Gary VangGary Vang18 days ago
  • Wingless fo sho and keep the trunk raw

    Jason PoirierJason Poirier18 days ago
  • you should get a roof wing for sure

    Kyle BoardmanKyle Boardman18 days ago
  • Your skyline literally has almost as many colors as my s2000 if not the same amount LOL

    Bryan WayneBryan Wayne18 days ago
  • Wingless

    Samuel MwangiSamuel Mwangi18 days ago
  • Wing ! Carbon

    Purple 89Purple 8918 days ago
  • Mid night purple is the only way to go

    Purple 89Purple 8918 days ago
  • I really think you need to sell some cars keep some and finish them first completely

    Purple 89Purple 8918 days ago
  • lip and roof spoiler

    zucconSzucconS18 days ago
  • R34 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    M AlamriM Alamri18 days ago
  • Wingless!

    Mid.or. feedMid.or. feed18 days ago
  • Wing would be really nice its already nice but maybe the extended strut gtr wing would looke crazy

    Omari DukeOmari Duke18 days ago
  • please get a 300zx!!!

    Cole LePageCole LePage18 days ago
  • It looks bald headed 😭 idk buttttt it’s looks good 😌

    Keven RomeroKeven Romero18 days ago
  • Yo what the fuck when I ordered my shirt it didn't come folded ...

    King YeetKing Yeet18 days ago
  • Midnight purple is the best color for the gtr

    Arnold Hornilla Jr.Arnold Hornilla Jr.18 days ago
  • roof spoiler !

    Justin sJustin s18 days ago
  • Look good

    Jack CJack C18 days ago
  • Make it red

    Ajeet SaundAjeet Saund18 days ago
  • Put a black metalic on her and little spoiler on the top

    Gabriel CaronGabriel Caron18 days ago
  • run a wing

    brandon antonio halimbrandon antonio halim18 days ago
  • A red color would look amazing on the r34

    ronldinho gasparronldinho gaspar18 days ago
  • if you run a wing you’ll be able to put the struts back in because you’ll get the weight back

    Korban MarkhamKorban Markham18 days ago
  • Wing just don't put no drag wing

    Brian Cervantes 21Brian Cervantes 2118 days ago
  • “This is the heaviest trunk I’ve ever felt in my life” *laughs in e46*

    Kolton SeagerKolton Seager18 days ago
  • Trunk wing forsure

    Clap-N-CulitosClap-N-Culitos18 days ago
  • cant wait for it to be paint matched

    TahirTahir18 days ago
  • A metalic cherry red would look great

    Clap-N-CulitosClap-N-Culitos18 days ago
  • You can get struts with lighter weight limit

    Chris O'NeilChris O'Neil18 days ago
  • u should go over your vlog/camera set-up, what camera, light and mic u use etc

    TahirTahir18 days ago
  • R34 midnight purple is gonna be the color

    VerzVerz18 days ago
  • Roof Spoiler??

    Double Dinked MeDouble Dinked Me18 days ago
  • No wing

    Mikey PrmMikey Prm18 days ago
  • What you have to do with carbon fiber hoods and trunks as you have to run blown struts regular struts are too strong and will deform the carbon in the areas when you shut it

    Talon dsmTalon dsm18 days ago
  • Are you guys going to have to worry about paint chipping when your air out on the rear?

    Talon dsmTalon dsm18 days ago
  • paint the car ghost pearl violet

    Jacob AndersobnJacob Andersobn18 days ago
  • Get a wing

    HskHsk18 days ago
  • BiG wAnG

    ClownFNClownFN18 days ago
  • Red 34s hit different bruvva give it a suss

    Koby CookKoby Cook18 days ago
  • Dark emerald green with copper wheels 🔥🔥

    SoFresh LifestyleSoFresh Lifestyle18 days ago
  • Wingless looks good but a roof spoiler will make it complete

    Eric NguyenEric Nguyen18 days ago
  • ayyy the @e_ought merch. 🦾

    xsliickxsliick18 days ago
  • I love trunk but you should run a wing with it

    Hershel SHershel S18 days ago
  • Wrap it midnight purple

    Luis AyalaLuis Ayala18 days ago
  • Wingless yo. Sick shirt.

    Kristofor LindquistKristofor Lindquist18 days ago
  • The fitment around the tail light housing is jacked! hopefully they can get that grand canyon sized gap filled..

    ChopstikCharlieChopstikCharlie18 days ago

    Hayyan MuneebHayyan Muneeb18 days ago
  • Am I the only one who is starting to like the white body panels 🤔😹😹

    The Tay wayThe Tay way18 days ago
  • No wing or roof spoiler.

    Mike InnesMike Innes18 days ago
  • Needs a roof wing

    Mick SaboMick Sabo18 days ago
  • Bro that duckbill is too fire 🔥🔥🔥

    Crazy RayCrazy Ray18 days ago
  • Roof wing man

    Maggie-Jane TimothyMaggie-Jane Timothy18 days ago