S14 JDM Front End Reveal!

Mar 26, 2021
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More JDM goodies for the S14 Kouki conversion! We got literally all the parts to complete this conversion. Get ready!! Subscribe for more S14 content!
We are giving away $20,000! Every $5 = 2x entries!
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  • Y’all should try and find a 86 after this build maybe?? luv watching ya vids after work

    dkelley 58dkelley 5820 days ago
  • the comments were at 666 so i had to change it 🙂

    CrypticCryptic20 days ago

    SoulusSoulus21 day ago
  • Yoooooo randy is almost at a Milli sheeeeeeshhhh 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    YoppastoppaYoppastoppa21 day ago
  • Now is the R34 already legal to drive and register or is that a Motorex show car? Great video 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

    Dnshift & Other things!Dnshift & Other things!21 day ago
  • Bride seats are pronounced BRID

    VisualVisual21 day ago
  • for more content, grab a rhd clip for the s14. Randy, like this if you're not game!

    Mervin ObreroMervin Obrero22 days ago
  • Randy can you do a how to of you wiring the zenki to kouki headlights

    KyroskeKyroske22 days ago
  • when your r34 become your daily

    Turt1essTurt1ess22 days ago
  • me being more worried about the bumper than emmy what type of person am i

    Lenzol driftingLenzol drifting22 days ago
  • Well I mean he has never had to handle something in a noticeable size. Jk just playing

    Travis palmerTravis palmer22 days ago
  • Does anyone know how he got the air lift suspension on his r34 because i went onto the air lift website and there is no kit for it

    xSm0k3zxSm0k3z23 days ago
  • Damn one of ur cleanest vids yet the transition so smooth

    Diamond322 GamingDiamond322 Gaming23 days ago
  • All the jdm guys in Japan don’t see this as jdm style lol

    Raul CastanonRaul Castanon23 days ago
  • Everyone don't forget to go sign the RPM Act save Motorsports save our race cars save the aftermarket performance industry before it's too late stand up for what you believe in much love everyone

    Nice guy TimNice guy Tim23 days ago
  • Hi bro great stuff. 😁💯👍

    Russco AusRussco Aus23 days ago
  • Randy there's the usd, jdm and adm USA s14 Japan s14 Australian s14

    Fat KenyanFat Kenyan24 days ago

    MauroMauro24 days ago
  • 12:14 u should to put a small wood block on your bumper lmao. struggle is real man

    Brandon NewmanBrandon Newman24 days ago
  • So he got a 350Z and hopefully an evo

    Ivan WeaponIvan Weapon24 days ago
  • Paint on the old 14 same with new s14 will look fireeeee plus the walltap plates 🔥🔥

    Ian ServoIan Servo24 days ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    James SchugJames Schug24 days ago
  • It looked like you ordered a table

    Jackson Da Laotian boiJackson Da Laotian boi24 days ago
  • thank god u didn’t do the euro spec bumper, soooo overused

    Oliver R HansenOliver R Hansen24 days ago
  • Dope🔥

    Aj bautistaAj bautista24 days ago
  • The video editing and transitions and overall work keeps getting better every video

    andy ramirezandy ramirez24 days ago
  • He’s gunna get demonetized for animal abuse 😝

    Noe LeonNoe Leon24 days ago
  • Randy to the camera: It feels nice to do this RIGHT. Randy’s brain: I just did btec half effort work to make the bumper fit. All love doe from sweden🙏🏽

    Arcid zZArcid zZ24 days ago
  • I thought someone won the purple car how come it’s still at the shop?

    jrodkillsjrodkills24 days ago
  • $5 x2 entries and will won $20,000 he will get profits bro

    hi guyshi guys24 days ago
  • me when i heard that Randy bought 2 new cars 🤦🤦🤦🤦

    Lukas.Lukas.24 days ago
  • Lesh goooooooo

    Sri NoirSri Noir24 days ago
  • Dude made a whole video on putting on the front bumper lmfao. Milking the fuck out this build for videos.

    RaveRave24 days ago
  • My guess is a evo ix

    Misael RussellMisael Russell24 days ago
  • Life was depressing this week when you didn’t up load was wondering if you was okay had to go back to watch old videos of them good old days glad you back refreshed mind and ready for new content keep it up bro

    Comandante GeoComandante Geo24 days ago
  • was missing the illiminate vlogs. i'm glad that you are back uploading guys. cheers from Mauritius.

    Hart BryanHart Bryan24 days ago
  • Imagine Randy now building one of the FD Corvettes 😶😱😂

    Jan Philipp SchreinerJan Philipp Schreiner24 days ago
    • Wym fd corvette

      Ivan WeaponIvan Weapon24 days ago
  • The USDM bumpers for the s14 looks like a off brand skyline bumper 😂

    Unknwn TakashiUnknwn Takashi24 days ago
  • Og vibes only 👏🏼👏🏼🤟🏽🤟🏽

    Alex LopezAlex Lopez24 days ago
  • great way to end a stressful week of school... getting the notification of iliminate and rewatching the video 😎

    ASAP FERNASAP FERN24 days ago
  • randy is trying to save all the old jdms

    claud rapozaclaud rapoza24 days ago
  • make it clear corner lights

    claud rapozaclaud rapoza24 days ago
  • Randy I wanna see you stance out a muscle car too!!

    Robert GodinezRobert Godinez24 days ago
  • Get the 326 wing with it like the og 😩😩

    Robert GodinezRobert Godinez24 days ago
  • The next car is an evo

    Ivan SageIvan Sage24 days ago
  • are you gonna paint the car red again??

    Blade RancesBlade Rances24 days ago
  • Where do yo guys find cars like this, do they just pop up I can never find them

    Goalienetwork 101Goalienetwork 10124 days ago
  • can you go to the old garage where the building cars start

    Ezra LabeEzra Labe24 days ago
  • Imagine him trying to put the Bumper in the 32😂

    XetaziXetazi24 days ago
  • mans bought a evooo😩

    zae pineahazae pineaha24 days ago
  • Was about to sue illiminate for not giving us content for a whole week

    Kobonyo IsaacKobonyo Isaac24 days ago
  • Bet the winner to the giveaway is someone from cali

    PethaPetha24 days ago
  • You need a truck my guy!

    Cadel CadmanCadel Cadman24 days ago
  • If you see this comment then its a sign for you to watch initial d on hulu.

    Sp00ky _Sp00ky _24 days ago
  • can anyone link me to their phone mounts?

    EthanEthan24 days ago
  • Yesirrr ima lil late to the vid because of working on my coupe but glad to be here as always💪🏼

    A JA J24 days ago
    • Also got my shipment in today thanks boys

      A JA J24 days ago
  • The videos is cool and all BUT... when is the RX-7 merch dropping?😳

    Rogelio DanielRogelio Daniel24 days ago
  • bring back the red s14

    nouranoura24 days ago
  • Love the :if it works it works mentality lol.

    Jona RuizJona Ruiz24 days ago
  • I hope emi is ok ✌️

    Jagruti MateJagruti Mate24 days ago
  • Why is the Give away car there ❔❔❔ 👇🏻

    Mr BeastMr Beast24 days ago
  • He bought an evo guys xD

    Kurrimbaccus AllyKurrimbaccus Ally24 days ago
  • When is the rb26 winner getting their car?

    Brian MuhammadBrian Muhammad24 days ago
  • Who will reach 1million subs. Boosted bois or illiminate?

    MoTorBLocK2330MoTorBLocK233024 days ago
  • Evo?

    Soeda, Yuuki P.Soeda, Yuuki P.24 days ago
  • I prefer the aggressive look of the usdm bumper myself, but got a jdm bumper for a good deal and my bash bar won’t let me fit a usdm bumper. For anyone who reads this, a jdm lip has been retrofitted onto a usdm bumper and it looks badass.

    marcusmaliciousmarcusmalicious24 days ago
  • Randy *hits Emmy in the head* Me: “Yes hello, ASPCA!” 😂

    Marky MarkMarky Mark25 days ago
  • i wait everyday to come home from school just to hop on yt to see Randy's new vid keep up the good work ;)

    Josh GangemiJosh Gangemi25 days ago
  • Og subscriber here bro all the way from boston!You the 🐐 randy, god bless the entire crew 💯🙏🏽

    lisandro britolisandro brito25 days ago
  • Mitsubishi 🥵💙

    NorfGonzoNorfGonzo25 days ago
  • Sir please try to modify Volkswagen GTI

    Sujal MyanaSujal Myana25 days ago
  • Please tell me the new car is an S15😅😅

    Mike OlegoMike Olego25 days ago
  • ❤❤❤❤

    AZWAN azzAZWAN azz25 days ago
  • Wild guess: randy bought an evo

  • If you paint the R34 i recommend do a bayside blue

    何?慣性ドリフト何?慣性ドリフト25 days ago
  • F in the chat for emi lmaooo

    d.bbyy03d.bbyy0325 days ago
  • Do I feel another giveaway build??!!!??? PWEASE!!!!!! Lol you guys build the coolest giveaways!

    4C’s Garage4C’s Garage25 days ago
  • Randy stop buying all the cars it’s hard to buy a car if you keep buying all of them😂

    Griz 562Griz 56225 days ago
  • Test driving a new JDM legend today?

    Jack BurkeJack Burke25 days ago
  • Finally you posted

    EsperxEchoEsperxEcho25 days ago
  • I would say paint it like the old s14 but ppl say it brings bad luck 🤷🏻‍♂️

    _Lonely.Driver__Lonely.Driver_25 days ago
  • who won the s13

    Justin CalayagJustin Calayag25 days ago
  • How Are You Not At A Million Followers Yet SMH 🤦‍♂️

    jakob carrascojakob carrasco25 days ago
  • Yoooo I been waiting for this, I been watching yalls video and I'm always so excited and hype when a new one come outtt. Illuminate is the bestttttt🙏

    Bambam Leal saokhoBambam Leal saokho25 days ago
  • Brrrrrrrooo i miss ur vids!

    Br1anBr1an25 days ago
  • finally been waiting for weeks

    Harith HanafiHarith Hanafi25 days ago
  • Build a AE86 when u hit a 1m subscriber

    Pl4y BoiPl4y Boi25 days ago
  • Your not fat enough yet 😏

    Luciid-Luciid-25 days ago
  • waited a week just for this common randy 😂😂

    Knoxce TipokiKnoxce Tipoki25 days ago
  • No hate, but R34s looks way better with a beafy tire set up

    Gabriel RosalesGabriel Rosales25 days ago
  • an evo randy?🤭

    Jeremiah MosesJeremiah Moses25 days ago
    • Yup I saw on insta

      Anthony SenaAnthony Sena25 days ago
  • Randy get you a jdm kei truck for hauling the jdm goodies.. plus you can fit in is perfectly

    avery ghostkingavery ghostking25 days ago
  • Is it just me or does randy voice kinda sounds off in this video💀

    Kody KueKody Kue25 days ago
  • Randy it’s one of the most grateful person I’ve seen on USworlds 🔥

    JeffsvJeffsv25 days ago
  • Day 1 of asking Illiminate to do a 350z build

    vennie_vennie_25 days ago
  • s14 is going to look hella nice, cant wait

    Arshaad CArshaad C25 days ago
  • Yes new cars equals more content

    Juan BrionesJuan Briones25 days ago
  • How much for the dog

    Martin GonzalezMartin Gonzalez25 days ago
  • I seen an Nissan Skyline GTS-t R32 for the very first time today I was pretty dope looking

    Cheeseburger PotatoCheeseburger Potato25 days ago
  • Next up bigger warehouse?