SAvE tHe ZEnKis! (S14 First Mod)

Mar 11, 2021
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We get to relive/rebuild the car that started it all. The OG subs know, the S14 was built at our apartment with little to no money. Built from zipties and self tapping screws. Thanks to you, we can redo this all over. Let's do it right. Also, thanks for watching me on this journey. We've come a long way and it's all thanks to your love and support. I may not know what you guys look like, but I appreciate you guys more than you know.
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  • The beginning of the S14 2.0

    Juan ramirezJuan ramirezMonth ago
    • Roller paint 2.0

      koojtxigzokoojtxigzoMonth ago
    • I want it that’s what I think

      izzbomb23izzbomb23Month ago
    • its going to be half way finnished then he'll start recording something else

      Samurai X000Samurai X000Month ago
    • No Cap

      Zack Che ツZack Che ツMonth ago
    • @Oh Say Less G5 it was a joke

  • The first video I ever watched was the one where you crashed that s14

    juelz santanajuelz santana3 days ago
  • Can we add some anti lag tho? 👀👀

    TheCinimaticMeetsTheCinimaticMeets8 days ago
  • Randy do a Barra engine swap I would love to see that happen

    bobby maikabobby maika15 days ago
  • Chee

    Chief🔰Chief🔰22 days ago
  • Damn I remember when I was staffing for wekfest but your S2K had too much gas so you told Kevin to keep driving around the convention center. You even had to rush cause you were working at the connected hotel🤣

    SolidBorednessSolidBoredness29 days ago
  • Save the zenkis! Puts a kouki front end on...

    Toyota FanaticToyota FanaticMonth ago
  • Heck yeahhh

    MLDGCuR3 TuRtL3MLDGCuR3 TuRtL3Month ago
  • Fuck yeah I’m excited

    ZDDy_ClApS You all dayZDDy_ClApS You all dayMonth ago
  • Crazy, I started watching when the first car was crashed

    Whats up AaronWhats up AaronMonth ago
  • Beeeeeeen waiting!

    Sneaky VisualsSneaky VisualsMonth ago
  • I wanna see sum crazy from them. Time for hemi swap s14

    AveryAveryMonth ago
  • Why do I feel like the illiminate crew is the only group of youtubers that are genuine and when they say "thank you for the support" they actually mean it

    Daniel jeyDaniel jeyMonth ago

    Jacob NantzJacob NantzMonth ago
  • The beast comes back!

    Carlos PerezCarlos PerezMonth ago
  • OG is back and I love it I miss this is s14

    sticky driftsticky driftMonth ago
  • Randy is dead ass the most appreciative person on this platform!

    Morten907Morten907Month ago
  • first time i watched ur video was when u wad putting the hood on the s14 😁💪🏽💪🏽

    Zhawn LavienaZhawn LavienaMonth ago
  • Bring back the bike handle bar steering wheel😭🔥🔥🔥

    thatoneslow Sithatoneslow SiMonth ago
  • I was here when the s14 started getting built

    Hargus GarageHargus GarageMonth ago
  • 15k gets you 5 240's in the states? dayum in Australia thatll get you barely 1

    Diamond StatusDiamond StatusMonth ago
  • what happened to the guy that one the s13

    Lucas CrumpLucas CrumpMonth ago
  • Nobody: Thomas: my hand is to fast for the sand paper 😂

    Jacobo VargasJacobo VargasMonth ago
  • 7:36 this is satisfaction for me

    Chris GarcíaChris GarcíaMonth ago
  • I cringed when they soaked the fuse box and sprayed degreaser on the engine wires..... good luck trying to use anything back

    RobRobMonth ago
  • Bring it back to life but do it blue like the Christmas wrap vid when u said u liked the blue

    Diamond322 GamingDiamond322 GamingMonth ago
  • i'm not an OG viewer but when i found this channel i was working overnights and said fuck it i'll watch from the beginning so i saw the tree falling on the apartment and all that good shit. Deff came along way hella dope to see!!

    illmatic Billmatic BMonth ago
  • oh wowww another kouki swap... yawwwwwwwwn

    SunnySunnyMonth ago
  • Oh well s14 would be really happy unless it wasn't sitting in the corner

    gdnhtb tmrhfgdnhtb tmrhfMonth ago
  • The Stradman of JDM Cars.

    ZixorusZixorusMonth ago
  • Lol. Family Matters memories @ 3:46.

    Kendall MaloneKendall MaloneMonth ago
  • Randy is the guy who did is to make me inlove with this s14 and now the car is coming back❤️😍

    Joseph SisonJoseph SisonMonth ago
  • 3 layer pearl candy green @house of colour ;)

    Blake PorterBlake PorterMonth ago
  • I miss the old vlog style

    Paul FitzPaul FitzMonth ago
  • the real ones remember roller paint on the OG s14 at Kevins driveway!

    JR MendozaJR MendozaMonth ago
  • This is the last car he showed among the five car S chasis shopping spree. About a year ago. Oh just realized that its almost a year since I subbed.🤯

    John Medard TañafrancaJohn Medard TañafrancaMonth ago
  • We still need to save the zenkis

    Damian LariosDamian LariosMonth ago
  • V10 s14

    El PandaEl PandaMonth ago
  • Randy giving out more money than Biden 😭😭

    Andres EsquivelAndres EsquivelMonth ago
  • I want this car Randy

    izzbomb23izzbomb23Month ago
  • Where is Thomas

    Nikhil HiraNikhil HiraMonth ago
  • Dam missing the old video when u sent it to the wall

    Saroeun EditsSaroeun EditsMonth ago
  • We as OG sub, hope u remember us. Im from brunei darussalam. Asian. So yeah idk hw to explained hw enjoyed i am watching ur vid kido

    NRG BNNRG BNMonth ago
  • VHR swap would be lit😬

    Ruben SalazarRuben SalazarMonth ago
  • Randy please sponsor me your old rim thanks you IG: sonowwwww

    alistair sonowalistair sonowMonth ago
  • Of course Randy starts building the S14 when I'm grounded now I got to catch up

    Kevin FosterKevin FosterMonth ago
  • Recreat the s14 🙌🙌🙌🙌cant wait for the roller paint job lol

  • in germany i could maybe buy one 240sx with 15k$ because theyre so overpriced

    EDDYEDDYMonth ago
  • Nice

    David SankittsDavid SankittsMonth ago
  • 2jz build

    Jessie SanchezJessie SanchezMonth ago
  • I like zenkis ngl

    Yudistira Putra SubiantoYudistira Putra SubiantoMonth ago
  • Lol sent it into the wall again randy si 👍

    Luis FloresLuis FloresMonth ago
  • how about turning your garage into han’s garage for your content hahaha

    Karl FauniKarl FauniMonth ago
  • I have that exact 1995 zenki s14🥺it’s getting painted rn tho so I miss her it’s been like more than two weeks😭

    Camila HernandezCamila HernandezMonth ago
  • Mantap pak...

    AZWAN azzAZWAN azzMonth ago
  • 1jz

    Rick CuevasRick CuevasMonth ago
  • 2J? 👀

    Ivan GonzalezIvan GonzalezMonth ago
  • You’re so going to LS this.

    xMyTaigaxMyTaigaMonth ago
  • You should fully build this one yourself since yk the setup of the s14

    InfamousInfamousMonth ago
  • Ls swap?

    YardogyuhYardogyuhMonth ago
  • For a real sec I was like “wait what s14”.......and then he showed the pics and I went “OHHH SHIIII I REMEMBER THAT” S14 v2: 2021 *bouta be lit*

    that_subiedudethat_subiedudeMonth ago
  • How am I the only one that prefers the Zenki over the couki

    AMurKyXAMurKyXMonth ago
  • I hope he does an ls swap on that car

    MandoMandoMonth ago
  • How to join the giveaway if you're in Canada

    Christian LawrenceChristian LawrenceMonth ago
  • with 15k you can buy 4 240sx? are you kidding? here in spain they are going up for 12k euros (wich are more than dollars) and in half good conditions. fully built 30k

    EriksitooEriksitooMonth ago
  • And the roller paint brush

    Joseph ValenzuelaJoseph ValenzuelaMonth ago
  • Og subscriber

    ChrisChrisMonth ago
  • Can you help me I actually own a 240sx s14 1996 Zenki

    YoSwayYoSwayMonth ago
  • This channel reminds me of pimp my ride

    420BLAZIN69420BLAZIN69Month ago
  • they really vibe to juice ❤

    Devour jisxacDevour jisxacMonth ago
  • From the apartment parking lot to a FAT warehouse 🔥

    overpricedtoyotaoverpricedtoyotaMonth ago
  • I started watching when u did the roller paint job bro

    manuel betancourtmanuel betancourtMonth ago
  • don't you guys love it when randy washes his cars

    Mikaeel HerculesMikaeel HerculesMonth ago
  • Surely you send me those zenki pieces

    Kyle WilliamsKyle WilliamsMonth ago
  • Ok s14 content cool and all but never going be the same with out Christian ifykyk had to be said 🙈only OGs will remember

    king gking gMonth ago
  • Anyone know what breed those dogs were?

    Cesar CanedoCesar CanedoMonth ago
  • dont crash it again💔

    Jaciel ValladaresJaciel ValladaresMonth ago
  • I'm excited!

    junior sanchezjunior sanchezMonth ago
  • hope this S14 dont end up "Wall Tapped" like the one before

    Shaquelle OnealShaquelle OnealMonth ago
  • This is like hitting end game and going back to the starter car you never sold and fully building it with all the money you got now

    Dark Times CultureDark Times CultureMonth ago
  • You guys posted this on my birthday

    Retroboy LuiRetroboy LuiMonth ago
  • Dont build everything at once so u can have lots of content.

    MANNYMANNYMonth ago
  • If me win i just want to buy skyline too🖤🤑🤑🚗

    Chill Mix TubeChill Mix TubeMonth ago
  • Bring back the classic !!!! 🙏

    Roger AntunaRoger AntunaMonth ago
  • S14😍😍🤑 the game begin😍🚗

    Chill Mix TubeChill Mix TubeMonth ago
  • The real question is where can I buy 4 or 5 240s for 15k, I’ve got one around my town, And that one alone is 15k 😂???

    RodrigoRodrigoMonth ago
  • What happen to Christian with the Subaru hatch ?

    Ruben PasillasRuben PasillasMonth ago
  • Isaac lookin like a snackk😳🥰

  • Even though I’m new this build still seems so meaningful. If it wasn’t for they car I may not have found you channel

    I love to mall grabI love to mall grabMonth ago
  • Damn this thing gave me paint roller flashbacks

    MarvosdMarvosdMonth ago
  • shits crazy how i look back at the videos i used to watch and i thought randy was like the coolest dude, he had the s14 and the s2k at the apartment and he was just chilling with the homies and shit. i miss the old broke diy randy lmaooo but i love to see him grow over the years while i support the gang. when he did the roller paint job and the coils with son, i miss it but i’m proud of how far hes come.❤️🙏🏼

    s t x t i c s ss t x t i c s sMonth ago
  • getting an r35 is not even a question, you should definitely get one

  • They’re trying to take away modding your car in the next epa bill bro, could you look into it and maybe spread the word?

    ChimeraChimeraMonth ago
  • When did randy get this ?

    ッDaily sendsッDaily sendsMonth ago
  • Damn I thought an LS was coming for the s14 but probably 2J

    ColtonColtonMonth ago
  • Yep he’s going JZ boys

    XetaziXetaziMonth ago
  • when you buying the new car?????

    Samurai X000Samurai X000Month ago
  • 2078 'so we had to up that... this time its $190,000

    R3dWoodR3dWoodMonth ago
  • Damn I remember back when you had 30k subs hahaha

    Gilbert GarciaGilbert GarciaMonth ago
  • I remember when thay painted his car with rollers

    H MedH MedMonth ago