Surprising my BEST FRIEND with his DREAM R33 GTR!!!

Mar 28, 2021
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Yes. You read the title correctly. Today we surprise my best friend and business partner Kevin Jude! Kevin, you deserve the world and more. Love you bro. Here's to many more dream cars! None of this would be possible without you. We are now.. GTR BOYS!!!
We are giving away $20,000! Every $5 = 2x entries!​
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  • kakimootooooo! less goo!

    Letso KingflowLetso Kingflow20 hours ago
  • Bro your crew is to funny 😂😂

    Jeter ZJeter Z2 days ago
  • Why does randy got to buy everything KJ is grown and so is everyone else in the group he just likes to control everything

    tha jalapenotha jalapeno4 days ago
  • Any of my fellow Tennesseeans see “the only ten I see” coming ?

    Kyle HallKyle Hall4 days ago
  • kevin getting all the top tier cars 🔥

    AA7 days ago
  • is that lake del valle?

    popphuapopphua9 days ago
  • Bro Thomas is so funny man

    DylanDylan9 days ago
  • R33 prices now ^^^

    DylanDylan9 days ago
  • Your friend buys a car for himself so you use it as a video pretending that you’ve bought it for him

    Kyle BraceKyle Brace9 days ago
  • bro the reactions your homies have to getting another homie his dream car is actually so priceless man. Genuine ppl fr.

    VoiyageVoiyage11 days ago
  • The front end of the r33 with the work wheels is Fuego

    PANDASKILLZz 32PANDASKILLZz 3212 days ago
  • Yo I fr saw that car on the freeway...

    Will PlanchonWill Planchon12 days ago
  • It’s good to see the whole gang back together

    Cliche 18Cliche 1812 days ago
  • Hey Brodie, can I get the link to where you got the gtr?

    Rack2Hyp3 2HypeFamRack2Hyp3 2HypeFam13 days ago
  • is kevin the accountant of illiminate ?

    brago 97brago 9714 days ago
  • Where do u buy ur cars from?

    Landon EdallLandon Edall14 days ago
  • Out of curiosity why is he being bought for so many cars than the other members ?

    Quentin NyakundiQuentin Nyakundi14 days ago
  • God bruh the things I would do to have a friend like you bro like that’s my dream car and if someone ever bought me that I would look to you as a god🙏

    mxnzrmxnzr14 days ago
  • Sony is sum els I swear 😂😂. Dude cracks me up lmaoooo

    Jimmy Sybounheuang Jimmy SybounheuangJimmy Sybounheuang Jimmy Sybounheuang14 days ago
  • Now tony needs something 😉

    KavyKavy14 days ago
  • What I would do to have a r33😩

    Tristan MillerTristan Miller14 days ago
  • "all he has is s2000 and a nsx" ALLLLL??

    PeeRPeeR14 days ago
  • The guy in the red hoodie is the funniest I forgot his name my bad but he’s literally the funniest😂

    Cristian SanchezCristian Sanchez14 days ago
  • I thought it was for guy in the red jacket for some reason

    Darryl GDarryl G14 days ago
  • The r33 is the better skyline.

    Ellery SabangEllery Sabang15 days ago
  • sonny always has best reaction

    OthyOthy15 days ago
  • Hks

    cjaybestcjaybest15 days ago
  • I swear.. if TONY’s not next......!

    Diego RubioDiego Rubio15 days ago
  • Damn Thomas

    Fairshake MediaFairshake Media15 days ago
  • Yo

    Bailey KrauseBailey Krause15 days ago
  • I'd love to see a 1st or 2nd Gen Cummins build on dis channel dat be dope af even tho this is a jdm car channel

    Demetrius PalmerDemetrius Palmer16 days ago

    Kirul NuarKirul Nuar16 days ago
  • Exhaust:Fujitsubo Giken (FGK) JDM exhaust manufacturer.

    トトロトトロ16 days ago
  • asian david dobrik

    FantixFantix17 days ago
  • Sunnys reaction tho that shit got me bent over hahahahaha

    Wylder FinkWylder Fink17 days ago
  • This vid is 100

    GoodballaGoodballa17 days ago
  • 1:24 in, excited. Love you guys! Have a day!

    GoodballaGoodballa17 days ago
  • Why are all Asian hype beast only want what’s hype you guys are band wagon guys get some style u look like every other Asian guy just so u know down to the cloths lol

    jesus saves cars sjesus saves cars s17 days ago
  • I feel like Randy is getting sunny a r33 now

    Bryan DiazBryan Diaz17 days ago
  • R33 the best one, super slept on

    Jayquan SudlerJayquan Sudler17 days ago
  • Why isn’t the R34 his dream car? Why the 33

    L TL T18 days ago
  • you taking friendship applications? lol bless you

    byZokubyZoku18 days ago
  • the exhaust on the R33 looks like it said HKS

    Zack Not a ChanceZack Not a Chance18 days ago
  • Exhaust is a fujitsubo legalis 👍

    Red32Red3218 days ago
  • Might not read this but hey bro , you should do a video of Kevin’s Jude experience in the marines and what made him join

    Melvin BallinasMelvin Ballinas18 days ago
  • This gtr is from Tennessee did u buy it from a Vietnamese guy named Vu?

    ItsJack01ItsJack0118 days ago
  • hey randy!! no offence but i really hope you’d gift luke a car!!! he’s the most hardworking person i’ve seen!! i mean you’ve already gifted kj the nsx !!

    John AppleseedJohn Appleseed18 days ago
  • Randy & kj a gay couple?

    Alfredo MartinezAlfredo Martinez18 days ago
  • Clickbait buddy didn’t even know what car it was

    Ej81996Ej8199619 days ago
  • @12:33 these fools high asf ahahaha

    Woo ChoiWoo Choi19 days ago
  • sonny is too funny LMFAOO

    yoooeeliyoooeeli19 days ago
  • How can i be your friend 😂😭

    Xavier WoodardXavier Woodard19 days ago
  • this and the R35 are my dream cars fr. the R33 is so underrated honestly

    L0K1 EUL0K1 EU19 days ago
  • where in sj is that wash

    Lawrence PanopioLawrence Panopio19 days ago
  • you should give me that cinelli bike👀

    chubs floreschubs flores19 days ago
  • on the real.. what happened to Peter? miss seeing him on the vlogs

    vntgzlvntgzl19 days ago
  • damn havent watched the vids in a min, but good to see Kaz n Tomas

    vntgzlvntgzl19 days ago
  • Oo===oO Welcome to SquadZilla oo===oo

    Dan NDan N19 days ago
  • At this point y’all need to make Sonny some “for real” merch

    Patrick SaythavyPatrick Saythavy19 days ago
  • surprise me with a Nissan GTR R32.. please😅😅😅

    Crilerr vlogCrilerr vlog19 days ago
  • Pls get a Honda Civic and just put a huge turbo

    Josh MclainJosh Mclain19 days ago
  • 7:45 That's a Fujitsubo Giken Legalis. The Ti version was the exhaust they used for the Nismo 400R 👌

    James RichardsJames Richards19 days ago

    WAVE_ZayWAVE_Zay19 days ago
  • sunny is something else fam, holy shit

    Brandon CavazosBrandon Cavazos19 days ago
  • sunny pulled up in the Toyota RAV4 lmao

    Brandon CavazosBrandon Cavazos19 days ago
  • still waiting for you to surprise me randy

    wonjunnwonjunn19 days ago
  • now you just gotta get a r31 or hakosuka gtr and a r35 and you have the whole collection

    LoyalLoyal19 days ago
  • Unpopular Opinion: R33 Skyline is the Underrated Black Horse of all of the skylines

    Joshua PfeiferJoshua Pfeifer19 days ago
  • Love how everyone first thing to say is “ damn, another one” lol 😂

    Thomas RodriguezThomas Rodriguez19 days ago
  • somebody do the "is the illegal" count

    Mikaeel HerculesMikaeel Hercules19 days ago
  • "It only has 105k km on it" "Thats like 80k miles right" 😭😭 "More like 60k miles"

    Ryan LatschRyan Latsch19 days ago
  • You should surprise me with my dream r33 cuz they my favourite car

    Brodie LeistBrodie Leist19 days ago
  • Randy you need to get les cars en make them more done

    Purple 89Purple 8919 days ago
  • Candy red

    Purple 89Purple 8919 days ago
  • Honda S2000 Honda nsx skyline boyyyy that collections nice 👍🏼

    Purple 89Purple 8919 days ago
  • Sunny ☀️ really the ☀️ of this group 🤣😂

    Purple 89Purple 8919 days ago
  • awesome video!!!!

    Brandon JaggerBrandon Jagger20 days ago
  • i skipped to 22:20 blew all context got hit with a troll add and bounced XD

    the cali lifestylethe cali lifestyle20 days ago
  • Mad respect ✊ dope video

    Final Touch ProductionsFinal Touch Productions20 days ago
  • The new David Dobrik ?

    Juancarlos BecerraJuancarlos Becerra20 days ago
  • the OG carwash spot

    MandoEvoXMandoEvoX20 days ago
  • My dream car as well, great choice.

    II20 days ago
  • The reason why the NSX isnt right hand drive is because Acura is North american only.

    Danny iPwnDanny iPwn20 days ago
  • I wanna be your BFF.

    GoldFish NinjaGoldFish Ninja20 days ago
  • Instead of taking it the the body shop look at Chrisfix n hell show you how to fix that rust right up lol

    Big DanBig Dan20 days ago
  • "You bought another one !? "💀💀💀💀

    Noah GuzmanNoah Guzman20 days ago
  • Who gets the suprise next!👀

    Jonathan FilmsJonathan Films20 days ago
  • I've seen this video 10 times just because of Sonny's Reaction...

    elasdeaseselasdeases20 days ago
  • Sonny’s reaction was the best😭😭😭🤝

    janushann jjanushann j20 days ago
  • 27:23 this is how cars cure depression

    Just some KidJust some Kid20 days ago
  • Kevin Nguyen looks so high😂

    JxstinJxstin20 days ago
  • think bout maybe in a few years they get the new nsx and the r35 dynamic duo

    Albert CastilloAlbert Castillo20 days ago
  • You mean r34

    Centurion GuyCenturion Guy20 days ago
  • Henry's tat is pretty clean

    Huy PhamHuy Pham20 days ago
  • Fujitsubo Legalis R Type Evolution Exhaust

    FeiJai MediaFeiJai Media20 days ago
  • 13:18 gimme that fixie pleassse

    cohen wilkicohen wilki20 days ago
  • sonnys dumb😭😭

    Nyxon DerasNyxon Deras20 days ago
  • I dont even know your channel. This video came on my recommendation and now this is maybe my favorite channel!

    Faded MillaFaded Milla20 days ago
  • Hey randy im looking for a job and i hope you can hire me.... The possition im looking at is to be ypur bestfriend

    WaijaboiWaijaboi20 days ago
  • That thing is MINT!