Taking my AutoZone Makeover Supra to a Car Meet!

Mar 3, 2021
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The A90 Supra gets an AutoZone makeover and we take her to a little car meet. The reaction was priceless! Some loved it, some hated it. What do you guys think???
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  • the flames on the side look real cringe ngl but nice car tho

    stoopid ass use your brain headassstoopid ass use your brain headass2 days ago
  • It would’ve been funnier if you when you went in to change you came out of the other bathroom lol

    juelz santanajuelz santana5 days ago
  • as a female enthusiast i am not putting pink on my car

    jaejae13 days ago
  • need a manual supra

    Swapnil BhattaharyaSwapnil Bhattaharya21 day ago
  • I'm dying of laughter hahah hahaha lol

    Henry CupidoHenry Cupido28 days ago
  • Gonna get my tattoos from autozone, from now on.

    MiguelMiguelMonth ago
  • waste of money 💰 xD

    YaboyHugoYaboyHugoMonth ago
  • I think u made a bit better and then even worse xD

    YaboyHugoYaboyHugoMonth ago
  • Supra already is bad why did u make it even worse ? xD

    YaboyHugoYaboyHugoMonth ago
  • 2:58 - sounds like chrixfix it

    Bryan QuirozBryan QuirozMonth ago
  • first time seeing Randy with a hat?!

  • I wish I send my car to your shop

    Angel RodAngel RodMonth ago
  • How do I get that merch

    Mando HernandeZMando HernandeZMonth ago
  • You said shoutout tho all the grandma and all the granddads but u dont have a granddad :(

    Umair HussainUmair HussainMonth ago
  • 12:36 no one gonna talk about how thick she is😂😂

    EsctyEsctyMonth ago
  • **looks at car** The 2003 days are back yo!!! 🤣

    BoostAlmightyBoostAlmightyMonth ago
  • the riced supra

    theo nkwetheo nkweMonth ago
  • Bruh if u do it again I'll unsubscribe

    Tovie MarquezTovie MarquezMonth ago
  • This is too hilarious

  • Comment sonny's rx7 Like randys rx7

    jordan simpsonjordan simpsonMonth ago
  • I started watching you before i even had a USworlds channel i just want you to know ive been supporting your from Northern ireland (check out the car scene over here on youtube) youll get some sick cars but sadly not being support your delivery prices ive had my uncle print me copys (sorry i cant afford the deliver with a new born on the way) but i want sprend your name as far as i can as ive supported the channel from you where rollied the fenders (not going pretend it was longer for atte tion) but from from then the inspiration is amazing) my girlfriend didn't even no what BMW stood for and ive had her watching your videos she understands so much more❤ i wish i had the money to be part pf the videos but im so far away and id rather you spent money on a new build for your fans (which you never have a problem with) but imitate illminate appel is more of a build brand/comedy/entertainment (most humans don't offer) being a good response vehicle than humans could

    jordan simpsonjordan simpsonMonth ago
  • I liked the video but I waited the entire video for the chic in the thumbnail lol.

    RetroPhil82RetroPhil82Month ago
  • Everything else looks stupid asf but the yellow flames actually look pretty clean😂

    Alicia LoftenAlicia LoftenMonth ago
  • Randy got tats?

    Yechan YounYechan YounMonth ago
  • Looks like you must live in California cuz only California people drive down the street with mask on you probably wear that s*** inside of the house too don't you

    JasonJasonMonth ago
  • Man that looks like something done back in the early 2000 1996 . looks ridiculous anything that has flames on it🤣🤣 it even slow like an AutoZone car it's loud but it's not moving

    JasonJasonMonth ago
  • That tat really fits randy

    Lengha ChinLengha ChinMonth ago
  • Am i trippin or is the pruis at 6:03 RHD😂

    armando rodriguezarmando rodriguezMonth ago
  • is that a supra

    savage painsavage painMonth ago
  • Hey randy, my brother said you were a friend back in high school but I think he’s capping . So did you know a Giovanni Vilchis? Also First video I watched and it had me dying 😂 keep up the good work👍

    I_hate_ juiceI_hate_ juiceMonth ago
  • Here for Mia Khalifa

    The ScoutThe ScoutMonth ago
  • Some early 2000s spinner wheels would finish off this wicked AutoZone build.🤭🤭

    Walter FJKWalter FJKMonth ago
  • when i saw the steering wheel i was like the phuck is that

    Mikaeel HerculesMikaeel HerculesMonth ago
  • Are we not gonna talked about how he has Mia Khalifa has his thumbnail

    godofthunnder ttvgodofthunnder ttvMonth ago
  • Randy got a tattoo ?

    King and tenshi enterprisesKing and tenshi enterprisesMonth ago
  • i hate it😔

    イムランイムランMonth ago
  • The only reason why I clicked on the video yes because Mia Khalifa was on the video😂😂

    Calvin OwensCalvin OwensMonth ago
  • Randy you should make a Q&A

    Leancoding 25Leancoding 25Month ago
  • How are y’all not at a million yet?!?

    Alberto alonsoAlberto alonsoMonth ago
  • I lost it when you aired out at the meet LMFAO

    Beastcoastmr2Beastcoastmr2Month ago
  • That tat doe 👀

    Jose VeraJose VeraMonth ago
  • Where’s christian haven’t seen him in the vlogs

    x Covertx CovertMonth ago
  • Nice Supra. I love Supras 😍💪🏻👍🏻

    SupraTRDSupraTRDMonth ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    James SchugJames SchugMonth ago
  • is the manual swap still coming for the supra?

    doubleoazn03doubleoazn03Month ago
  • ruined

    Leo ConettaLeo ConettaMonth ago
  • I tried dming randy but I guess he don’t remember me from high school smh

    VleexxzVleexxzMonth ago
    • I guess game gets to ya at some point

      VleexxzVleexxzMonth ago
  • the thumbnail 😳😂😂😂😂

    Nico CarlsonNico CarlsonMonth ago
  • For the fact that I have to wood bead seat covers on my civic wagon and I'm not old 😂😂

    LA09krusty09LALA09krusty09LAMonth ago
  • this foo get a tattoo??

    Demolición crewDemolición crewMonth ago
  • Tho you're triggering me so hard with what you've done to that beauty....

    FiFPeerLessFiFPeerLessMonth ago
  • The flames gotta stay bro 😂

    Adrian CastanedaAdrian CastanedaMonth ago
  • Randy has a tattoo

    Epic cjEpic cjMonth ago
  • Ewww those vents just made it look ugly why tho 😡😡😡😡

    Octane SwaggOctane SwaggMonth ago

  • I can’t stop laughing at the tittle picture of Mia 😂🤣

    Kalani EldertsKalani EldertsMonth ago
  • "we were going too fast the fender caught on fire" lmao

    Kory BreitenbucherKory BreitenbucherMonth ago
  • How many hp?

    Eddie AnderssonEddie AnderssonMonth ago
  • An autozone tattoo bruh

    juan arguetajuan arguetaMonth ago
  • Where is the BMW logo

    YEEZY-EYEEZY-EMonth ago
  • aka autosupra

    Emmanuel Campos MedinaEmmanuel Campos MedinaMonth ago
  • Liberty walk Auto zone supra 😂😂😂😂😂

    XŠüpräX PUBG GamingXŠüpräX PUBG GamingMonth ago
  • Your videos are crap, car looks shit

    Malcolm ButtigiegMalcolm ButtigiegMonth ago
  • Randy’s reaction of the Supra while walking up to it is hilarious

    Mrqz 616Mrqz 616Month ago
  • i need randys outrooooooooooooooooo

    TokaaTokaaMonth ago
  • randy has a tat

    kevin maniegokevin maniegoMonth ago
  • I just seen randy last night in his r34 wish I could’ve said hi hopefully he likes this comment and it’ll make it up for that 😊😊

    prince kalkatprince kalkatMonth ago
  • Nice thumbnail

    Ryan ARyan AMonth ago
  • Thanks for the bagriders discount code randy saved me some money on my new management for my s10 much love and the Supra’s looking fire 🔥 😉😅

    That Pepsi-That Pepsi-Month ago
  • Bro when did you inked up and what you get?

    Gabriel MolinaGabriel MolinaMonth ago
  • Randy needs to do this again 😂😂

    Not RxftsNot RxftsMonth ago
  • You look like finding nick in your makeover lol

    John BobbyJohn BobbyMonth ago
  • Let be honest we click cause of the car and the girl too

    Ku RehKu RehMonth ago
  • I can smell the milly coming soon 💯 👀

    Alan SantillanAlan SantillanMonth ago
  • You had me at Mia Khalifa

    StevenStevenMonth ago
  • “It’s in limp mode”

    Keone CarrilloKeone CarrilloMonth ago
  • People love it tho🤣

  • heyyy you should race jackultramotive now >:)

    Lee LeeLee LeeMonth ago
  • Randy recording the gs300 had me dying 😂

    Luis YTLuis YTMonth ago
  • The mia k thumbnail 😂

    catfightfridaycatfightfridayMonth ago
  • I can't get over AutoZone makeover it too funny Also when are you gonna bring back the s14 randy?

    Kevin SerranoKevin SerranoMonth ago
  • My jaw hurts so bad from laughing lmao

    Criss RossCriss RossMonth ago
  • Iam here for the mia khalifa reaction....😂😂

    ed0ggy26ed0ggy26Month ago
  • The only ricer id accept in the car community. 💀💀💀

    JulianJulianMonth ago
  • Yo does anyone know the name of the video where a corvette did a pull next to randy? Cant seem to find it lol

    Rex I-_-IRex I-_-IMonth ago
  • That accord was kinda tough

    Dream_ SolezzzDream_ SolezzzMonth ago
  • As if the supra didnt already have enough fake vents 😂

    irrasableirrasableMonth ago
  • Lmaooo when manz ducked to see your face under your hat I lost it

    Jayithan MahilrajanJayithan MahilrajanMonth ago
  • 3:03 goes through the door w the bay open lol

    Mel NiñoMel NiñoMonth ago
  • I just realized randy got a tattoo

    Angel DustAngel DustMonth ago
  • That's sick they up my block at Capitol express 🔥🔥

    Alexsis ChavezAlexsis ChavezMonth ago
  • Drew peacock is mad rn

    Angel Vs the wrldAngel Vs the wrldMonth ago
  • probably the funniest shit bruh ong

    DXMMY SDXMMY SMonth ago
  • Randy's "disguise" looks like him if he was 16 years old today😂😂😂

    juniorsito204 - livejuniorsito204 - liveMonth ago
  • Just wrecked my wrx 😔 but I’m glad I can hop on Yt and watch people like Randy, Adam, Gavin and Shanks down in Texas. You guys really helped my shitty day get better

    Michael SinovicMichael SinovicMonth ago
  • Tatt looks clean as hell randy welcome to the gang

    Roberto C.Roberto C.Month ago
  • Aaaw shit, yall could’ve had randy be an aggressive stranger in the end. Making him rip off the decals in front of everyone 😂😂

    LuciferLuciferMonth ago
  • I just got a supra ad watching this video

    Ruhel MiahRuhel MiahMonth ago
  • you should have got turbo whistles lmao

    OverhaulOverhaulMonth ago
  • Views low?

    A OA OMonth ago