The ORIGINAL StreetHunter Supra VS the ILLIMINATE Supra!

Dec 17, 2020
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Today we bring Illiminate's StreetHunter Supra to meet @Tj Hunt's ORIGINAL StreetHunter! Which one is your favorite? Let us know! Thanks for such an amazing kit Teej!
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  • 3:13 Where were you guys driving? its my dream to drive there it looks so vibey.

    ITZ_AcidBurnITZ_AcidBurnDay ago
  • xe đẹp đấy bro

    Felix EltonFelix Elton5 days ago
  • 8:40 my emotions 😭📈📈

    ifreemoifreemo7 days ago
  • What’s the song at the start?

    Stancenation_gamezStancenation_gamez9 days ago
  • waste of 20 minut fuk oi nun argh fuck

    nikolas seatnikolas seat9 days ago
  • is that is that a supra dude!!!!!!!! "i thinks its a supra"

    x1Fluid Aux1Fluid Au10 days ago
  • WAit do they live in socal now? or just to visit the street hunter

    AKA-.-AKA-.-10 days ago
  • Randy in a new NSX

    Hunter CarriganHunter Carrigan17 days ago
  • Love to see this collaboration

    Tausif TamboliTausif TamboliMonth ago
  • I love watching the videos but out here in Mexico you can’t drive stances cars

    Pablo 67Pablo 67Month ago
  • the supra really be sounding like a ps4

    ZqpsZqpsMonth ago
  • You can tell when he hopped in the car he was nervous as hell😂

    Merk 2MuchMerk 2MuchMonth ago
  • Holy shit theres a video in your add

    Bmore beastBmore beastMonth ago
  • 6:12 "super comfortable"? more like, SUPRA, comfortable aha. kill me...

    Ty SandersTy SandersMonth ago
  • Bro you going to hit a mil in no time !!🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🔥🔥 that’s a cold case

    Austin RosenthalAustin RosenthalMonth ago
  • Sick ass colab🔥🤙🏼

    Michael JollyツMichael JollyツMonth ago
  • i'm waiting for the weird kids to say "NiCe BmW BrO"

    Luke WellsLuke WellsMonth ago
  • “I can’t afford to break this” 😂😂😂

    Sean CanoySean CanoyMonth ago
  • what exhaust does randy have for his supra?

    T PT PMonth ago
  • Move to socal. Way better then Norcal

    doubleoazn03doubleoazn03Month ago
  • if u tune a volvo 850 there sound very good u need to buy and tune one

    Mihai TonuMihai TonuMonth ago
  • Bro I’m tweaking I thought to hunt died bro

    Boss KermitBoss KermitMonth ago
    • Tj

      Boss KermitBoss KermitMonth ago
  • "what am I doing with these 90s shit boxes" lmaoooooo

    Raoul AntoneacRaoul AntoneacMonth ago
  • Intro song ?

    Greg StewardGreg StewardMonth ago
  • Anyone know the track playing during the drive to Tj’s? Thanks

    Jinji loveJinji love2 months ago

    Michael YilmaMichael Yilma2 months ago
  • Nooo socal!!!

    CloudyCloudy2 months ago
  • 5:46 Randy gets pressed theres a guy thats down to act gayer than him

    Henry LodestroHenry Lodestro2 months ago
  • Gheez been here since like 300,000 subs damn

    Dom ReithDom Reith2 months ago
  • I can’t wait to get the street fighter LA kit for my e92 especially because it’s gonna be on Christmas

    N55 tamatoes PatatoesN55 tamatoes Patatoes2 months ago
  • Randy and the crew need to move to SoCal bro more collabs they got tj Dustin e_ought throttle sheesh 🔥🔥

    Miguel MendozaMiguel Mendoza2 months ago
  • What if you had a bodykit named after you

    BoyWonNder 209BoyWonNder 2092 months ago
  • who else notice dustin said that dustin said the wrx was with him since 2013 😭

    NovuNovu2 months ago
  • Damn I want the s13... lol

  • Sorry bro I’m with him now. Thomas’s face 🤣

    8r2nd0nS8r2nd0nS2 months ago
  • if u dislike videos on youtube especially normal content creators like this you a straight bitch lol

    HeyItsDubsHeyItsDubs2 months ago
  • I just mind fucked you 😂 - TJ

    Jeremy MorenoJeremy Moreno2 months ago
  • Yessss move to socal Randy

    JayJay2 months ago
  • Damn that Supra looks sick, damn good job on building that.

    InsertPandaHereInsertPandaHere2 months ago
  • Eought has the most badass driveway ever dude.

    Matt BMatt B2 months ago
  • I make your 2020 supra in pixel car race its a Japan

    Jaun MedinaJaun Medina2 months ago
  • Randy you gotta drift with tj

    TRXX ZAZETRXX ZAZE2 months ago
  • Anyone else make the same face randy did when he heard the turbo

    Jacob ChaconJacob Chacon2 months ago
  • U should move to Dustins and TJ's place

    Vishak PillaiVishak Pillai2 months ago

    Orthej DominoOrthej Domino2 months ago
  • all these cars and the car that catches my eye is the datsun fairlady z in the back at 5:05

    Peyton ThipPeyton Thip2 months ago
  • Please stay in sj😂

    Adrian MillanAdrian Millan2 months ago
  • Randy at this point should get an LFA

    jwinturbojwinturbo2 months ago
  • 6:10 did he just say "Supra Comfortable"

    Ssseth AaadamsSsseth Aaadams2 months ago

    Benny RamosBenny Ramos2 months ago
  • The Mclaren paint reminds me of the malbec black paint the g37 has. Except on the 37 you’ll see more of the reddish purple

    370gt Alej370gt Alej2 months ago
  • Randy jealous asf bout their cars so he standin there sneak dissin n sh** 🤣

    Brayan LopezBrayan Lopez2 months ago
  • So cal the move👀

    Eduardo GuerreroEduardo Guerrero2 months ago
  • Combining yesterday and today’s Vlogmas again!❤️ Didn’t have enough footage from yesterday. Hope you don’t mind. xo

    noob noobnoob noob2 months ago
  • Does this giveaway includes the whole east side?

    YvngPierreYvngPierre2 months ago
  • Damm! That’s all OG ❤️ a hella of a vid 🤩

    EJ PastorEJ Pastor2 months ago
  • Man I love when all my fav get together, always nice to see Dut and Teeg but now with randy and the boys in the mix too. Illiminate to SD ASAP!!!!

    pieandjoe1pieandjoe12 months ago
  • imma be the first one to say randy will look tiny as hell in one of these supercars

    Potato rocksPotato rocks2 months ago
  • dont need a super car, just build the supra up so its fast enough to give those cars a run for their money.

    Sappy JSappy J2 months ago
  • someone tell randy to buy an r8

    young dezyoung dez2 months ago
  • Dayuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm

    Brylle Ethan DumasBrylle Ethan Dumas2 months ago
  • Purple Smurf

    Moe Tha1mexikanMoe Tha1mexikan2 months ago
  • Dustan just said he has been with his 2015 since 2013-2014 🥴 I understand 2014 Bc Subaru let ppl buy it in mid or late 2014 but definitely not 2013

    Nick StanceNick Stance2 months ago
  • move to socal you won’t regret it

    Eduardo JuarezEduardo Juarez2 months ago
  • Ill vouch for inozetek wrap cuz i have nardo grey on my subieeee!

    Mack MotivatesMack Motivates2 months ago
  • The only reason I love that BMW Supra is the Street Hunter Kit. Looks straight gangster. Randy should sell the Supra and buy a Super car.

    日産スカイライン日産スカイライン2 months ago
  • Randy the only one having fun lol his friends just standing outside

    TrippyDayDayTrippyDayDay2 months ago
  • Get a r35 rudy

    Tony TTony T2 months ago
  • Anyone else wondering where’s tj’s c8 is

    hG XperimenthG Xperiment2 months ago
  • Doesn’t the R8 have a v8 v10 and v12 option? Or isn’t just v8 or 10

    MazDaspeedGMazDaspeedG2 months ago
    • Just the v10. Older generation had the v8. They never had v12’s.

      Kreative CultureKreative Culture2 months ago
  • the fitment of the hunter kit came out better on yours than the OG

    z34.johanz34.johan2 months ago
  • The original streethunter supra vs supma

    viky hermasyahviky hermasyah2 months ago
  • get a supercar man

    Kush ShastriKush Shastri2 months ago
  • Randy’s hair looked better than usual 😳

    Bran SykoraBran Sykora2 months ago
  • Can't wait to see the RX7 built Randy

    Jadane SmithJadane Smith2 months ago
  • "my friends are rich" says the guy with 10 cars and only 1 runs (2020 supra) stop buying someone else's failed project and you'd be able to get an Audi lol

    SnickleFrits PickleSnickleFrits Pickle2 months ago
  • Thomas: hOw wAs tHaT sUcC? Randy: mWuhAhaHaha

    死神Yujirō死神Yujirō2 months ago
  • Does anyone know where the place the rbs13 was shot at

    Jason SeriosJason Serios2 months ago
  • Appreciate you guys all rockin our new merch 😭🙌🏽 come back soon!!

    e_oughte_ought2 months ago
  • You really should add a mrk4 supra to the dream car list!

    T GT G2 months ago
  • keep your 90s shitboxes i rather see this and the supra too

    Isaac GounderIsaac Gounder2 months ago
  • Anyone else think tj looks like Mikey Taylor? Lol twinning!!

    Lee TaylorLee Taylor2 months ago
  • 4:53 one of the best cars to ever exsist a volvo 240 a swedish tank

    fett gubbfett gubb2 months ago
  • funny to hear tj cursing in a volg

    Nick DavilaNick Davila2 months ago
  • Hey Randy you should do a Sacramento meet up after corona

    Jordan TrungJordan Trung2 months ago
  • Well randy is getting an audi in the next video

    Iri CantuIri Cantu2 months ago
  • Is it weird that they haven’t wrapped their cars for Christmas or is it just me?😂

    villamore villavillamore villa2 months ago
  • Move to SoCal

    Victor GarciaVictor Garcia2 months ago
  • Keep the pop up headlights Randy I beg

    Mani 2Mani 22 months ago
  • Ayy illiminate in socal is lit!

    arizenonearizenone2 months ago

    Only FernyOnly Ferny2 months ago
  • Randy: "talked to kevin about getting some kind of supercar" . Supra in the back crying xD

    UnrelatablexdUnrelatablexd2 months ago
  • yo randy please buy the honda beat

    onlygamer123onlygamer1232 months ago
  • can you wideboddy one of your 240s

    UnrelatablexdUnrelatablexd2 months ago
  • Tj is lame

    Robert MahRobert Mah2 months ago
  • if youre looking for a dutsun i say go for the 240 z or something like that lol

    muizz hoosainmuizz hoosain2 months ago
  • Dude I hecking love when Randy does vids with Teej and Dut lol

    GG DepressionGG Depression2 months ago
  • Randys EGO is through the changed the lil dude. he's a lot more possessive

  • 13:29 when I’m starting up gta on my 2013 ps4

    YuutaYuuta2 months ago
  • does all of his license plates say wall tap

    Trevonte HenTrevonte Hen2 months ago