The World's FIRST Bagged R34 Skyline..

Feb 20, 2021
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The world's first bagged R34 Skyline on PBM bags/struts + Air Lift Performance! Yes, there are other bagged R34 Skylines in the world, but I'm proud to say that we are the first with this set up! Huge thanks to @Bag Riders for hooking us up with bags for the 34 and thanks to @Luke Andersen for the amazing job on the bag install.
Check out Bag Riders here!
Use code "illiminate10" for 10% off the entire order!


    Bag RidersBag Riders4 days ago
    • Not me lol🤣

      BoostedFamilyBoostedFamily4 hours ago
    • Lol

      OdimarrOdimarrDay ago
    • Me wants some

      Bam Bamm ProductionsBam Bamm ProductionsDay ago
    • @ianhusker why did I laugh so much at this 😂

      Danielle MartensDanielle Martens2 days ago
    • Not me, as I'm in the UK and would love an airride sponsorship.

      les McAtearles McAtear3 days ago
  • Lmfao! The end. A DUUU

    FishyxStickFishyxStickHour ago
  • There's probably more R34s babes in that setup you just don't know it

    Space StationSpace StationHour ago
  • Absolutely incredible

    Jose LopezJose Lopez3 hours ago
  • I did that tank setup in my si only thing I didn't like is that I had to unbolt the tank to drain water

    BoostedFamilyBoostedFamily4 hours ago
  • R34 gonna hit vtec

    Hasten KHasten K4 hours ago
  • 8:10 💀 kelvin 😭

    BTS JinBTS Jin5 hours ago
  • My dream car is an r32 or s14 lmao.

    Hello minecraft noobHello minecraft noob8 hours ago
  • Ricers

    Couch MayneCouch Mayne9 hours ago
  • How do I do it I don’t have Instagram:(

    Aydin WardAydin Ward9 hours ago
  • I love it

    Gregory SmartGregory Smart9 hours ago
  • shout out bro watching from Philippines

    Josh F. FabulJosh F. Fabul10 hours ago
  • I seen a bagged r34 during ifo a couple months ago in Columbus Ohio

    UnoriginalUnoriginal11 hours ago
  • I wanna see the r35 v6 with twin turbos slapped into that thing V6 would help center the mass too and give the engine bay som space for some goodies Keep it RWD tho

    MaskedMasked11 hours ago
  • KAP

    X IIIX III13 hours ago
  • I love Thomassssss 😫😫😫😫😫

    Brandon ChoiBrandon Choi13 hours ago
  • what in the ricer world?!?

    Hidayat KamisHidayat Kamis14 hours ago
  • Not a fan of bags 👎

    Luis KreinzLuis Kreinz15 hours ago
  • Most love from South Africa

    Chadlee KnipeChadlee Knipe17 hours ago
  • I never really thought of bagging any GTR

    TJbuilddzTJbuilddz17 hours ago
  • Your better than this clickbait bullshit randy come on

    John BobbyJohn Bobby18 hours ago
  • What a fuckin waste of an R34

    Sebastian WongSebastian Wong18 hours ago
  • Clicked just to pause the video and to type this comment. This is not the worlds first bagged r34, stop lyin

    Deemah GZDeemah GZ20 hours ago
  • yo randy i just saw my first r32 this weekend and he had the gold “illiminate” sticker on it, gotta give props to you love the builds man

    N HimesN Himes21 hour ago
  • Just paint it like the fast and furious one 🤣

    Xavier RiestraXavier RiestraDay ago
  • imagine seeing a skyline and then it sounds like a lawnmower going past you😩

    SpookyReplayzSpookyReplayzDay ago
  • 2016: we all running static 2021: this one is bagged, this one is bagged as well, ohh! This one will run with air lift as well. 🥱🥱

    Prince Dela PeñaPrince Dela PeñaDay ago
  • There's a bagged r34 in northern ireland, it aint the first fam

    DarylDarylDay ago
  • What wheels r they?

    Maksim BlagojevicMaksim BlagojevicDay ago
  • First r34 in the world with a civic engine LOL 😂

    Batman21Batman21Day ago
  • Paul Walker would be proud! 💪🏼

    B BarrettB BarrettDay ago
  • awd kswap!

    Notoriouskilla__Notoriouskilla__Day ago
  • Where’d you get the floor mat

    Pedro OrtizPedro OrtizDay ago
  • me mexican ! can work for you for that GTR

  • It's the first, bc noone wants to bag their r34s. Cringe ... I'm just playin you do you. I'll keep my r32 static tho

    ۤۤDay ago
  • Fukn hatee uuu shouldve did it to a r32 den not no heavy ass 34 😁😁😁 send me a jdm car tho please im in atl ga and want spread awareness im 22 black love jdm carsss 💯💯💙💙

    D3AD ManD3AD ManDay ago
  • Illiminate at SEMA when the K swap is done 👀

    FC1 EdoardoFC1 EdoardoDay ago
  • I been subbed for over a year

    kJ PlayskJ PlaysDay ago
  • the only thing that would bother me is the 4 banger sound coming out of it LMAO

    Kshitij RanaKshitij RanaDay ago
  • There are a ton of bagged r34s out here in japan and I want one so bad 😭

    Blaine CruzBlaine CruzDay ago
  • Распил получается. Произошел владивосток

    Taxir AbdulinovTaxir AbdulinovDay ago
  • Where is Thomas

    Taystic INTaystic INDay ago
  • Title is 🧢🤣

    Andrew GastonAndrew GastonDay ago
  • Hey mate why don’t you use the Vented carbon fibre hood on the R34?It will be lighter tho,also how about you use Carbon fibre spoiler lol (Tip:more JDM new parts in a store called “Up-garage in Japan)

    Initial DogeInitial DogeDay ago
  • My passion is cars, I really wanna bagged BRZ/FR-S/GT86, however there is one problem. I'm 13

    DingbatDingbatDay ago
  • Am i stupid or isnt the r34 skyline illegal in USA

    isak karlssonisak karlssonDay ago
  • 8:11 who tf squeaked 😂😂

    Mighty shlong WielderMighty shlong WielderDay ago
  • Pho dac biet yumy um :D

    BaBa YaGaBaBa YaGaDay ago
  • Randy where is your s14 that thing looks sick it would be cool to be a first car looks clean sheech

    XL_RomanXL_RomanDay ago
  • In thailand there is a bagged r34 gtr too bro but I think it is not airlift

    siriwut samruamjitsiriwut samruamjitDay ago
  • Hi

    Joe Marie Vencynth YapJoe Marie Vencynth YapDay ago
  • Boner alert 🍆💦

  • dammm thats so sickk, like dude thats fire..

    Diadre BlairDiadre BlairDay ago
  • I’ve been watching since s2000 days

    Cheater XürrCheater XürrDay ago
  • but have you been subbed since the licence plate flipper video? only the O.G's

    okamiokamiDay ago
  • Hey Man i Got a question for u, what Is your job

    JesusJuegaJuegosJesusJuegaJuegosDay ago
  • 8:10 this man really just screamed and ran away? where was he going the mini fridge?

    Ovi 113Ovi 113Day ago
  • Feels when every third skyline in Australia was bagged years before this video..

    DahlgrinDahlgrinDay ago
  • Is it just me or do those works look tiny on the r34

    Andony ZuletaAndony ZuletaDay ago
  • i thought there is no front lip

    John Christian MariquinaJohn Christian MariquinaDay ago
  • you guys gotta go to pho ha noi in the back

    VisualeyezVisualeyezDay ago
  • ATCHULY it's the R34 GT TYPE R title, get it right my guy

    H4FB gamingvaseH4FB gamingvaseDay ago
  • Sup Randy

    delacy tavuidelacy tavuiDay ago
  • Damn almost to a million

    NATENATEDay ago
  • Ugly.

    Richard Mille RM 53-01 Manual Winding TourbillonRichard Mille RM 53-01 Manual Winding TourbillonDay ago
  • Goalsss

    k power performancek power performanceDay ago
  • Just got my 3p bags and used their discount and it indeed helps 😂👌🏽

    Dc2_charlieDc2_charlieDay ago
  • 5:05 even better

    Bugeye 04Bugeye 04Day ago
  • More videos please?

    Angel WithNoHaloAngel WithNoHaloDay ago
  • Your videos are just so calm with the background music

    Jonathan DeonarineJonathan DeonarineDay ago
  • Splendid☺️ Oneself produces Skyline in Japan! Please see my channel if good🙇‍♂️

  • 0:55 “ currently running that on the s13 and it drives amazing. “ but the s13 is still broken down haha 😂 not hate all love here randy lol. Just saying though lol

    Jorge ZarateJorge ZarateDay ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    fredybelteton1fredybelteton1Day ago
  • I remember when randy had only like 98,000 subs, the amount he has grown is insane.

    ReZoHn _SSReZoHn _SSDay ago
  • I'm never gonna be ready for the last illiminate vid that day will be one of the worst for me

    Ameer ManoharAmeer ManoharDay ago
  • Whats the specs on the wheels

    nick bholanick bholaDay ago
  • Wheres tomas?

    fernandograffiti25fernandograffiti25Day ago
  • Yessssssuh

    GenceGence2 days ago
  • I’m sorry but who the fuck would bag an R34 you just ruined it my guy

    BigUpHubBigUpHub2 days ago
  • How much money dose this man have??!!!!!!!!!!!

    Big Daddy HeyBig Daddy Hey2 days ago
  • The first? Why lie for?

    GottaBeAbstractGottaBeAbstract2 days ago
  • Sick. Can’t wait for it to meet the the only wall in an open parking lot 🤙

    Brandon McgeeBrandon Mcgee2 days ago
  • She gonna look sexy asf when the paint goes on😍😍

    raheem bishopraheem bishop2 days ago
  • Next idea for a giveaway.taking a subscriber car and fixing it up for them???

    Black JettaBlack Jetta2 days ago
  • I like your video without the background music

    tongtong2 days ago
  • Keep inspiring the world guys, you are all truly goated 🔥🙏🏼

    BikeLife ForeverBikeLife Forever2 days ago
  • Illiminate Rule : Just bag it

    Bigdougla ttBigdougla tt2 days ago
  • More like R - 30 floor!!! 😮

    Daniel TaylorDaniel Taylor2 days ago
  • Broooo!!! The girly scream when the rear aired out got me off guard! 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Budget Built RacingBudget Built Racing2 days ago
  • Should put honda badges on it

    Kris NowickiKris Nowicki2 days ago
  • But randy did you think about fuel pump failure... because you have to be able to dismount the airtank to get to the fuel pump....

    Bram ReindersBram Reinders2 days ago
  • 0:25 then whats the point of the title when it's obviously not the first bagged skyline?

    S I M P L E M A NS I M P L E M A N2 days ago
  • first xd ? OK DUDE, YOU ARE :d :d

    FornakFornak2 days ago
  • this GT-R is doing push-ups

    Char_rbChar_rb2 days ago
  • 5:33 pretend its 2024 in America and you have a new skyline

    Char_rbChar_rb2 days ago
  • Kswap?

    Cory Jr.Cory Jr.2 days ago
  • nice😌

    Pon_oskuPon_osku2 days ago
  • I wanna bag my ride now

    Derek floresDerek flores2 days ago
  • The music is smoooth

    Gordon HapairaiGordon Hapairai2 days ago
  • Where is the supra?

    SkullySkully2 days ago