This EXTREMELY RARE R34 GTR Part Costs $5000+?!

Jan 28, 2021
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Dropped off the RX-7 for paint and the R34 Skyline gets some SUPER EXPENSIVE/RARE Jdm goodies! Do you guys think the Ganadors are worth 4K+? Subscribe for nonstop R34 content!!!

  • I’m a bit late and u probably have checked ur shoulder but it could be ur collar bone and u could need surgery

    haris malikharis malik8 days ago
  • Banyak cakap daripada buat kereta... 25minit cuma pasang side mirror... Bongok🤣😂🤣🤣 rugi data jak

    Laksamana DamburiLaksamana Damburi12 days ago

    Roxi bomberRoxi bomber15 days ago
  • Your a woose no one cares your crippled or not

    Hunter WrightHunter Wright15 days ago
  • Hope u get well soon randy

    natalie naidoonatalie naidoo17 days ago
  • Omgh at the fact that he said “Alright boys..and girl” 🥺🖤

    Anai Pascual JoseAnai Pascual Jose17 days ago
  • I like him a lot better now that he's injured, he's less immature. Still never going to subscribe.😎

    bfighter125bfighter12519 days ago
  • I never disconnect the battery either lol

    croberts2726croberts272620 days ago
  • DUUUUUDEEEEEE ALMOST 900k i started watching at 200k

    Jose AlvarezJose Alvarez21 day ago
  • Man you're a real nissan fan 🤣👍🏽

    Ricardo SmithRicardo Smith21 day ago
  • Those ganador mirrors cost more then my car than my car😭

    Gareji 5o2Gareji 5o222 days ago
  • Check your AC joint in your shoulder I had the same movement problems and the same type of impact!!

    Graeme MacDougallGraeme MacDougall22 days ago
  • This guy is like inside CarX

    Mark X7Mark X723 days ago
  • Hi bro nice stuff . 👋✌

    Russco AusRussco Aus23 days ago
  • Those 350Z wheels lowkey hit 😂

    Javier HenriquezJavier Henriquez23 days ago
  • much more respect for listening to playboi carti while workin on the car

    Jack EllisJack Ellis23 days ago
  • also shit is kj’s s2k ap1 or ap2

    Ethan MaierEthan Maier23 days ago
  • plz do a fuckin s2000 build

    Ethan MaierEthan Maier23 days ago
  • Damn Randy

    Roman GarzaRoman Garza23 days ago
  • i thought there will be a skit when luke came out looking all confused from the supra

    JoruzJoruz23 days ago
  • So should i trust you saying disconnect the battery then?🤣🤣

    DismienkidDismienkid23 days ago
  • all his ganadors are worth more than my car

    MalibuHDMalibuHD23 days ago
  • Randy it sounds like u broke your clavicle and it may require surgery if the bones are separated in pieces. Man I hope I’m wrong 🙏

    David BoyceDavid Boyce24 days ago
  • he’s either puting a 2jz in the r34 or a LS cause he said that people might be mad🧐

  • What taillights are on the rx7?

    FlicksFlicks24 days ago
  • Just a random question, what exactly is this job? I am quite intrigued. :))

    DavidDavid24 days ago
  • 🤙🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾👹👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

    CALI DEZACALI DEZA24 days ago
  • I must be the only person that doesn't like ganadors tbh

    Counterlux FilmsCounterlux Films24 days ago
  • R34 gtr is my dream car and with only nismo body kit it looks fucking awesome to me. I've never really liked those z tune fenders or something I don't know why but bayside blue woud look fire on that one!

    BOT LeeviBOT Leevi24 days ago
  • LS in the R34???

    139 Ridezzz139 Ridezzz24 days ago
  • So where’s a good place to order car parts online?

    BigKhap4BigKhap424 days ago
  • with the competitions is it possible for people from outside US to win?

    WolfganggWolfgangg24 days ago
  • Those stock Camaro rims?!

    RosethynameRosethyname24 days ago
  • Randy where is peter the lexus owner and adidilam his brz is broke the air suspension 3years ago almost 4years in may 5 2021

    Project EETFUKProject EETFUK24 days ago
  • rb26dett

    Its ya Top 10 BoiIts ya Top 10 Boi24 days ago
  • 2jz no shit

    SOC NOVASOC NOVA24 days ago
  • “F**k you no skating” 😭😭

    Fr4ncisc0.T_713Fr4ncisc0.T_71324 days ago
  • Paint the FD sunburst yellow🤤

  • You have a fracture colarbone , should be good in about 3 months

    Anthony GonzalezAnthony Gonzalez24 days ago
  • Seeing the arm sling reminds me of my fractured wrist

    ACS_WonderACS_Wonder24 days ago
  • did any1 notice the fairlady during 5:50

    Baka JellyBaka Jelly24 days ago
  • Red rx7 😩😩😩

    GusherGusher24 days ago
  • I fucked my shoulder up in rugby you will heal mine healed without going to doctors 😂 it be pooping sometimes it I mean it won’t start to hurt till you 50 😂🤷🏽‍♂️

    Adrian ArmentaAdrian Armenta24 days ago
  • Rb26?

    Dcplayz 1521Dcplayz 152124 days ago
  • Let it be a borded over RB30 big turbo

    Mario OrsiniMario Orsini24 days ago
  • New Sub here...good stuff you got going on

    blueridermgblueridermg24 days ago
  • Who could any one hate this man he's a pretty fun person

    Jevy DwyerJevy Dwyer24 days ago

    Steven BuffoneSteven Buffone24 days ago
  • Car looks great but them mirrors idk about 😬

    Jerry FultonJerry Fulton24 days ago
  • You know JDM? I believe there’s a generation before you that might disagree. I’d be much more into your content if you would spend some time explaining why some JDM products are special. Friends of mine who produce these products do so with the passion of Motorsports. I feel like your content is about Gucci vs Prada and what “bling” you can bring to your vehicle without substance. I support JDM products as the manufacturers typically are mom and pop stories, however introducing them to a market that is not well informed is reckless. Regardless, I’m glad that you are bringing attention to the importance of quality parts to your audience. I’m just unconvinced that they are aware of why quality matters, and what you actually know of what an “upgrade” means beyond aesthetics.

    Pop ArtPop Art24 days ago
  • One day I’ll have a warehouse like y’all 💯

    illestgsxillestgsx25 days ago
  • Yo randy the rx7 ride height makes it look so good

    iTzjulz 51iTzjulz 5125 days ago
  • I’m viet

  • play stupid games win stupid prizes

    Alex SolomonAlex Solomon25 days ago
  • 6,000 away until 900k subs we can do it

    Joshoan QuezadaJoshoan Quezada25 days ago
  • You dislocated your shoulder, you didn’t break it

    PlayBoi 4HunnidPlayBoi 4Hunnid25 days ago
  • k24 awd turbo and 800hp

    Arthur SilvaArthur Silva25 days ago
  • How to make your car Lord

    Jamila ThomasJamila Thomas25 days ago
  • Surprised it didnt dislocate

    Sh4dow G4ngSh4dow G4ng25 days ago
  • It's either a sr20 or 2jz

    joseph A-rtjoseph A-rt25 days ago
  • same thing happen to me but during football and sorry to say bro your shoulder will never be the same trust i heard that same crack

    ExzolidiExzolidi25 days ago
  • At least you got a rhd car you dont gotta worry about shifting with your right hand

    Alexander LawAlexander Law25 days ago
  • Personally i think the ganadors look a lil gay on this car. The original ones looked more aggressive if that's what you're going for

    stoked skastoked ska25 days ago
  • Please don’t rice out the 34

    Big boy BobBig boy Bob25 days ago
  • I was in the white Acura TSX with my jaw dropped 😂

    C.J. RuelasC.J. Ruelas25 days ago
  • AC joint separation maybe?

    Juan HernandezJuan Hernandez25 days ago
  • I swear at this point half of randy's vids be sponsored by square space I don't even remember how many times I've seen it by now

    Slow ahh boySlow ahh boy25 days ago
  • No you will be good😉

    Div EshDiv Esh25 days ago
  • Keep the RX7 white please, I miss all your white cars

    ツMrZenoツMrZeno25 days ago
  • 2jz R34?

    ツMrZenoツMrZeno25 days ago
  • Thanks for the content.. hopefully this channel more success in upcoming year.. miss the 1 day in the GTR really 🤣🤭 anyway hey there I'm from Indonesia.. get well soon to for you brother, hopefully everything ok and nothing broken 🙏😎

    B1771ABB1771AB25 days ago
  • You got played lol

    Mr. z'd outMr. z'd out25 days ago
  • 3:49 who’s white car is that

    Rajesh DayalRajesh Dayal25 days ago
  • Im missing the car

    Ryan PaganRyan Pagan25 days ago
  • Hey randy Wen is the r32 going to get work

    Ryan PaganRyan Pagan25 days ago
  • Paid in the 2s, selling for 4 on eBay. But thumbnail says 5 🤦🏼‍♂️ what in the fuck lmao

    Wabbly PopWabbly Pop25 days ago
  • yeah a how to on a 34 that basically no one has in the US lmao or will ever be able to afford even when they are legal to import

    QuintonQuinton25 days ago
  • I love Randy's Dad he is always so funny.

    Jacob LaraJacob Lara25 days ago
  • I want to know the price range 😂😅

    Jonathan MoralesJonathan Morales25 days ago
  • Theres 240 240 problems and randys randy problems😄. Hope you doin good thoe. Better heal correctly 😁

    Skylinedays _Skylinedays _25 days ago

    Oscar GuerreroOscar Guerrero25 days ago
  • Broken shoulder gang. I just had my shoulder surgery lol.

    Alberto LopezAlberto Lopez25 days ago
  • I’ll trade my shoulder for one of your cars ? Lmk

    ZurjxZurjx25 days ago
  • Isac it’s in the union!!!! hell yeah to the brotherhood ✊🏽

    Ricardo GalindoRicardo Galindo25 days ago
  • California has been cracking down on greymarket imports especially R34 :-( they just impounded two BNR saw them in impound lot near Buena Park

    blane mangrafordblane mangraford25 days ago
  • Damn it’s coming out so freaking sick !!!

    Don_jose562Don_jose56225 days ago
  • Randy is growing up, the old randy wouldve made the video title "I broke my arm pray for me !"

    Marquise ThomasMarquise Thomas25 days ago
  • Turkish sub-text to put some videos do not understand you, and you would be better tracked by a lot of people in Turkey

    x ogunx ogun25 days ago
  • 22:13 apple juice

    Penguinoo__ _Penguinoo__ _25 days ago
  • Clavicle

    Mallory LadianaMallory Ladiana25 days ago
  • Imagine spending that much on mirrors for some idiot to walk past it in a parking lot and break it off

    X SinclairXX SinclairX25 days ago
  • randy randy please pleaseeeee paint the rx7 yellow. or green. something different

    John duron jrJohn duron jr25 days ago
  • Am I the only person who prefers stock door mirrors

    DeondarayDeondaray25 days ago
  • I dislocated my right ac joints in my shoulder I was in pain when I had to shift

    Tommy phanTommy phan25 days ago
  • Bro im 90% sure its gonna be a 2jz

    ELITE clasherELITE clasher25 days ago
  • Damn I got a big pepe now cuz I looked in the ganador mirror thx randy

    E.O.G GamingE.O.G Gaming25 days ago
  • What do you do for a living Became a new trend

    Prince 7PPrince 7P25 days ago
  • one like= faster healing for randy :)

    Toxical GamingToxical Gaming25 days ago
  • Yo that’s crazy another USworldsr @marko recently gotten a injury like you with snowboarding too😂hope you get better bro

    E.O.G GamingE.O.G Gaming25 days ago
  • 1. Randy on that stranger danger life now 😂😂😂 2. It either a jazz swap or he got hooked up w GReddy like @dustin_williams 3. If he drops his own parts he’s the one that has to live w it anyways 😂😂😂

    Clapped_ R32Clapped_ R3225 days ago