Turning a Bent 3 Piece Wheel into a Table! Amazing Results for Cheap**

Feb 8, 2021
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We turn an old bent wheel into a beautiful table for THE car enthusiast! If anyone has a bent wheel laying around, turn it into a table for CHEAP! If you guys want to see more videos like this, let me know!!!

  • Should’ve just added another wheel under it 😂

    Kenji NiibayashiKenji Niibayashi2 days ago
  • Sticker bomb the side of the rim

    Bryan LabasanBryan Labasan2 days ago
  • Randy low key a comedian when girls are around😂

    Kynan ShawKynan Shaw3 days ago
  • Should of put a thick circle of wood painted black on the bottom to make it taller

    no one is safeno one is safe4 days ago
  • ayo give me the sim setup

    sir karellsir karell7 days ago
  • Need a 18x13.5 -69 offset for perfect table fitment

    DrSPAMDrSPAM8 days ago
  • Slap a stretched tire on that shii bro will look waay cleaner as a table I think .

    Jay ManJay Man9 days ago
  • record in 4k plzz lol jus kidding unless you want to :)

    Rex4841Rex484110 days ago
  • You got k swap

    Christian FloresChristian Flores10 days ago
  • put another wheel under it and weld then together

    Izaak OchoaIzaak Ochoa10 days ago
  • Use a junk car as a simulator

    Alex TavaresAlex Tavares10 days ago
  • get an nrg sim setup

    lxNoRespectxllxNoRespectxl11 days ago
  • The basket looks dumb.

    Matt MisanthropyMatt Misanthropy11 days ago
  • yo when are you revealing the colour for the mazda rx7

    Mikaeel HerculesMikaeel Hercules11 days ago
  • Add an illiminate sticker in the middle of the glass

    R stheticsR sthetics12 days ago
  • Air suspension

    ibrahim khalilibrahim khalil12 days ago
  • LED light would do better at the bottom, or maybe use a used tires to make it go higher

    Fx. VincentFx. Vincent12 days ago
  • That Juice in the background “all girls are the same”

    GenkiGenki12 days ago
  • Prop it up on a whole hub assembly (rotor, pads, rock shield) w LCA and upper control arm! 👌🏽👍🏽

    TERPYTERPY12 days ago
  • Having two couches in there seems to be the main reason it’s as cramped as it is 👀

    toledo_luitoledo_lui13 days ago
  • Tony is great😌

    Donavin NguyenDonavin Nguyen13 days ago
  • I recommend putting a stand on that table. A rod is fine

  • fanatec makes really good sim riggs and stuff.

    Oliver LundtofteOliver Lundtofte13 days ago
  • You should fill up the basket with nuts and bolts and put some led lights on the top of the inside rim

    _Nunez __Nunez _13 days ago
  • Should have Luke weld some legs on it

    Anthony HarrisAnthony Harris13 days ago
  • Paint the basket black

    ugleeboiugleeboi13 days ago
  • Looks fine to me lol 🔥🔥🔥

    Criss RossCriss Ross13 days ago
  • bro paint the r34 candy red

  • Weld another wheel to the bottom of it

    Joe MorrisJoe Morris13 days ago
  • put another wheel under it

    Gabriel RichardsonGabriel Richardson13 days ago
  • Stack 2

    AnjoAnjo13 days ago
  • No merch? Whaaat?

    Austin ChrismanAustin Chrisman13 days ago
  • Stack it on another rim

    ZTM’s GarageZTM’s Garage13 days ago
  • Was that a wedding ring Randy was wearing when they were having drinks🤔

    keenen pillaykeenen pillay13 days ago
  • Randy how dont u have 5 mil+ subscribers yet

    Clapped_rcClapped_rc13 days ago
  • You should bag it

    Fernando Valadez -Fernando Valadez -13 days ago
  • Put a spacer on it with some fancy lugnuts

    Cameron PattersonCameron Patterson13 days ago
  • Stack another wheel to it to make it taller lol 😂

    Matt PhotoMatt Photo13 days ago
  • tony had me dead lol "not good enough"

    blanco_z34blanco_z3414 days ago
  • needz some rgb

    Senor-Titty-SprinklezSenor-Titty-Sprinklez14 days ago
  • Get a bigger glass

    Jonny GonzalezJonny Gonzalez14 days ago
  • I can’t believe I watched 24 mins of randy putting glass on a wheel

    Darius NguyenDarius Nguyen14 days ago
  • Thomas looks like ken kaneki from Tokyo ghoul with the facemask on😂

    Duane MonselsDuane Monsels14 days ago
  • Make another one for 2 sets of tables

    valentin aladuenavalentin aladuena14 days ago
  • imagine he does a VQ swap

    999.marcos999.marcos14 days ago
  • I sent you a cool wheel table on insta

    Ethic ApparelEthic Apparel14 days ago
  • get a circular base or square base to put under like out of wood or something thick enough to make the table as high as you want or if you want a longer table get two wheels and add a bigger base connected both the wheels and a longer piece of glass obviously

    WaybachhWaybachh14 days ago
  • Thats like a table thats suppose to be in a corner of a room

    Cristian MendozaCristian Mendoza14 days ago
  • weld some pistons or cams or something to the bottom of the wheel table as legs!!!!!

    i technology tutorialsi technology tutorials14 days ago
  • You should add legs to make it taller and leds light

    LUIS CarinoLUIS Carino14 days ago
  • I have two SBC RPF1’s I need to do this for. Was also thinking of a wall mounted reel for a hose too.

    AMBush DriftAMBush Drift14 days ago
  • just buy a trustmaster wheel/ gears and steam valve index. Tahts the best stup you can get. I could help you with that, but im real far away hahaha

    EriksitooEriksitoo14 days ago
  • Fanatec

    kayman_17 yapkayman_17 yap14 days ago
  • buy fanatec wheel and use play seat rig

    pieromanpieroman14 days ago
  • Bad idea!!! I know where u coming from but u should get the black table back!!🤣🤣

    KJ’ Meet Hunter!!KJ’ Meet Hunter!!14 days ago
  • That was lazy and wack!! I would expect better then a basket!! Not your best work😒😒😒

    Ramon EncinasRamon Encinas14 days ago
  • 13:23 is that EZ MIL?

    LohikoLohiko14 days ago
  • Where has Thomas been?

    Ligma LigmaLigma Ligma14 days ago
  • The table looks great but I wreckon you should use two wheels with a rectangle glass!? That would look dope.💯

    Azlynn FaliuAzlynn Faliu14 days ago
  • Lol I forgot u said in the last video about the rim table

    Jason TrieuJason Trieu14 days ago
  • Lol I bought a $20 wheel like this but it’s a weld racing wheel cut in half and it’s extended about 2 feet it’s a nice Xbox stand

    JmBuildzJmBuildz14 days ago
  • Were yall listening to all girls are the same by juice wrld in the background 999 for ever

    young nobody 2002young nobody 200214 days ago
  • it looks stupid😭

    Itz. dexzItz. dexz14 days ago
  • K swap

    Bryan RamirezBryan Ramirez14 days ago
  • The brake cleaner sounds crazy bro

    LilbandzzLilbandzz14 days ago
  • Better be a fuckin rb26 randy

    Gon FreecsGon Freecs14 days ago
  • Trash video

    VisualVisual14 days ago
  • If that glass ever breaks, you should definitely go with 1/2inch cast acrylic. Looks just like glass but won’t shatter

    AJ AbalosAJ Abalos14 days ago
  • Throw a tire on that and get a glass cut to fit perfect, the tire will keep it from moving and it’ll make the table look bigger

    R NizzleR Nizzle14 days ago
  • illiminate is slowing becoming HGTV and for some reason I like it?

  • background music?

    gio gomezgio gomez14 days ago
  • finally a table for Kevin 🤣🤣🤣

    Guillermo MoncadaGuillermo Moncada14 days ago
  • You could have just sticker slapped the inside or outside barrel or make it something Commemorable like stickers of collaboration or sponsors but it looks really clean with just the freshened up wheel 👍

    562Frank Rivers562Frank Rivers14 days ago
  • Check out nelly MTV cibs.

    Jose GarciaJose Garcia14 days ago
  • Add a other rim at the bottom.

    Jose GarciaJose Garcia14 days ago
  • Put a LED strips underneath😂

    Brandon Romero HernandezBrandon Romero Hernandez14 days ago
  • Y’all should put it on like a little dolly, that way it has wheels, you can move it, and also it adds a little height! 🔥🔥

    Oscar BlancoOscar Blanco14 days ago
  • Tj Hunt’s sim setup is pretty nice

    Fidel TFidel T14 days ago
  • whos stephanie and whats her channel 👀

    Biskoot BoiBiskoot Boi14 days ago
  • K20

    Cesar sjCesar sj14 days ago
  • Probably find a way to make it spin

    Giovanni PecinaGiovanni Pecina14 days ago
  • you could bolt on a rotor with some spare lug nuts to help complete the look. maybe even repaint a bad caliper and stick it on there.

    M EightyM Eighty14 days ago
  • I work in a glass manufacturing plant. The best glass to use for something like that is 3/8 tempered glass

    Gunner FosterGunner Foster14 days ago
  • I think you should put another wheel under that wheel

    Oscar GalindoOscar Galindo14 days ago
  • if someone step on it like dedass stomp the shite out of it wat will you do buy a stronger glass or the same one

    SavageLuck OGSavageLuck OG14 days ago
  • 18:07 all girls are the same playing on the background

    Clouzinklan De veraClouzinklan De vera14 days ago
  • So I can take my car to get worked on and you guys have a waiting room for me? That’s nice , can you guys install my down pipe for me?

    Juan SanchezJuan Sanchez14 days ago
  • I like it it looks like a brake rotor! Great Job Randy!!

    Giovanni TorresGiovanni Torres14 days ago
  • Gotta add some lights in there to finish it off!!!

    Infinitey ClanInfinitey Clan14 days ago
  • Weld some Pistons as legs

    Erik MolinaErik Molina14 days ago
  • i dont know if you're gonna read my comment, but i would suggest a "ikea CAPITA riser legs" for the table.

    Gerald CalinawanGerald Calinawan14 days ago
  • you put the bumps on the rim that touches the glass

    YuMelons other channelYuMelons other channel14 days ago
  • Randy was just tired of the back and forth for his table😂😂😂

    SessaDG2SessaDG214 days ago
  • Double K swap

    Hippie MouvementHippie Mouvement14 days ago
  • Getting close to 1 mill!

    8r2nd0nS8r2nd0nS14 days ago
  • tempered glass would look sick with the dark theme of the room

    nicholas alvareznicholas alvarez14 days ago
  • Darn I literally clicked the description so fast when he said to subscribe to Steph's channel😭

    SessaDG2SessaDG214 days ago
  • Is that for kj?

    Brandon NguyenBrandon Nguyen14 days ago
  • Why does somny sound hispanic af when he says "damn foo" 😂

    Motiv EkMotiv Ek14 days ago
  • The engine may be rb26,1jz, or 2jz

    tim slimjimtim slimjim14 days ago