Why the 350Z is better than a 240SX!

Mar 30, 2021
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I never thought I was going to like the 350z, but after purchasing one. I WAS COMPLETELY WRONG. The 350z is better than a 240sx in SO MANY WAYS!!! Hope you guys are excited for the Z drift build!
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  • BMW E46 is actually a better option then the 350Z

    Tyler BraithwaiteTyler Braithwaite4 days ago
  • My mom said that if she hears you say drift car one more time she will die lmao

    hez gaming 2020hez gaming 20206 days ago
  • I wanna see randy in a v1 nismo 370z 👀

    Guero DineroGuero Dinero6 days ago
  • You should build a integra

    Jesus CamarilloJesus Camarillo9 days ago
  • Put A Tomei on the 350z to fix the exhaust note. Moderate ride height recommended while drifting or its rip tomei!

    ZhextelZhextel9 days ago
  • Take off the front bumper and get a big bash bar like i some another drift 350 z's

    Axel DesavelleAxel Desavelle11 days ago
  • 240sx is my dream car

    Noah SkatesNoah Skates12 days ago
  • If you decide to sell let me know!

    HTX.DannerHTX.Danner13 days ago
  • I think this guys just obsessed with nissans

    Lil GremlinLil Gremlin13 days ago
  • “Drift car “

    memo villicanamemo villicana13 days ago
  • Yesss sirrr VQ POWERRRR

    King KudaKing Kuda14 days ago
  • randy can you ship your clothes to malaysia?

    Farhan ShamsuddinFarhan Shamsuddin14 days ago
  • Soon as the alc set in he knew what he wanted 😂 I'm the same

    Dmitriy PanasyukDmitriy Panasyuk15 days ago

    noel aguilarnoel aguilar15 days ago
  • Not better looking

    Mando LisanMando Lisan15 days ago
  • When the 350z engine blows try an Infiniti g35 coupe plz😭

    Jose MartinezJose Martinez15 days ago
  • oh shit randy listens to $not 8:34

    YaboiiZaid ;]V2YaboiiZaid ;]V215 days ago
  • I can’t wait to see how this car comes out this is one of my dream cars 😍seen one recently for 3k and it was sold the next day😭

    Joshuel RiveraJoshuel Rivera16 days ago
  • Please make it look good ‘’ a lot of us want to see a bagged, wide , 350z on your collection

    MannerMode MediaMannerMode Media16 days ago
  • 240sx slow depends on what engine mods you have and what engine and more and more of them are becoming more expensive so i know this because i have a 400hp one with a SR so there ya go LOL love all nissans tho good video :)

    Shane TylerShane Tyler16 days ago
  • Hello, I’ve been thinking of getting a 350z as my first car but idk if it would make a good first car and also I would want it as a daily car. So can some one help me out decide. 😅

    Haku AF1Haku AF117 days ago
  • 2010 god deam

    NRGPabloNRGPablo17 days ago
  • C'mon bruh, front bumper replacement too..? Again congratulations on getting in the Z..🙌🏼💯

    Ryan BergmanRyan Bergman17 days ago
  • Randy just got bout everybody’s dream car

    Juan RomeroJuan Romero17 days ago
  • Haha, nice farting 3:22

    Ваня ПакаевВаня Пакаев17 days ago
  • Kbd bumper and eyelids you’ll be good

    Victor GarciaVictor Garcia17 days ago
  • Rocket bunny kit 🙏

    kiko kinderkiko kinder17 days ago
  • Get agency power ti single exhaust stillen headers & aam non res test pipes you will fall in love

    Flame Tha DønFlame Tha Døn17 days ago
  • Did you drift better in the 350 ? Cuz it looked so smooth

    562Frank Rivers562Frank Rivers17 days ago
  • The amount of ads in this video is ridiculous

    VisualVisual18 days ago
  • This video was fate, I was thinking of getting a 240sx but I also found a nice ass 08' 350z that I want 🥺

    AlyAly18 days ago
  • anyone know what pressure washer he uses?

    rQ BeastyrQ Beasty18 days ago
  • Build it !!! Needs works!

    Tittii OhhTittii Ohh18 days ago
  • Okay, but why those drifts hella clean 🧼

    Omar GomezOmar Gomez18 days ago
  • listenin to snot?

    nostunnajnostunnaj18 days ago
  • At 2:01 it sounds like the VQ said "damn foo" I might just be high tho

    LIL JOSELIL JOSE18 days ago
  • i wonder why he never takes the 180sx

    Albert CastilloAlbert Castillo18 days ago
  • Z’s on offer up after this📈📈📈📈

    jason valdiviajason valdivia18 days ago
  • Put a big wang on the Z

    Mjay QueezyMjay Queezy18 days ago
  • The 240SX is a fun sports car that won't win many races stock, but it's very fun and tweakable nonetheless. The 350Z is a super-fast muscle/sports cars with lots of power that will win PLENTY of races without any mods, and it's still highly tunable. OF COURSE the 350Z is better.

    Takeshi Nakazato1Takeshi Nakazato118 days ago
  • Mod the z

    Ronald FieldsRonald Fields18 days ago
  • How much does Squarespace take of your sales?

    Dgk SmokinDgk Smokin19 days ago
  • Needs some work wheels

    Stephen EvansStephen Evans19 days ago
  • What's the progress on the datsun?

    JasonXOJasonXO19 days ago
  • BRZ/86/FRS or 350Z which one is better randy

    Ernesto OrnelasErnesto Ornelas19 days ago
  • I’m 12 right now and my dream project car is a 350z at 16!!!

    synzy on 30FPSsynzy on 30FPS19 days ago
  • 240s look better tho ❤️

    Jay DelgadoJay Delgado19 days ago
  • Yoo randy if you see this I started watching you when it was you 50 day vlog and I just wanna say you should color your skyline r34 carbon fiber

    AyeForeign_YTAyeForeign_YT19 days ago
  • resonated test pipes work wonders for the annoying rasp in vq’s, see if you can pick up a used pair of art pipes it helps a lot w the sound

    Devon FDevon F19 days ago
  • 350’s are ugly and heavy. I smoked them all day in my sr hatch 🤣

    Torresmeza9Torresmeza919 days ago
  • U should have used a heat gun

    kur0pd3d v3r0n1ckur0pd3d v3r0n1c19 days ago
  • YESSSS He finaly got a ZZZZZ

    Antuan ReevesAntuan Reeves19 days ago
  • Can you please fix your exhaust on the 350z it sounds like a trumpet😂

    James CarmontJames Carmont19 days ago
  • Damn this is gonna raise the tax even more 😔

    Eternally LitEternally Lit19 days ago
  • Randy I need a black de hood! Let me buy it off of you!!!

    Julio leonJulio leon19 days ago
  • Why did u get rid of the vinyl

    Cristo MontesinosCristo Montesinos19 days ago
  • Im just here for randy's jumpshot

    Malik AllenMalik Allen19 days ago
  • lol im 13 and i cant wait to get a 350z!!!!!!! I dont wanna wait another 2-3 years!!!

    banny friesenbanny friesen19 days ago
  • nah im good i prefer to drive a car that doesnt sound like a trumpet

    sebastiansebastian19 days ago
  • you should do a early 2000’s style japanese robot wrap

    Young King TayYoung King Tay19 days ago

    Lilchuck coLilchuck co19 days ago
  • Get a tomei exhaust for it. Right now it sounds ugly ass hell lol.

    Its Sunny VangIts Sunny Vang19 days ago
  • only untill his vq starts to tick 😂😉

    mOnEY MaNmOnEY MaN19 days ago
  • Randys a fuckin beast at drifting

  • Randy I’m saving up for a 350z too and I’ll be doing rocket bunny kit

    310 blah blah310 blah blah19 days ago
  • because it can go over speed bumps

    SnnokeSnnoke19 days ago
  • But it don’t have pop ups tho 😋

    Andrik MartinezAndrik Martinez19 days ago
  • Buying new cars every week isn’t gonna fix the broken ones

    Raul CastanonRaul Castanon19 days ago
  • Idk why but it makes me happy to see content creators I love to watch have and talk about a z. Welcome to the trumpet gang Randy, always be stocked on oil lmao.

    Carvin_96Carvin_9619 days ago
  • A just

    Kemani HaywoodKemani Haywood19 days ago
  • Randy can you get a Miata

    Jake MiataJake Miata19 days ago
  • Omg dawg that r34 is fucken sexy can’t wait till I get one

    MERKZ _943MERKZ _94319 days ago
  • Most Americans are a fanboys man, 350z is almost equivalent to s15s. How could you compare a new gen to an old gen? 😂

    Koni SushirollKoni Sushiroll19 days ago
  • I love the car but need to change that front bumper out urgently

    Benjamin HarringtonBenjamin Harrington19 days ago
  • mod it

    Emit RaghoenathEmit Raghoenath20 days ago
  • customize it

    Emit RaghoenathEmit Raghoenath20 days ago
  • you guys selling the E36 hood behind the dumpster?!

    3lijah Smith3lijah Smith20 days ago
  • Z content!!! hell yeah bby :3

    Chris CeleberttiChris Celebertti20 days ago
  • 3:22 I smelt that

    CammCamm20 days ago
  • STAWPPPP the z’s are going up so much in price 😞

    Jittery JamsJittery Jams20 days ago
  • I own a 350z too and to see you buy one makes me happy :)

    ItzMeLuizItzMeLuiz20 days ago
  • Has AC but no windows 😂😂😂

    RamensauseRamensause20 days ago
  • @randy, a heat gun will help those liverys come right off and will save your fingers!!!!

    Joshua BarnwellJoshua Barnwell20 days ago
  • Zip ties “drift car” randy voice

    Johnathan LeanoJohnathan Leano20 days ago
  • yessssirr z gang 💪🏽💪🏽

    pvblo .z33pvblo .z3320 days ago
  • people also forget that the g35 g37 are same as 350 370z. I picked up a g37s for 4k

    Travis MassingaleTravis Massingale20 days ago
  • Randy still put in the clutch for the r34 😳🤣🤣

    ColtonColton20 days ago
  • Watch him start loving this car

    GrayyGrayy20 days ago
  • I smelt that burnout in my bedroom

    obukhuluobukhulu20 days ago
  • Or get Infiniti G35 or 37. They have the same motor

    Mario JJMario JJ20 days ago
  • What’s mods have you done to it ?

    RTHP’s GarageRTHP’s Garage20 days ago
  • come on you can't take off the berzerker anime vinyl looks dope as (edit i skipped to the part were you take it off :(

    Pierce__LPierce__L20 days ago
  • Put “I got the car for an amazing price” on a tshirt since youve been saying that lmaoo

    Kevin CastroKevin Castro20 days ago
  • Hope you do a livery on this one

    Yvd _pr2019Yvd _pr201920 days ago
  • Hopefully people stop buying schassis now 🙏

    r3ktfahdler3ktfahdle20 days ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    James SchugJames Schug20 days ago
  • Y’all got rid of my boi Guts 😔

    Sage Of 6 PathsSage Of 6 Paths20 days ago
  • it would be cool to do sum crazy like a big labs wing

    Juan CruzJuan Cruz20 days ago
  • Tbh I like the 240sx more

    Toby DaubermanToby Dauberman20 days ago
  • Randy make the 350z pretty :3

    panchosc_1panchosc_120 days ago